Many projects will incorporate the planer not only to fix mistakes but as an integral part of the process. However, the Electric Hand Planers shown below deliver several special features on top of the fact that they are each premium Cordless Electric Hand Planers. A large steel shoe and perfectly aligned grips make this tool an example of Makitas storied commitment to excellence in their tools. Read Article: Best Bench Top Drill Press in 2022 [Our Reviews & Comparisons]. Both tool brands are well known for their top quality Electric Hand Planers. The principal function of an electric planer is to smooth and prepare wood, adjusting the depth gauge so that you can create consistent thicknesses of wood for use in building projects. If youre just building some shelves and repairing some frames, you can go for something more lightweight and portable whereas if youre about to start an antique furniture restoration job, then youd be wiser investing in something more powerful and robust. If you only used a crude hand plane you can use this. Power planers are a variation on the original non-motorized hand planer. Also, consider the waste management system that your electric hand planer has. GearHungry may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. The spring-loaded stand will lift the base and make using the planer easier. A powerful and straightforward tool that gets the job done without breaking the bank. Q: What is the best handheld planer to buy? planer Check out our review of the best bench grinders for our top picks. Comfort - By nature of the size, shape, and usage of a planer, its going to be in the user's hand for quite some time so comfort and ergonomics are more important than you might at first have realized. I had never used a planer before so this was new to me. The planer provides excellent power and performance and is also relatively lightweight to deliver a good amount of flexibility too. Its easy to control and well balanced to operate with front and rear grips positioned for better operator control, and with a precision machined aluminum base, it delivers accurate planning results every time. The Porter-Cable pc60THP is known for its ease of use and competitive features. Ideally, look for a model with sturdy cast iron plates as these will hold and retain their shape better over time. WEN makes some of our favorite power tools. Best of all, with the bag on it leave almost no dust at all. We identified a number of terrific Electric Hand Planers during the course of our analysis. To do that you require precision tools. It has an ergonomic handle and is designed with clean sight lines, so you can easily see what youre doing. The electric hand planers on this list vary in price from around $50 to $200 and more. The more powerful your planer is, likely the heavier it will also be and the more challenging to manage. Its durable, reliable and performs well. The WEN 6528 3.8-Amp Electric Hand Planer is one of the most powerful options on this list. The Makita XPK01Z is truly a sound alternative.

This Electric Hand Planer is a terrific tool for job sites and for home use as well. This model includes a number of helpful add-ons to back up the cutting element, including a safety kickstand, integrated dust bag, and coated grips for maximum comfort. Flatten and smooth down boards swiftly with the Jack planer. Porter Cable offers a generous 3 years manufactures warranty with your purchase which should provide you with good peace of mind, and the device comes with a long 6-foot cable so there should be plenty of flexibility to work on projects both indoors and outside too. Included with your purchase you also receive a blade wrench, rabbet edge guide plus dust bag as well as a tool bag. When it comes to safety features, this Tacklife electric hand planer is fitted with a double controlling switch which helps to minimize unwanted accidents caused by operated carelessness. Not all wood planers are the same; some are more robust, modern and easy to use than others. I've only used this a handful of times and have been pleased. Whether you have some shelves that need to be built and assembled or are about to start on an antique furniture restoration project, there are plenty of uses and applications for an electric hand planer, even if youre not a professional tradesman. A planer, on the other hand, is used on boards that have already been prepared and jointed to make them of equal thickness from end to end for a consistent and smooth, uniform finish. A: The DeWalt DW680K is considered to be one of the best hand planers on the market. I rigged up a table based on videos that I watched online. A: Carpenters worldwide know that in order to do their job efficiently, you must have both a jointer and a hand planer in your tool kit. This planer has an ergonomically designed exterior with several modifications intended to make it easier and more comfortable for the carpenter. Although this is, of course, an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, it is also highly recommended for use by professional trades including construction framing, window, and door installation companies as well as fine woodworking professions. I like quality tools that last a long time. This Triton TPL180 also comes with a guide fence, dust extraction port and includes a wrench as well as featuring an ultra-wide 7-inch planing surface to get those big jobs done in record time. Cables and plugged in devices can cause trip hazards so if you are going for a corded wood planer, make sure that the power cord is sufficiently long enough to be practical and safe. It has a high RPM of 16,500 which is above industry standards too. Whichever tool you pick, always make sure youre using the right components and power supply. That said, cordless can have the disadvantage of delivering less power and juice overall, and you may end up having to recharge the battery pack before youve completed the job in hand which unfortunately may lead to inconsistent results. Short and sweet, this planer will smooth wood far better than a sander. Its blade is situated slightly lower than other planer types and is brilliant at creating a seamless finish. Its perfect for even the most heavy duty of planning duties, and cuts from all hardwood surfaces like a hot knife through butter! Carbide blades are stronger and more robust and are reversible, so when one side is worn out, the blade can be turned over and used the opposite way to deliver fresh cutting power. Do you want something thats more agile and flexible or are power and consistency your key considerations Also, think about the power cable itself and how likely that is to cause an obstruction in a busy working environment. 6-amp motor delivers 16,500 RPM motor for smooth operation, 10 positive stops positioned every 1/16-inch, Includes hand planer, carbide cutting blades, HSS cutting blades, wrench, dust bag, and kit box. Q: What angle should a planer be sharpened? A planers even cuts and the resulting smooth finish make it the optimal tool for all kinds of woodworkers. The Makita 1912B may well have a compact design, but its certainly not short on cutting capacity and overall power. Both experts and hobbyists alike can get work done with the DCP580B by DEWALT. Its apparently the first ever power tool to feature ambidextrous lol-off release and besides that function, also has further protection features including a spin loaded stand to elevate the device, protecting the blade when not in use. You have three main commercial options when it comes to buying a planer, and the one you ultimately go for will depend upon the type of work you intend performing, the space you have available in your workshop as well as the all-important question of budget too. The depth of those cuts can be controlled by 10 positive stops which are positioned every 1/16-inch plus there are also three chamfering grooves and accurate control thanks to that 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe. Powerful brushless motor delivers 32,000 cuts per minute, Calibrated depth adjustment knob to 5/64, Precision machined front and back aluminum shoes, Increased belt durability thanks to inclusion of Poly-V drive belt. Powerful 1500w motor suitable for heavy duty planing, Wide 7-inch planing surface for rapid removal, Revolutionary pattered 3-blade drum design, 10-position depth control dial or precision and accuracy, Dust extraction unit must be bought separately. Best Air Impact Wrench in 2022 [Our Reviews & Comparisons], Best Random Orbital Sander in 2022 [Our Reviews & Comparisons], benchtop planer for detailed or hard-to-reach spots, Best Bench Top Drill Press in 2022 [Our Reviews & Comparisons], Top 5 Best Gut Hook Knives You Can Buy (2022 Review Update), Best Katana Sword for the Money High Quality Swords of 2021, What is the Best Ninjato you can Buy Online [2021 Edition], The Best Home CNC Machine Router Kit in 2021 (Top 5 Review), Best Samurai Swords of 2022 [Our Reviews and Comparisons], Multidirectional dust chute and included dust bag, Spring stand protects tool and resting spot, Oversized shoe for safety and tool protection, Added insulation against shock and vibration, Calibrated depth knob never needs to be reset, Alignement may not be correct out of the box. 14,000 RPM motor engineered for fast stock removal, Click depth adjustment knob with easy-to-read scale with settings from 0" to 5/64" for precise depth adjustment. This kind of task calls for a plough planer. Blade types - The blade is a vital component part of an electric hand planer, and there are two main types that you will find fitted in the most popular brands and makes of planers. HSS blades are better suited to softer woods and are an economical choice which can be easily re-sharpened. Overall carbide blades are more durable than HSS ones, but they dont provide the same degree of precision and accuracy. Its one tool thats subject to plenty of wear and tear so our recommendation is that you dont under-invest and you go for something that can deliver maximum cuts per minute. It certainly is a high-quality power tool built for heavy-duty work. I can't imagine how long the sander would have taken. Corded and Cordless options - Cordless tools are very much the fashion these days as they provide the ultimate versatility and maneuverability to work on different projects in varied locations. The VonHaus 7.5 Amp Electric Wood Hand Planer Kit is one of the cheapest electric planers on the market. 30 minutes of planing is around 30 gallons of chips. It also has a dual-chip exhaust that removes debris as youre planing, so your work surface isnt messy. Every hand planer has a lock-on button. The wrong voltage or blades can cause irreversible and even dangerous damage to your planer. Most bull nose planers have a wide blade and have a removable front section. A ploy V drive further provides belt durability and enhances the overall reliability of this portable Dewalt planer. Those seeking particularly advanced results may need to look elsewhere. Fast forward to today, and you can find planers made of iron and bronze too. Another highly affordable and powerful option up next from Porter Cable, their PC60THPK offers excellent value for money and overall functionality. Do you need to fit draws together? It also comes with two replacement blades, a kickstand, and a dust extraction bag that can be fitted on either side of the tool. They build the tool that is next on our lineup. You may also like our guide to the best crowbars so check it out. One of the main reasons we like the SKIL PL201201 Electric Hand Planer is that its super easy to use. A: The DeWalt DW 680K or the Makita KP0810 power planer are the best planers to buy. The first thing you really need to ask yourself isnt as such what features you need your electric hand planer to have but rather what jobs you are going to be performing with it. Cool tool, planing through wood beautifully. A solid planer and is more suited for larger timbers. We update old articles regularly to provide you the most current information. There is little in the way of vibration or noise dampening gloves and earplugs are highly recommended. It has a 3.5-amp motor allowing it to move at 16,000 RPM, which is enough for squaring boards, flattening pieces of wood, and reclaiming old wood. Speed, power, and durability are really the essential features you need to be looking for in a hand planer. Boschs entry into the field includes an improved fence and slide for maximum effectiveness with every stroke. A: An electric planer, much like a handheld planer can shave a shape as well as acting as a belt sander, and a jointer all rolled into the one powerful handheld device. Kickstand protects work surface and blades. When it comes down to spending your hard-earned cash, it is vital to do so with full confidence in the product you are about to splash out on. A: For the uninitiated when it comes to basic woodworking, jointers and planers are not the same things. Powerful 7.5-amp motor delivers exceptional performance, Professional style quality with consistent results, 2-blade cutter head provides 32,000 cuts per minute, Convenient lock-on button function when in the continuous operation mode. You get what you pay for in these Makita tools. We have them for you here. Theyre portable, easy to use and great for detailed projects. They cut grooves on to wood precisely for a sleek finished product. The planer has a 7.5-amp motor that delivers 33,000 cuts per minute, has a cutting width of 3.25, and has a depth adjustment dial for different finishes. The Skil PL593802 by comparison, is very competitive featuring 20V WOOD PLANER KITIncludes a PWR Core 20 4. Makita is another leading producer of Electric Hand Planers. Just quiet and smooth and leaves a glassy finish. They can be cumbersome and expensive and will require more regular cleaning and maintenance. Plus, it has a cutting width of 2-3/8 and a maximum cutting depth of 1/16, giving you enough versatility of fitting and squaring boards. It's closer to the street than the house! There are quite a few quality tools The DCP580B by DEWALT took our vote as the best Cordless Electric Hand Planers available today. This Electric Hand Planer is built with lots of fantastic features. If you did manage to get those crucial first measurements wrong, though, dont scrap the project scrape it instead.
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