terminating in ball valve and 90 degree elbow Chassis Refueler is built on a heavy-duty, low profile, airport chassis with rear diesel engine (far from aircraft fueling connections), automatic transmission. BOTTOM LOADING: Includes a jet fuel level sensor control system for automatic, high-level shut-off with pre-check. re-certified BC fire extinguishers with holders customer logo decals at no additional cost BAE shall apply Fire Extinguishers: Two 20lb. Make / manufactur Fuel Tank 500 Gallon is for sale. Management (Flow Control) System EMS. down, deadman handle with 10 cord, nozzle pressure gauge, digital meter readout and electric but very structurally sound. Custom paint is available at an additional cost. The servo and valve body shall be rebuilt Funk Mfg. sealed red cover. Stewart & Stevenson GT 1628 Pushback Tractors For Sale Hoses: (1) New 2-1/2 x 50 MXM and (2) new 2-1/2 x 10 MXM API hoses with certificates

Single Wall 10,000 Gallon above ground Listing. Manual: The unit shall be supplied with a maintenance and operation manual complete with schematics.

Brakes to be inspected and replaced if necessary * Increases your Equipment Run Time. COMPLIANCE: Meets all applicable NFPA 407 & 385 codes. Bottom Load: Three-lug bottom load adapter with brake interlock, precheck and high level Many structure types like 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 are provided as per need. Filter Vessel: 600 GPM vessel complete with spring loaded drain, pressure relief, air elimination The hydraulic Aircraft Cargo Loader Deutz Diesel Powered Please contact a Garsite representative for a complete list of available options and configurations.

Lift Mast Assembly: Front mounted lift mast assembly with a steel basket. Tires to be 60-75% rubber minimum 2007 JBT COMMANDER 30I WIDE AIRCRAFT CARGO LOADERS 2 UNITS AVAILABLE, Malabar 100 Ton Aircraft Tripod Jacks, Simmons Rand Pushback Tractor Model TD-300H, Stewart & Stevenson Gator-1628 Pushback Tractor, Stewart & Stevenson Model TMD-300 Diesel Powered Air Start, Stewart & Stevenson Type MB2 Pushback Tractor, Stewart & Stevenson GT 1628 Pushback Tractors For Sale. Ramp Ready. SAFETY FEATURES: All required safety features including static reel with 50 cable and bonding clamp, brake interlock system, emergency shut down the system. The trucks can be fitted with LPG pump, LPG dis Oil Tanker Trucks are widely used in oil station and transportation companies, We offer customer different types Oil Tanker Trucks of capacity from 1,000 gallon to 10,000 gallon, Customized as per client's specif Chusheng special trucks offers LPG Road Tank Vehicles and LPG Delivery Trailers for companies in the LPG industry. Underwing Nozzles: (3) Rebuilt Whittaker F116 series underwing nozzles complete with dust Their superior manufacturing and quality allow them to pump 1.5 million gallons per truck per month, year after year, city after city setting the standard for the industry. F/S meets API 1581 specifications and qualification procedures for solids and water removal. PIPING: Schedule 10 aluminum 150 PSI rated working pressure. Unit shall be capable of reaching a 747. Water Drain: Two Morrison 372 emergency type valve in tank with synflex tubing drain line Unit is Offered W New Fleet White Paint & (2) Malabar 100 Ton Aircraft Tripod Jacks Airpump Option, Overhauled 30,000 LBS Lift Capacity The bottom loading adapter is capable of accepting a standard underwing nozzle.

New decals per NFPA 407.

A shut-off valve is installed immediately upstream of the reel. Transmission: Allison Automatic All drive train fluids and filters replaced By subscribing to our company newsletter you will always be up-to-date on our latest promotions, deals, and vehicle inventory. © Copyright 2022, General Transervice, Inc. All rights reserved. Garsite experts work with you to design every unit to fit your specific requirements. Commander 30i Aircraft Cargo Loader 2007 Commander 30IAircraft Cargo LoaderDeutz Diesel Powered30,000 LBS Lift CapacityRamp Ready Condition Low Hours Excellent Condition. 10,000 U.S. gallons (3% outage) jet refueler, with stainless steel tank fully baffled, single compartment, overturn protection, two 20 manholes with 10 fill openings and vents, two 20 inspection manholes, and two 1 water drain valves. Pump: Rebuilt 600 GPM split-shaft pump Visi Glass see through valve is the first of its kind in the industry. The design complies with ATA-103 requirements. and in good condition condition: good FLOW METER: One meter, 600 gpm rated and panel mounted TCS 3000 included as standard equipment (options available). A shut-off valve shall be supplied immediately downstream of the bottom loading adapter. * 2 388 8000 Gallons 15ton Propane Road Tank Vehicles, Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity, 10, 000 Gallons Liquid Tanker Trailer to Carry Liquid Items Fuel, Acid, Methanol, Water, Diesel Jet A1, Oil, Milk, Slurry, 10,000 Single Wall Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank, Flatbed Digital Cutting Tables & Plotters, Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machines (VFFS), Coordinate Measuring & Video Measuring Machines, Medical Masks & Respiratory Protection Manufacturing. Install (2) 2-1/2 x 10 fueling hoses with rebuilt underwing nozzles and 2007 Commander 30I Defuel: Gorman Rupp defuel valve VENTURI: Two, sized to compensate for pressure loss.

Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity FILTER/SEPARATOR: Latest Edition Horizontal Filter/Separator 800 GPM rated with differential pressure gauge, air eliminator, water defense and drain valve. shutoff valves. Deadman: Inline deadman valve complete with a new 50 cable and electric handle Meets all requirements of DOT 406 specifications. Learn more about the Rampmaster 10K LS Refueler. C392021-M677. Bypass: Inline bypass valve The servo and body shall be rebuilt TEST: Flow tested with jet fuel for performance evaluation. cylinder is to be rebuilt. HOSE REELS: One drum reel; sized for 3 x 50 hose, non-ferrous internals, explosion-proof electric rewind motor and auxiliary manual rewind.

Powered by a Detroit 353 turbo Diesel engine

The Rampmaster 10K LS is equipped with a lift platform with easy access to hoses and controls. FINISH: Tank remains in natural stainless steel finish, cab and equipment painted one color with polyurethane paint. The deck control panel shall include an emergency shutoff, emergency deck

requirements Commander 30i Aircraft Cargo Loader on the right side of the unit and one on the lift deck. PUMP: Hydraulically driven Gorman-Rupp centrifugal type. (Detailed specifications available upon request. C392021-M663, Used and Good Condition used 10,000 gallon storage tanks. DEFUEL: Optional air-operated fuel/defuel system operates in conjunction with bottom loading system for overfill protection. Copyright 2017 Planet GSE. Engine: Rebuilt Cummins Tier 3 Diesel * Provides Fuel/Environmental Safety via U.L. * Increases Rental/Leasing Fees Tank: 10,000-gallon stainless steel one compartment The vehicles are designed wi We offer a large selection of Used LPG Tank Trucks with capacities like 5000l, 8000l, 10,000l, 15,000l, 20,000l, 25,000l etc., And many chassis like SINOTRUK, Dongfeng, Foton, Faw, ISUZU are available. Primary pressure control is regulated by air-operated bypass valve. The control panel shall include a 4 nozzle pressure gauge, differential pressure Two fire extinguishers. Delivery Available

This self contain double wall Allison automatic transmission Meter: 600 GPM capacity meter with a register head to read in gallons per customer Chassis: KW Dart Airpump Option Hose Reels: (1) Hannay multi-wrap reel, Electric rewind New chain installed after paint Immediate Delivery Condition is used recently, some faded paint Chusheng specializes in designing and manufacturing Propane Road Tank Vehicles for LPG transportation with wide range tank sizes from 500 gallons to 10,000 gallons. shutoff Install a momentary override switch on the dash with a wire Load Test Certificates Condition: good You Benefit 4 Ways #1 3 Units Available HOSES: One 2 x 50 hose on hose reel and two 2 x 10 aviation fueling hoses on lift deck with N/R male couplings, certified to API 1529.

Control Panel: The unit shall include an aluminum control panel mounted in the left side 4 Wheel Drive- 90% Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity, on Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity. * Decreases Personnel Operating Cost With the 10,000 LS and WD exchange options, the Rampmaster 10,000 gallon refueler models provide flexibility for commercial airports and into-plane agents. feeler switch. UNDERWING NOZZLE: Three international standard 3-lug underwing nozzles with quick disconnects and swivels. Speeds Three (3) forward; three Tug Year Hours Ramp Ready Condition All Rights Reserved. fuel storage tank without pump gauge w/ test button, emergency shutoff switch, fuel/defuel selector and operating instructions. Type Torque converter/powershift caps, 100-mesh screens and swivels Differential Pressure Gauge: 0-30 PSI differential pressure gauge with new filter installed fueling cabinet. Interlock System: Brake interlock switches on the lift mast assembly, bottom load connection Powered by Deutz Diesel Engine Model BF4M2012 Finish: New paint on cab, tank and equipment. ), Standard Dimensions 46L x 120W x 117H. Static Reel: Hannay spring rewind reel, New 50 plastic coated static cable and clamp The above-listed items are for a standard Garsite 10,000 gallon jet refueler. and all underwing nozzle holders.

It removes the complexity of venturi and control valves as well as the waste of a constant fuel burn, replacing it with a patented system of sensors that maintains even pressure in the wing while reducing the load on the refueler engine. Emergency Shutdowns: (3) Emergency shutdowns; one located on the left side on the unit, one Co. Automatic Transmission Fuel tank 10,000 Gallon is for sale (2) 2012 TUG Model GT35 Aircraft Tow Tractors and in/out Millipore connections New water absorbing elements installed after flow test

All trucks We are a top supplier of Propane Transport Tankers with a wide range of loading capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons, the tankers are designed with advanced concept and long service life, our Propane Transport Two 10,000 gallon fuel tanks Allowing you to view the internals for easy inspection and to ensure no damage to the valve. Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory. No leaks. DEADMAN AND PRESSURE CONTROLS: Air-operated inline deadman/ pressure control valve providing secondary pressure control.

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