This mower will definitely be in the race for the best commercial zero turns. I will not buy another mower unless I can demo it first. Large 24-by-12 drive tires help cushion the ride and give excellent traction on sloped terrain. The downside to a heavy mower is it can leave ruts in a lawn. This powerful machine comes in 61 and 72 cutting widths and a handful of engine models. The hand controls may be ergonomically designed, adjustable, and may include vibration-dampening features. Most commercial zero-turn mowers operate at speeds of 7 to 13 mph.

Commercial mowers also go all the way up 96 and 104. Receive our full collection of commercial mower resources including an ebook and mower comparison guides. Super Z was nice but was really bad on wet or damp grass. I bought mine and in month 3 problems. I am using a 152 with the adjustable front baffles all the way up and have tried a variety of blades. Zero-turn mowers are faster and more efficient than lawn tractors. The suspension seat and 24-inch drive wheels provide a well-cushioned ride at top speed. Most comfortable zero turn hands down. Hello Daniel, What size mower deck do you use. Choose between 52, 60, and 72 cutting widths on the 10-gauge floating stainless steel deck. The deck sticks out past the front ties and i somethings think i am mowing each row more than once. I like all the options. Nice, Daniel! With ground speeds of up to 14 miles per hour, the Super Z is the fastest of the mowers weve looked at here.

Its a good looking more but just looking at dependabilty? Tracks rather than wheels. I agree, its a pretty good mower. Or due you recommend another mower? It should be finished up in April 2020. Powered by one of four Kawasaki FX or Vanguard Big Block gas engines, and equipped with either a 61- or 72-inch deck, these mowers cruise at speeds up to 12 mph. Other than cut quality, the mower is a beast and built to last. By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Commercial Mower Reviews. The mowers listed above of typically the most popular and reliable among commercial companies. We have actually used each mower and are aware of the similarities and differences of each mower. Its strong, fabricated cutting deck and large 26 drive tires offer increased productivity in all mowing conditions and give it greater traction, allowing it to cover more ground faster, even in uneven terrain. For lawn-care professionals, commercial zero-turn mowers are essential pieces of heavy-duty equipment that can cut grass all day, every day, leaving a high-quality finish. The comfort of a mower is definitely important and has drastically improved across the industry over the past few years. Anyone have any experience with one? Seat comfort is a must. Our first intention was to show what makes commercial zero-turn mowers different from, and significantly more expensive than, their residential counterparts. Smaller decks are often found on commercial stand-on mowers and walk-behind mowers that provide a better vantage point for the operator. Thanks. Operating at speeds of up to 12 mph, these mowers keep pace with the competition and produce an excellent quality finish. Engine power drives both the wheel hydraulics and the blades. Get the Exmark commercial zero-turn mower at your local Exmark dealer. The Super Z platform is available in four deck sizes, up to 72 inches, and four powerful gasoline engine options up to 38.5 hp. 5 oil changes the engine started smoking and they do not want to cover it.

The 11.7-gallon gas tank keeps it working all day long. Join over 1200+ others on our mailing list and receive the latest news on commercial/residential lawnmowers, handheld equipment, and the lawn care industry. As their name implies, zero turn mowers dont need to perform bulky multiple-point turns in order to move around. The ISX3300 is the next-generation replacement of the Ferris IS3200. Of course, these types of high speeds on mowers are mainly for transport, not actually mowing grass. You will have to double cut at least. Thank you. With so many models and features to choose from, theExmark Lazer Z Seriespack quite a punch. It has a simple and straightforward design. These mowers will have batwing-style decks. What are your thoughts on the warranty?

11 months and 225hrs. It appears; Deere, Kubota, and Bob-Cat are excluded from consideration due to Amazon support, OR you consider your 7 pic superior to them..? Any concern about the decks ability to lay down a quality finish at that pace is unfounded. The Gravely is a solid built machine that is smooth to operate. I see Kioti has entered the commercial zero turn market. This is the mower to choose for wide-open spaces and linear mowing, such as on-road medians or utility right-of-ways. *Pricing is updated as of January 2022. These machines are built with independently controlled drive wheels that give them the ability to turn, quite literally, on a dime or even pivot in place. I may be adding it soon! A commercial zero-turn mower can upgrade your yard-maintenance program. We added a Spartan 61 Hd to our group and we were pleased until this Saturday. This is our way our staying relevant and keeping an eye on the new mowers that are worthy of being recognized as one of the best commercial mowers on the market. A great mower that last for years. You would think with the 10 gage steel welds and strong engine, they would be great. I have no regrets. Well also go over our top seven picks for the best zero turn mowers available in 2022. One of the things that makes you question these reviews. Avoid driving on steep slopes in excess of the mowers capability. I have 5 acres and i been using 72 deck on my Ferris is3200z. This mower isn't going to blow you away with a ton of bells and whistles but will give a great cut and last a long time.

Read this Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn review and find out. Their true 4-wheel suspension is unmatched. This goes for the rest of their ISX lineup as well. A few residential-level features remain, like the smaller 6.5-gallon fuel tank (good for several hours of mowing per fill-up, but maybe not all day) and the moderately sized 22-inch tires, which may not get as much grip as truly commercial-grade equipment. Have you gotten the chance to try any of the top zero turn mowers of 2022? Will be my first zero turn.

We do one cut on anything unless it is a once a month mow then we double cut to mulch it up. In varied or hilly terrain, the Turf Tiger II excels because of its heavyweight construction, excellent power, and lower center of gravity. Comfort and reliability are also high up on my wishes/needs. The 5.5-gallon gas tank will keep it running for about a half day per fill-up. Get the Hustler commercial zero-turn mower at your local Hustler dealer. The 11-gallon fuel tank will keep them running all day. Anyone every use the Cub Cadet zero turn? Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. As far as overall power and performance are concerned, the Ferris ISX 3300 Series mows on par with the industry leaders. The warranty of a commercial zero turn mower is going to be fairly similar across brands. Mainly because they are specialty mowers and less popular than other zero turns. Each commercial mower is great in its own way, for the right person/company. The series includes powerful 25, 27, and 35 hp gasoline engines as well as a 24.7 hp and a 37.4 hp diesel option. Choose between a cutting width of 61 or 72. Zero-turn mowers for commercial and large residential landscape maintenance, golf courses, sports fields, parks, and other professional applications are built to be tougher than residential-grade equipment. The Kubota Z421 probably has the best features and specs but it is about $1-2000 more than the toro and Hustler. And because time is money, pros know that speed, reliability, and easy maintenance are the keys to success. Just depends on your budget and which dealers are in your area. A commercial mower definitely has a higher quality of cut than residential mowers. First, read up on the crucial shopping considerations we used as criteria to develop our lineup, then check out our reviews to see why we count these among the best commercial zero-turn mower options available. They are also among the most popular mowers on the market. Get the DeWalt commercial zero-turn mower at The Home Depot or Northern Tool + Equipment. There are 100 different scenarios where you'll need different deck sizes. I know there is better machines out there. Brand reputation and customer comments are important, but the best way to select a mower is by comparing the measurable differences. It may be a bit slower and somewhat less comfortable than the top competitors, but its rugged and dependable, lays down a great cut, and costs thousands less. Keep the ROPS, if equipped, in the upright position while mowing. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Ive had a total of 4 of these .

Read on to learn how we chose the mowers on our list. For the last 2 years i am using a Ferris and it is comfortable but in ruff terrain i fell the bumps so i slow it down. Although it is technically a residential-grade mower, the Bad Boy ZT Elite zero-turn mower has the power and heavy-duty construction to tackle commercial projects, and it comes at a budget-friendly price. For the money do yourself a favor and get something else. Has anyone run a Grasshopper mower. The mower is competently powered by a 25.5 hp, 852 cc Kawasaki V-twin engine, fueled by a 12-gallon gas tank to keep it running all day long. It ultimately depends on which engine you prefer, which drive system, and how much you care about comfort. Zero turn mowers are a great investment for commercial landscapers, and most professionals have begun incorporating them into their must-have equipment list. Of course, there are a lot of things that go into these ratings. I would check out any of the mowers in this best diesel zero turn mower article. However, not seeing much online information about them. Read More. No matter which you chose, you can be sure theyll be able to take on even the most challenging of jobs. Hydro-Gear is most known for its transaxles. My Exmark LazerAS from 2009 with the Ultra-Vac blower has lots of trouble in this area. Smaller, lighter zero-turn mowers with 48- to 60-inch decks and top speeds under 10 miles per hour (mph) are typically equipped with 24 horsepower (hp) engines. To illustrate the full spectrum, we included a few top-end residential machines and highlighted the best true commercial mowers available. It should last a long time only mowing 2 acres. Pull a small trailer behind you with a trailer hitch kit or use the professional lawn stripper kit to leave patterns across the landscape.

Standout comfort features on ISX 3300 mowers include large 26-inch drive tires that cushion the ride over bumpy ground and a premium suspension seat with three-way adjustability in the headrest, lumbar, and back tilt. Scag was very close in line with them, but Ferris actually released and patented it first in 1987. But for a reliable all-day, everyday mower, this is one of the best. You will also join over 2,000 others in our exclusive monthly newsletter! Not only does this allow it to get into tighter spaces than what other ride-on mowers can, but itll also cut down mowing time in half. At the very least, I would make sure you get a mower with a suspension seat. The increased power and precision will set you back as much as twice the price of standard homeowner equipment, but with regular maintenance, you should expect a satisfactory return on that investment. I'll be honest, the ride of the Pro Turn 600 isn't bad, but I really don't think it is much better than the air ride seat offered. The Z700 Series offers several key features that lend durability for tough mowing conditions. The Toro 6000 series focuses on reducing operator fatigue and includes a deluxe suspension seat with 3D isolator mounts to better absorb bumps and vibrations. To keep the operator and bystanders safe, commercial zero-turn mowers are built with numerous safety features. This machine is sized well for large residential landscaping jobs and for repeatedly loading and hauling on a landscape trailer throughout the day. The recently released Z260 fills the gap between large residential-grade equipment and heavy-duty commercial zero-turn mowers. It makes a great choice for landowners with up to 7 acres or small-scale commercial operators who want to save half the price compared to full-on commercial-grade equipment. They are used in very specific commercial mowing situations. Was an absolute workhorse. We excluded any diesel mowers from the list. Some are better than others, but for some users (including me) I find them a little uncomfortable and goofy to drive. For yards riddled with bumps and ruts, the Toro Titan is the answer. Homeowners with small to medium yards can get away with using a more conventional walk-behind or ride-on mower, but anyone with a large yard that needs cutting, especially landscaping professionals with lots of jobs to do, can benefit from adding a zero turn to their toolbox. These new series Read More, Toro is one of those brands that know what they are doing and have a well respected name. The main difference is the front suspension. I have run the Super Z, Gravely for a short time and Scag. For hills you might look at Altoz TRX. What did you think of Toros? Based on our research, its hard to beat Kubota for heavy-duty construction, simplified maintenance, and overall durability. This is only the starting price for each of the mowers if you need pricing for a specific mower or two send us an email at or through our contact page. Below weve put together an easy-to-read guide that will assist you in understanding some of the differences between seven of the top zero turns available on the market right now. 20 minutes to mow. Yes, I agree. These mowers have competitive specs engine, drive system, and suspension seat are all similar to others in the industry. This isn't only because it powers almost everything on the mower, but it is also the most expensive part to replace.

We sourced these picks by consulting with commercial and residential landscapers, social media groups, and Google rankings. Take your pick of five different engine options, including ones with electronic fuel injection options for added power and efficiency. It has had a new mower deck, pullies on the new mower deck replaced, the control arms have needed work twice, and I could go on. One of the most important of these is their maneuverability. There really won't be a huge difference between these tank sizes. With the recent updates, the Ferris ISX3300 is definitely close to being the best zero turn mower on the market. Since a zero turn can cut in a 360-degree radius, youll also spend less time having to go back and trim leftover patches of grass and weed-wack corners and edges. These powerful machines leave conventional tractor-style mowers behind in almost every way. Id buy a Ferris any day. Allow a safe zone of two mower widths around hazards, like water, retaining walls, and drop-offs. Please compare Ferris is 3200z 37 hp, 72 inch deck to a Hustler Super z 72 inch deck with both suspension seats and Hustler with flex forks. With a top speed of 11.5 mph and deck sizes of 60, 72, or 96 inches, the X-Series covers lots of acreage quickly. What is/are models youd suggest? A seat safety switch cuts off the engine when there is no longer an operator in the seat. We address some of the most frequently asked questions below. I think it would depend on the grass. You will also receive a link to our most popular mower resources toolkit! For this reason, commercial-grade mowers are built to withstand the stress of constant use and simplify routine maintenance tasks to maximize production and minimize downtime. Get the Ferris commercial zero-turn mower at your local Ferris dealer. We have been working on a best diesel zero turn article. The Scag also holds up much better in commercial mowing. Mine is out of warranty but with only 170 hours. These mowers are absolute tanks. I have used ex mark, toro and Ferris and exmark and Ferris make great lines, specially ex mark.

Homeowners and start-ups looking for power and performance at an affordable price would do well to take a hard look at the Bad Boy ZT Elite. Ive got 1.5 acres and just started looking. They are grass-cutting specialists, best for those who maintain large areas of grass. The best mower will depend on your personal situation including how much you will use it, what type of grass/terrain, and which brands your local dealer carries. No more driving up and down lawns for you. Pricing may vary by dealer and by region. Hustler and Gravely are what Ive been hearing a lot. With a top mowing speed of 14 mph, it is capable of cutting 6 to 7 acres of grass per hour on mostly flat, open ground. They may not be the fastest zero-turn mowers, with top speeds of about 11.2 mph, but theyve got plenty of deck power and a low center of gravity to power through tough grass and rough terrain. Some mowers do better than others on hills for many different reasons. A lot of the decisions will come down to personal preference and what you value the most. Click the full review button below to compare the two mowers. Note: some mowers offer a 52 or 54 model while others don't this will cause the price to appear lower if you are comparing the same deck size. Choose between engines with 37 40 horsepower. Our grass is very Heavy, Thick, and Wet for most of the year. Mike. I have 2 acres. For pro-grade speed, power, and overall performance, particularly in hilly terrain, Turf Tiger II would make an excellent choice.

Its powerful Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Powertrain Transaxles and adjustable rear coil-over-shock suspension ensure this zero turn will be getting the job done for many years to come. The operator of a zero-turn mower has a clearer vantage point for better precision. If you need pricing for a specific mower please send us a message or leave a comment below. Those looking for a new machine are likely to find a solid lead here. This is simply to try and sell these mowers through the Amazon affiliate sites these aren't commercial mowers and they are not legitimate reviews. Usually, the width of the wheelbase, tire type, weight, and controls play into how well a commercial mower can hold hills. It is one of the newer mowers on the block and definitely caught our eye. The heavier a mower the better the traction will be. Each of these brands has its pros and cons. Other features increase operator comfort. We could argue transaxles or pump/wheel motors all day long. I was a lifetime gravely /Ariens buyer Why is exmark so low, Ive been using since 2006, the best selling commercial mower out, dont understand this, what about grasshopper, they did not make the list. It mows at speeds up to 8.5 mph, and the fuel tank holds 5 gallons of gas. Larger, heavier commercial mowers with top speeds upward of 14 mph require heavy-duty 28 to 38 hp engines. Mower weight makes an impact on the bottom line while mowing and while the mower is being towed. Any recommendations? Some of the features that set the Lazer Z X-Series apart include no-maintenance sealed spindles that never need to be greased; adjustable, hydraulically dampened levers for smooth operation; and a deluxe vibration-controlling seat with three-way motion isolation for superior comfort. Quicker mowing also translates into less fuel used overall and less wear and tear on your equipment, saving you money on gas, repairs, and replacement parts in the long run. Compared to their residential counterparts, zero-turn commercial mowers are built with thicker steel in the deck and frame, stronger engines, and higher-quality components like spindles, pulleys, and hydraulics. Commercial mower fuel efficiency varies from 1 to 2 gallons of gas, or 0.9 to 1.6 gallons of diesel, per hour, depending on engine size, machine weight, terrain, grass height and thickness, and other variables. The mower itself is engineered with features like a deeper deck and shorter blades that improve the finished appearance of the grass compared to a lawn tractor. I have a question on which mower to choose, I have 4 acres of yard to mow, about 25% of it is a little bumpy, looking at these 3 mowers, Hustler 60 Fastrak, Toro 60 Titan Max, and Kubota 60 Z421, which will be best mower for cut and long term use? Scag has been a leader in the commercial zero-turn mower industry for decades, and the Turf Tiger II builds on that legacy. We also know which specifications are most important and what matters mower to professional lawn care owners. These machines are built with fuel tanks large enough to run a half day or even a full day without stopping to fill up. This is true of their Grandstand Stand on mower too. A patented adjustment baffle allows the user to fine-tune the deck to seasonal and environmental changes for greater efficiency. Get the Kubota commercial zero-turn mower at your local Kubota dealer. But for my budget I think Im leaning toward this. 7 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers in 2022, Commercial Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide. At a minimum, there shouldn't be a mower in this category with a tank smaller than 10 gallons. From my experience, these are more for show and marketing than actually improving the comfort of a mower. I really dont need a commercial mower but wouldnt mind getting a lower end commercial grade cause I dont want to buy another if I dont have too. I live in the middle of Florida, the Gravely has trouble when you cut St.Augustine at 4.25 to 4.5 in height. Hustler is known for its heavy-duty hydraulics capable of delivering more power and torque than many other machines out there. It features a foot-operated deck lift so the height-of-cut can be easily adjusted without having to get down. Yes I agree with Fred, there should be a reference to pricing. They come with a 48-, 54-, or 60-inch deck, and are powered by 22.5 to 29.5 Kohler or Kawasaki FX air-cooled gas engines.

I am looking for best airport mowing equipment, not limited equipment options. Its smooth controls and integrated dual transmission make for a smooth ride with unmatched durability. Well go over what makes each one unique and give you our recommendation for which to get. Almost every aspect of a commercial mower is built better because they are designed to be used everyday under very strenuous conditions. close call between the three personally I would get the Hustler Fastrak with Kawasaki FT engine. We will reveal a new mower of the year for each year. I see a lot of Ex mark also. The reality is, these companies know that if something major (or even minor) is going to break it is almost always going to be under the 1000-hour mark and usually under the 500-hour mark. Also, while the Velocity Plus deck excels at pulling grass blades upright for a crisp cut, its somewhat more likely than competitors to cause scalping in larger configurations and uneven terrain. In the end, it really depends on your wants and needs. It will do it with the first one or two lawns but after that it just is not going to happen. Gravely makes a really nice mower .. until you try a Ferris 3200. On sloping ground, the standard ROPS and seat belt help keep the operator safe. Unlike residential equipment, the Z260 is built for everyday use, with a rugged frame made of 1.5- by 3-inch tubular steel, 23-inch drive wheels, and a pro-grade 24 hp Kawasaki engine. Better engine and hydros in my opinion and longer warranty. If a commercial zero-turn mower sounds right for you, youre in luck. Even if you have a smaller yard, a residential zero turn mower may still be for you. I actually reviewed the entire Altoz lineup. But dont worry. Nearly all of these zero turns are going to have about the exact same safety features. Then we compared the manufacturer specifications for each series and/or model to determine the award winners. There you have it, the top 7 commercial zero turn mowers for 2022!

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