ImageSource: From the numbers, we can see that NP5 MHX outdamages both NP5 Santera and Kuro vs sabers, even when not hitting the saberface trait. My Followers, --- Alignment,Attribute,Trait,Gems/StatuesasQuestRewards

Critical TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECTAll trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.Fate/Grand Order Official Website. Alignment,Attribute,Trait,Gems/StatuesasQuestRewards Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. The gist of it is that any unit will deal 2x (advantage), 1.5x (half advantage), 0.5x (disadvantage), or 1x (no advantage) damage to another unit depending on the classes of the attacker and the class of the target. fate shuten assassin douji grand order wikia fgo doji dji stage wiki moon type emiya Mar 1 2020 (Sun) 16:00 to Mar 8 2020 (Sun) 15:59 PST[Mar 2 2020 (Mon) 0:00 to Mar 8 2020 (Sun) 23:59 UTC], Complete all of this week's Master Missions, Defeat 15 enemies with the Heaven attribute, Defeat 15 enemies with the Earth attribute, To Complete:Free Quests:-3 Orleans Thiers [21 Earth, 3 Servants] = 21 AP-3 Fuyuki X-F [3 Good, 3 Evil, 6 Servants] = 18 AP-2 Ember/Treasure Vault Quests [18 Heaven] = 20 APTotal: 59 AP. For comparison's sake, the class advantage damage values for all ST SSRs (with the exception of riders and avengers because it is hard to justify bringing MHX against casters and rulers) will be listed below. The Attribute relationships are explained from Emiyas Interlude Quest and by Da Vinci du, Notes Attack calculated with+1000 Fou and maximum level without Grail Ascension Self-Buff level 10 and Passive Skill are included Overcharge are 100% Class attack multiplier are included Class advantage and Attribute modifier are not include Interlude Quests and Strengthening Quests are included Def, Fate/Grand Order has a considerable amount of terms that are crucial forunderstanding the games mechanics. Ahh, a new age of SQ payout but the same reliable master mission posting - thanks for all your hard work! Infographic Commonly referred to as soap, aurora steel is required for a number of powerful servants such as Skadi, Space Ishtar who recently rose to further prominence due to the release of Caster Artoria (more information on that here:, and Valkyries. Conventional wisdom would have you bring AoE assassins or berserkers to this node.

The strongest damage CE in the game (with the exception of event specific PM CEs) is undoubtedly Black Grail, as it gives not only a incredible 80% boost to NP damage when MLB, but also possesses a rare attack stat of 2400 at max level, while most full attack CEs cap out at 2000. With all that taken into account, let's see how the two setups fare: As you can see, David manages to edge out Kuro despite being a lower cost / rarity option while also utilizing a more accessible setup due to the strength of his SE. I completely glossed over it despite doing those quests.

Proper contextualization --- To reiterate the earlier disclaimer, the purpose of this article was not to downplay class effectiveness, nor was it to overly exaggerate the impact of buffs such as PMs, SEs, and anti-traits.

Chaldea FGO Summer 2022 Summer Camp - Mission List, Busti Stall Diary Chapter #530 : The Queens of Fluff, Kuroneko pancake -summer 2022 Part 2 banner roll.

Cost:20AP -2[Humanoid]TraitServants For challenge quests, high difficulty content, and boss encounters, the relatively regular frequency with which the various Artoria Pendragon, Jeanne d'Arc, and Nero Claudius variants (all of whom have the saberface trait) appear as enemy units establishes MHX as a viable servant around which to build a team, should the player not possess servants with class advantage that outdamage her in these encounters.

There were other notable examples that could have been given, such as the infamous Camelot Gawain encounter to which people usually bring Euryale or Orion (anti-male SE on NP and anti-male PM on skill 2 respectively) or Medb (anti-male SE on NP) to a certain boss encounter in Lostbelt 5. When fully grailed his HP becomes 15,146 and his ATK becomes 12,896. --- Was grinding the event in the last 3 hours and almost finished it got 5 of the master missions done that way at least. FGO Summer 2022 Summer Camp - Complete Walkth FGO Summer 2022 Summer Camp - Enemy Locator.

July-September is Mr.Qoo's birthday, and Wen Jiqi dance is about to usher in the half anniversary celebration However, she suffers from attribute disadvantage (0.9x damage), as her attribute is earth while that of the Valkyries is sky. Enemies Guide, Servants Growth Guide However, there are some instances that demand / allow for a more creative approach in lieu of simply taking a random class advantage servant to the node in question. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. At NP2 he deals 64,140 damage against dragon enemies, outdamaging an NP1 Shuten-Douji. He gives no team support at all he's a selfish servant.

This also applies to fellow AoE assassin SSR Semiramis, whose attribute is also earth and suffers from an unreliable damage buff in her third skill, which requires 8 critical stars to activate. 5 star / 4 star


This is an incredible amount of damage for a 3* servant, but how well does he perform in an actual farming scenario? 3 Stars Craft Essence Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to downplay the effectiveness of class advantage or explicitly advocate for the use of servants with powermods, anti-trait buffs, or supereffective mods over the alternatives that do have class advantage. Date Notably, she possesses a massive 50% battery, making her extremely convenient for farming purposes. ---, ---

Bleh, servant elimination missions are such a pain. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction.


NP Damage for NP5 ST SSRs with class advantage: MHX at NP5 compared to the ST SSRs of other classes at NP5: For a final point of comparison, we compare MHX to the two welfare ST SR archers as they would be the best options against single saber enemies for players who lack an SSR to fill that niche.

Both his NP damage and normal damage is high since he has a reliable pseudo self Charisma skill and his decent attack stat + because of his NP's nice against Earth or Sky. This article will refer to the attribute mechanic for the purpose of calculating noble phantasm damage, more information on which can be found here: Important terms / acronyms used in this article can be found here: For the sake of convenience, all links to entries of servants currently released in NA will lead to their NA entry in the Atlas Academy database - strengthenings that are exclusive to the JP version of the game can be viewed by switching to the JP database via the options at the top of the page: The following damage calculations assume that all servants have received their strengthenings, even if they are exclusive to the JP version of the game at the time of writing.


Well that's it for the first episode of this series, let me know which SSR I should cover next down in the comments. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

There are some Skills and Noble Phantasms that affect or are affected by the Earth attribute. -June282021~July42021

), Minded to Murder Malamutes (Minamoto no Tametomo Gacha), MMM - Dogged Doggo Doyens are Deferred Deep Delves as Decrepit Dramatist Dictates Densetsu no Dissertation (Nanmei Yumihari Hakkenden Gacha), Rabbit's Reviews #329: Zhang Jiao (3* Caster), "Fate/Grand Order - 5th Anniversary" Countdown Campaign, Yes, I love the fluff, I embrace the fluff, I want the fluff. ---

His third and final skill is Pioneer of the Stars EX, we all know how good this skills is, it's arguably the best 50% NP Battery skill in NA. Farming Ascension Items Efficiently While it is in no way as efficient as your recommendations, Melt owners might be interested to know that finishing her rank up quest clears the Heaven mission, as well as gives 2 servant kills, 1 good servant kill and one earth enemy kill. Farming Skill Reinforcement Items Efficiently Glossary, How to Reset Marathon Since batteries are often the primary consideration when constructing teams for farming, we will be looking at the highest damaging servants possessing batteries from both classes Semiramis and Okita Souji (Alter). In a setup where Waver is present, Kuro does not require any additional starting charge from her CE, as his 50% total charge and her own 50% battery allow her to NP without additional assistance. In addition, he is permanently available in the summoning pool while both of the aforementioned servants (and all the other SSR AoE assassins and alter egos) are limited, meaning that one is more likely to possess copies of him over the alternatives. Farming Servant Class Pieces and Monuments Efficiently EPluribusUnum-Charlotte:20APEach1Time(s)

Summoning Servants Efficiently -3[Neutral]AlignmentServants Bye! Servants who have the Earth attribute were based on local stories and folklore.

NP Although class advantage is usually the primary consideration when constructing a party for a specific node, many players often overlook or are unaware of the effectiveness of other factors that should be considered when deciding on which servants to include the most important of these being powermods, anti-trait buffs, and supereffective mods. HP

Some of the representatives are Okita Souji, the first division captain of Shinsengumi, or Nightingale who served the military as a nurse in Crimean War.

However, if we choose to factor in SEs into our teambuilding for this node, we find that there is an SR servant who outdamages Scathach despite being only NP1 and class neutral. Jalter diarmuid ua duibhne fgo fate wikia grand order characters stage lancer stage1 sprite lancers ascension fool april gamewith pmwiki Congrats on the PC dude, thanks for always doing this! The niche against Earth or Sky is very unique and the stun may be unreliable but is still a good effect and can save your ass in some turns. His Quick cards does 3 hits, his Arts does 2 hits, his Buster does 1 hit and his Extra does 3 hits. ---, ---

Max Bond

-2[Evil]AlignmentServant Those who have actually exsisted in the actual history have the Mankind-Type. Thus, please wait for the updates as we will update this as FGO continues to update. Welfare SR Scthach (Assassin) at NP5 will deal 49,924 damage with self-buffs and class advantage. Gilgameshs NP has special effect agaisnt servants, but this effect can basically be nullified by the Star-Types.

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4 Stars Craft Essence 25 min read, When answering the question "what is good", there are many factors that need to More TAs for various CQs can be found in the Chaldea Combat Records. Do rank up first.

Oh hey there X-F, havent seen you in a while. What, The celebration of FGO's 5th anniversary in Japan has brought some gifts and The main difficulty in farming this node is the presence of a 180k HP Valkyrie in wave 3. However, some of the servant information came from the Japanese version.

The strength of the anti-dragon SE becomes apparent when we calculate his base NP damage against dragons with no class advantage and compare it to those of the ST SSR archers who do have class advantage.

FGO Summer 2022 Summer Camp - Quick Farming G FGO Summer 2022: Servant Summer Camp! His second skill is Natural Born Genius A, this is arguably his best skill, the Guts by itself is already really good, the chance based effects are just there to make this guy even more broken, but that's not all, in a few weeks this skill is going to get strengthened into Natural Born Genius EX. The purpose of this article is to highlight the existence of scenarios in which damage neutral options exist as competitive and viable alternatives to class advantage due in large part to the impact of the aforementioned buff types. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. All images, unless otherwise noted, are official Fate Grand Order game assets.

A free beautiful hot spring [Clui] skin~ NP damage to saber Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (man attribute): Even without class advantage, Sigurd significantly outdamages Orion and comes fairly close to Archer of Shinjuku and Artoria due to his SE and 1.1x attribute advantage (earth-man) against Saber Alter. NP5 SSR Shuten-Douji will do the most damage in wave 3, with her self-buffed damage being 79,569. NP Damage to rider wyverns (earth attribute): The hardest hitting AoE assassin is SSR Shuten-Douji who at NP1 deals a total of 59,040 damage with self-buffs and class advantage. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, 5 Nov 2020 Divine Arm of Dawn or Door of Saints are both [Heaven] so that they make it easy to go farming if you compose [Mankind] Servants in your deck.


Who I'm Following Hello there my name is Paul and I want to start a new series that I'm making, it's called Servant Review, I'll be talking in-depth about a servant, their stats, skills, Noble Phantasms and such and I will give my rating on their gameplay performance, I'm starting this off with one of my favorite Servants, Nikola Tesla, you guys can comment down below what SSR servant you want me to cover next it can be any servant in FGO, both in NA and JP. How to most QP farming from Daily Quests and Events, FGO Beginner Guide! -4[Humanoid]TraitServants This either lets them deal more damage or take less damage from Earth enemies. -9[Humanoid]TraitServants

For this example, we will look at how effective an SE can be at making a "mediocre" option more useful than more obvious choices within the context of class advantage. , Yang Guifei (no burn debuffs / living flame stacks), Does not outdamage anyone vs lancers, even when hitting the saberface trait, Outdamages everyone vs sabers with the saberface trait, Will outdamage Orion if he is not hitting male enemies even if MHX is not hitting the saberface trait, Does not outdamage anyone vs archers, even when hitting the saberface trait, Will come close to Tamamo if she is not hitting male enemies and MHX is hitting the saberface trait (~8,605 damage difference), Outdamages almost everyone vs riders (base damage with no trait consideration) (First Hassan does ~13,290 more damage), Will outdamage Xuanzang when hitting the saberface trait, Outdamages almost everyone when hitting the saberface trait (Kintoki does ~326 more damage), Will outdamage MHXA if they are hitting an enemy with both the saber and saberface traits but will lose if the enemy only has the saber trait, Does not outdamage anyone if they have class advantage, Will outdamage Yang Guifei if she has no stacks / burn debuffs active. What to do after Reset Marathon, Star SinceHow to raise a Harme exclusive version of QooApp was launched on January 28, with the joint efforts of Wenji Qiwu and QooApp Thank you, Im also thanking for my friends that dont use reddit and you help them with this.

One must also take into account other aspects of the servants being used, foremost among these being battery and PM/SE/Anti-Traits on NPs. Those whose existence is close to Divine Spirit, and has high rank Divinity possess the Heaven-Type, such as Gilgamesh the king of heroes. Adding Friends, Farming Skill Reinforcement Items Efficiently, Farming Servant Class Pieces and Monuments Efficiently, Prison Tower Event Guide: 3rd Gate Monster of Ryleh, Prison Tower Event Guide: 2nd Gate The Devil of Purgatory, Prison Tower Event Guide: 1st Gate Dark Haired Demon, Kara no Kyoukai Guide Apartment Ghosts Farming Guide.

He has decent NP gain but very bad star generation due to the few hit counts in his Quick and Extra. An NP5 Jack (anti-trait buff on NP against females) who is hitting class advantage on a female unit will heavily outdamage NP5 MHX vs the same enemy, assuming she is not hitting the saberface trait. That being said, the hope is that anyone who reads this article will be inspired to be more creative with their resources when approaching team building.

So without further ado let's start. 22 min read, 2 Sep 2020 Beginners Guide


However, his strengthening also gave his NP an additional effect - an SE against "Giant" type enemies.

Of the 282 playable servants in the game at the time of writing, 44 of them require Dragon Fangs to meet skill and/or ascension requirements, making it a common material and one that is needed in large quantities.

Wanna hang out sometime? Those who have left a great hope in the human history have the Star-Type.

3 star / 2 star

He has a maximum HP of 13,825 and a maximum ATK of 11,781, he both has average HP and ATK stat for a 5* Archer. -Defeat15[Humanoid]TraitEnemies Sessyoin Kiara is one that represents the Beast-Type. A common piece of advice given to beginners is to always bring classes with either full or half advantage to a node, as that will usually be enough to trivialize a fight, barring some exceptions such as bosses or challenge quests that may have unique gimmicks. Of the aforementioned servants, Carmilla also possesses an SE on her NP - hers being against female enemies. Altera the San(ta), or Santera, is the second of the two welfare SR ST archers. ATK and DEF

NP damage to saber spriggan (earth attribute): We look at Emiya (Alter) here because he is the hardest hitting ST archer after his strengthening. Loved and supported by the majority of users

Earning Friend Points For these reasons, we will be looking at Kuro over Santera for comparison purposes. -Complete6MasterMissions Although he is not the most optimal servant for clearing this node, he will be the best option for players who either dont have Okita Souji (Alter) or dont want to work around Semiramis conditional skill 3 (assuming her strengthening is available). SR Siegfried at NP1 will deal a significant 51,313 damage with self buffs and no class advantage against the wyverns, due to the PM he possesses on his third skill and the SE on his noble phantasm, both against dragons. A very strong servant, he shouldn't be thinked off as inferior to Gil, Tesla is really good in his own rights even better than Gil in some aspects, like survivability and NP Spamming, Tesla is one of the best Archers in the game and one of the best Non-Limited servants in the game period.

far was, Stay up to date! WeeklyMasterMissionsList But I think it will be slightly different though, in en beta server there's no memorial coins yet(I think they will add it soon maybe but idk when), you can only choose between the 4* and 5* event cards that you want. #FGO#FGO5

Although she deals slightly more damage than Kuro, her battery is significantly smaller at 20% and she is also attribute neutral at 1.0x (star-earth) while Kuro possesses a 1.1x attribute advantage (sky-earth). The fluff shall rule all, Do you like knowing what events, banners, and new units will be coming up in the next, So Ive been messing around with summer Kiara lately and noticed how much more I enjoy, I have not yet summoned Murasaki / Asagami.

He has very standard passives nothing unique, Magic Resistance and Independent Action are very common.

He has really good skills, Galvanism is one of the best 5T CD NP Gain Up skills in the game, Natural Born Genius is the best Self 5T CD Guts in the game, and Pioneer if the Stars is one of the best 50% NP Batteries.

Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. For example, there are special effects against Heaven-Types that are attributed to the NPs of Raikou or Tesla.

Regarded as fairly weak on release (and rightfully so), she has since received 3 interludes and 1 strengthening, making her the first servant to receive 4 buffs.

He has a guts in a short cooldown, a 30% defense up buffs and a stun his NP that makes him a very tanky servant. He deserves that A+ rating :), Be sure to include the art sources next time don't wanna take it down since you put all this effort into it. His Attribute is Star and his Growth Curve is reverse S. His Star Absorption is 147 and his Star Generation is 7.9%. FGO Summer 2022: Servant Summer Camp! For example, although NP5 MHX outdamages NP5 Kama vs riders, the latter possesses a 50% battery that makes it easier for her to utilize her NP with minimal assistance.

2 Stars Craft Essence So what are the implications of these numbers?

-Obtain4Gems/StatuesasQuestRewards We will be comparing David with Kuro, as the latter has the largest battery of the aforementioned servants, making it easier for her to utilize her NP. Class advantage in Fate/Grand Order is a fairly straight forward concept to understand and apply. However, it would be misleading to imply that MHX is better than Santera or Kuro just because she outdamages them at NP5 as most players will not have an SSR at NP5, and a limited one at that.

Some of the representatitive servants are Kiyohime from theLegend of Anchin Kiyohimeor Altaria from the Tale of King Arthur. Tesla's NP can be upgraded, it will have a higher damage multiplier and the stun chance increases to 40%, a tiny bit better, but overall doesn't change much.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. In contrast, Black Grail is a gacha only CE that has only ever had one rateup - the Kintoki release banner. You can leave a message in the QooApp event post to receive the gift code and redeem it in the game Buff and Debuff One TA of this CQ used Sigurd, who possesses no inherent class advantage against Saber Alter but does have an anti-dragon SE on his NP. That being said, some people took it upon themselves to TA (turn attack) the CQ - clearing it in the minimum number of turns possible - 3 in this case.

Earning Bond Points Peace out! This article will attempt to outline notable applications and examples of the aforementioned buffs in both farming and boss encounter/challenge quest contexts where class advantage may not necessarily be the best avenue to pursue, depending on a players resources. There is going to be 10% increase in damage agaisnt the opponent that has good compatibility with the type as well as 10% decrease in damage taken.

The vast majority of situations, both in farming and high difficulty encounters, will still have class advantage as their most effective answers.

Some of the representatives are Drake who is the historical man who for the first time had successfully accomplished the round-the-world trip, or Tesla who lead the world into light of hope by practically implementing AC technology. The pictures below is just some example, it is not the rewards that you will get on the first tour event, this is the second tour event, in beta server btw. Command Cards

On that note, let's see how MHX stacks up to them at differing NP levels. Fate Grand Order

While the upcoming welfare SR Gray will outdamage an NP1 Siegfried, he still outdamages her at NP2.

If you're farming medals, the Shadow Gawain in Camelot is good, Welcome to pcmr, good thing you already done building the pc consider the price for the parts will rise cause of covid19. Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners.

--- Fuyuki-UnknownCoordinatesX-F:6APEach2Time(s) While both setups would be sufficient to clear the spriggan, the purpose of this example was to demonstrate the significant impact an SE can have on NP damage. It works similarly to the Servant class triangle.

0. So while MHX may be an appealing option in a vacuum due to her high damage, one must always consider the practicality of their setups.

His Noble Phantasm is System Keraunos, it's an AoE Noble Phantasm that deals extra damage to Sky or Earth Attributed Servants and it also has a 30% chance to stun them and deals 500 damage to self, if you're wondering how many servants fall into the Sky or Earth Attributes it's 111, about 2/3 of all servants in the game, and only 30 Earth or Sky Servants are Sabers/Berserker aka servants Tesla has class advantage with. This is not to say that the raw damage values are the only things to consider when team building. How To Use Mana Prisms There is no compatibility agaisnt the Heaven-Type and all the damages will be calculated as they are. Those that oppose stars have Beast-Type. Cost:14AP By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Everything you need to know.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

July 20, 2017 --- The node consists of 3 waves of rider wyverns, with wave 3 having a ~110k HP gold wyvern. If we assume that the goal is to use the servant's noble phantasm immediately on wave 3, there are two basic setups that can be compared. When Mash wonders how many fragments I've collected so far that calculation just got more annoying.

quality of life changes we've come to expect by now, but the biggest impact by

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To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. It was to point out scenarios in which damage neutral options existed as competitive alternatives to class advantage or existing class advantage options were bolstered, both through the impact of the aforementioned buff types. In conclusion, her strength as a standard ST assassin aside, MHX fills a relevant anti-saberface niche and works well against saber class enemies due to the strength of her PM and SE. Due to David not possessing his own battery, we give him Aerial Drive - which has not only a full attack stat of 2000, but confers him with 50% starting charge and both buster and NP damage buffs, which are multiplicative with his and Waver 's attack buffs.

The remaining AoE assassin SSR Cleopatra, while possessing a 1.1x attribute advantage (man-sky), possesses an unreliable damage buff in the form of Imperial Privilege (40% chance of failure).

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