So, my question to you is what would you recommend in a situation like this? These are inducement offers for an author to buy an expensive publishing package. Ive edited nearly a thousand books, and even the ones I thought (and still think!) They did a good job with the book and cover, but we paid them lots of dollars for Marketing, which never benefited us. There are ways to lose the reader before you ever had them. A friend of mine was offered to have her book translated into English. Any information would be helpful. I hope that this can help you and many more others that may fall victim to these scammers. Its a few years old, but Rushmore Press rates a mention. Free self-publishing advice, how to guides and tips. Make sure you ask for the original Word Doc back also. *(#(*#*$erds. With basic computer skills, you can have a book online and for sale within 24 hours in many cases. Avoid THE BOOK GUILD at all costs. All Ash can tell me is that he knows they have let me down. Then come the offers for their publishing services. Also, the Tablo books are STILL showing on retailers websites but as unavailable. But according to ALLi, this publisher has an advisory notice of caution in regard to quality, value and marketing practices. I published a memoir about grieving in 2015 and sales are very low. In fact, they were helpful and did a lot of things for me so I dont think theyre a a scam, Cindy. Scam office, scam address, from a scam company.

I ask if there are any fees on top of shipping and the cost of the books. It trades under a long list of names. By far, the most commonly mentioned vanity publisher is Author Solutions. True self-publishing doesnt have to cost a lot. Copyright 2022 Just Publishing Advice - All Rights Reserved. My first publisher, who did my novel, aka my real publisher informed me after the fact that no, they can NOT publish an audiobook version because she has rights. Nonstop. She did not understand this process. BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. What would you say about this. Avoid becoming tempted by offers from people and book publishers that you dont know. I just received an email and follow up phone call from a representative of Parchment Global Publishing. The interviews happen but they go nowhere. No publisher ever wants to deal with that, but sometimes there are people like you that sadly exist :(. Obviously furious, I again demand a refund. Its a scam. Hes not Scribner, hes a man with a love of the genre trying to do his part as best as he can. Hi, I have been offered partnership publishing for my first book by: Novum, Austin Macaualey and the Book Guild. To call him a coward, and said he ignored and used his moms death as an excuse not to talk to you. But unfortunately, some new authors continue to fall for the same old traps. Theyve contacted me ref getting a book written to self-publish and Ive been on one of their free to attend webinars. As you yourself said, Nick is a one man show (and perhaps he takes on more responsibility than he can handle at times) but he has always tried to do his best. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. I received an email from someone representing The Book Walker. Any advice very much appreciated. I cannot find any actual facts by anyone about them or their services, except what was on their own website. But I would appreciate a source backlink, of course. I know a friend or two whom went with them, got a big package that covers editing, formatting, publishing etc. You can also use other publishing platforms and book distributors. Deborah, have you no shame? Any thoughts on Iflow Creatives? It has been less than a week since I signed up. He was wrong there was a golf driving range on the upper part of the building. I reply and say Id still like to withdraw. Thanks. However, there are some who ask for payment upfront and then take the money and run. My bank helped me when I file a charge back against BRANDING NEMO. I get a reply saying the pricing is being adjusted and no, there are no additional fees. On top of that, they cancelled my contract to publish (so we had to pay someone new) and refused to respond to the BBB.

If not, no worries. We covered it in this article. First they started insisting that I couldnt go straight to a screen play script with my book ( we already had LuLu edit and publish, this book earlier..)We had to start over again before they would put a script writer over my work. Any publisher who wants to sell you a package or quotes fees to get your book ready for publication is an entity you want to check out at length. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. The package sounds great. But in the end, you send a clear message to new authors. This industry can be equal parts amazing and dispiriting. We think they are neat, but wanted to make sure it was legit. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. Theres no marketing or promoting of your book and you get practically nothing in royalties. This description is simply not correct. Author Solutions operates more like a telemarketing company whose customer base is the authors themselves. The reason I left them was the day of my book release, they misspelled part of the title wrong. Because Nicholas Grabowsky appears to be a 1-man show, I was willing to have some of my friends help him with book cover illustrations and whatnot. However, I havent received my digital proof.

Id say from my guess that it is a scam company that isnt even in the US. There is no reason a publisher sells a package to an author to benefit the author. That extra set of eyes is most necessary through all phases of editing. Be careful if there is no website, and the email address is Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail with a non-descript name. Dog Ear did not send notices to its authors advising of the closure to give us a chance to gain access to our books on the distribution platforms to which they were uploaded by them e.g., Amazon. Im writing you simply to warn anyone embarking on a self-publishing career and seeking publishers, that First Edition Design Publishing is a company to stay away from. Has anyone had any experience with Stratton Press? But publishers always need fresh new talent, so the door is certainly not closed at all. I will be very surprised if I ever see that money. And you are very cruel to mention my mom in this. Sadly, in todays publishing world, many new authors fall prey. I just want other people to know that a company called BRANDING NEMO has been contacting authors for an $8,000 Hollywood Book-to-Screen service. Thank you for re-iterating the importance of research before jumping onto the paper mache flotilla of scam artists out there! Ash then sends it to me and I see major issues. I call and UPS tells me that books never made it to Canada. My daughter was so excited she continued to write books after books and started on a chapter book. These cookies do not store any personal information. My daughter has always wanted to an author since age of 4 shes been asking every year but I didnt take her seriously. BBB reports on known marketplace practices. Publishers have a great number of books to publish, and agents schedules are more busy by the day. cant believe hay house allow such a corrupt thing to happen! But if you are considering an offer, always carefully check the reputation of a book publisher. They will also be helping me with marketing, distribution, getting listed in online stores, etc. There was no marketing or promoting and I was even misled when I could have had a book signing at WHSmiths so it failed to happen. This is not legit. I cant advise you how to proceed. A Cambridge CELTA English teacher and author with a passion for writing and all forms of publishing. Ultimately, you enter into a contract with a business. Ask on Twitter or Instagram. Are you taking this offer from Silver Ink. If they quote fees for cover art or editorial, you are more than well within your rights to ask for testimonials that you can verify, as well as work experience. Not to the publisher. Im really stressing over this. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile. They arent in business anymore. Some of these publishing houses call themselves self-publishers. They must be trying to change names. particularly any firsthand experiences, will be greatly appreciated. No guilt? The book guild, and their other parent companies should be avoided. I published my first book through Authorhouse in 2017 after spending almost $14,000.00. Im working on what has sadly turned out to be a very long trail of these companies who scammed my mother. Hello, Would it be alright to repost this on my WordPress blog? I was told that the book needs a new face lift and also reduce the price of the book from $29.95 to $19.95. The book ended up with 38 spelling errors after their edit. In todays publishing industry, there are two ways to publish and be sure you will not be scammed. I am charged customs/duty. I think I have been scammed. More and more authors are actively marketing their Big 5 published books in order to make any kind of income. good luck getting it back!! She had her first book published by novum publishing and it was a success. They really are book publishers to avoid. I was never satisfied and I didnt really have the time for self-publishing. But once you send your manuscript, they publish your months of years of hard work for themselves. In my view, I would advise you to look at each case separately. They are the most crooked, nasty people ever to work with. I tried to verify the company BRANDING NEMO, if they are registered business in the State of California. I am publishing with Christian Faith Publishers. Rushmore Press is listed in an article on the Writer Beware website. I signed a contract with Author Reputation Press and their scouts said this book have potential of being a number one book which it should be for its the only book in the world and medical evidence they wanted me to send them my manuscript from Authorhouse and when I went to post office to send a copy of my book to them the post office said that wasnt the correct address and they found the correct one for me and sent it to them and they charge $1000.00 for a literary agent in three installments and then a employee call me for a $360.00 payment with same credit card and I couldnt find my password for credit card company then a woman called and asked the same thing I told her a man just called and said same thing she said she would check and the same man called me back for the money I am going to cancel this contract with them and they said to sent a copy of this book since they coudnt get the manscript from authorhouse and they said it would cost over $500.00 to do this and earlier she had said they located the e-book of google for S4.99 now she is saying she couldnt locate it on Authorhouse they are to call me back Monday and said the book I sent them had arrived she has been misleading I am going to cancel then and I had made one payment of around $400.00 etc? Some less than honest companies may try to take all the rights (print, ebook, audiobook, foreign translation, movie option). After asking her to double check, she discovered that the closest printer was in Seattle. Ive re-contacted the KDP Support Team via email advising them of the sequence of events and have suggested the following solutions. These include AuthorHouse, AuthorHouse UK, AuthorHive, iUniverse, Palibrio, Partridge Publishing, Trafford Publishing, and Xlibris. On one website multiple authors showing as currently unavailable. Make sure you do your research, ask for referrals, and proceeded slowly. Maybe I can just Reblog it then? Instead, he avoided me like a coward and used me as well as other authors to vote for he and his company to make lists for Horror publishers to use. I ask Ash to cancel my plan and send me a refund. Just trying to help writers not get screwed. Is it a legitimate company or not? I was promised to be put onto their web page as one of their authors and to get TV, newspaper & radio interviews etc but got nothing. Click here to read our disclosure statement in full. I asked if they require bleed (a print term) and if I would be able to see a digital proof. Imagine my surprise to see that the company Secretary for Word of Mouth happens also to be the company Secretary for LR Price Publications. I got a separate print deal with another publisher for one of the books and that is just out last year. If you read some of the literature on their website you will notice some VERY poor English. As a reminder, Ash said that it would take 1-2 weeks to be removed. Scammers hide behind these types of email accounts with addresses that often consist of a jumble of letters and numbers. They arent vanity publishers at all. A friend learned too late that other authors had suffered a similar fate and had paid thousands. Some of those experiences have been good, and some could use improvement, even though the presses were reputable at the time. I received numerous calls from him and never called him back. Or will my obtaining new ISBNs and uploading updated images, files and descriptions, and selecting categories and keywords through my own KDP account resolve the issue? I had street views of the building on Google earth. When you sign a book contract with a publisher who produces, distributes, and markets your book, it allows you to concentrate on being an author. There are cases where such a publication alternative makes sense. On average, I get at least one per week.

It could be just one of their competitors listing all the names of the publishers they can list with no solid proof. She is a scientist and knows how to write works, but she is not familiar with the book market. I've asked them to stop calling. It seems convincing talking to the sales agent and I think this company are scamming authors. Self-publish and stay in control. I receive on average two calls a day and two emails a week. They are the latest company to approach me, I published in December with this company; would not recommend and I cannot work out how they get good reviews; just looking into a few things now Do not waste your money, I would like to know if Booconn is a fraudulent scam company, please? All authors received this update via email 90days, 60 days, and 30 days before making the policy change. They willpublish and distribute your book to bricks and mortar bookstores as well asonline retailers. Less than 30 seconds to take my money but 20 days to get it back. They seem legit.

I predict this future any publisher reading this and you submit your work to them, will not even give you a second look. Ive asked to pull these listings down and they wont. You grifted from these people and now you want to besmirch them? Out of this fee was $4.000 for the development of a 2 minute movie on my novel.. I just think some of these links are black propagandas. Ive since republished with KDP and the process has been like night and day. Alignments, spacing and timelines are all off. However, one of the founders did work for a publisher that I had looked into previously. They are full of promises until they get your money. Of course, they offered me services to fix and republish a book that got 5 Amazon stars in 2002, but whose publisher is defunct. Is it legit. I find this post very disturbing not only for black bedsheet books, but also to you It seems to me as if you think you are the next great writer and you submitted a book that the publisher was not willing to invest his money into. Ive lost control over my book and have only received around 20 dollars in three years. I cut ties with them over two years ago and they still call me, offering me deals and wanting money. You decide would you can infer from the review and the subterfuge and the refusal to explain. I emailed them my views about never paying anyone for publicity. I emailed back and said basically fix or give me back my contracts! Both emails from them(one person specifically) was very unapologetic. Someone new to your work might see that Marcie lives in New Orleans in one chapter and Slidell, LA in another, and that you spelled her name Marci once and Marcie the rest of the time. New scam company on the alert (I think this was the old author solutions) because that company had my details (yep was scammed) and now I just received a new email after many years! I realize a few hours later that this doesnt account for me being in Canada. Very pleased overall to see this warning against the many scams out there. contact your bank and inform them that you are a victim of fraudulent business operating in California with out business registration or license. Now, on top of all this, before I cancelled my account some books did sell through distributors. Feb 24, 21 Miracle: the hardcover books arrive (I have to pay duty/customs which did get reimbursed). What is your recommendation for the future? I get a lot of messages from authors who have been published by a vanity publisher and have regrets. Some companies may try to pressure you, quoting impossible timelines to try to get you to sign a document hurriedly. Can any tell me if RUSHMORE PRESS is a legit company? *************************** aka ************************* ********. Should I publish with them or would I be better off self-publishing? They have proven to be dishonest and untruthful with me, and I regret the day I entered into a relationship with them. Check Allis vetted list for publishers with a history of problems that are clearly marked in red. They usually offer to publish trade books and be a one-stop shop for publishing. But if I submit my manuscript they reserve the right to reject it if its falls outside of their acceptable criteria. They have several packages you can choose from for publishing but no price. ATTN: AUTHORS WHO PURCHASED SERVICE FROM BRANDING NEMO I am sharing this to help other authors. Run. Are familiar with them ? Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy solution. The only published author they quoted wrote a 38 page kids book. file complain. Someone who has worked on these sorts of releases has the knowledge to impart and will be happy to be part of a dedicated team. Well your Friend just got scammed by an idiot from a scam company, from fake non existent Las Vegas office (scam office) which is just actually hiding in a small apartment in Punta Princesa, Cebu City Philippines. You should be proud that this publisher even said okay I will look at it. Thanks. It depends if Authorhouse owns the book rights. When that reader buys your story, the pacing or the breakdown of chapters and topics can pull a reader in and keep them invested, or not hold their attention. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. I chose the hardcover plan as there was a promo on. My book was published in Jan 2019 and I paid the 1900 with 45% royalties and 75% subsidiary rights . Dont ever hesitate to rely on that, be it on social media, friends who have had direct experience with a publisher, or an author who you respect. It is possible for a publisher to retain the rights to a book even though they are in the process of bankruptcy or liquidating. 10 Best Free Book Publishing Software For Self-Publishing Authors. We have thousands of authors, and to send out royalties that total $2.00 or $9.00 or $19.00 accrue a cost, yet in return, we are giving authors 100% of their royalties instead of charging a 4.5% fee for processing the royalties. Thanks very much, does this also apply to Book Guild Publishing? In March 2020 I fell victim to a scam publishing house, I thought I was publishing my book with a reliable self publishing company named Alpha Book Solutions I sent them a check for a thousand dollars after a lengthy e-mail correspondence; culminating in my docu signed marketing agreement in which they promised to print and publish my book Dead Reckoning and to have the book on the shelves of Barnes N Noble, and available on Amazon as well as a hundred or more book stores nation wide, Well to make a sad story short they no longer return my e-mails and I cannot reach them by phone. I am sorry, Dana. Ash also confirms that he did change the pricing and will look into it further. From what I have read, they are another scam. They offer a package that would cost $599 USD to send my book to 200,000 email clients of which you typically get a 13% response rate. It is, of course, the main attraction. We wished her the best of luck and asked her to please find a new publisher. There were some disagreements to that, I for one will vouch for the person saying they were leaning more on the side of the author mill. Ash tells me hell look into it. You can also publish an ebook version. I cannot contact them. I suspect this as well as does another close author friend of mine. They claim to have done editorial reviews on my manuscripts. I received a phone call from the radio station re interview with Al Cole. Utterly indited subject matter, Really enjoyed examining. You will find alerts for book publishers to avoid, such as AuthorHouse, Dog Ear Publishing, Dorrance Publishing, and Page Publishing, just to name a few. he did not know and then suggested a carpark. Then, when that book is for sale, author, agent, publisher, etc. It does so by selling books back to its authors, not to a general readership, and by selling its authors expensive publishing, editing, and marketing services that are effectively worthless., Author Solutions preys upon the dreams of authors by selling them expensive services that sound exciting but do not actually sell any books. Do you know how I might go about doing so? Book publishers dont owe you anything, especially without a contract. It just feels odd, You might want to read this article. I look forward to your response! I didnt mean Star Publishing. Is this legitimate? I would like to know if is legitimate please. At this point I am frustrated. Their royalty rate is around 60% on average for ebook distribution. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 2022, International Association of Better Business Bureaus, Inc., separately incorporated Better Business Bureau organizations in the US, Canada and Mexico and BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, Inc. All rights reserved. These are often called aggregators, such as Smashwords and Draft2Digital. I originally wanted to use my script that I had written, but they said I had to use theirs for $14.000or as the movie world wouldnt except mine. Learn how your comment data is processed. Feb 14, 21 STILL no hardcover books. ) december, but then received the written offer, read the fine lines and didn t sign the agreement.. and cancelled it over the phone and via email, thankfully.. All you can do, Janae, is check the offer carefully. Ultimately, she was very happy that she was able to publish her work and that the book was very well received. I never told her I was going to publish you, and I never had the time to look at your work. Nov 24, 20 Before signing on, I spoke with Georgia and asked if they had printers in Canada, as I didnt want to pay duties/taxes. They are not legit. All of you on the team should be invested in the best product all of you can produce, together. I harassed balboa for a year, I went through hay house to get it back. Ive been contacted by a publisher that I wasnt familiar with. These are definitely book publishers to avoid. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. The publishing services of Amazon and aggregators are totally free. I realize that Amazon is STILL pulling the old file for the preview. Hiring any service online should be approached with caution. Every time I asked him a simple question about my book, he kept saying Ill PM you real soon and Ill PM you later with a winking emoji. But so farcrickets. I published my first book through Authorhouse almost 10 years ago. I asked for a refund because of their one-sided contract and John Taylor of Truman Pub said I would receive it in 20 days. I do hope to one day be working back in the industry, but it wont be particularly soon. Your email address will not be published. I pulled 3 of my books from Authorhouse. When we got through all of this we came to the script writer. For the first few years I received my royalties upon book sales. If it has the site name, for example, and [emailprotected], you can proceed with reasonable assurance. Im just not sure how to go about telling them. You will need to do everything yourself and pay for what you cant do. Please answer ASAP. They pose as an editor. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. are some of the most elegantly and beautifully worded books require changes. Does anyone know about Atmosphere Press? They can so quickly turn into nightmares. Sherrie Miranda, Wait, Derek, you have a WP blog.

Totally unprofessional. You can share any content from our site. Ive asked many times and no one can tell me where those royalties are. 5) I paid for entry into two contests (Publisher's ******************** Author) and was told this would include reviews of my book "Josie's ********* NO REVIEWS to date.6) Unless you pay for additional marketing, awards, etc. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Author Solutions has a reputation, The latest book scam. Chase Smith of BooConn actually made up a Barnes & Noble purchase of my book. Usually with a traditional publishing house such as Random House, HarperCollins Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster, or one of the many subsidiaries of these reputable publishers. Have you heard anything about the company? Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Any info on this company. I received 100 in July 2019 but absolutely nothing since then, no royalties, not even a statement nor any subsidiary rights etc at all. Thanks for sharing. now they have your email address and they sell it onwards too disgusting! No upfront fees please, biggest mistake I ever made. It is hard work to publish a book, and its a gamble. GBR Publishing in Ontario has scammed many women out of their royalties and cancelled contracts as coauthors remain unpaid once recruited under the guise of their lead authors. I have been scammed in the past and for all the authors out there, dont self publish with Balboa Press. All of these names should raise red flags for authors. If you are not confident you can do everything to self-publish your book, it is a good option. HOWEVER it s been 3 months ,i haven t yet gotten my money back after 3 emails where i was told i would , and now my last email was not answered, i am not sure what to do, if anyone has any ideas ,i am listening :) i feel like balboa being linked to hay house is a fabulous smoke screen and an unfair one, i think i will write to hay house ? I receive a call from this self-publishing company named Renaissance Publishing House. And by that, Im talking publishers who were once respected and ruined their reputations in the end. That Tablo cancelled the order before they got shipped out. But they never mention anything about selling your books to readers. I would love to have my books reach a larger audience, being sold at major book stores, online and have a website selling my books exclusively. Please check out places like Writer Beware, A.C. Crispin/Victoria Strausss, which can be found on Twitter, before you consider a contract with any of these people. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. I was burned by them when they were known as PublishAmerica. Hello everyone and thankyou for your excellent pagei just wanted to say that i payed balboa 1500 dol( i live in the uk..but was speaking to the us the whole time??. You have to ask them for a release form and they will send it. Ive also been published in the romance and fantasy genres through various-sized presses throughout the years. Hi. Fortunately I realize he had forgotten our conversation about printing in the UK and shipping to Canada and he revises the quote. At the very least a conflict of interests, definitely unreliable and possibly misleading. I havent made any move to invest my hard earned money for them to represent my book yet . Ash suggests that we actually print in the UK and ship from there, saying that printing would be 10% cheaper and printing/shipping time would be the same. They asked me to sign up for a plan. Unfortunately some fall for these scams regardless of the countless warnings. There Are Book Publishers To Avoid And Nasty New Author Scams, Writers beware!

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