Applications may be found at or by emailing or calling the school office at 573-334-9594. For more information, please contact Fr. There is also a track for those interested in skilled trades and STEM related fields. Endorsements should be a few sentences in length. Over 87% of Messmer High School graduates Joseph Catholic Academy, Springfield, 2024-2025St. Better to put in place the steps necessary to protect the school community than to be caught unprepared. RCB13042020 PS 89202122 25062021 Misc. Email to A focus on literacy and math skills, especially at an early age, is a priority.

uncovers their God-given gifts.

With WordPress and the Website theme, To contact the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau: Henry, CharlestonSt. Office 15 1st day to offer Contract to Faculty 27-3/1Self-Study Immaculate Conception, Spfd 28 Per. Every school community is to evidence a proclamation of the message of the Gospel and encourage the building of a faith community among students, faculty, administrators, parents and parishioners. traer al ambiente de la escuela. Support our mission.

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Calendar Due- CSO 10-12 Self-Study McAuley H.S. Due CSO 13 Graduation Springfield Catholic H.S. Previous teaching experience at the elementary level is preferred. Messmer Catholic Schools Messmer Saint Mary Calendar, Messmer Catholic Schools Messmer Saint Rose Calendar, Messmer Catholic Schools Mark Founders Day In Milwaukee.

Dev. GreatSchools is the leading nonprofit providing high-quality information that supports parents pursuing a great education for their child, schools striving for excellence, and communities working to diminish inequities in education.

Para un mejor servicio para He can be reached athansonl@archmil.orgor 414-769-3466. 104 People Learned More Courses View Course What Is Stem.

Applicant should exhibit positive and Christ-like behaviors and be familiar with current learning standards in music. environment. Applications can be submitted in person, through mail, or online to Mrs. Katie Hendricks. team work and leadership.

sports programs through the Midwest Classic Conference. Quality of academic programs, teachers, and facilities, Availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities, Messmer Catholic Schools vs. Dominican High School, private school tuition across the country, Messmer Saint Mary Elementary School employee tested positive for COVID-19 (2020), Real important: Eric Bledsoe visits Messmer Catholic Schools as part of Bucks mentorship program (2018), Messmer Catholic Schools Announces Changes to its 2016 Board of Directors, Including Election of New Chair, Vice - PR Newswire (press release) (2016). Job begins 8/23. of Int. in college, to succeed in the work force, and to become productive You have dozens of reasons why you think a private school is a good option for your child. Springfield Catholic Schools is looking for Christ centered, competent professionals with in-depth knowledge of their class subject, who use best teaching practices. Stmt. The school administrators and teachers carry on this mission by providing educational experiences that promote academic excellence and spiritual and moral formation for the students. Plan for training August 17, 18, & 19 from 3:30-5:30pm. For more information email:bjohnson@stjosephcatholicacademy.orgorcall: 417.866.0667, Immaculate Conception School in New Madrid.

Due CSO 30 Administrators Goals Due CSO, OCTOBER 2021 3-5 Self -Study St. Eustachius 4-8 ITBS testing 11 NCEA Data Bank Rept. Office 18 Fall Faculty Meeting West 19 Fall Faculty Meeting East, NOVEMBER 2021 1 MoCape Membership Fee $35 Fee under 100 students $45 Fee over 100 students 1 Diocesan Fees Due CSO 30 Non-Public School Data Copy to CSO, DECEMBER 2021 1 Admin. Peter the Apostle, JoplinImmaculate Conception, New MadridGuardian Angel, OranSt. Board Dudes 17 x 23 Aluminum Framed Magnetic 3-In-1 Dry Erase Cork Cal Abigail Ratchford Fantasy Calendar Her second calendar got a little more fantastical. Contract to Pastor 15 Last day to offer Contracts to Faculty 15 Virtus Rept. Box 189Benton, MO 63736Phone: (573) 545-3017 Fax: (573) 545-3864Email: melinda@stdenisbenton.eduk12.netWeb page:, St. Teresa School Glennonville (PreK-8)Kim Lynn- Principal40648 State Highway JJCampbell, MO 63933Phone: (573) 328-4197 Fax: (573) 328-4197Email: kimberlymlynn@gmail.comSt. Joplin Area Catholic School System, comprised of St. Marys Pre-School and Elementary, St. Peters Middle School, and McAuley High School, is looking for a Director of Schools for the 2022-23 school year. We welcome students of all Our graduating For more information email:bjohnson@stjosephcatholicacademy.orgorcall: 417.866.0667, St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Springfield, MOis accepting applications for Afterschool Care Manager for the 2022-2023 school year. Springfield Catholic Schools System is accepting applications for Theology Teacher atSpringfield Catholic High School. COMPETITIVE SPORTS Messmer students participate in competitive

Eustachius, PortagevilleImmaculate Conception, SpringfieldSt. (Photo courtesy of DSHA), Henry Amborn, Vincenzo Biondi, Evander Craig, Elinor Decker, Jane Diaz-Rebollar, Bernadette Frisch, Julia Kelin, Alexis Kucera, Irving Lagunas, Emma Luczkowski, Kaleigh Lynch, Calahan Miles, Maxwell Moersfelder, Matthias Murphy, Murphy OBrien, Summer Peterson, Morgan Ramsey, Maxwell Robson, Zoe Sassano, Nadia Sebero, Madeline von Rabenau, Makayla Vos, Katie Walkington, Sophia Ward, Kelsee Weis, Mitchell Zens, Nathan Alexander, Obacoso Aderemi Allen, Hyunwoo Baek, Blake Patrick Bargielski, Maria Rose Bay, Jacqueline Ann Behring, Lana Elisa Belmontes, George Cullen Beres, William Edward Beres, Grant Richard Beth, Carson Dillon Biebel, Brooke Lynne Bielinski, Grace Anne Bisswurm, Jack Andrew Bisswurm, Lilly Jane Blowers, Adam S Boehm Jr., Jordan Lee Boyce-Suwanabol, Susanna Mae Brunclik, Gabrielle Caroline Casey, William Thomas Casey, Bridgid Claudia Chanen, Kada Ann Christianson, Ian Patrick Clarkson, Matthew Wilson Conrad, Braydon William Cooper, Demi June Crow, Laci Grace Crow, Tyler Edward Everest Dale, Luke Samuel DiPasquale, McKenna Rowan Domach, Emily Ruth Dorow, Giselle DSouza, Mallory Jean Eberhardt, Logan Edward Erchull, Evan Vincent Eutizzi, Marina Lee Fayas, Brock Michael Figi, Ethan Joseph Flanagan, Rory Owen Fox, Joshua Rove Fritz, MacKenna Ganz, Juan Luis Garcia, Ava Judith George, Margaret Ann George, Grace Olivia Gosenheimer, Benjamin M. Graff, Madelin Elizabeth Gratz, Christopher Curtiss Gureski, Kate Mary Halvey, Aiden Haney, Hailey Jean Hart, Abigail M. Hickok, Marques Devon Hogans Jr., Katrina May Hubacek, Fidel Jaramillo, Julio Jaramillo, Charles Benjamin Jarvis, Joshua Michael Jungwirth, Magdaline Clare Kaye, Jason Jerome Komp, Jacob Thomas Kosmoski, Jane Madeleine Kottak, Thomas A. Krogstad, Megan Anne Lampe, Sydney Landry, Langston Latham, Marvell Lee, Cameron William Lenz, Anneliese Jean LeRoy, Yuyang (Bill) Liu, Grace RaeGail Lomen, Lillian Lutz, Jacob Andrew Marks, Morgan McKnight, Josiah Alexander Nathaniel, Emily Marie Nell, Tyler Bradley Nelson, Karis Marie Nerad, Christopher J. Nicholas, Michael A. Nicholas, Alexandra Ann Nines, Naomi Anne Nitka, Kayla OFarrell, Abigail Rose Olstinske, Cameron James Pendleton, Katherine Taylor Pendowski, Jack W. Petersen, Kendrick Stephen Piacsek, Elenore Rose Piette, Sophia Marie Piette, Logan Thomas Pokorny, Sophia Grace Polenz, Matthew B. Ramthun, Maxwell James Rankin, Reagan Ireland Rebholz, Camille Relford, Joshua Patrick Roberts, Brianna Victoria Sanchez, Nikolai Jerome Scheckel, Olivia Schmidt, John Keyes Schmitzer, Kendall A Schmoldt, Colleen M. Schneider, Phillip Elijah Simpson, Jeslyn Mara Singson, Felicity Lauren Smart, Cassie Renee Smith, Charles Jennings Soper, Mila Q. Stephens Jr., Kathryn Audrey Stomma, Alexandra Katelyn Stucker, Courtney Elizabeth Sturm, Angelica Suarez Benitez, Ethan C. Szada, Abigail Tarwacki, Isabella Marie Thiele, Franccesca Kerstin Thomas, Tyler James Tusing, Miguel-Angel Uribe, Camryn Marie Utter, Mason Thomas Vasquez, Alexzandria Mikayla Vieaux, Faith Olivia Patricia Walden, Kyleigh Ann Waldvogel, Caroline Eileen Wayer, Jack Michael Wendt, Ty Wiczek, Maxwell Joseph Winter, Sawyer R. Wozniak, Claire Eleanor Wright, Hao (Miles) Zhang, Fenglin (Jerry) Zhao, Ningxin (Cindy) Zhao, Joshua Braun, Thomas Cieszynski, Thomas Dula, Jonah Ebent, Magdalen Gross, Matthew Hein, Grace Larson, Alexandra Leung, Mary McDevitt, Beatrice Meganck, Joshua Pandl, Isabelle Patch, Pierce Richlen, Kathirene Rillorta, Benedict Roxas, Martin Scanlan, Patrick Waddell, Terez Wycklendt, Natalia Aburto, Lesly Adame Dominguez, Eliam Almaguer Duran, Joel Alvarado, Jonathan Andrade Plascencia, Maria Antonio-Rangel, Elitzy Avila, Oumar Bah, Ashley Bautista, Carlos Betancourt, Jacqueline Breimon Flores, Ximena Castro Espana, Josue Coto, Isabelle Dominguez, Maximiliano Espinosa, McKalynn Ester, Kevin Felix, Juan Carlos Garcia Martinez, Candece Garcia, Emily Garcia, Jasmin Garduno, Janetneyra Godoy, Jose Gomez Aguilera, Lesley Gomez Gallegos, Mariela Gomez-Perez, Alondra (Leo) Gomez, Anthony Gomez, Daisy Gonzalez, Juan Gutierrez, Sytlaly Guzman Marin, Andrea Hernandez Iniguez, Fernanda Hernandez Nuno, Tomas Hernandez Rodriguez, Nicole Hernandez-Flores, Saul Hernandez, Lauren Jungmann, Augustin Khey, Victor Larranaga, Mizael Lozano Carrasco, Areli Luevano Roberto, Ailed Martinez, Perla Maury, Michelle Medina Diaz, Bryan Medina-Zaragoza, Nashley Medina, Melvin Mejia, Angel Mora, Dayana Murillo, Rotceh Nunez, Cristal Ortiz-Jimenez, Ashley Padilla, Jonathan Pantoja, Clemente Pavon, Deisy Perez-Cabrera, Christopher Perez, Maria Perez, Melissa Perez, Aniya Pratt, Alexa Ramirez, Araceli Ramirez, Aitzel Ramos Reyes, Nancy Reyes-Romero, Christopher Rivas, Dante Rodriguez, Mei Romero, Britney Ruiz, Sandra Sanchez Camilo, Arely Sanchez Perez, Ariliana Sanchez, Zuria Sanchez, Samantha Santos, Jimena Sencion, Luis Serrano, Wonya Sloan, Fiorela Toscano-Reynoso, Jacob Valadez, Jaquelin Valdivia, Katie Vazquez-Perianez, Jessica Velazco, Paul Zamudio, Divine Savior Holy Angels (DSHA), Milwaukee, Carys Lee Abbott, Sophia Onome Akpojisheri, Alison Marie Ancher-Jensen, Anna Brenda Andres, Stephanie Arenal-Copto, Annabelle Grace Bannach, Kathryn Mary Becker, Jennifer Benitez-Pacheco, Katherine Joanna Grace Berthold, Joanna Louise Blonski, Natalie Ann Boettcher, Catherine Mary Bohn, Sarah Ann Bradford, McKayla Rose Braun, Ella Rose Bressanelli, Megan Elizabeth Brienza, Lucy Katherine Brunner, Margaret Ruth Caraher, Ximena Marie Cardenas, Ximena Cavazos, Zanyla Carrington Comer, Olivia Elizabeth Connell, Jean Louise Correa, Claire Elizabeth Coury, Naana Yaa Dampare, Eleanor Doris Daugherty, Abigail Grace David, Xitllali De La Torre Sanchez, Mara Aileen deGuzman, Katherine Clare Delcore, Ava Bradd Depies, Genevieve Lee DiGiovanni, Elizabeth Rose Dondlinger, Khadijah Fatou Drame, Grace Frances Dunn, Arianna Duran Serna, Cecelia Catherine Eck, Mireya Nayeli Esparza, Carolina Odanah Ewig, Ahnna Elizabeth Faust, Emma Rose Fettig, Samantha Amairany Flores, Laura Marie Foti, Daisy Fregoso Gonzalez, Erin Moran Fricker, Kate Elizabeth Frieseke, Shaeley Patricia Garczynski, Rachel Elizabeth Gauthier, Gisele Korinna Glunz, Lynden Shea Glunz, Penelope Io Sophia Godfrey, Madeline Maria Gonzalez-Diaz, Adela Anne Grogan, Molly Katherine Guenther, Caroline Rose Gundersen, Ann Tarpey Hammel, Danielle Elyse Hart, Mia Marianna Sophia Hartounian, Phoebe Elizabeth Hayes, Anissa Dayanara Hernandez, Kimberly Hernandez, Gabriella Elizabeth Hughes, Ava Evelyn Jenkins, Zoe Rae Mei Ming Yee Jeziorski, India Zyann Johnson, Grace Roberta Kachelski, Savanna Marie Kaczynski, Sarah Margaret Kanter, Julianna Antonia Kass, Kara Nicole Keyes, Kathryn Elizabeth Kleczka, Katelyn Murphy Kohloff, Theresa Anastasia Kouvoukliotis, Catherine Scripp Lacy, Eleanor Tofte Larsen, Camryn Jolee Lasota, Abigail Lynn Laughlin, Izabella Luevano, Victoria Lorena Macias, Brooke Noel Mangarelli, Camila Wendoline Manriquez, Gabriela Anthony Mastricola, Michalene Marie McQuide, Scanlon Mary Mellowes, Karen Meraz, Julia Marie Miller, Kenadee Nevaeh Miller, Sofia Maria Miranda, Alexandria Moews, Jillian Rae Morrissey, Hannah Corrine Mukana, Isabella Maria Mullen, Stamatia Teresa Naum, Anne Elizabeth Naumann, Megan Chisom Nchekwaram, Maya Eileen Nebbia, Anna Mary Nelson, Paige Margaret Nelson, Isabella Josephine Nielsen, Carly Jane Nigro, Katherine Marie Nonn, Caitlyn Rose OBrien, Ftima Alondra Ochoa-Curiel, Oriana Mae Ognar, Katherine Shawn OLoughlin, Grace Elizabeth Organ, Ariah Marie Ortiz, Elizabeth Grace Otten, Macy Yen-shi Otto, Grace Mary Packee, Briseida Palacios-Guzmn, Bridget Lacey Parks, Elayna Marie Pasqua, Grace Marguerite Pasqua, Wendy Elena Patron, Jasmine Lea Peterson, Sophia Elizabeth Pfaff, Mary Eileen Poblocki, Gianna Marie Poniewaz, Natalie Patricia Poorman, Wrenly Grace Porter, Thalia Rose Powell, Anastasia Rose Prado, Nora Christine Quesnell, Shaterra Renee Richerson, Madelyn Elise Rieck, Sophia Rae Rifelj-Hammernik, Nailah Maria Robles, Molly Rose Roeder, Stella Maria Roloff, Analysia Rosario, Fernanda Anahi Sandoval, Destiny Jade Sawyer, Isabella Marie Schell, Madeline Clair Scherer, Elizabeth Marie Schlidt, Molly Elizabeth Schmidt, Kara Marie Schmit, Anna Katerina Schneider, Taylor Madison Schoenke, Sophia Grace Schultz, Abigail Marie Schwarz, Isabella Kathleen Schweitzer, Alexandra Ju Seemann, Madeline Price Setliff, Lia Simon, Ana Camila Sotelo Romero, Sofia Rose Spano, Ava Nicole Stamper, Tatum Ofelia Yamat Steger, Elizabeth Nancy Susek, Lauren Stuart Tallmadge, Grace Brennan Terrien, Ashlynn Mary Thorsen, Quetzaly Malena Torres, Julissa Alexandra Tovar, Eleanor Blair Toyama, Kayla Renee Vanderhoef, Grace Cecilia Vap, Rachel Rebekah Visser, Maura Katherine Walsh, Marie Celine Webb, Sarah Catherine Winkler, Julia Wojciak, Lucy Egan Womack, Paige Jordyn Yelmene, Lailah Amaya Young, Maggie Grace Zale, Elizabeth Merrin Zeidler, Kathleen Maren Zincke, Clara Adams, Tessa Almond, Barry Applewhite, Caleb Artman, Josephine Balistreri, Jamie Barrett, Jazlyn Carlos, Ella Carroll, Brady Coleman, Luke Cook, Daven Cooper, Martez Donson, Connor Elliott, Mary Elliott, 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Abreo Benicio Altoro, Peter John Arnsdorf, David Edward Arthur, Leonel A. 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