PowerShell methods to check if a file exists | Explained with examples, PowerShell Remove-Item cmdlet | Explained, PowerShell running scripts is disabled on this system | Error resolved, How to restart a service using PowerShell. In this guide, you will learn the steps to use PowerShell to map a network drive on Windows 10. How to Start a SharePoint Workflow using PowerShell? Remove with PowerShell. Besides mapping network drives and folders, we can also map registry keys with the New-PSDrive cmdlet. SharePoint Online: How to Check In a Document using PowerShell? However, like most Windows tasks, you can map a network share with PowerShell. - Step by Step, Synchronize Between SharePoint Lists and Microsoft Excel, Creating Custom Timer Job for Automations in SharePoint, Find All Sites Created with a Specific Site Template. We all know the Net Use command that we can use to map network drives from the command line. How to use the "Request Files" Feature in OneDrive for Business? How to Delete a Master Page in SharePoint using PowerShell? This article will explain in detail the various ways of mapping a network drive on to a local computer. In order to avoid the credentials can be supplied as part of the command, net use K: \\vignesh\test /user:vignesh Pass@123. How to Disable OneDrive for Business in Office 365-SharePoint Online? SharePoint 2010 Search Error: The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service. SharePoint Online: How to Disable Download Option for Documents?

How to Promote a Site Page to News Post in SharePoint Online? SharePoint Online: Bulk Update User Profiles using PowerShell. Add this web site to your Trusted Sites list and try again" Error in SharePoint. In the first method, you will learn how to map a network share. The main to keep in mind while using the above command is that the mapping will be lost once the system is rebooted. How to Disable External Sharing in SharePoint Online? Create AD Security Group/Distribution List from All SharePoint Users of the Farm. How to Show Search Refiners Count in SharePoint Online? This is a guide to PowerShell Map Network Drive. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. How to Change Managed Account Password in SharePoint? - Step by Step. The most common task for SysAdmins is to map network drives. SharePoint Online: How to Implement Cascading Drop-down in 3 Steps? Consistent Top Navigation Menu across All site collections in SharePoint 2010, Fix for "This page has encountered a critical error. How to Create/Delete SharePoint Groups Programmatically with PowerShell? SharePoint Online: Change the Column Order in Content Type using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Change Content Type Order in New Menu using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Set Default Content Type using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Remove User from Subsite Permission using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Web Designer Galleries (Site Columns, Content Types, Web Parts, List Templates, etc.) SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Change Access Request Email for All Sites, SharePoint Online: Show All Tasks Assigned to My Group, SharePoint Online: Export User Profile Properties to CSV using PowerShell. How to Disable Export to Excel Button in SharePoint Online? Microsoft Teams: How to Create Teams using PowerShell? How to Redirect in SharePoint using Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)? How to Configure Excel Services in SharePoint? Cannot open database 'WSS_Content' Requested by the login. SharePoint Online: How to Create Chart from List Data using Quick Chart Web Part? SharePoint Online: How to Disable Social Bar (Like, Comment, Views, Save for later) in Modern Site Pages? Open with Explorer Error - Alternate Method. SharePoint Online: Get Document Library Size using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Get Subsite Size using PowerShell. Move Site Collection to Another Content Database using PowerShell. How to Change Personal View to Public in SharePoint Online? Just like with Net Use we can use different credentials to open a remote network drive. How to Set Choice Field Default Value to Blank in SharePoint? SharePoint Online: Find All Files Exceeding Maximum URL Length Limitation using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Hide Recycle Bin from Quick Launch. Set-SPPassPhrase: Error deploying administration application pool credentials. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Explore 1000+ varieties of Mock tests View more, Special Offer - Shell Scripting Course Learn More, Shell Scripting Training (4 Courses, 1 Project), 4 Online Courses | 1 Hands-on Project | 18+ Hours | Verifiable Certificate of Completion | Lifetime Access, Data Visualization Training (15 Courses, 5+ Projects). How difficult is it to map a drive in PowerShell? SharePoint Online: How to Configure Information Rights Management (IRM) to Protect Documents? While creating if a UNC path is specified in the root parameter, then the credential specified is used to create the PSDrive. We hate spam as much as you! Another deployment may be active. How to map network drive with credentials on PowerShell, How to disconnect mapped network drive on PowerShell, Or subscribe with this link to get emails weekly. SharePoint Group Owner Cannot Add User. Fix "Connect-SPOService : Could not connect to SharePoint Online." How to Copy Office 365 Group membership to another user using PowerShell? Users must have at least Read-only permission to the Site level to be able to open the document library in Explorer view! How to Delete a SharePoint User Profile using PowerShell? Since the temporary drives are associated with PowerShell, they can not be accessed from file explorer, command prompt, WMI or .net framework. SharePoint PowerShell Error: Cannot open database "Database-Name" requested by the login. I am not sure what is going wrong, but I use New-SBMMapping extensively and do not see the issue you cite. + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SharePoint Online: How to Deploy a Design Package Solution (WSP) using PowerShell? SharePoint Online: How to Get Content Type ID using PowerShell? If you have a more elegant solution on any of the topics discussed please post a comment, Ill be happy to hear! Get the Last Login Date and Time of a SharePoint Online User using PowerShell. I really wish there was a deeper integration on this, but there isn't. How to Change URL of the SharePoint List or Library? SharePoint Online: Restore Deleted Items from Recycle Bin using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Filter List Items based on Created or Modified Date using PowerShell, Import-Module : Could not load type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.DesignPackageType' from assembly 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c'. SharePoint Online: Update Content Type using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Allow Members to Edit Group Membership using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Check If User Exists, SharePoint Online: Get All Folders from List or Library using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Delete Empty Folders using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Share Site and Invite External Users using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create Site Collection from Custom Template, Get SharePoint Online Tenant Settings using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Compare Features Between Sites using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Enable SharePoint Designer using PowerShell, Co-Authoring Feature in SharePoint Online, SharePoint Online: Unique Permissions Report using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Set List Item Permissions using SharePoint Designer Workflow and REST API, SharePoint Online: Site Collection Permissions Report using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell EnsureUser Method, SharePoint Online: Permission Report for Specific User in a Site Collection using PowerShell, How to Configure Hub Sites in SharePoint Online: Step by Step, SharePoint Online: Get a Document Library using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Move All Files from One Folder to Another using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Delete All Files and Sub-Folders from a Folder Recursively using PowerShell, Fix "You have to delete all the items in this folder before you can delete the folder" Error in SharePoint Online. How to Find Who Created a Site in SharePoint? Merge-SPLogFile: Merge SharePoint Log Files from Multiple Servers, Database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded - Fix, Find and Delete Unused Orphan Databases in SharePoint, Restore-SPSite: The operation that you are attempting to perform cannot be completed successfully. Then, use the hashtable in the New-PSDrive command. Copy SharePoint Alerts from One User to Another using PowerShell. How to Create SharePoint 2016 Design Package using Design Manager? Check if you are able to browse to it. SharePoint Online: Change Site from Private to Public, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Grant Site Permissions to User, SharePoint Online: Hide "Content Type" Field from List Forms. Getting Login Prompt on Anonymous Access Enabled SharePoint Sites? SharePoint Online: How to Add User to Office 365 Group Site? If you want to avoid this step, you could store the password in an encrypted file on the computer and query that file using PowerShell. In SharePoint 2013 Products Preparation Tool. How to Enable Custom Script in SharePoint Online using PowerShell? Please make sure only one session state module should be registered, People Search relevance is not optimized when the Active Directory has errors in the manager reporting structure - SharePoint 2013 Health analyzer error. SharePoint Online: Download All Versions of a Document using PowerShell, PowerShell to Update Permissions for Custom Permission Level in SharePoint. How to Rename a List or Library in SharePoint? SharePoint Online: Export User Information List using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create Document Set using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create a Document Set - Step by Step, Office 365: Find All SharePoint Online Administrators using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Import Term Group, Term Set, Term from XML using PnP PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Get a File, SharePoint Online: Delete All Unique Permissions from a Site Collection using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Filter List View to Show Files Only from a Sub-Folder using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Disable Modern Experience, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Get List ID (GUID), SharePoint Online: Delete Unique Permissions in a Subsite using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to List All Files Inventory in a Document Library, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to a Get List, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Disable Versioning, SharePoint Online: Get Subsites using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Get Site Properties using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create Multiple Document Libraries using PowerShell, New-PSSession : [outlook.office365.com] Connecting to remote server outlook.office365.com failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process the request. 27 Old Gloucester Street -Whatif:This is kind of a sample output if the cmdlet is run. Context: Application {GUID} Details: The database connection string is not available, PSConfig Wizard Configuration Failed: An Update Conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. Backup and Restore (Export-Import) Lists in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell, The server was unable to save the form at this time. Get User Account By Display Name in SharePoint. In this article, we have enlisted the possible ways to map network drives in PowerShell. SharePoint List Template Registration IDs Reference, Event Receivers vs Workflows - Decide Which One to Use, Get SharePoint Recycle Bin Storage Size using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: How to Apply Site Policy using PowerShell? How to Create a Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell? SharePoint Online: How to Change the Header Banner Image in Modern Site Pages? Drives created with the cmdlet can be temporary for only the current PowerShell sessions or persistent so they can be used in explorer.

How to Show a Status Message in SharePoint 2013/2016? How to Change a Group Name in SharePoint Online?

Sorry, something went wrong - The file FILENAME is locked for exclusive use by USER, Reset to Site Definition via PowerShell in SharePoint, Configure SharePoint 2013 / 2016 Object Cache Super User, Super Reader Accounts, The document could not be opened for editing. Moving on, I will run the last command. You can also subscribe without commenting. SharePoint Online: Add Web Part to a Modern Page PowerShell. LazyAdmin.nl is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies at no expense to you. You can use PowerShell to map and disconnect network drives on Windows 10, and there are the steps to complete the steps. The data type of this parameter is a string. Compare SharePoint List Items using PowerShell, Export and Import Subsite in SharePoint Server using PowerShell, Get SharePoint Timer Job History using PowerShell, Open with Explorer: Network Error - Windows cannot access, Open SharePoint List Items in Edit Mode by Default, SPD Error: Microsoft SharePoint designer does not support editing non-SharePoint sites, SharePoint Online: Get All List Items using PowerShell Script, Access Denied Error After Migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Never Stop Windows SharePoint Services Web Application, Configuring AD LDS-Claims Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 - Step by Step, Update all items in a list using Nintex Workflow, PowerShell Script to Get All Users from LDAP, Create - Edit - Find - Delete SharePoint Alerts using PowerShell, Update Theme for All Site collections, Sub-Sites in SharePoint, Archive (Backup and Delete) IIS Logs in SharePoint, Enable Multilingual User Interface (MUI) in SharePoint 2010. Move Files Between Document Libraries with Metadata and Version History, Enable Versioning for All Document Libraries in SharePoint, Remove All Users from SharePoint Site or List with PowerShell, Sync / Update User Display Name from Active Directory to SharePoint using PowerShell, Get SharePoint Central Admin URL in PowerShell, Enable PDF Preview in SharePoint 2013 with Office Web Apps. Please try again, Sign in as Different User missing in SharePoint - Workarounds, Set SharePoint Library Column Value from Document File Name. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource" Error on Uploading File, Creating Folder in Style Library. "SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds" in Upgrade.log. The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not been authenticated. Test-SPContentDatabase: Fix MissingWebPart Issue in SharePoint 2013 Migration, Fix MissingSetupFile Error of Test-SPContentDatabase in SharePoint Migration, SharePoint Online: Enable Content Types using PowerShell. How to Hide Site Templates in SharePoint with PowerShell? How to Reload SharePoint Page Every 60 Seconds Automatically with JavaScript? Get All Site Collections in a Web Applications using PowerShell, Add-Remove User to SharePoint Multi-Valued People Picker Field using PowerShell. How to Move SharePoint Content Databases to Another Drive? The login failed. SharePoint Online: Get All Fields from a List View using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Update Managed Metadata Field Value using PowerShell. They are great to use when you need to interact with a remote folder or a long folder path on your local computer. Migrated SPS 2003 Sites still has Old Look and Feel? Here is How to Enable! How to Use Choice Field in Lookup Columns in SharePoint? Solution Successfully Deployed but deployment status shows: Not deployed! How to Remove the Top Banner from SharePoint Online Modern Pages? SharePoint Online: Delete All Files Older than 30 Days in a Document Library using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Bulk Create Folders in a Document Library from a CSV File, Add a Notification Message in Top Banner of the SharePoint Site using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Find Unused Lists based on Last Modified Date. 1. Below is the example of PowerShell Map Network Drive: Write-Host "Demo of mapping drive using powershell" Error in SharePoint Online PowerShell! As mentioned we can also create a temporary drive mapping with PowerShell. SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Get Managed Metadata Field Value, OneDrive for Business: Block Syncing of Specific File Types, SharePoint Online: Restrict External Sharing to a Security Group, SharePoint Online: Set Default Value for Multiple lines of text Field, OneDrive for Business: Configure Access Requests Settings at Tenant Level, Fix "You do not have permission to open this website in SharePoint Designer" Error. How to Create a Custom Master Page Using Design Manager in SharePoint 2016 - Step by Step?

SharePoint Online: How to Change the Task List UI to Modern Experience? How to Create A-Z Glossary Page in SharePoint Online? How to Rename SharePoint Column Programmatically (PowerShell / C#)? Root: It contains the device name and location of the remote computer. SharePoint Online: Add Calculated Column to List using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Add Managed Metadata Column to List using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Add Multiple Lines of Text Column to List using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create Date and Time Column in List using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Create Site Column using PowerShell, Fix "Another site or list is still using this content type. How to Display Charts in SharePoint using Excel Web Access Web Part? Activate-Deactivate Features Programmatically in SharePoint, Set Sorting, Filter, Group By in SharePoint Views Programmatically. How to Customize Search Navigation in SharePoint Online? Here is the Microsoft article on troubleshooting issues with mapping network drives: how to map sharepoint online as network drive, map a sharepoint online document library as a network drive, map sharepoint online as network drive powershell, map sharepoint online folder as network drive, sharepoint online map network drive access denied, Error when you open a SharePoint Document Library in Windows Explorer or map a network drive, Troubleshoot mapped network drives that connect to SharePoint Online, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/networking/error-access-network-drive-mapped-web-share. SharePoint Online: Change Group Owner using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Remove Web Part from Page using PowerShell, Get Content Type Fields using PowerShell in SharePoint. SharePoint Online: How to Implement Custom 404 Page Not Found Error Page? OneDrive for Business: How to Increase Storage Quota for a User? How to Restore Previous Document Version in SharePoint 2016 using PowerShell? Fix SharePoint 2010 Datasheet View is Disabled Issue, How to Create a Feature in SharePoint 2010? Move Site Collection to a Different Managed Path, Failure decompressing data from a cabinet file - Error When Save Site as Template, Managed Paths Can't be used in List/Library/SubSite Names, Pick the right w3wp.exe to attach among Multiple Worker processes while debugging, Create Folders and Sub-Folders in SharePoint Programmatically. Try these Solutions, Opening/Saving Documents in SharePoint is Very Slow - Solution, Role-Based Content in SharePoint Content Editor Web Part. Hidden Screen Capture Utility in Windows 7, Drive Space Monitoring using PowerShell Script, Delete All Items from List or Library using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Get All User Profiles, SharePoint Online: Monitor External Sharing Invitations with Alerts, SharePoint Online: Activate a Feature on All Sites using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Disable a Feature for All Sites using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: Delete Term Set using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Delete Term Group in Term Store using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: How to Get a List using PowerShell?

SharePoint Online: How to Update Links in Word Documents using PowerShell? Fix "Connect-SPOService : The term 'Connect-SPOService' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Please contact the administrator to resolve this problem. How to Disable Footer in SharePoint Online Communication Sites? Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'. It can be global, local, script, or a number related to scope. How to Create a Web Part Page in SharePoint 2013 / 2016? Error in SharePoint Online. How to Add a Custom Tile to SharePoint 2016 App Launcher?

Change SharePoint 2010 Authentication from Windows to Forms, Hide Contextual Search Scope from Search Dropdown, Report for SharePoint Access Request Email Configurations. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered" PowerShell Error in SharePoint 2013, PowerShell "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException'", Find All Site Templates Used by SharePoint Sites. How to Disable Sync button in SharePoint 2013? If you buy a product via some of the links in this post, as an Amazon Associate itechguides.com earns from qualifying purchases. SharePoint Online: How to Enable Missing Apps (Picture Library, Announcements, Etc.) How to Create a SharePoint 2013 Farm using PowerShell to Avoid GUIDs? Restore-SPSite Error: 0x80070003 on Backup-Restore SharePoint Site Collection Between Different Farms, PowerShell Script to Find All Active Directory Groups in SharePoint. SharePoint Online: Delete Unique Permissions for All Items in a List using PowerShell, PowerShell-CAML SPQuery to Filter List Items based of Person or Group Field Value, Import Data from SQL Server Table to SharePoint List using PowerShell, Create Subscription Settings Service Application in SharePoint using PowerShell, Deactivate Feature on All Sites in SharePoint using PowerShell, Activate Feature on All Sites in SharePoint using PowerShell. At times, You may need to manage/upload/download files and folders in bulk using Explorer view, and mapping the SharePoint Online document library as a network drive is necessary to manage the SharePoint folder structure efficiently in the long run. SharePoint Online: How to Publish a File using PowerShell? SharePoint Online: How to Break Permission Inheritance using PowerShell? The 'Pages' document library is missing" Error, Get and Export User Profile Properties using PowerShell in SharePoint Server, Fix "The Standard View of your list is being displayed because your browser does not support running ActiveX controls. How to Restore OneDrive For Business Site from Recycle Bin? Create User Profile Service Application using PowerShell in SharePoint 2016. People Picker not Showing All Users from Active Directory Domain? SharePoint Online: Find Site Column Usage in Content Types using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: Restore a deleted Folder using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: Add Calendar Item using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Check If a Folder has Unique Permissions. SharePoint Online: Create Child Terms in Term store using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: "Access denied. How to Create Custom Promoted Link Tiles in SharePoint? The guide covers 5 methods to map a drive in PowerShell. Add Document Template to Content Type in SharePoint using PowerShell. Fix "Sorry, You don't have access" Access Denied Error on Save Site as Template in SharePoint Online, SharePoint Online: Change Time Zone using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Delete a Document Library, SharePoint Online: Delete Drop Off Library using PowerShell. In our case, the following command removes the drive with a letter (S:). Add a List or Document Library to a Page in SharePoint Online using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Format List View using PowerShell, Copy Document Library Between Tenants in SharePoint Online using PowerShell, SharePoint Online: Get Default List Form (New/Edit/Display) URLs using PowerShell, Fix "We can't sign you into your company portal because something on the server isn't configured correctly." SharePoint Permissions: Read Vs View Only - What's the Difference? If you get an error that your profile is not found, then follow this article to quickly create one. SharePoint Online: How to Change Suite Bar Color? It accepts pipeline input, whereas wildcard characters are not permitted. How to Create - Update - Delete SharePoint Views Programmatically? Error. Content Approval: How to Approve All List Items in Bulk using PowerShell? How to Create a Cross-Site Lookup Site Column in SharePoint 2013? Exclude a Column from SharePoint Search Crawl, Copy Files to SharePoint Servers Remotely using PowerShell, Find Who has Created / Modified a SharePoint View, Get All SharePoint Site Collection Owners (Primary/Secondary Site Collection Administrators), Format SharePoint Number Column without Commas, Add-Remove-Get Event Receivers in SharePoint with PowerShell, Enable NetBIOS Name for User Profile Service Application in SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 "Get Started with your site" Web Part - FAQs, Upload File to SharePoint using Web Services and PowerShell, Upload Files to SharePoint Remotely using Web Client and PowerShell, Increase Maximum Size of Site Template, List Templates in SharePoint, Delete List Template in SharePoint using PowerShell, Copy Attachment from SharePoint List to Document Library using SharePoint Designer - PowerShell, Server Status Remains "Upgrade Available" Even After Installing the Latest Patches, Create Service Application Proxy Group in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell. Once you complete the steps, the network shared folder will map on the computer, and it will appear in File Explorer. You may also find ourWork from Homepage very helpful. Export SharePoint Configuration Inventory to XML using PowerShell, How to Configure Secure Store Service Application in SharePoint 2016 - Step by Step. SharePoint Online: Add Currency Column to List using PowerShell. SharePoint Online: Uninstall App Instance using PowerShell. SharePoint 2016: Cannot Find "Start" or "Stop" Options in Services on Server? I tried implementing the fix from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/networking/error-access-network-drive-mapped-web-share, but that didnt help for some reason.

So, as a workaround, you must either login to the site through Internet Explorer or handle it in PowerShell! Get Current User Account Name, E-Mail using Javascript Client Object Model in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online: Get All Lists and Libraries using PowerShell. Otherwise, Youll see an error.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. After you complete the steps, the command will authenticate and map the shared folder as a drive on Windows 10. SharePoint Online: Delete User from User Information List. Can I Install Both SharePoint Designer 2007 and SharePoint Designer 2010 on the Same Machine? How to Integrate Syntaxhighlighter with SharePoint? How to Remove a Redirect Site in SharePoint Online? The default value is false. How to Get Office 365 Group Members using PowerShell? SharePoint Online: How to Delete a List Template using PowerShell? All the examples I have given so far use the New-PSDrive Cmdlet to map a drive in PowerShell. This creates a new network drive mapping for the given SharePoint Online document library URL. How to Create an Alert on List View in SharePoint? Change SharePoint 2010 User Interface to MOSS 2007 Look and Feel, Cascading Drop down In SharePoint Lists using jQuery, Cannot open log for source Custom_Web_Part. SharePoint Online: How to Move a Folder using PowerShell? You can also enter the site URL to map a SharePoint Online site as a network drive. Remove Checkbox from SharePoint Listview Web Part. How to Delete a Host Named Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell? Fix "Could not find stored procedure 'Search_GetRepositoryTimePerCrawl'" Error, Add a Link to SharePoint Top Navigation Menu or Quick Launch using PowerShell. How to Install the PnP PowerShell Module for SharePoint Online? How to Reset OneDrive for Business Sync Client? How to Create App Catalog Site in SharePoint Online? SharePoint Online: How to Track Document Downloads from Audit Log? Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. How to Set Multiple Lines of Text Field Type to Rich Text or Enhanced Rich Text in SharePoint? Run a Console Application and Mail Output Report with PowerShell, Set ListViewWebPart Toolbar Type Programmatically. Its alias is wi. How to Create and Deploy SSRS 2012 Reports to SharePoint 2013? Also, we can create a mapping to a local folder on our computer. Every time the user logs in the mapping needs to be done. The Net-Use command is shorter and more convenient to use. peopletools network drive installing ip same which

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