Winning the poster competition was an achievement I could add to my resume, and the cash prize covered the cost of the poster printing and helped with some of the travel costs, which are often beyond institutional PD funding. Administrators - at first out of curiosity to what my employees might gain The recurring thread for those featured was that, for the most part, none had intentionally pursued a career in research administration, but all the various paths led them to this common ground. There are many tangible benefits associated with volunteering with CARA such as possibility of getting a national award, featured in Volunteer Spotlight of CARA Connections, getting a pass to a paid webinar. Through CARA, I can access highly educational webinars on very relevant topics. The guidance and support that we received from each other, and Dr. Chandler, provided all of us with the opportunity to meet, learn, and apply new skills and techniques in our own work settings. Volunteering with CARA has provided me with various networking opportunities. Thank you so much, especially to Sarah Lampson for so much support. I have been fortunate to attend many CARA National and CARA West conferences, which have always provided me with opportunities to learn more about the Canadian funding environment and research portfolio development, while supporting the development of my professional network. As a long time CARA member Fran's contribution to professional development hasbeen exceptional - she has mentored countless new research administrators, presented several webinars and taught a course in the Research Administration Certificate. Fifth, I had a lot of fun, dancing, drinking, and dining. I really appreciate that the course is so well organized. Suffice to say its been an excellent conduit for professional development! If I can gain new knowledge in the process, all the better! I have been a member of CARA since 2003 and I have been involved as a presenter, session organizer, on the executive, as a CARA representative at tech transfer and export control conferences and even as a talent show host! I have put questions up on the list serve, responded to questions when I felt I had anything relevant to say and I have folks I know I can call when I have questions that I am not yet ready to write down publicly. It was especially a very valuable experience for someone like me who transitioned form the other side of the table (research) to the research administration world. Each day, I walk into the school with more confidence, knowing how to make linkages between student success and research ethics. The courses that I have taken so far in the Research Administration Certificate program have been very interesting and exceedingly useful. This program is doing wonders to me - I committo contribute to the CARA community andwish success of the program. I have also very much appreciated the involvement of international students in the program. I wanted an opportunity to meet more people and learn from some of the very best nationally. CARAs partnership with Mohawk College has elevated and exposed the profession of Research Administration as a satisfying career path, filled with rich opportunities. (AB) Director, Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES) | Centennial College, Sandra Crocker Associate Vice-President | Carleton University. I would highly recommend activeparticipation in this professional development opportunity for researchadministrators at all levels. It also allowed me to learn what was happening all across Canada, and to forge some really great friendships. Our sharing of knowledge, processes, and creative solutions helped me to grow within my own field. about how institutions operate as a whole, for me to perform better at work. Through my CARA membership and attending conferences, I have met my peers across the country and have been able to discuss challenges and best practices. Katie Porter, Director of Research Administration, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. CARA was, and is, a network of people who are generous with their time and expertise. We also look forward to seeing them every year because there aint no party like an AWARDS SIG party! Through CARA, I have expanded not only my professional network, but my opportunities to grow and learn alongside my fellow Research Administrators. Through CARAs partnership with ARMA, I am currently wrapping up my Certificate in Research Administration, and looking forward to further training through the Certificate in Research Management. Receiving this award is important to me as it shows my superiors that CARA is valuable to me and that makes me valuable to my employer. Fourth, my confidence increased. Having a poster competition is a great and hopefully growing aspect of the CARA national conference. My employer was also pleased to see me engaged with CARA because it made me a more informed employee and ultimately a better support to the researchers in my faculty. In more recent years, I have had the honour of presenting at the annual conferences and delivering webinars on research ethics administration and human research accreditation and oversight. It has empowered my knowledge about the field in general. You may register to attend a free webinar about the certificate here. I also like that each entry had the writers distinct voice and personal story. These weekly classes are highly relevant to my work interests. Funding received through CARAs certificate bursary will help me achieve the professional certification requisite I need to qualify for a more senior research development position. I was skeptical about my ability to complete the program with my busy schedule. I look forward to doing more poster presentations at future conferences. As a new member of CARA, and an emerging researcher administer, Im thrilled to be awarded the CARA bursary for the Research Administration Certificate. Truth be told, I bought the CARA publication because I contributed to the particular e-book,Career Journeys: Leaders Share Different Career Journeys in Research Administration, the third in this CARA initiative, so perhaps the purchase was fuelled by a bit of narcissism on my part.After reading through it, though, I was honoured to be included in this group of leaders, which I dont think truly applies to me and is probably a detail I missed when I sent my contribution, and to be among a grouping that pretty much all have PhDs, something in which I am also lacking.But what impressed me about this publication is the diversity of peoples backgrounds and the variety of career paths that led them to their current post, something that I personally find fascinating. CARA has been a wonderful learning and engagement experience for me. Melissa Gordon of UWO has been a wonderful mentor. Being a CARA member has given me the resources to continue my education and drive to reach my professional goals. I am connected to an online community of research administrators, funders, and consultants from across Canada. Ever since I attended the webinar for registration into the research administration certification course, I have had immense support from all staff and faculty. conference organizing committees during my tenure. scott bovick administration doctoral student unomaha edu Research involves collaboration not just with immediate co-workers but with other researchers in Canada and the world. The ability to archive content allows for it to continue to be available and for a speaker to choose when to update it by re-presenting the material (such as after a couple of years or when applicable regulations change).Im always happy to present CARA webinars. During my time in the program, many positive opportunities for discussion and networking emerged. Moldofsky Professional Corporation, Alex Karabanow, University Health Network Im appreciative of the opportunity to increase my knowledge and improve my skills so that I can be at the leading edge of research administration within the Canadian research environment. I believe that sometimes topics/projects are better suited to a poster presentation style vs a concurrent session, so having that option is wonderful. and rewarding experience meeting new colleagues and just immersing myself in I first became a CARA member in 2017. I now knew who to call when I needed answers and I was able to be someone that others could call on. To me, the spirit of collaboration includes sharing my knowledge with others who have the same interest in promoting quality research. But to my delight, there are nuggets of wisdom and evaluation of the RA certificate program). It has been a very effective platform to pose questions and find solutions. name forward for service on the Executive. I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in learning about others career paths, and who might want to find inspiration for how the amalgamation of various past experiences contributes to an individuals overall evolution in employment. I can tailor the assignment topics to my own professional development needs and source from my work experiences, knowledge, and current projects.For me, the best part of these courses has been the hundreds of insightful discussions about research development and administration issues my peers and I share. This continual stream of new knowledge has helped me grow in my career. and absorbing every drop of wisdom and experience with all of the amazing Research Administration Certificate program is an excellent match to my interest, as I am interested in acareer in research development. My membership in CARA over the past six years has been incredibly helpful to my growth as a Research Development Coordinator. It looks quite intensive. I stronglyencourageanyone sitting on the fence for taking up this course to just apply for next term and dive right in!! Presenting your ideas at CARA national is very rewarding; I highly recommend it. Due to the interest, I adapted it into a webinar presentation this past spring for CARA, which also added to my skills. I was recently asked to present a webinar on the new NSERC Alliance program to CARA members. As a recent graduate and new hire at UBC, I knew that this knowledge would be an asset to me in my unfolding career.What impressed me most was the focus on applied and collaborative learning as I was required to develop, critique, and submit a grant proposal to a funder and engage in on-line and face to face engagement with others across Canada. Research needs to be practiced not just in our individual hospitals and universities but seen as a global initiative with free-flowing knowledge translation between individuals and countries. She listened and shared her own experiences whichhave been invaluable in helping me shape my own career path.

As a recipient of both CARAs Research Management Excellence Award, as well as the Dan Chase Distinguished Service Award, I have felt a renewed sense of pride in the work that I have done to advance the profession of research administration, and remain highly appreciative of CARAs acknowledgement.CARAs recognition has broadened my network, enhanced my marketability as a professional and, most importantly, allowed me to grow as a leader in our field. Overall, it was an absolute fantastic experience! CARA is a dedicated grass roots led organization that provides advocacy, education, certification and networking opportunities to its members and continually supports research administrators and the promotion of research and protection of research participants across this country.. My CARA experience taught me to look beyond my own role and to gain a better understanding of the big picture, i.e. The instructors have been really well organized, engaged, and responsive to suggestions. Most recently, I attended a webinar that another member hosted on campus and was re-introduced to the Research Administration Certificate program. For NSERC this was a very efficient way to reach many university research administrators at one time. I already feel confident in completing this course and being equipped to take on a career that fits my skills in research administration. For CARA to be most effective we need all of our members to consider how they can use their gifts and experience to help others! In stewarding the partnership, Fran prioritized academic excellence and accessibility and contributed significantly to program development. I enrolled in the Developing Funding Proposals course with Mohawk in order to learn more about how to be a successful grant writer. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in this field as well as for people already working in Research Administration. The association's commitment to supporting members reflects Frans long-time commitment and vision to have formal education in the profession. Volunteering benefited me so immensely that it is hard to articulate. shared experience that are of benefit to all. Chair, Accreditation Council, Human Research Accreditation Canada, Britney Duncan, Research Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan, Sarah Musavi, Student Mohawk College, Research Administration Certificate, Pam Giberson, Research and Innovation Development Officer NSERC, Elizabeth Russell-Minda, Research Development Officer, Western University, Dr. Kes Morton, PIsces PRM, Executive Director of Casrai, Julaine Hall (Western University) and Tom Barber (University of Waterloo), Crystal Noronha, MSc Research Assistant McGill University, Gwen E. Hill, MA, Research Development Coordinator, Royal Roads University, Sanjukta Choudhury, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan, Anita Sharma, Research Grants Development Officer, Thompson Rivers University, Toni Tidy about the Contracts & Reporting Course in the Research Administration Certificate, Simonette Wood Research Administration Certificate, Dr. Greg Anderson, PhD Research Administration Certificate, Theodore Konya Certificate in Research Administration, Nur Eisma UBC / C&W Coordinator, Pre & Post Awards | Office of Research Services (ORS) & Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI), David J. Phipps, Ph.D., MBA Executive Director, Research & Innovation Services | Division of Vice-President Research & Innovation Office of Research Services YORK UNIVERSITY, Katie Porter, MBA, MA, B.Ed Director of Research Administration | Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, Angela Zeno, BA, CPA, CGA Manager, Research | Accounting York University, Deepak S. Gupta, D. One of the reasons Im taking the Research Admin certificate is to further my career in this field, and explore the incredible opportunities provided by CARA and Mohawk.

Learning how these are dealt with at other institutions has been invaluable, as are the connections Ive made with colleagues from a range of research institutions, across the country and abroad. I have kept up with trends in the research administration field by attending webinars, and have also worked on my writing and presentation skills through presenting via webinar and at CARA National. Thank you for providing this valuable professional development opportunity!

Second, I got more involved with CARA as a whole and was able to make several connections across the country that I had no idea I would benefit from later in my career. Truly we have much to learn from each other and CARA as it is evolving continues to provide a forum of this to happen. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Process Pathways for sponsoring the CARA Poster Competition. I find CARA is a very supportive, responsive and respectful organization. Staying up late and going on adventures with new friends in strange cities. I have changed employers since then and now find myself surrounded by a number of engaged CARA members at the University of Saskatchewan. Submitting a poster to the CARA poster competition is an excellent way to engage with your colleagues at our national conference, facilitate discussions and spark new ideas. As CARA President, Fran established the partnership with Mohawk College that resulted in the development of Canada's first college certificate in research administration. Through their webinars, extensive library and informative conference presentations, our company has learned many valuable skills to help us continue to grow.". Certification in the Research Administration program provided me a great opportunity to learn about various facets of research administration (pre- and post-grant) that are useful in my daily work setting. Being matched with a mentor was the most enriching aspect of the program, my personal and professional development benefited greatly with the mentorship. I look forward every year to seeing the work of my fellow research administrators being featured. Last summer, I successfully graduated from the first cohort of the online Certificate in Research Administration program in partnership with Mohawk College. Apply here for the 2020-2023Research Administration Certificate Bursary. I have learnt the nuances of research processes through following CARAs webinars on how to work together with a multicultural and multigenerational workforce. Certificate sponsored through the Canadian Association of Research I am beginning to grow my confidence just by having so many resourcesand support for this course. a little work with the Project Management SIG and then decided to place my Thanks to CARA's outstanding community of Research Administrators, I have been able to work on my professional development through webinars, recommended resources and special interest groups, just to name a few.CARA's mentoring program has also allowed me to develop many new skills and to find the support, motivation and positive role models that I had been looking for across Canada.I am obviously very grateful for all the opportunities that have been offered to me by CARA not only as a volunteer, but also as a member. As well, one often has to miss some sessions they would like to attend due to competing times, and with posters, people can view at their own leisure in addition to the set poster time. administrative burden, impacting our profession. Few talked about the intangible benefits that we do not experience unless you are part of this wonderful supportive community. through other's shared success and failures. Receiving the Research Management Excellence Award in 2015 was a wonderful recognition by my peers as I began my 20th year in my career in research management. CARA re-invests money from the partnership with Mohawk College in bursaries for our members who are advancing the profession through their studies. Participating in CARA has always provided me with a sense of community. It is an honour to be recognized by ones peers! They provided an opportunity to learn the nuances of Canadian research administration and, importantly, to meet interesting colleagues through the online medium.I hope to continue my relationship with CARA by preparing further webinars on topics of interest to a broad CARA audience. When we are all pressured by time, and challenged with new and difficult situations, having this group of peer experts has been invaluable. anastas people who are and define CARA. CARA helps me and my colleagues maximize the impact if our services for our researchers and our institution. Lastly thank you for the support you were able to offer meduring the last term of my program in the form of the Dr.Frances Chandler Bursary. In addition, a community works best when everyone contributes - everyone has a voice, an opinion, a unique point of view.

Through CARA I have met several Colleagues who I can also count as friends. salesforce It also made me realize I have an obligation to return that energy and continue my role as a mentor to newer research administration professionals both in a formal role as a mentor in the CARA accreditation program but also informally among colleagues in CARA and internationally in ARMA and ARMS. I may not have got a chance to explore those topics in-depth on my own if I was not taking this course. I was able to make inroads with colleagues and funding sponsors. Thecourse contents are highly valuable in terms of building upon myexpertise. CARA awards are an important part of our annual program as they recognize the immense effort our volunteers put into this organization. As a research administrator early in my career, I benefitted from attending CARAs (formerly CAURAs) annual and regional meetings, sharing new administrator, networking and collaboration resources with colleagues from across Canada. The Canadian Association of Research Administrators. The webinar was well-advertised (NSERC employees also saw Tweets CARA had posted about the webinar) and went very smoothly. be appointed to the board and contributed some time on the PD Committee and Furthermore, this program provides a platform tocommunicate and share knowledge andexperience with the professionals in diverse institutions in Canada, a fantastic opportunity tolearn fromeach other. Thank you also for the accompanying seminars and offered books. CARA has apartnership with Mohawk College for the Research Administration Certificate. The different committees and groups that I have been a part of have allowed me to meet so many amazing individuals and learn from them. Being a member, and past president of CARA, has contributed to my success and overall understanding of the research administration realm. I also appreciated the ongoing supportive messages from various research administrators to each other amid the outbreak - CARA truly exemplifies a community of practice with tools and services benefiting its entire membership. We are honoured to have her leadership and recognize the legacy of her tangible achievements by naming this fund in her honour for the next five years. The best part of CARA is networking with counterparts at other Institutions and sharing common issues and solutions. The online aspects of this course has been beneficial in providing flexibility in time management. I chose CARA as my professional association for the many educational webinars it offers, the annual networking opportunities at both national and regional levels, and the opportunity to learn from other research administrators nationally and regionally through the CARA emails and through the mentorship program.. Instead of fearing our competition, we embraced them, and opened up ourselves to a network of amazing and learned individuals from across the country. I am excited to become more engaged and partake in more CARA events moving forward. I look forward to learning more throughout the duration of the courses. Shawna Sadler funding sources and opportunities while this opportunity broadens one's Volunteering for CARA as co-Chairs of the Awards, Honours, and Distinctions SIG changed the way we approached our jobs. The units look very interesting and very applicable to my position. CARA is my teacher, because I am always a student. Information is sent out regularly via the cara-net list-serve as well. Sarah Lampson and Kaleb are so responsive to every query I send. For me the bursary represented a very welcome helping hand at a difficult time.I look forward to building a career in research administrationand a continued association with CARA, and I can honestly say that CARA have my sincere gratitude for the generosity and support. I have enrolled in two courses from the Research Administration Program offered by CARA. The quality of teaching, the course material and the discussions have been invaluable. Some lasted longer than others, but every side project or volunteer task lead to new connections and new skills. The fact that it came from peers made me recognize the importance of maintaining my networks among my peers who are always there to answer my questions and provide critical insight from their own perspectives. It was a truly enjoyable In my opinion, these course discussions are the "goldmine" we need to tap as research administrators in a field that is constantly faced with change. In the short time frame I have been enrolled in the program, I already have gained a greater understanding of the challenges and complexities institutions face in the research environment. While other associations or content providers that are specific to a role within research administration are beneficial, a more role-inclusive association, such as this one, provides the ability to seek information and connections across different roles, fostering the reduction of silos within the research administration world. CARA has been instrumental in both growing my network and increasing my professional development! understanding of the project life-cycle and opportunities while learning Receiving a bursary really made it possible for me to enrol in the 2nd course and I am really grateful to CARA for this opportunity. Third, my overall knowledge of my own field was increased exponentially. Often in concurrent sessions the Q&A is cut short due to the length of the presentations, so you plan to find those people later to ask them questions, but at a busy conference that often doesnt end up happening. I learned a wealth of information from my peers in Research Administration, and from others who were new to the field through weekly online discussions and course assignments. So far, the best lesson Ive learnt is through writing the grant proposal. We trust our SIG to help us grow in our roles and provide support when our institutional colleagues cannot understand our unique experiences.

Volunteers can lead SIG groups to engage with members on specific topics, volunteers can engage with leaders in our field to build career networks, or volunteers could build new friendships with people who share common interests. Obvious ones include broadening my professional network (with research administrators from your region or across Canada) and making me aware of administrative issues, i.e. I enjoy working collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal (eg. These connections and new skills have proven invaluable to me as I am delighted to say that I submitted my proposal and it was funded!I would highly recommend this course, and the entire program, to anyone involved in this field particularly since it is delivered by leading industry experts in the field of research administration in Canada.

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