Should I stay? Life can be tough and sometimes we need to stop and have a breather. Therapy is a safe place for exploration; a journey towards more fulfilling relationships, a greater sense of emotional, mental & spiritual well-being as well as increased self-esteem.

I work with a wide range of issues: stress, depression, grief, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, mood swings, addiction, chronic pain, as well as the complex problems of military families. If you are struggling with coping through life's stressors, I am here for you. Some of you may feel uncomfortable in more ways than one.

We have kids together - Am I screwing them up by leaving or should I wait until they are out of the home? Are you having difficulties in your relationship?

To respond to lifes challenges, it can beneficial to get support from a licensed therapist. Therapy can enhance self-growth and self-actualization. Are you looking for a Mililani Hawaii Medical Assurance Association Therapist? Professionally, I have worked closely with anxiety, depression, and PSTD in outpatient and inpatient settings and also offer continuing care groups. Let us help you to discover how to live the life you truly want. When we hear, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and think that its just too hard to do (right now), know that just accepting yourself, at this moment, is already enough. Allow me to help you restore optimism back into your life. The Organization provides health insurance for Hawaii businesses and their employees and families. Site provided by GrowthZone - powered by GrowthZone software. *EMDR; Anxiety, ADHD, Social skills individual workshops; College and Career assessment and counseling, Smoking cessation, Diabetes management; *22 years of experience in ADHD, Dyslexia, Twice Exceptional testing and individualized support. I believe that all difficulties contain a small seed of opportunity within them and I can support you in clarifying yours while resolving obstacles that may get in the way. I have come to honor and respect the strength and resilience of each individual I've worked with and recognize the importance in honoring these assets in the treatment process. I am a licensed psychologist who truly enjoys helping individuals, couples, and families who need to talk to someone about their unique life problems. Look for post in 2022 about availability for new clients. ** I welcome adults seeking assistance with things like stress, grief, relationship problems, work problems, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Are you tired of your problems weighing you down? 3/? 5*l~/Ns}5vs!8v5Vgdyk:XhRl&B)"$N4jQG112Fa&ia \Dd]fqGc;Nt+>9&m(=ob,CxDS4)hT (Jf L(>utuk-^Xr8al^-w`bU}&pL;A3uA6qqjR-z5*fFSZ@6Yj^1LF0WQA%GlP*UT(RT>V?qP9GccccEQY8c8rb.t/&8# gy}LqeL&u"N4y1i?f''Msj'{2sWKX`p-21E O1(#S 2!;%rdt:(0B$J.,XLeV}z) Pretty awesome right? Please call me, to discuss your wants and needs in therapy, and discover if it feels like a good fit. BIA-Hawaii

VlnmZJ gd0%4'+R&x?Sa=}a* (QJ':tzcW%b)z#Lmm3I!(T^ `EG1@ iOMIWq{?~sq5ju)R`~~qr%]]MDNS$P!7H& We connect to your smartphone or home computer from our secure app. We are here to help. You definitely want things to change and you probably want to feel more comfortable with yourself or with others than you're feeling right now. Are you feeling sad, frustrated, or stressed? &=x:HDK=

A kamaaina company serving the health and wellness needs of Hawaii for decades, HMAA is truly passionate about your health. I'll help you to process what's going on for you and to help you to achieve your personal counseling goals.

Aloha e! Feeling unappreciated too exhausted rescuing the relationship? They include HMAA Therapists in Mililani, HMAA psychologists and HMAA counseling. I believe that everyone is the expert on their own selves, but that doesn't mean that we always feel clear on what we want or need or how to go about getting it. With over 10 years of experience working with families, adults, and children I am confident that most anyone can get through life's trials with the right support. Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCMHC, CSAC, MAC. Depressed or stressed? Aloha! I can help you explore and understand your experiences, emotions, and thoughts. If any of these situations relate to you, remember your life does not have to be this way & can be addressed through counseling. The therapist/client relationship is special. endobj I have extensive experience with military and immigrant families. Telehealth is easy with us. A Mililani Therapist who accepts HMAA, may be in network with HMAA, or can assist you to make a claim on your HMAA insurance (as an out of network HMAA provider).In addition to Hawaii HMAA's Preferred Provider Health Plans, they offer wellness programs and services for employers and members through their Wellness Alliance Hawaii and Business Alliance Hawaii divisions. My belief is that quality, comprehensive healthcare involves an integrative focus of the physical, psychological, cultural, and spiritual nature of the human construct. Gina Samala, PsyD--Michelle Kawasaki, PhD-- Amber Gomes, PsyD-Michelle Tsuruda, PsyD--Angela Song, PhD--Tami Babino, PsyD--Jodi Taira, M.A. She also combines humanistic, cognitive and psychodynamic therapy to give you the tools to get unstuck, feel better and move towards your ideal life. My task as a therapist is to work along side of you to help guide you toward answers you may seek. 3 0 obj Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PsyD, LCSW, DCSW. x \U8~w{" *H)j( ( ieTf5R53Tcz itE)RbS}{=9#tQY\:h{P4BcTUTXy7B(pwsLMC=x>Z/O\7T\IR)BiNx4V4Tx~{$6]kCon^Uq[j~04xajE"-a8tC^Ryty8h@P0uestu.h*Q*!, 'I>)&dLv49G|H(A. Vlc"V5w1!2v$$P?[o-RT I believe the goal of therapy is "To Be True to Yourself". Let's work together to increase connection and peace through understanding the triggers that you may not realize are there for both you and your loved one(s). While turning to friends, family, or faith is often helpful in navigating life's paths, we also benefit from a trained ear that can listen from the outside. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or other difficulties - I'm aware that you're hurting right now. I treat current/previous Military Service Members deal with anxiety/depression/career transition. As our lives constantly change, our perspectives about others, life circumstances, as well as ourselves are also changing.

After an affair not trusting and on an emotional roller coaster with little support? Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine "Bloomberg Businessweek". I help clients to be "problem focused" and "action oriented". And make sure to confirm with HMAA's point of service if you have any questions. Building Industry Association of Hawaii *Specialties: Psychotherapy and Diagnostics: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Health conditions, Behavioral issues, Adjustment stress. What would life be like if you and your loved one(s) "got" each other, you felt heard and cared for? Please call or email me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Beyond the shoe's quality, it needs to fit your unique feet. Copyright 2022 BIA Hawaii. Worried about your child or family? Save yourself the time, the stress and your relationships the pain of unnecessary and painful struggles. Our therapists use a cognitive behavioral and solution focused approach, backed by the latest in evidenced based research, to help you live the life you want. Cbfd\mL623<6.WdcG\9cnN|}:^ &!HAjMWxbfslDA>fE' BR My experiences span a number of environments including mental institutions, prisons, drug programs, in-homes, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, courts, and the military. I offer face to face, and telehealth therapy (video/phone) for clients locally and internationally who have busy schedules. <>stream Many behaviors can't be controlled through rational thought, but emerge based on prior conditioning from the environment and other external, internal stimuli. Call today and be matched to a therapist that specializes in your issue. 1 0 obj I also help them select specific strategies that can address their problems, and achieve personal and professional goals by unlocking their full potential. I will also work to create a space where you have the freedom to express yourself without judgement, and leave having felt heard and understood. Has constant bickering with your partner resulted in resentment & disconnection? Making a decision to attend a counseling session can be very scary! Or maybe you and your loved one(s) repeat the same ineffective cycle over and over with no positive results? All Rights Reserved. Residential Construction Safety and Injury Prevention, Award Winners - Building Industry Design & Construction Awards, BIA Hawaii's September BIG Home Building & Remodeling Show. Get the help you want and need today! 9/16/21 **I am currently not taking new clients** I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in individual, couples, and adolescent therapies. I provide a safe, accepting setting where you can set goals, get information and skills to work towards those goals, and lovingly confront yourself as you identify and overcome barriers. Everyone deserves to have access to quality counseling services. Our work together will provide you with the support, guidance and the tools you will need to reach your goals. Feeling happy about yourself, relationships & life should not be delayed because life is too short. Relief is waiting for you! %PDF-1.7 All treatment that I provide endeavors to extend grace and aloha to the recipient(s). Combining my 20-years of experience with your personal strengths, we can work together to find the positive change and comfort you seek. Perhaps you're struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, harmful habits, family or work problems, or couples conflicts. Tired of feeling misunderstood, frustrated, and resentful in your relationships? As a therapist I can help each individual find the quiet voice of their own inner guidance. When you make an appointment, please chat with the Therapist you select about how your coverage with HMAA will work. We all experience challenging and sometimes overwhelming periods in life. ltxbCkXSLB%-KISdTYa4U`uepl35/3}_)[A55xSk2xG'Sf]0d3 8tMVBG{SdEQCq( 5Cs2Z[ruM|%~\& 2Z*D[. These Mililani Therapists accept HMAA insurance. It is my firm belief that through this type of extension, true healing and lasting change can take place. Life can get complicated; sometimes life delivers challenges where we need additional support. Therapy can offer guidance to move past obstacles and make meaningful changes to live a happy, full life.

However, counseling can provide an opportunity to stop, reflect, heal, and gain hope in a safe and professional atmosphere. On some days, we might feel on top of the world, while on others, we might feel anxious, defeated, and/or unloved. 6JL %jF:9e@4c|.1a {H'TKFHrfefefHQNvc,F-4jwdak*'':1S>q;r; L[QCqC"BD6D qCJX%>&4*FJ"N`QaYD7tK#A9$/Y%JEpSSN{}.~4+nPmF1jM$OW+r-Ck]? B3/iA, Jg)ZAMJ,N3q5^{hYxFU'+mC#@g5aJXq< g?8'2:A*A Lj"Gk&4'{nkQK_.NQ=9nk'~v'V{xP(hD0[5X4%OY=j8QPgxWpL8n51;Dfub/ijWl64@PDHe 2:S1_T[p$v,-ymmm z Let's work together to overcome barriers and improve your life to an optimistic outlook. Hawaii Management Alliance Association, doing business as Hawaii Medical Assurance Association, (HMAA) operates as a non-profit organization. Online and in person sessions available, from 8am to 8pm seven days a week. Sometimes it all just seems too much for one person to handle and manage. **Currently my practice is full. She takes care to listen to your needs and work on your goals, using proven techniques that work.

Mililani Psychology Group - Anxiety Mood ADHD LD, Journeys in Personal Growth & Counseling Assocs. Marriage & Family Therapist, MSCP, LMFT, NCC. Specializing in helping people with Anxiety, Depressed Mood, Trauma, and helping those going through Stressful Life Transitions. % M^QL]M&jbZqY+K3zarmm)+-c;eVH:S1)mxc UMyg;'F_qSmxo u4ly133Xv4lrJt^1pUA3xt):UW+5:upV06)I The fast-paced program is the quintessential market close show leading up to the final minutes and seconds before the closing bell on Wall Street with the latest news, data and expert analysis. Finding a therapist is similar to selecting shoes. Call me and let's talk!

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