The climbing areas are always well maintained and safety isvalued. Took my12year old son here and itwas our first time climbing. Where:Concord Community Park 50 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver We help you find your favorite products and brands at stores near you. They truly are the BEST! Teachers are very kind and don't push me. Weekly on Monday at 4:00pm until Mon, Jul 25 2022. Largegym, with many areas including awork area, yoga studio,gym, and huge bouldering area. 2022 For focused attention, choose from the following sessions: Twist and turn through lush forests, cruise through gigantic banyan trees or test your mettle on the beach. Hey Scott! Sodisappointed inthis place. To speak with a friendly Turtle Bay representative. 57-091 Kamehameha Highway really coolgym, onthe small side but they utilize the space well. The Hive Bouldering Gym, The Hive Heights, Clip 'n Climb, Climb Base5, The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga. Thanks for the kind words and great review, ChiChi! The cherry on top is the lounge area where you can get some work done when your arms get too tired. Great place for young kids to learn! What awonderful experience even with pandemic mask wearing, the facility isin great shape, the staff are helpful, and the experience with young kids isfantastic. | Guest reviews do not require an account; however you will need to confirm ownership of your email. The Hive North Shore location iseasily the best gym I've been toin along time. Wecan also agree that Amber ispretty awesome, but Iwill remain impartial towards Kyle since Iam Kyle! Wereally appreciate the kind words, and weare sohappy that you (and your kids) enjoyed your time here! Iexplained toher that Iwas told itlasted until that date and that ittook mea long time tobus out there, but she did not care. Facilities are well equipped and clean, routes are updated frequently and staff are friendly. Andrew and Aga were the staff members leading the kids insafety orientation and falling techniques, games and climbing, and they were awesome! Lovely staff. The workout gym and yoga studio are really nicely setup aswell. Blog Thanks for the stellar review. Practice that downward dog and be sure to pack a water bottle: Lululemons popular Summer Yoga Series is returning to Metro Vancouver for another summer! Hey Sarah -- Thanks for the great review and wehope you enjoyed your time here :) See you soon! Saturdays for now. Great place toclimb!!! Clean. Wehave worked hard tocultivate the type ofexperience you describe, soit's wonderful toknow weare hitting the mark, atleast some ofthe time. Roxana!! Weagree with everything you said and hopefully othersdo,too! Also the price isgood. This place isamazing. Thanks for the 5's Shilong. Just took anexcellent bouldering course run byJacki, would 100% suggest toeveryone who isnew, new-ish, orneeding areview tothe sport ofbouldering. I'm happy that muscle pain =. Time:6:30 pm Cost:Free, When: Every Tuesday from July 5 until August 30, 2022 That's right. Looks amazing but what ajoke inregards tosupervised climbing! Great Stafftoo!! Interested in one-on-one training from our certified fitness team? Yoga classes and basic gym onthe second floor. Highly recommended! Thanks for the awesome review, and Iwill besure topass onyour kind words tothe staff. We're pretty proud ofour upstairs, too. Staff are very friendly, settings pretty good, nice sized facility, Ilikedit. Not everyone can orwants toboulder from 911pmand 59isway too busy. This isa very clean and modern, new indoor climbinggym. They taught methe basics and safety procedures, after that Ijust had agreat time and got amonthly membership. The Hive seems like agreat business byselling local vendor products and also supporting the local search and rescue volunteers. Thank you somuch for your fantastic review! Daily Hive is a Canadian-born online news source, established in 2008, that creates compelling, hyperlocal content.

Special shout out toKyle and Amber. We're soglad you enjoy our space and can't wait tosee you onthe wall again soon!! In addition to classes at the Concord Community Park and Lonsdale Pier, Lululemon will host weekly classes in Whistler, Victoria, and Kamloops. Along with our Movement Studio you'll find ample space to stretch out. Thanks for the great feedback -- Wealso love the work that Laura does for people inthe gym :) Wewill besure topass onthe positive feedback! Love The Hive! Idont feel judged especially when I'm climbing level 1sand everyone else Isclimbing 3+. Can't wait totry out all mynew tips and tricks! Hoping tosee you onthe wall soaking inthose positive vibes one day soon. That means you're doing itright!! Itprovides you with gym facilities for upper body work, yoga studio, and alittle space for retail. Fun totry ondayoff. Kamehameha Highway on Oahus East Coast is partially closed at Kahana Bay. FAQ Thanks for visitingus, Noah! Please anticipate high volumes of traffic to and from the North Shore. Very helpful and friendly staff, usually not too busy inthe evenings. One ofmy favourite climbing spots inthe area. Facebook Traffic Advisory: Kamehameha Highway on Oahus East Coast is partially closed at Kahana Bay. Will belooking atother gyms for family memberships. Thanks for the great review, Andrew!!

Instructors for the class are from some of the cities top studios and will rotate on a weekly basis. Asa newbie with noexperience itwas still easy tofollow with plenty ofencouragement and support! Ihave ahuge fear ofheights. Good staff, great facilities and well maintained. First time rock-climbing inmy life was somuch fun here! Teachers are very kind and don't pushme. Hopefully one day soon wecan catch upto the one amenity Vancouver still has over usand offer *free* towel rentals One can dream. We're sohappy you enjoyed your time here, and hopefully we'll see you soon!! Unpretentious, varied, positive ina well designed facility with plenty ofroom toexplore and experience atyour own level! community grow. I really wish you guys would open at7amat least one day per week. Thanks for the kind words and for sticking with usthrough thick and thin. Please. Coming here twice aweek has become something Ilook forward tomost, even during this Covidera. Hey Steffen -- thanks for the amazing review! Really love thisgym. Give us your email address and we'll send an email with a reset link. g between eighties and modern pop) forall. About us Would definitely recommend toanyone wanting toget into bouldering. New rules for child climbers have been put inplace that severely limit families who want toclimb. My 6yo daughters took two cycles of the Hive's "juniors" program this winter/spring. Thanks somuch for the great review, Felicity! First time climber, Ihad noidea what todo and the staff was sohelpful. Wecant wait toreturn. are: And they don't accept orientations ifyour under 16for thegym. With floor-to-ceiling windows looking out the deep blue ocean, you'll be motivated to keep up your regular fitness routine. Iwould understand ifit was just standing inthe mat and watching, but they wouldnt even let usclimb onthe wall atall!!! Nice change rooms and showers.

Weagree that liquid chalk isn't asfun touse, but wereally appreciate members ofthe community like yourself being sounderstanding ofour efforts tokeep the gym & the lungs ofour staff asclean aspossible. if you are active and in to either yoga or rock climbing ( or both) then highly recommended. Participants of all skill levels are invited to take part in free outdoor classes happening weekly at False Creek in Vancouver and the Burrard Dry Docks in North Vancouver. All Rights Reserved. But what really makes this place shine is the staff, such nice people that make you feel so welcome. Meand mywife have been visiting this place for ayear. There's also two awesome training areas upstairs for the adults! Get to the top of the directory by claiming your business! Hey Christine -- thank you somuch for the amazing review and your kind words toJacky! This ismy new gym ofchoice! Review hangouts you've visited and collect them into your profile. The density ofthe routes onthe walls isgreat tohave lots ofoptions but does not create overcrowding. Glad you enjoyed your time with us-- Come back soon! When they say 'climbing community', they really mean it Ihave met somany incredible people here, whether they are climbing alongside meor helping mebehind the reception desk. Itmight seem abit pricey, but Ifeel that Iget good value for mymembershipfee. Heloves going every week for the1.5hrs and has somuchfun. till having issues and you would like tochat further, please don't hesitate toreach out tous Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes, Online shops, Informational websites, Hosting providers, Funeral services, Cemeteries, Crematoriums, Morgues, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Aerial yoga, Sun, Sat: 10AM10PM; Mon: 8AM11PM; Tue: 7AM11PM; Wed-Thu: 12PM11PM; Fri: 12PM9PM, Customers search for services online and find Nicelocal, Nicelocal ad will get you to the top of search results, They make a call and book a service with that company. And if you dont have a program, you might just be inspired to start one. Glad you and your son enjoyed your time withus!

Itwas afun experience, the staff are well educated and ready tohelp. We're really glad you're enjoying our space and hope you keep atit. I love the Hive. Embark on a tour that showcases the island's unique environments, famed landmarks, and storied history. One of the best places for indoor climbing with very friendly staff and lots of space and equipment. Thanks for the amazing review & kind words, Diamond! Really coolgym, great staff and awesome amenities but climbs are alittle sandbagged and it's not the most beginner friendly, would love abetter spread ofdifficulty.

There isalways something new and challenging for meto climb and the staff isso welcoming. Coming here makes exercisingfun. Cost:Free. Wonderful staff. I'm glad you enjoyed your time atthe gym and wehope tosee you again soon!! The team who works here really goes above and beyond. Please anticipate high volumes of traffic to and from the North Shore. But ifyour looking tojust Boulder Irecommend going here. what else amom can wishfor?

The only issue wehad compare toVancouver location isthe difficulty ofthe problems. Some of the most popular Please open upin the morning. Design & Development by Wingmen, Environmentally Conscious / Sustainability. United States. Thank you for the awesome feedback, Brian! Receive direct access to our top content, contests and perks. Add the hangouts you enjoy and help the Must godont hesitate. Both lovely people. Great tohave you back inthe gym and we'll see you soon :), We dotoo, Lucas! Great for all ages. Do not see your favorite fitness studios or healthy cafes in You are buying from a local shop, not directly from a brand or ecommerce site. We're glad you enjoyed your time here, and hope you'll beback toenjoy some more climbing and fitness :). I'm sure they will be asking for more lessons in years to come! When:Every Wednesday until August 31, 2022 Mydaughters biggest fun isto goto hive & she ishoping togo for competitions. learning anew sport can bedaunting and hard when you don't have anyone toshow you the ropes. Thanks for the awesome review, and we're glad you enjoyed your time here. ny with everything else that wehave happening. Holiday homes with features like: pools, fishing, horse riding, etc. Friendly staff, accessible fun excersice, good route selection. Less crowded than the Vancouver hive, and with extra amenities. Thanks for bringing some sanity tothe pandemic world. The staff are super friendly. The routes are constantly changing and quite thoughtout. Positive environment, nice people, clean gym, Thanks for the awesome review, Jason! Lots ofarea toclimb, relatively congestion-free (we arrived afew hours before closing). Sohappy you enjoyed your time here, and thank you somuch for taking amoment toprovide your feedback :). Hope tosee you onour walls again soon :). Wetry very hard tocultivate the type ofexperience you describe, sowe are delighted when wehear that wehave achieved what weset out todo. Great climbing gym and there's alittle kids room which isfantastic for kids under 5who are learning toclimb! I got abouldering lesson with atrial membership from them awhile ago and went inon the last day ofmy trail and the girl atthe counter claimed that the last day does not count asa day you can come in(totally did not make sense). Clean, knowledgeable staff. Clean and friendly place. Time:6 pm Fitness Centres with Climbing Wall in British Columbia, Reviews for educational institutions in British Columbia. The staff were super friendly and helpful. Both our children are onclimbing teams but inorder for our family toclimb, 1parent cannot!!! North Vancouver, BC V7H 1S8, 420 Seymour River Pl, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2J2, 1300 Monashee Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2H7, 118 E 13th St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1Z7, 990 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2A3, 1258 Lynn Valley Rd. And her classes are ajoy. The bouldering issofun, always has good ifnot great climbs, great community, the caves are great for campus-ing, Hey Jakub! Wonderful staff. Copyright 2022 Turtle Bay Resort. Staff isvery friendly, and always agood spot toclimb. First off really nice staff, really clean and organized. We're soglad tohear that you like our space somuch (we think it's pretty awesome, too). I'll besure topass onthe compliment. We're glad that you enjoyed your time withus, and I'll make sure topass onyour kind words tothe staff,too. All classes are complimentary, although participants will need to bring their own mat and register online. Got acouple ofblisters but the experience was well-worthit. The upstairs exercise room isspacious and welcoming with all the necessary hand held equipment. Great Covid protocols and very mindful. Promoted placement and improved company listing. g for them toalways hit the mark inregards toaccessibility for people ofall heights. Great facility. Explore beachside trails and scenic pathways. ), and I'm happy you've found itto besuch anawesome spot tocome climb.

Just did the Wednesday Hatha Yoga with Beck and itwas right the point with agreat combination ofstrength, balance, breathing and stretching. Highly recommended for anyone who's interested injust having some fun times while exercising their core. First time bouldering! | A great Wall with lots offun climbs. Don't get mewrong, the gym iscool, but that kind ofcustomer service makes melook elsewhere (which Ihave and amhappy with mycl. Variety of programs ( yoga and rock climbing techniques).very clean and safe ( showers, lockers, towels). Talk to a representative from The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga. Glide across the water in an outrigger canoe or kayak. Work up a friendly competition, practice your backhand, and refine your skills - all while taking in our lush surroundings. Thanks for the 5-stars and the great feedback regarding our protocols & staff. Explore the vibrant marine life below it. Really cool place: the climbing wall, the gears and the party room. The bouldering isawesome and the gym iskept well clean. The lessons were a good balance between age-appropriate fun and games (to keep juniors engaged for 75mins after school) and work on skills development. See Details. Myson lovedit. Weknowit, but it's always great tohear someone from the community confirm itfor usonce ina while. It's agreat workout for him and usually hewants tostay longer. The staff here are wonderful. Fitness Center: 24/7 with Key Card Big and has different walls for all skills levels including akids room. And very spacious. really cool gym, on the small side but they utilize the space well. The Fitness Center at Nalu Spa has the latest cardiovascular equipment and strength training machines. Thanks for the awesome review, Dana! Right from booking the party tothe time weleft, all the staff encountered were great. Thank you SOmuch for the awesome review, Samantha! Grab a friend or make new ones at one of our daily group classes. Hey Alex -- Thanks for the great review!

| Come back soon sowe can earn that 5th star;). You can join FREE outdoor yoga classes all summer long, Top things to do at Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival this weekend, A "Hansel & Gretel" edible experience is coming to Vancouver, Lululemon Summer Yoga Series at False Creek, Lululemon Summer Yoga Series at Lonsdale Pier. Weekends are Packed with small children, ifnot for you (or me) goafter 1800. Most ofthe problems apparently are built for people who have pretty long wingspan. Vancouver? Itwas such agreat experience. They are the ones who work hard tokeep the gym soclean, sothey deserve the praise! Yoga enthusiasts can head to Concord Community Park on the scenic seawall at the Northeast False Creek area every Wednesday evening from 6 pm until August 31. Ihave done many classes all over Vancouver inthe USand online. The hive has anamazing atmosphere and all the people who gothere are great. Great free bouldering destination north ofVancouver. Iam sograteful for the team here and what they dofor everyone! Terms and Privacy Awesome place tolearn bouldering. Laura Bis the best yoga instructor Ihave evenhad. Thanks, Angelia! lots of great routes, they have yoga classes with some amazing teachers. Great facility overall. t this instead was the result, aswe dospend alot oftime training our staff toMake Life Better byactively encouraging them todo what feels right, even ifit's outside ofthe norm oragainst some policy wemight have. Hospitals, Dental clinics, Nursing homes, Ambulances, Toys, Home appliances, Flowers, Musical instruments and more, Manicure and Pedicure, Haircuts, Piercing, Massage, Tattoos, Photo studios, Dry cleaners, Ateliers, Workshops, Transportation services, Building and geological field work, Engineering services, Business equipment & furniture, Warehouses, Advertisement, Language courses, Driving schools, Dance classes, Cafes, Bars & Pubs, Pizzerias, Fast food, Bakeries, Bowling alleys, Water parks, Zoos, Playgrounds, Home appliances and Electronics repair, Clothes repair, Office equipment repair, Apparel for Men, Women and Kids, Accessories, Underwear, Bags and Purses, Emergency services, Fire brigades, Courthouses, Gyms, Pools, Martial arts, Pilates studios, Bank offices, Currency exchange, ATMs, Loans, Finance, Pet shops, Food and Accessories, Veterinary clinics, Pet care, Museums, Theaters for plays, Libraries, Temples. Thanks for the rad review Justin We've definitely got the extra space that our OGgym wishes ithad (maybe oneday! Make it a group outing with the whole family or a romantic sunset stroll for two. We're sohappy that you had somuch fun onyour very first visit, and welcome tothe Hive community!

Great for beginners and experts. After 6 months, both of my girls had gained a lot of new skills and confidence. Challenge your core, increase strength, or focus on the mind-body connection with our nationally certified fitness team. She isway more knowledgeable and better trained than any other yoga instructor. We offer an array of wellness classes including Pilates Reformer, Tahitian Fitness, Cardio HIIT, Sunset Yoga, and more. Why cant they have exceptions inplace for situations like this?! Thanks for the kind words, Sophie. Hey Juan -- thanks for the amazing review!! And those on the North Shore can drop by Lonsdale Pier each Tuesday at 6:30 pm from July 5 until August 30. Talk Story with Steve Haumschild of Lanikai Brewing Co. Staff listens toyou and understand your needs, they help you within their possibilities. He's been honing his teaching skills for years now and I'm sure your review will send him over the moon! Private lessons and one-on-one instruction are also available. Select Daily Complimentary Classes for Resort Guests. Ifind ithas amore open layout than the Vancouver location, and has anicely outfitted gym atthe second floor. All Rights Reserved. One ofthe best places for indoor climbing with very friendly staff and lots ofspace and equipment. Hi Ashia -- Thanks for the great review and the kind words about the staff; itreally means alot tous. Thank you somuch for the extremely kind words and fantastic review. Where: Lonsdale Pier, NorthVancouver Definitely great family activitytoo! Spa Concierge: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Kahuku, HI 96731 InDT location there are alot of23hex problems which are challenging for average height people aswell. Awesome atmosphere and very respectful. Took the fundamentals course and learned aton from the instructors. Hey Lenore! Copyright 2022 Buzz Connected Media Inc. Daily Hive is a Canadian-born online news source, established in 2008, that creates compelling, hyperlocal content. They are quite knowledgeable, aren't they? Wetry extremely hard tocultivate the type ofexperience you are referring tohere, soit isso amazing tohear that wehave succeeded inproviding that toyou and your family. Decently priced and welcoming atmosphere. Myson takes weekly Bouldering classes there and they're very encouraging and knowledgeable. There are no reviews yet for The Hive North Shore and Hive Yoga. Lovely space with friendly and helpful staff! is a service of Local Gear Inc. Let us show you how Locally can work for your business. If you are new to climbing or a veteran this place has it all. hangout spots in

Vancouver is a major city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.Like your favorite hangouts to connect with others in the community over them. Best place onthe earth tobe active, healthy & safe & the team isreally professional. I suck atclimbing these walls. Long live the Hive :P, We couldn't agree more, Justin!! Nice, clean and quiet location. Wetry our best, and it's nice toknow that folks like you notice, Hey Logan -- great toknow that you loved our facilities! But the rule with the masks Ithink that should beoptional towear amask. Thanks for the incredible review, Devlin. Amazing staff,endless climbing,plenty offun. Hey Alan -- thank you SOMUCH for the amazing review and the truly kind words. The staff *are* pretty awesome,hey? The widely varied music selection isusually greattoo. Another thing isyou can't use the gym ifyou're under16. Awesome place for abirthday party! Let metellyou, this place isamazing. You might also like:You can join FREE outdoor yoga classes all summer longTop things to do at Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival this weekendA "Hansel & Gretel" edible experience is coming to Vancouver.

You are shopping Locally! Very good with the kids. Fun to try on day off. awesome place! 2270 Dollarton Hwy #140, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7H 1A8, Canada. Vancouver | Thanks for the kind words, Sean. Cheers:). Hey Hannah -- thank you for the awesome review!! For anyone who isworried orscared you'll betaken careof. Top class walls, mats, and holds. Great place with very friendly staff. is the intersection where brands, retailers and shoppers meet, bringing the convenience of ecommerce to the local shopping experience. Hey Daniel -- thanks for the 5stars! I'll make sure toleave anote onyour account sothe staff can give you anair high-five the next time you checkin! Hey Theo -- Thank you for the amazing review! Iwill pass the kind words along toour route setters. | Thanks, Tiff!! This iswhat ahealthy lifestyle should look like! Instagram Idont understand the 10am opening time. | Hi Devlan! Great place togo have somefun!!! Great covid protocols. Abit overpriced for the average climber, but worth every single penny. Still not afan ofliquid chalk but what can youdo. So if youre in need of zen while youre out of town, make sure you pop by. Wonderfulgym.
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