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With hammock the drawback that I find is that it pinches/squeezes the user. Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. For more than a decade, Rosenbauer has tackled that risk by using a hot dip zinc galvanizing process for all the aerials steel components. Although for the latter one I suggest you better have a decent pain tolerance. Airport fire trucks by KME include small, maneuverable trucks for protection of facilities, including parking garages as well as Class A pumpers, rescues, and aerials.

Rosenbauers Cobra Platforms are manufactured to operate for decades. Commercial Pumpers allow for a range of body customizations that ensure your team can deliver on safety. Rescue workers, affected persons and local residents alike will appreciate this vehicles revolutionary technology and battery powered drive, enabling emissions-free and virtually silent operations. It's the most comprehensive and trusted online destination for fire service professionals worldwide. mechanicstown truck ny apparatus department menu kme 2002 hamilton west beach fire

For Aerial Classes, Training Space & Workshop Bookings: Located inside of Traverse Fitness Facility.

Hoop, also formally known as lyra, is my personal favorite. Rosenbauers huge selection of fire apparatus enables it to fulfill a wide variety of needs. Alameda Rosenbauer offers several body style choices, tillerman cab selections, and corrosion resistance coatings for the aerial device. Rosenbauers aerial platforms are ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces without compromising on high performance. Mini lyra and chains are my personal favorites. Keep up with Sutphen!

Here are three features Rosenbauer has designed into its aerial apparatus to deliver consistent, optimal performance: Rosenbauer aerial devices make use of proprietary proportioning valves within the hydraulic system to ensure that the aerial device (e.g., platform, ladder) is always working at full power and full capacity.

Skyhigh Odditorium offers classes on non silk apparatus by appointment only.

If this is a definite need for your department, contact Bulldog Fire Apparatus today so we can put together drawings and specs for your HRET aerial today! The newly developed wheel suspension facilitates a larger steering angle.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information, If you need further help setting your homepage, check your browsers Help menu, Sponsored content from top fire service brands, Research into Firefighter Behavior & Beliefs, Individual Access - Free COVID-19 Courses. Heres how each one works: Single joystick:With one hand on the Rosenbauer joystick and their eyes on their target, a firefighter can more safely, effectively and efficiently: With our joystick, the firefighter can perform all three aerial device functions without ever taking their eyes away from their target or their hand off the stick said Greg Genovese, Rosenbauers eastern region aerial sales specialist.

At Aerial Dance we train on 4 different apparatus: Hoop, hammock, silks, and pole. The company was founded by Johann Rosenbauer, who began selling firefighting products in 1866. I just tried flying pole for the first time on Friday and WOWEE was that fun!!

Tractor Drawn Aerials, or Tillers, are quintessential to North American fire service, and they mean business. Keeping a clear view. Rosenbauer continues to push the envelope to give firefighters aerial apparatus that they can use more safely, effectively and efficiently.

Pole is a hard metal object that we like to wrap our bodies around. Custom pumpers are engineered with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind.

Reaching your destination safely. I enjoy all of our apparatus, and as I mentioned I do have my favorite, we all do. There is an abundance of Rosenbauer customers located within New England, and we look forward to servicing their repair, sales, and parts needs.. i attached a silk to the bottom of my aerial moon. Rosenbauer knows that aerials are a major investment and designs each and every vehicle for maximum longevity, dependability, and serviceability as a result. Select the option or tab named Internet Options (Internet Explorer), Options (Firefox), Preferences (Safari) or Settings (Chrome). You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page. Chabot Theater Raise the ladder/platform (pull back on the joystick) or lower (push forward). unless you count lollipop lyra (more of an honourary aerial), in which case i pick that instead. Departments can rest assured knowing that their needs will be thoughtfully addressed by Rosenbauer craftsmen. Copyright 2022 Bulldog Fire Apparatus All Rights Reserved. The 55 ACP is known for its pump and tank as well as its maneuverability. Please Contact for Reservation and Current Offerings, July 8, 20225:00 pm - 10:00 pm

and that the data you submit is exempt from Do Not Sell My Personal Information requests. Follow us on any of our Social Media pages, or sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter! 828 I St Rosenbauer produces both custom walk-in and non-walk-in Light Rescue vehicles. Want I want to go the route of specialty apparatus (aerial net, chains, corde lisse, etc.) That means the firefighter has the capability to get to their target faster, regardless of which function theyre using, said Ernie Young, Rosenbauers western region aerial sales specialist. Rosenbauers Custom Pumpers offer unquestionable reliability paired with tailor-made solutions to all your fire needs.

Every detail counts, and thats why every vehicle at Rosenbauer is manufactured by skilled craftsmen capable of tailoring every option from body style to finish.

Toll Free: (888) 699-0616 Once youre in though, the shapes are endless! Rosenbauers short jacking controls monitor reads and assesses all conditions, even ground pressure, as well as the angle and extension of the outriggers for maximum stability. .st3{opacity:.8}.st4{fill:#fff}.st9{fill:#ece7d8} Specialty Vehicles, Inc. With more than 150 years of experience manufacturing emergency vehicles, Rosenbauer is an international leader in fire apparatus, technology, and resources. MCI mindset: Plan, train, respond with confidence, Rosenbauer provides aerials that are built to last with controls that are easy to use for enhanced safety and effectiveness on the fireground, By Robert Avsec for FireRescue1 BrandFocus.

Provides extended time on scene operation without chassis engine running, Adds a diesel gen set to provide 12v and 120/240 power without chassis engine running, Includes 30 amp alternator and 40 amp battery conditioner, Replaces chassis battery with lithium high amp deep cycle battery, Provides up to eight hours on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting without engine running, Provides up to three hours on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting systems without chassis engine running.

Since the vehicle comes equipped with four H-style outriggers, the Viper SA operates as beautifully on hills as it does on flat land. Rosenbauer brings advanced technology to its aerial fire apparatus with its SMART Aerial Controls, a system that uses a CAN-bus electronic control system to connect all the aerial devices key operational components a single joystick, soft touch controls, short-jacking, auto-bedding and a SMART screen. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. Enter and click OK. sunbelt fire apparatus

Lexipol. Rosenbauers production and service personnel are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure your communitys safety and satisfaction.

Note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our websites and the services we are able to offer. Click to enable/disable essential site cookies. Auto-Bedding:Think of todays automobiles that can self-parallel park thats a good analogy for auto-bedding when its time to rotate, retract and lower the aerial into the stowed position. interacts online and researches product purchases We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Sutphen and our products. KME proves its strength in this category with its industry-leading high capacity foam and dry chemical delivery systems, along with its thoughtfully engineered chassis and body designs; some of which include: National Foam, Foampro Accumax, and Williams. In the last year or so I've been playing with alternate rigging for hoops and right now I'm working on a traplyra (double point hoop with a flat top) routine. You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. From crew carriers to front mounts to HRET needs, KME has worked with customers across the country to fill their need for specialty apparatus that does not fit into other categories. Everyone is typically amazed at how smoothly and quickly the aerial device moves..

Since the hoop is like pole, a metal object, it can also cause some bruising. We have always held the highest respect for Rosenbauers products, so to now be a part of their family is truly a privilege. It is what we do, and nobody can do it better. As always, KME continues to offer superior customization options to its customers. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the continental US is typically 2-4 business days (possible delays)

Built with a combination telescopic and articulating boom, the Rosenbauer T-Rex is ideal for quick rescues. Compact Light Rescue vehicles are ideal budget-friendly options for departments in need of a light-duty fire apparatus. Digital connections. Heavy-duty construction, multiple storage compartments, and a reliable chassis on top of versatile customizations make the T-Rex Articulating Platform a smart choice for any department. Connect with Avsec on LinkedIn orvia email. This is another feature appealing to younger firefighters who have grown up interacting with screens. to know more about Rosenbauer America, LLC? With a lower profile and improved overhead clearance, the Cobra mid-mount platform is a great option for those with special space requirements. The on-board CAN-bus electronic system enables firefighters to set the stabilizers, lift the aerial 115 in the air, and rotate 90 in less than 95 seconds. Rosenbauers selection of aerials is unparalleled in the industry. Rosenbauers engineers use an electric-over-hydraulic system controls to harness that power and capacity to give the aerial operator a smoother operation that eliminates ladder whip, whether they are raising or lowering the aerial or performing rotation, extension or retraction. Our sales team andKME engineers will work work directly with you to configure an apparatus that meets your specific needs. Whatever your needs, a Rosenbauer aerial can get the job done. Rosenbauer is the leader in Green Star Idle Reduction Technology (IRT), the original auxiliary power unit engineered for the fire service. Auto-bedding functionality is accessible when the aerial reaches 20 degrees rotated, 20 degrees elevated and 20% extended (or less than in all).

Tankers are available with custom and commercial chassis. The pumper is the backbone of the firefighting fleet, and as such comes with a variety of options. Small turning radius. But this will always prompt you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here.

Thats why were proud to partner with a manufacturer that offers so much experience and so many advantages, including: We are ecstatic to offer Rosenbauer fire apparatus within our organization. Each person enjoys different aspects of their choice apparatus. We also offer specialty workshops with other apparatus like chair and heels (yes, I consider them an apparatus). As the worlds largest manufacturer of fire apparatus, Rosenbauer has built strong global relationships that have enabled it to create the most innovative and safest fire trucks available.

Over 130 years of experience go into each apparatus that we build, and our Company focus is to build the safest and most effective product available. Theyre the names that Rosenbauer has given to each of their aerial apparatus models.

Copyright 2022 Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the website, refuseing them will have impact how our site functions. He was an instructor for fire, EMSand hazardous materials courses at the local, state and federal levels, which included more than 10 years with the National Fire Academy. International Shipping is typically 1-2 weeks depending on location; does not include customs taxes or duty & brokerage fees. Hammock is a wide piece of fabric attached to the ceiling from both of its ends so it creates a sling.

In addition, this model includes more than 150 cubic feet of storage space. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. Extend or retract the ladder/platform using the joysticks thumb switch. They are sooo expensive though. Beyond his writing for and, Avsec authors the blog Talking "Shop" 4 Fire & EMS. If you can dream it, give Bulldog Fire Apparatus a call.

With Rosenbauers SMART aerial technology, the Viper 100 SA can operate a full 360, including the 10 and 2 oclock positions directly above the chassis cab. Fantastic for conditioning - you need mad upper body strength - and everything you can do on silks that isn't split into two poles, you can do on corde lisse, sometimes even more easily because it's grippier.

Nearly all of Rosenbauers product lines can be built on commercial chassis, excluding aerials. View our Terms of Service Wildland units dont always play by the rules.

Fax: (508) 699-0977 Intended for apparatus that have both operational capabilities, this is a valuable feature for fire departments that are increasingly finding themselves understaffed.

You can check these in your browser security settings. These specialty fire trucks have hundreds of options and configurations, so get in touch with Bulldog Fire Apparatus today to discuss what your department needs! By strategically tying and wrapping up in the silks, you can release to roll and drop into different poses in a most dramatic fashion! He is a 2001 graduate of the National Fire Academy's EFO Program.

You can climb to the top and slowly changes poses as we descend, or flow around the base using the floor to help create different lines.

Rosenbauers customized tankers hold up to 3,600 gallons of water and feature rapid, efficient, and powerful systems to douse any blaze. Rosenbauers variety of body configurations and storage options gives first-response teams control no matter the circumstance. The TALON delivers the unique ability to have a high reach extendable turret installed behind the cab on a pedestal, mounted permanently to the chassis frame rails for maximum stability, torsional strength and best weight distribution on a custom pumper while maintaining a short overall length and wheelbase.

Fast Simple operation and setup can be achieved in less than 2 minutes; deployment of the piercing nozzle happens in 8 milliseconds gaining internal access to effectively cool all battery pack designs. Copyright 2022 FireRescue1. By climbing and tying yourself in the silks, amazing shapes and poses are made.

We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

This may be called Tools or use an icon like the cog. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.

Once you get used to the fact that the pole is a metal object and can (and usually does when starting) cause bruising, it is such a versatile apparatus that I cant imagine running out of things to learn! When lives are at stake, anything less than the best in safety and durability can be disastrous.

Green Star IRT uses electronic controls to shut down the chassis engine when the fire pump is not engaged, leading to less emissions and increased fuel savings. Lexipol.

I love double loop which is easily transferable to chains (chains have more than one set-up of which double loop is one).

SMART Screens:Rosenbauer aerials have a 7-inch LED all-weather screen that displays operational data for the aerial operator in visual contexts.

Facing an electric vehicle fire in your community is not a matter of if, but when. I highly recommend trying them all at least twice before deciding they might not be for you.

We know the quality of your apparatus is at the forefront of your mind when purchasing a new vehicle. Sophisticated sensor technology in the electronic mirror system combined with blind spot detectors and rear cameras provide valuable operational support for the driver.

Rosenbauer customers can enjoy a variety of types of commercial vehicles, including the command walk-in rescue, SMART CAB rescue, and medium non-walk-in rescue. The hammock can also be switched between spinning and not however even when the hammock is not attached to a swivel to spin, it is still going to swing and spin a bit. finds relevant news, identifies important training information, Silks is the same type of fabric as hammock, but tied in the middle leaving two long tails hanging down. All rights reserved. 375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States, July 25, 20228:00 pm - 9:00 pm By submitting your information, you agree to be contacted by the selected vendor(s) You can also change some of your preferences.

Each one is unique and has its own special challenges. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Strong, Stable, Committed to the Fire Service Since 1890. Each side of the clutter-free and color-coded screen features menu buttons that enable the operator to quickly navigate through information options. We fully respect if you want to refuse cookies but to avoid asking you again and again kindly allow us to store a cookie for that. So the RT is setting new visionary standards in climate protection, noise control and health protection. Tractor Drawn Aerials are perfect for those who require a larger vehicle capable of navigating compact metropolitan streets.

Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Thats why its so important to own equipment that has your back. Press J to jump to the feed. One of the only places in the Bay Area to find classes offered on aerial chains and aerial pole, Skyhigh professionals additionally practice a diverse array of nontraditional flying methods. The Viper Aerial incorporates the latest technology to automate safety systems and streamline operations. No two rescue situations are alike. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and to customize your relationship with our website.

and Privacy Policy.

Firefighting saves lives. 18 Commerce Boulevard Developed & Powered by TBGDM, Fire Truck or Ambulance Leasing and Financing. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Short Jacking:The operational environment for required aerial operation is seldom ideal (e.g., narrow or congested streets, alleys), and the SMART Aerial system includes electronics to give the aerial operator operational capability on the short jack side. Experience and Focus are what set Sutphen apart from the competition. As a financially-friendly alternative to custom pumpers, Rosenbauer offers apparatus on all major commercial chassis. When its time for your next aerial purchase, look for technological advancements that support easy operation especially the kind younger, digital native crew members have come to expect as well as precision and durability. We see a great deal of enthusiasm for that feature, especially in younger firefighters whove grown up gaming on their computers or phones.. by Kim Flinchum | Jan 27, 2021 | Instructor Journey.

But cool names for their products is not how Rosenbauer has made its bones in the competitive world of fire apparatus manufacturing. One of my favorite parts of silks is doing drops. All content 2022 Specialty Vehicles, Inc. New England Association of Fire Chiefs Expo June 22-25, 2022, Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology (BEST), Over 2,000 vehicles produced worldwide annually. It represents a milestone in firefighting technology. Chief Avsec earned his bachelors degree from the University of Cincinnati and his masters degree in executive fire service leadership from Grand Canyon University. For protection on the airfield, KME also has a full range of Rapid Intervention Vehicles. The ability to halt a thermal runaway battery pack fire in as little as 10 minutes, flowing at a mere 8 gal/min at 100 PSI, far less than using the current EV manufacturer safety data sheets advising a minimum of 8,000 gallons of water to achieve the same results.

Whether you need a rear mount, side mount, top mount, or any other variation of custom pumper, Rosenbauer has options to suit your needs. Theres also an optional wireless radio remote control available so that one firefighter can operate both the aerial device and the pump panel from ground level. The ability to speak with a family member of Rosenbauers original founders despite the company being 150 years old! Like all aerials, the Viper is manufactured to meet the highest expectations, ensuring that your vehicle will remain in service for many years to come. Hot dip galvanizing is a highly effective method to ensure that steel resists the elements for decades.

As you wrap up, it literally starts to squish you a bit. 11 production facilities on four continents, with representation in over 100 countries.

What do Cobra, Viper, Roadrunner, T-Rex and Raptor have in common (besides being animal names)? Bulldog is the official dealer for Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and parts of New York. This considerably reduces the turning radius, especially in an all-wheel drive system. Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. Manual and Electric Side/Rear Dump Valve Packages. No, theyve done it by consistently pushing the envelope to incorporate the best in safety and operational ease of use for firefighters who depend on their aerial apparatus. All that means our aerials can be operated more smoothly with greater precision..

The heavy-duty non-walk-in rescue comes with large coffin storage compartments, slide-out transverse equipment trays, rear slide-out staircase access to the roof, and much more. All Rights Reserved. This vehicle is fully able to store the NFPA requirement for either an 85 quint complement or a 115 aerial complement of ground ladders. The Cobra comes equipped with SMART technology, which uses programmable controls that monitors the aerial functions 16 times per second.

The hardest part of hoop is getting into the hoop since it tries to run away with your own momentum as you lift in. Rotate the ladder/platform (move the stick right or left). Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the hybrid vehicle combines safety, ergonomics, functionality and digital operational support with a strong focus on sustainability. Once you get used to the feel of them, they might not be so uncomfortable anymore! Amazing innovation, including the latest 3D engineering programs, smart aerial controls, Green Star Idle Reduction technology, and more.

Rosenbauers hot dip process results in the aerials steel parts being coated with molten zinc at least 3 millimeters in thickness, thus protecting those steel parts from corrosion and reducing the lubrication requirements for that aerial apparatus. Rosenbauer has the safest, most efficient way to respond to this call when it comes. With their vast product line, Rosenbauer will be a major asset to our business growth. Often, when I do demos for volunteer fire departments, if theres a youngster say 10 or 11 years old Ill have them operate the joystick, said Genovese. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website.

Wed love to work with you on customizing the perfect KME Fire Apparatus truck for your department.

In service throughout the world, Rosenbauers pumpers are powerful and reliable.

Battalion Chief Robert Avsec (ret.) Its equipped with a 1500 GPM pump and a short 16-6 jack-spread. The RT has its own communication system with autonomous Wi-Fi, drone integration and a permanent link to the operations center and EMEREC data center.
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