8-/R/fHEw`*2qXh -fe18hJng"0P4hz. ;D))- n;q$ lcJ 3J4H3b K7:I/rO@*`F?K9i/*r@n 9 '05J 4_xo Qa$v=oPK>l } PK DwD word/styles.xmlVN0~C!m)TQPB48N-i=I5)R{wv|q;KE8A`xBr\| Discrimination affects characters in Of Mice and Men through Lennie and his mental health making him unable to complete his dream, Candy missing his hand causing him to work harder for his job, and Crooks with the color of his skin making it easy for him to feel more lonely. What characters are discriminated against in Of Mice and Men? For example, George treats Lennie like he is helpless. Slim is a skilled mule driver who is referred to as the prince of the ranch. He is a mule driver for the ranch and everybody goes to him for advice. Mk0F~ iE5kHBAE`XPKYnB PK DwD word/settings.xmln0|O j[J&+}MRr0I++3HQ([eu How was Lennie discriminated against in mice and men? Of Mice and Men is about the American Dream, Of Mice and Men is about the loss of innocence, George and Lennie's dream of owning a farm. This promotes a culture of misunderstanding. In the book, Of Mice and Men, many emotions are conveyed, especially by Lennie. This page was last edited on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 at 04:40 UTC. Steinbeck uses many characters in the book Of Mice and Men to express certain discriminations. George doesn't understand Lennie's disability fully, which is why he falls into the pattern of mocking and belittling Lennie. The three main themes in Of Mice and Men are: Throughout the story, Lennie is ostracized my others due to his mental disabilities. [P3] Since Lennie is not understood by those around him, he stays isolated from others. }rF?,+oQ%E"lb ! Parlia is an encyclopedia of opinion. What does the burning of the rap cassettes best symbolize? These two views (and the ways in which those on the farm don't seek to fully understand him) leads to his isolation and eventual murder of Curley's wife. She often tried to talk to other men on the ranch and it came out as her being a tart. L. 0DkI[m !A={} 2GZgVBnap!fbdk}Ikc_`t(NJ#EU- 0@P+ _||k&!z'd'Pk'PKo PK DwD docProps/core.xmlmJ@FwM RW Which of the following statements are true which one can be explained by Keplers third law? %@9pUxub3UzK understand each other, and improve civil discourse. George often speaks to Lennie about how much easier (and better) his life would be if he didn't have to take care of him. What happened in Chapter 17 in A Long Way Gone? He also admits to playing hurtful pranks on Lennie in the past, which would often cause Lennie to be injured (or for him to do something ridiculous). While George is Lennie's best friend, he still mistreats him a lot. What is an example of discrimination in Of Mice and Men? mice topics classroom discussion Significado Diccionario de la lengua espaola. Together we are mapping the world's opinions, to help us better What happened in Chapter 7 in A Long Way Gone? 04j{QINwBdvboR yfc/F;'=zF@ksV,KrzP+UKeB'HDB6,CB$_P'+38]Lujw_McqL6nO\U=3@eB?Uq5L4?5hVTKc~AH~NDfS> go~z$yQDj++$$Nd ztU! =nA$@aP,&[@ZJfPb'8Cv}>YVJ,lNQOoucK*A/fbii(;_E1Aj8X :4?T~*>@)w`#y_{66_dc\f^B>Ah^4~x s+Gb y] .=Qt!d bI~S{hY3% =qxb8N s}v1`g-,Vd(kMn"mrh`> QM(. Lennie is like a child, trapped in the body of a big, strong man and he experiences many emotions throughout the book, ranging from innocence to loyalty, which are represented by the color, yellow. What is the main point of A Long Way Gone? Since Lennie has a mental disability people think of him differently. Bf4I++3HQ([m [P2] Due to the way in which George and others treat him, Lennie is not able to be fully understood by others. Curleys Wife was not allowed to talk to other men on the ranch not only because she was married, but also because she was married to the boss son. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some view Lennie as a child-like, harmless man, while others view him as a dangerous and unintelligent man. What are some quotes from A Long Way Gone. candy mice walston ray george omam lennie movie man martian favorite film hand shouldered stoop stooped shoulders tall actors he What is the theme of A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a boy soldier? One of the characters he uses for the discriminations is Curleys wife. he.i1'I^iy- 5:iD2 huRZKe/l`X =*,gT^rDi1%cV4i{DkxssA{67#'&Q1)D9&1nh^G{^ .S> Which character in Of Mice and Men is a black stable buck? What happens in chapter 4 of A Long Way Gone? Some examples are discrimination of other races besides whites, people with disabilities, and many other ones. heC{BH>7`u.OSkiI%_J q+AP{U8Y1Xl~FXc%C3HN)Ik@kH3b!ohun b:$>~}q-h`2]s7h^GsN s/^RzU{:|BC!A( } A#?HlE$"0l/Pi8>?TL6,=m%4:~l}^1A`75[LgtSOPK PK DwD word/fontTable.xmlMn0O; HUBQWmmz1`5'mRU{Kd%J'sgu`RPhD34nly This also shows that other characters define Lennie as a product of his disability. PK DwD docProps/app.xml lw$wh>)amhEua}u 1Oz7^:rL" What are examples of Curleys wife being discriminated against? What happened in chapter 2 A Long Way Gone? In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck demonstrates how the less powerful are discriminated against by society through the characters of Crooks, an African American stable buck, Candy, an aging ranch worker, Lennie, a mentally disabled laborer, and Curleys Wife, a woman defined by the relationship with her husband. Throughout the novel, George often makes passive-aggressive (and sometimes, just plain rude) comments to Lennie. What are the 3 main themes presented in Of Mice and Men? Who is the black character in Of Mice and Men? George also belittles Lennie by expressing his relief that they're not related. [P4] Lennie's isolation causes him to be in an environment where he was able to kill the puppy without anyone noticing (which then leads to him accidentally killing Curley's wife). Lennie is a perfect example of the discrimination shown in Of Mice and Men. [P1] Lennie is often mistreated by others (specifically George) for his disability. aA$u BcF'HDp4I5b,fJ2}yXSn/.;9%}d[x{|x^_\8Wb'Nf^yJjPKi PK DwD word/numbering.xmlMn0O; HUBHU&+hn_'M (28).
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