It gives them the same stats that you have so they arnt so easily defeated during a raid and from what I have researched they could possibly die. I hated that i didn't need to physically do anything prior to entering a fort. God imagine being this eager to waste someone's time.

But I actually kind of like this one when it comes to zealots. No compass but having set markers visible. Explosive arrows are an Ability if you get the book for it. To enter into Raven mode, all you have to do is hit up on the D-pad if you play on console, or by pressing V on the keyboard if you prefer PC.

If by way better, you mean easier/crutch mode, then yes it was better. Odyssey Icaros would give you info about targets as you hovered. Some camps barely have any bush to hide with enemies packed together, we don't even have double assassination to take care of 2 enemies next to eachother.So it is no surprise that the raven is completely useless. I think there might be an option to use Oddessey's settings. It's not as good as previous titles before the mythological trilogy but it's way more enjoyable without the same gameplay routine all over again for 5000 times. Which is said because I like ravens. But explosive arrows would be something we would find evidence of today. Ubisoft said that this game will have no side quests, the amount of loot you get will be significantly reduced from past games, and the bird will not mark enemies in this game. Might be in the hub settings. Jin Sakai doesn't have some bizarre creature connection that allows him to see everything. I'd also add it's not a massive grind if you just collect the small wealth chest that give large quantities of the materials you mentioned. Reducing the amount of 'stuff' to loot in a given location was a good change, but making us have to constantly spam Odin's sight as we walk around to highlight them is not. At least they can have it as an option in the settings for people who want it. These should be visible to you without compass. So I just realised how they can fix the bird, they should implement the same upgrade system they had in Syndicate. Merchants would buy all of these, regardless of their nature or type.[1]. Who are the romance options you can marry? I dont think there is anything wrong with it, when I go into a raid I just look and see all the enemies and kill them lol. Something you'd use to find everything, but not something you have to spam if you just want to get through the story. Yeah, where I relied on Senu and Ikaros in previous games, I almost never use my bird anymore - very disappointing. Can be obtained during the chest puzzle on. But hey we leave a random 3 arrows out in a target that you can pick up so there's more to loot, so its not that bad right? Still have to sit there watching the quantity bar tick up for 10 seconds though. Instead I had to ride right up behind them on my horse and agro them only to realize they were double my power level. Its just quite almost expected with them. You get the point.

I was seriously disappointed by the Asgard portion. They do exactly the same job. There's no challenge in constantly spamming Odin's Sight to tag things around you, it's just tedious. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. If I have a full crew, would they successfully raid without me doing anything? Synins eyes are great for scouting out points of interest on the map. Well now we have to spam the ugly Odin's sight to see through walls, so no not an improvement. Learn to deal with stuff on your own at this point instead of asking for the smallest of things. Why doesn't the Vinland gear stay with you in England? No one raised an alarm, no one ran to get help like they would in Odyssey. Completely agree, the only time I use my bird is to make sure I looted the chest in my area. I don't need every part of the game to be difficult, it can just be fun. Given the context, "way better" obviously means more useful. Differs for everyone I guess, since I use the bird more now than in Odyssey and I like that you can't tag mobs anymore using it. tying the sleep and poison arrows into adrenaline is pretty mean imo as Im always saving that adrenaline for those annoying stone walls blocking rewards so I cant ghost through a camp using my special arrows willy nilly as I would darts, a bit of a fatal flaw that. Why would I take the longship through these winding rivers when I can just ride my horse straight to my destination? I also mainly use the bird for find and speak segments of missioslns just to find the general area.

His point is synin has almost no purpose yet you can buy skins for it. Its a very good game despite the obvs bugginess on release, but its a Ubisoft game and an AC one at that. Silver isn't that hard to come by, but it's still annoying to gamble on every weapon or cosmetic purchase. You can whistle, use your hidden blade or try to sneak over the roofs. It just does it from the air. Switch to Pathfinder mode and you'll use the raven a damn lot. If Odin's Sight was just a passive effect, I wouldn't care that they nerfed the bird. Even once I was sufficiently powerful enough to stop caring about bounty hunters or being spotted, I still planned out elaborate assassin routes, preferring to try and kill them all without entering combat. Though many different trade goods existed, their only use was the monetary value. In what world is that type of gameplay fun? If the bird won't mark enemies then it shouldn't be in the game, that was its purpose in the last 2 games. So you agree that it was way more useful. This article contains spoilers, meaning it has information and facts concerning recent or upcoming releases from the Assassin's Creed series. Why cant i get anyone to help open doors or chests? But hey you can buy them at the traders, so its not so bad right? I agree. Please report this post if it violates any rules. So, you took your time to make sure you accurately scouted fully. I suggest doing this instead of hunting for bushes :). No idea why people are so put out. You can stop responding now, trust me it was obvious you were going this direction. It's a stupid mechanic made for grunting neanderthals. Were grown adults playing an adult rated game. Synin is really useful to me, I use him all the time. You can still tag chests. In a real battle, you'd easily identify your allies. Ihave been ranting about the poison and beserker darts here for days. I was so hyped for this game but it feels more like a chore to play. Marking enemies? There are also a ton of customization options available for your new best friend as well, so lets dive right in and go over what you need to know. YouTuber Arekkz Gaming finds Thors Hammer in Assassins Creed Valhalla, Assassins Creed Valhalla legendary animal locations and how to beat them, Rockstar tease long-awaited GTA Online gun in The Criminal Enterprises patch, Naughty Dog confirms Last of Us Part 1 graphics modes & PS5 exclusive features, Ironmouse and the power of VTubing: You become a superhero. If you played odyssey you know it was way better and if you didn't just stop responding. lolol. Bring back Senu. I use it all the time exactly for these reasons. Most importantly though, it can quickly detect resources and mark secret entrances and keys for doors. I enjoyed Odyssey much more. Now people are complaining that the bird is useless. I get people want less hand holding but completely taking a function away after being used to it seems a step too far. It's not even remotely the same thing, unless there is only a single chest in that location, then sure. I'm one of the odd men out here; I use Synin all the time for scouting purposes. You can mark a single one, not tag them, that's different. I find people are just trying to find every little thing to nit pick at this game. I played both, i prefer the raven rather than the odyssey version that spots everything in a ten mile radius if you even drift the reticle anywhere near an outpost. Lol what? That's my main complaint. Also, if you don't remember, that game was MASSIVE AS HELL and easily took over 40+ hours to just get through the main storyline. Yeah I agree. some people want it supereasy and so are not happy with it, some even demand a patch for it. More exp for me. MISS THAT SO MUCH!! and stopped there. I just use the raven to spot secret entrances or to tag animals to hunt or find mission objective locations. Also, you didn't NEED to spend useless time looking for one tiny breakable wall or usable window to get a chest worth 20 ore and leather . Also you get into a very boring gameplay loop of, out of boy experience bird marking, not caring for the environment just trying to sneak by guards, get the stuff, leave.Now it is more risky to go stealth, you actually have to pay attention to your surroundings. I hate that we can't change their name, too. No side quests, less loot, and the bird will be useless. I use the bird all the time, but its a difference in our circumstances I guess, Sounds good to me. Now that you know everything there is to know about how to use Synin, theres nothing stopping you from being the next Viking raven master. You can mark a single one, not tag them, that's different. Take a deep breath, take your meds, and repeat after yourself "it's just a video game, it's just a video game", Then after that talk to a therapist and work put your behavioral issues lmao. God you are pathetic. Are you one of those with a shit computer trying to blame it on the game? Yes! Found a key or two while raiding but other than that I dont even know. I was also originally frustrated when the bird had less of a use in Valhalla. Here you have to use it all the time. Starting a raid from the longship is cool but you can just blow your horn in a monastery for the same effect. Like, Jesus the entitlement to have everything handed to ya that some gamers have. So, yea, I'd rather not have to fucking do that. Which is nice for augmenting my gameplay approach. That will make the Raven sight mean more. this is my first time playing an AC game and I can't stand the bird, it handles like shit. Also, the longship feels nearly useless as well, which is super unfortunate for a game about vikings. Its literally useless. It's not fun to sneak around when you can see the location of every single enemy and you constantly have a shit ton of HUD on your screen, Honestly the eagke was one of the worst things about the gameplay in Odyssey and Origins. Cant have it both ways you know? I loved the aesthetic of Atlantis, but moving around was annoying. You should utube some recent gameplay. Depending on your raiding crew, or what quest you're on, it can be extremely difficult to differentiate between enemies and allies in the thick of battle without the red outline on them. There's loot, it's just now the weapons and armor are unique named loot and not multiple versions of the same weapons and pieces of armor with a few slight differences. You understand that the changes that were made was to revamp the series after unity and syndicate flopped right? In Odyssey I spent so much time trying to stealth my way through every fortress. Also you can give them the same armor and weapons that you have which is what I do. It's been a handicap ever since it's inception. Some of them look waaay too similar. Sadly they intended the game to be played as a viking, rushing in so there's little room for stealth in Valhalla. etc.From all three mythological games (Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla) I easily had the most fun with stealth in Valhalla so far.

I dont get why they didnt just add an option to turn tagging off for the people who didnt want it. The ones that say I stopped playing assassins creed because its so boring and repetitive but then when ubi makes changes here they come again with their BS This isnt even AC anymore! If the bird will no longer mark enemies then there is absolutely no point in it being in the game, that was the whole purpose of it in Origins and Odyssey. I think every thread I've posted on here I've mentioned this so I don't mind if some think I sound like a broken record. I do love me some Orlog. It shows up only when you look around at each white thing in the sky lol, I wish it was like Origins and let you know if it is a fox or a bear or something. Oh so when they listen to us, it's the wrong fanbase and when they listen to you, it's the right one. Land or sea, Synin will be there to show you the way in Valhalla. This game has secrets galore! Admittedly, this is a small issue, but it shows a lack of thought put into the mechanic. no side quest? If you do not want to know about these events, it is recommended to read on with caution, or not at all.This template should be removed from the article 19 July 2022.

So many annoying things in this game, it's crazy. Nov 14 '20. However, I do agree that the bird is mostly useless now. HUDs, tagging, etc.. are constructs of a video game to offset the fact that you don't have access to all 5 senses like you would if you were really doing it. @souldrinkerlp Yeah I personally don't like the explosive arrows, they sure don't help sneaky assassin ladies and as you say they aren't very historically accurate anyway. I mean if you havnt played the game in years because of the reasons I stated and now you complain with the same reasons I stated then yes I will say you are wrong. I guess I'm in the minority. I'm not sure why they made such a decision this time.

But hey we can buy at a merchant with silver so its not that bad right?. But it isn't terrible imo. Yoooo I can't believe I hadn't thought of using it for finding cave entrances! Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. To your point, this to me is game breaking. Its just a video game, you remember that right? I don't know why they made it this retarded in valhalla. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. This! Modern, whiny, overentitled gamers used to crying on reddit and getting things changed. I think Odyssey had too much stuff to find in a given location, so it needed that mechanic. I agree that I wish you could tag chests with Synin. Yeah its just too shet now cant see a fkin thing literally i miss the chad ikaros while I do like the odins sight imo its pretty cool the colour and the way it engulfs everything in its thunder like pattern, People complained that it was too op with tagging enemies so they took it out. Only time i use my raven is to find quest objectives really. Truly made the raven almost useless, Dude same, only time I use him is to look for a quest area lol. I removed compass and that made raven important for me. Was the change from the last games good or bad for you? There is literally no objective way to say it's 'more' useful now, when it simply has less functionality. The stealth gameplay was far more enjoyable in Odyssey, specifically because you had more information about enemies. NoScript). Then finding silver is still needed for a myriad of other things so now im just stretching it out even more and don't always have enough. This seems like a HUGE wasted opportunity. It was such a good feeling to not be able to find a cave entrance somewhere then realise there was a pool inside the cave that I had to swim down in to. I play all games on easy and have no problem saying that. Exactly. But hey the Ravens only purpose is to make finding them easier so its not that bad right? Its as useful as you make it. Fun for you maybe, i don't like ultra easy mode though. On your point with the Jomsviking. How about not being able to see any weapon stats at the merchants and the same 6 weapons at all of them. And there are activities as sidequests. People who truly play multiple different games in the series and notice the flaws and want those fixed, instead people either want completely old or completely new and no one is happy in the end.

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