All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In college, he ran behind Todd Gurley. That's an easy thing to say when trying to put together the ideal running back. Its without question that the Cowboys, and Elliott by extension, are better offensively with Prescott under center. Arguably the most talented running back in the 2021 draft class, Najee Harris landed with the Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 2020 was filled with career-high numbers for Cook, and at only 25 hes expected to improve even further and make his third Pro Bowl in a row in 2021. The most important physical skill set an NFL running back can have is quickness. Some expected more during the season, but with so many weapons, the Cowboys had too many tools for any one player to bust up the stat sheet. Harris also posted 821 rushing yards after contact, second-most in the FBS. Shorter players can "hide" behind the taller offensive linemen.

Most teams do not have a quarterback on the type of elite level that can win throwing the ball 50 times a game. Another UNC product, Carter is an elusive back archetype. Of course, the idea that running backs are incapable of the big plays is silly. For some teams, they'll even pass when it doesn't make sense, but to take their shot at a big play. A power back can help to combat this issue. Shorter players also tend to be "stockier" and pack a punch with a bowling ball-type mentality. Ideally, you'd want a thick lower-half that would allow the running back to break arm tackles when running through the box, and the upper-body strength to not bounce off defenders and have their momentum disrupted so easily. Less focused on power and more focused on quickness and agility, Cook has the best juke moves in the game, and he puts defenders on skates on a regular basis. Mixon isnt the best receiving back with an average catch rating (72), but hes typically good for a few receptions a game. If the defense is smothering your slot, outside receivers can use this hot route to make them pay for leaving the mid-zone of the field wide open. The outcome can be a perfectly timed hit stick that knocks the ball free and causes a turnover. This list has been updated for adjustments made over the complete 2021 season. In 2019, Henry led the league in rushing yards (1,540) and touchdowns (16). We're going to take a look at how you'd design the perfect running back in today's NFL. Mixon rushed for 1,205 yards and 13 touchdowns, while also collecting 314 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns. Gordon is the definition of a serviceable running back. He has an uncanny ability to make defenders miss, as he forced 93 missed tackles on scrimmage touches in 2020, the most in the FBS per Pro Football Focus. The Jets need the backfield support that Carter can provide, as they only have Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson ahead of Carter on the depth chart as training camp kicks off. Colts fans were pleasantly surprised when Taylor improved the following season, rushing for 1,811 yards and 18 touchdowns. RELATED: Madden NFL 22: Face Of The Franchise Tips For New Players. Thinking that wasnt quite good enough, Henry followed that up by rushing for the fifth-most yards in a season in NFL history (2,027) and was on top again in touchdowns (17). Whether it's personal pride or in-game research, gamers love to discuss EA's football player ratings. These cookies do not store any personal information. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Mixon started only seven games in his rookie season, but still managed to rush for 626 yards and four touchdowns. The Saints are in a rough state and losing the head coach and Hall of Fame quarterback within the last few years has been rough. His 83-yard run was also the longest run of any running back in 2021. In 2020, Jonathan Taylor couldn't have asked for a better rookie campaign. In 2020, he became only the eighth running back in NFL history to eclipse the 2,000-yard mark. Williams was also his teams offensive MVP last season and was one of four FBS backs with 20-plus total touchdowns in the 11 games he played. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Get exclusive deals, latest Madden 22 guides & news in your inbox. The perfect NFL running back would possess enough muscle-mass and strength that he can withstand hits from linebackers meeting him in the hole and still find ways to fall forward. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Reach For It ability allows ball carriers to gain extra yards while being tacked more frequently. Only two of the top 10 running backs in the NFL last year stood over 6'0" tall. Over the course of the game, your opponent will start to pick up on your habits. In 2019, Jones collected 1,558 total yards from scrimmage and led the NFL in rushing touchdowns (16). The 96 given to Henry at the game's debut was downright disrespectful and predictably, he's up to a 97. It can never be stressed enough that football is a game of inches. But again, it's more about the distribution of the weight and the muscle-mass involved with the player than strictly just their weight. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. His catch rating (79) is second among the top-rated running backs, so utilizing Ekeler in the passing game is a must. Sign up for the Newsletter today to receive updates on Madden, and other EA news, products, and events, all season long. As NFL training camp kicks off for the 2021 campaign, we present to you the highest-rated running backs in Madden NFL 22 so when the game launches worldwide on August 20, youll know who the best players are at their respective positions. Gamers that want to win this way will want to favor teams with these RBs on them. The Jaguars invested in the future of their offense with two Clemson stars in the first round, taking quarterback Trevor Lawrence at No. Chubb has power and speed in strides, but where he really excels is ball security. If you had to design the perfect height for an NFL running back it would be 5'10". Sadly, after missing a few weeks early, Christian McCaffrey came back for a few games, looked good, and then suffered another season-ending injury. Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers at No. There are some heavy-hitting linebackers and safeties in the league that will make it hard to gain yardage even against bigger backs like Derrick Henry. Fans are hoping that these injuries don't permanently strangle the career of a generational talent. Because of his ability to wrestle himself free of tacklers, Chubb attacks defenders with a variety of juke moves (87) and his overpowering stiff arm (93). You can stack Tank and Reach For It to create a back that will bulldoze through the line and also have a tendency to stumble forward rather than being stopped on a dime. The running back position has changed over the past few years and Madden has done a good job of adjusting its mechanics to provide a more realistic experience in-game. Possessed with the safest hands and the highest Break Tackle rating in Madden NFL 22, Chubb is the man for the job when it comes to earning those extra few yards when the game is (literally) on the line. Pre-order the Madden NFL 22 Dynasty or MVP Edition and play three days early. Many seem to have written off Elliott, but the running back is still only 26-years-old. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Just look at the playoff teams to see how much a difference they can make. These four players are just over 200 pounds but are still considered among the "more quick than powerful" mold of running backs. Stretch and toss plays benefit from this ability since once they bounce you to the outside, you arent in as much traffic and can use evasive maneuvers to make defenders miss. By using his quick feet, McCaffrey is an agile (97) speedster (92) with good acceleration (93). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is what the perfect NFL running back is supposed to look like.". For the last two seasons, Aaron Jones has operated as the main running back for the Green Bay Packers. The latest in the sports world, emailed daily. Let the debate begin! In 2020, Harris led the FBS with 26 rushing touchdowns and 30 total touchdowns. He led the FBS with 8.0 yards per carry and ranked fourth with 1,245 rushing yards. With respect to all of these great backs, Chubb has outplayed them all. The running back position has become very versatile as they do more than just run and block these days. Theres no doubt hell make an immediate impact in the Jacksonville backfield alongside James Robinson. He led the league in every running back category: rushing yards, rushing attempts, games played, games started, touchdowns, 40+ yard runs, and 20+ yard runs. Evasive is the combination of the jukebox and spin cycle abilities. In his third season, the running back became one of the best offensive players in the league, leading the NFL in total yards from scrimmage (2,392) and touchdowns (19). It's why this "ideal" closely resembles the player he is right now. The Giants running back handles the ball with extreme care (92), only having three fumbles so far in his career. Green Bay Packers fans will think of their offense and justifiably picture back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers front and center. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Fresh off being named 2020 Offensive Player of the Year, Derrick Henry is perhaps the most-feared running back in the NFL. Cooks a savvy runner whos able to change his direction (95) instantly. Sometimes, relying on the hope of a successful flick of the analog stick or perfectly timing a stiff arm is not enough for a new set of downs. The UNC product forced the second-most missed tackles on scrimmage touches in 2020, second in the FBS only to Najee Harris, per Pro Football Focus. As a graduate of Theology from Liberty University, he puts his experience with religion, philosophy, and debate into his work. Watch more top videos, highlights, and B/R original content. 25 overall. In 2020, Gordon amassed 986 yards on the ground compared to 918 in 2021. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In the open field, defenders dont stand a chance against his spin (91) or juke (93) moves. The first half of 2021 was the worst season for home teams in the history of the game so far. However, Jacobs regressed slightly in 2021, possibly due to a pedal toe sprain which led to Jacobs missing two games. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Not only is he an absolute beast in the ground game, bashing through lines and shedding tackles with ease, hes also an elite pass-catcher.

Peterson is special because he possesses that speed along with the strength and physical stature to take hits running up the middle and still drive forward. First, the running back suffered a torn ACL one month into his rookie season and then a lingering hamstring injury the following year. He still has quality speed (89) and agility (92), though fumbling the ball has been a big issue his entire career (21 total). What worked in the first quarter or half can be deemed irrelevant in the second half. Madden 22: Best Cornerback (CB) Abilities, Madden 22 Ultimate Team Explained: Beginners Guide and Tips, Madden 22: Best Playbooks for Dime Defenses, Madden 23: 99 Club Predictions and Live Tracker, Fact-Checking, Corrections & DMCA Takedowns. Shorter legs also mean shorter strides and an ability to change directions quicker than a 6'2" back like you'd see from Steven Jackson. That's getting awfully picky, but we're looking at ideal here. Hes a power back archetype with an 81 Strength rating, highest among top rookie backs in Madden NFL 22, and has 94 Jumping and 95 Stamina ratings at launch. Use Backfield Master on great receiving backs like Christian McCaffrey and Tony Pollard. One of the routes they add is Texas, which is a Cover 2 killer. There is no play he can't run and he figures to be a feature for the Raiders for as long as he is healthy. Henry breaks tackles with ease, and he racked up over 300 more yards after contact than any other running back in the league last season. Although the addition of Hunt cut into Chubbs production, he was still able to collect 1,067 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2020. Guys like Peterson, Morris, Richardson, Foster and Marshawn Lynch sit in the 215-225-pound range. Elliott bounced back in 2021, totaling 1,002 rushing yards and ten touchdowns. Madden NFL 22 is available worldwide on August 20. He's always been a fan of doing what players did not know was possible on the field. A solid running game balances your offense and keeps the defense on their toes. Through the first stretch of the season, no team was immune to defeat, no matter how hot of a streak they are riding. In only fourteen games, Cook broke 1500 yards in 2020, to go along with sixteen touchdowns. You also want to have a low center of gravity and make it easier to get underneath the pads of defenders looking to make a tackle. After putting up a season even Marshall Faulk would be envious of in 2019, an injury sidelined McCaffrey for most of 2020. In 2021, Mixon was a touchdown machine despite playing behind an offensive line routinely considered the worst in the NFL. Backfield master also increases route-running and catching skills against linebackers and linemen. Its this diverse toolkit thats helped McCaffrey rack up numerous NFL and Panthers recordsincluding being one of just three players in league history to get 1,000 rushing yards AND 1,000 receiving yards in a single season. They need to be able to take on pass-rushers in pass protection, and they need to be comfortable catching the football. Whether you want to hand off the ball and watch him dance through the holes in the defensive line, or see him leap into the air to beat an unsuspecting defender in the secondary, Kamara will excel anywhere on your offense. It is very important to use abilities to enhance a player based on the type of strengths they have and Madden 22 makes that easy for you. Second-round draft pick Javonte Williams is a power back archetype in Madden NFL 22, leading the rookie HB class with an 85 Break Tackle rating and an 88 Trucking rating. Experts begin to see less and less value in running the ball and the entire game finds itself favoring airing out the ball in every opportunity that it makes sense. He possesses high speed (94) and acceleration (92), plus one of the highest ratings in breaking tackles (95). NEXT: Best Selling EA Franchises Of All-Time, Ranked. Despite improving as a receiver, Gordon's hands (71) aren't anything to write home about, so don't rely on them too much. RELATED: Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Madden NFL 22. In 2020, Cleveland picked up Kareem Hunt. While football is known as a sport that's looking for the biggest, baddest players around at that particular position, that doesn't always mean height when talking running backs. As a threat to run and catch, he demands attention that defenses don't like to give him when Adams and Rodgers are on the field.

In 2021, they made a run that ended in the Super Bowl when both were healthy. RELATED: Madden 22 Player Ratings: Best Overall Quarterbacks, Ranked. But when Prescott went down in 2020, Zekes yardage plummeted to a career-low 979 yards. It gives the ball carrier extra power during truck stick and armbar animations. RELATED: Beginner Tips For Madden NFL 22 You Need To Know. Once the ball is handed off, they have eleven defenders rushing in their direction. In 2019, the Carolina Panthers limped to a 5-11 record and a last-place finish in the NFC South division. 88 overall, Trey Sermon enters Madden 22 with 93 Acceleration and 95 Carrying (ball security) ratings, both of which are tops in the game among the rookie HB class. As a dual option, Hunt is a superb talent to have in the backfield. What did suffer was Kamara in the passing game. Updated on April 24th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: Lifelong football fans will have a hard time remembering a season as turbulent as this one. In 2018, Elliott led the league in rushing with 1,434 yards and finished fourth in 2019 with 1,357 yards. Drafted by the New York Jets in the fourth round, Michael Carters 89 Agility rating (T-1 with Trey Sermon) and 91 Change of Direction rating lead all rookie running backs entering Madden NFL 22. Ironically, its not Henrys legs that make him such a devastating rusher; its his arms. You don't want the player to stand too tall in the backfield because it makes him easier to find for the defensive players. Hodey is a writer for Game Rant and TheGamer based out of the Rocky Mountains in North Ogden, Utah.

Even though the team suffered two more losses than the season prior, there was one shining light through it all: Christian McCaffrey. Stacking some of these abilities can pay dividends for you as well. If you are successfully running the ball, your entire playbook will be at your disposal. However, Gordon did improve considerably in the passing game, gaining 213 yards through the air last season compared to 158 in 2020.

With high marks in speed (91), acceleration (93), and agility (94), Jones can be effectively used as a rusher or receiver in an offense. The following year, Jones was selected to his first career Pro Bowl and then signed a four-year, $48 million extension with the Packers. Ezekiel Elliott returned to form in 2021 thanks to an overall improved team. Before suffering a fracture in his right foot and sidetracking his entire season, Henry was on track for what could've been his second-consecutive 2,000-yard season in 2021. At just 22-years-old, Taylor is the youngest player among the top-rated running backs. Jacobs is fast on sweeps and bruising up the middle. You can find Avery on Twitter @CoffeeBlack_910. When Nick Chubb became the full-time starting running back for the Cleveland Browns in 2019, he took the job and ran with it. When quarterback Dak Prescott broke his ankle last October, not only did it spell doom for the Dallas Cowboys but also for Ezekiel Elliott. Chubb continued to find success in 2021, rushing for 1,259 yards and eight touchdowns. Long-time starter Eli Manning was getting closer to retirement, so when the Giants received the second-overall pick, many expected the team to draft a new passer. Madden 22 did a great job providing abilities that reflect the current skill sets of todays running backs. Speed kills and you cant be tackled if they cant catch you. Adding that muscle would just slow you down. However, nagging injuries sidelined Ekeler multiple times, raising questions about the young player's durability. Reach For It is great for the traditional north and south type of running back. Despite the nagging injuries, Hunt still managed to score five rushing touchdowns, though he did not convert a receiving touchdown for the first time in his career. This ability will keep your offense unpredictable by giving you four additional hot routes to choose from. Below youll find both the top rookie HBs in the game, and the top veteran HBs. Be sure to use this ability on a power running back to gain maximum effectiveness.

Whether he then has the open-field speed to not get caught from behind is another thing. MORE: How Often Madden NFL Has Correctly Predicted the Super Bowl Winner. Lucky for him, Kamara has met and often exceeded those expectations as hes led the Saints to some impressive victories over the years. In, Dalvin Cook fought through a torn labrum and dislocated shoulder. Favorite plays and formations will become easily identifiable. Fullbacks were for power and halfbacks for speed and elusiveness. Madden NFL 22 was released on August 20th, 2021, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

RELATED: Madden 22 Player Ratings: Best Overall Safeties, Ranked. The ratings adjusters have taken notice and given him a necessary three-point bump since the game was first released. 24 overall. If this were a 'create a player' page in a video game, you'd just make the strongest, fastest player possible. Pre-order the Madden NFL 22 Dynasty or MVP Edition, Privacy & Cookie Policy (Your Privacy Rights). Jones is more than a simple distraction. He also led all FBS running backs in receiving yards (588) and receiving first downs (28), and ranked second at his position in receptions (48) in 2020. Rice is more quick than fast, and the same can be said for Morris, Gore and Stevan Ridley. Considering the season that Adrian Peterson had last year, it's hard not to just take a look at him and say, "This!

In many cases, like for the players above, being shorter has actually been a benefit for them. Jackson has never been a burner, but he's shown himself to be quick enough that, combined with his size and strength, he offers more than enough to be a featured back. That's extremely difficult to consistently do by running backs that fit those first two tiers at around 205 pounds and lower. With a perfect rating in his stiff arm (99), Henry pushes defenders away from him as if he was swatting flies. The Tank ability will break almost any hit stick tackle attempt. Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster were the two players above 6-feet that ran for at least 1,215 yards. The Cowboys were a disaster on defense in 2020 and basically had to abandon the run game. Jacobs still found the end zone nine times, but only rushed for 872 yards. We Return To Aeternum With The Devs, Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Island Of Time, Post Malone Is Streaming Apex For Charity, And He's Pretty Good, Dr DisRespect's NFT Game Where Players Vote On Development Features Feels Better On Paper Than In Practise, Genshin Impact - Phantom Realm: Misty Hills, Foggy Vales Guide, FIFA 23's Reveal Has Tipped The Pro Clubs Community Over The Edge, Guild Wars 2: How To Complete The A Henge Away From Home Achievement, Roblox: How To Get Starfish In Mining Simulator 2, Gotham Knights Star Thinks Nightwing Should Have Big Juicy Cakes, Too, Genshin Impact - Phantom Realm: Temple Of The Star Latitudes Guide, Magic: The Gathering Arena Everything In The Baldur's Gate Mastery Pass. And along with his ability to break tackles (93), hes nearly impossible for defenses to take down in the open field. Add in McCaffreys catching ability as a receiver (81), theres no denying that, if healthy, hes one of the best overall running backs in Madden 22. Surprisingly, the Giants selected running back Saquon Barkley out of Penn State. That's really saying something about the one-two punch these two possess. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He doesn't need a perfect team to shine, he'll find a way to make a statement every game. Running backs are in higher demand now more than ever as they provide some consistency to otherwise streaky teams. If Taylor is not the top-ranked halfback in 2022, fans in Indianapolis deserve to be upset. Nothing is more controller-throwing worthy than a turnover on downs by getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage.
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