This is such a great idea- it would be perfect for gifts!! did you take the images? Ha!

Make some soap this weekend!

It works? Part 1 (35 minutes) is all about the components of a linesheet. Seriously?! I simply tape a piece of poster board to something to help it stand up. Have a soap making question? If anything you look at the apple more than the soap. Soaps in a metal bucket with a simple tea towel. I love to make homemade soaps. Make a soap stack! This eCourse is for soap makers who want to start wholesaling their soap or who are already wholesaling their soap but need to create a wholesale linesheet. -Audrey | Brunch at Audreys. I found last week, but havent looked into it much. Place your soap where the poster board starts to lay flat. The wavy texture of a bars top, or the contrasting colors in layers and swirls transform simple bars of soap into works of art. l quite like the interest it adds to the photo. Ivetried nearly everywhere else l can think of in the house, and nothing has beat this yet. l gave it up as a waste of time. -Anne-Marie. Need to try. I like to have backgrounds on hand in warm and cool off-whites, tans, greens, blues, and grays. For more tips on soap photography, click here:: Soap Photography Tips from Handmade in Florida I just cant be bothered, it is much easier to take a photo with a real background, and for my soap they look far less contrived and not as stark. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, i just commented above forgot to ask how to wrap these and do you half to keep them cold etc as will be driving 8 nhours to wedding etc thanks please email me, like your soap idea want to make for my nieces wediing do you put the packing tape on both sdides and where do you get the transpercy sheets also if you put paper inside like a photo rtc wont it cklug drain when they go yo use One rule l always try to follow is to not let the background be brighter than the subject; (another reason why white & light tents dont work for me). My partner John has a Nikon D90 with a longer lens (technical hey!) -Becky with Bramble Berry, 2022 Soap Queen Site Design by Emily White Designs. Just how fantastic is this? Where is it going? I hope I can incorporate your suggestion and produce some photos worthy of my product. Ive made my own soap before, but it was always the hippie stuff with fresh herbs like lavender. but it annoys me because the zoom lens is more temperamental and wont let me get right up close to the subject l have to move away from it and then use the zoom to close in. I just know I love the photography tips and am delighted to repost it to help other small businesses. SO PERFECT! Thank you so much for this post! This is one of the most amazing DIYs Ive seen, by far!

Yes, I cant wait to have house guests next week to see what they think of my new guest soaps. She makes soap for fun so it would be perfect for her to do! Love this post thanks.

Keep up the amazing talent you have. I used my iPhone for this photo. Ive found that the combination of natural light and a sturdy tripod works best for my style. Thanks for sharing.

And there you have it: see-through photo soap. Hiring a graphic designer can be expensive. Thanks so much.

I simply placed my iPhone on the poster board and took the shot head on. Your branding will dictate your photographic style, but white background photos are clean and professional. Can u use photo paper? I love that they are perfect in a simple way. The Natural Beauty Workshop blog features recipes, tips, and inspiration for experienced, professional beauty and personal care product manufacturers, soap makers, and aspiring artisans. Images like this are perfect for your wholesale catalog! Beautiful image! <3. Instead, try placing your soaps on soft colored backgrounds that complement their hue. Sometimes l dont set up the backdrop and just take photos using the surroundings as a background.

Pour the soap into the mold, then add your photo. Here are some tips for white background images. Not what I had expected it to be. It seems to have a knack of picking up the light so much better than a little automatic camera. Theyre kind of weird, admittedly. First print your photos. These are so cool! Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. Thats extra important when youre printing on transparencies. PSd. Use Photoshop to adjust the lighting and make the colors pop. A bar of soap on it's own may look beautiful but it is a little boring, it doesn't tell a story and it doesn't give the viewer any clues about what has gone into making that bar. This is hilarious and amazing! I used ourPIXMA iP8720 printerto print on transparency paper because we were able to get the richest color here. Its a Nikon D80 that l bought on eBay secondhand a couple of years ago, and l just use the standard lens that came with it. I like how vibrantly the colors show through the soap, but you can see that the edges curled some as the soap set. This blogpost was done by Gabbie, not Kelly. lt has paid for itself over and over again. Those who have mastered the craft create artful swirls, velvety smooth bars, and captivating landscapes of waves, textures, and colors. Look at the glow on these orange soaps, its all just from soft natural sunlight coming in (my previous) window. Using a photo to personalize the look of your soap is a project you may have seen before (its in our first book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book). Cat themed guest soaps? Side angles are always more interesting than front on shotsit creates more drama in the composition and forces your eyes to move around and take in all the other elements. Invest in a quality digital camera like a Nikon D7000 and Canon 70D. Gives a retailer your wholesale pricing and order minimums. I also bought a tent but what a mess! Try to stay away from bright sunlight in most cases (for me) it is far too harsh my best soap photos are taken in warm daylight. If it comes down to who was using it first, Im pretty sure Carol would win. You can use a spoon or a tooth pick to move the photo around without touching the hot liquid. Your vocabulary is right and you completely understand what it takes to take a great picture. The ink swirled away from the transparency after I poured the liquid, loosing the image. But that is what image editing software is for. Thank you for the great post! Thanks so much!I have tried Google and Youtube. Side Note: Trim up your soaps! Thanks for the tips. I have a piece of sticky-tape on the top of the camera to stop the auto flash popping up, because flash gives really harsh light and makes my soap look awful. We recommend using transparency paper for this project. Experiment from different angles to give your soap a unique perspective. This eCourse is taught in two online videos. We hope our blog inspires you to do just that. If you can change the aperture settings on your camera, go for a fuzzy background (l think it is shallow depth of field?) Im so trying this, perfect gift for my bestie! But I can say for certain that if you have a friend who will try any photo idea you dream up, you have a good friend. Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. There are quite a few tutorials available for creating these kinds of backdrops. Bright colors that compliment and contrast can make your product really pop. Seems a bit silly to me when Im quite happy to move myself closer! You can also email us your photos athostess@naturalbeautyworkshop.comor share them to ourFacebookorG+pages. Secondly find your self a simple backdrop, ideally light in colour that does not detract from the item you are photographing, so neutral, not highly patterned and not one that is the same colour as your soap either. -microwave safe bowl This is much easier on the eye and really draws the viewers attention to the main subject matter. Creating the Perfect Gift Set with Shana of BTHVS, Hangable Valentine Soap Packaging with Tania of Soapish, How to Make Custom Stenciled Bags with Linda OSullivan, Beginners Guide to Packing & Shipping Handmade Beauty Products, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable!, Also you can skip the packing tape and transparency paper and get actual water soluble paper that is made specifically for what you wanted to achieve! Latest Post Gift Guide for the Young Professional Female Lets Be Real! White background images are great for websites, Etsy, wholesale catalogs and marketing materials. How to Get Essential Oils to Stick in Cold Process Soap, Tips for Adding Coffee to your Cold Process Soap, DIY Light Box Google and you will find a ton of tutorials. Or edible image paper so the image can dissolve with the soap once its reached? yup, l just broke my front on rule but the rolls of the tea towel break up the straightness a bit. Google product photography tips and you will find all sorts of resources with tips and tutorials. Dont be afraid to experiment with your photography! 1. Depending on where you are selling your products they could be browsing hundreds of soaps slowly scrolling through a seemingly endless sea of similar looking photos. I recently ordered a Teach Yourself Visually Digital Photograpgy book to try to teach myself.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My number one top tip is to check and see if your mobile phone has a portrait mode. This looks so cool! Arrange your soap in a number of different ways, and as you take photos, check if anything bugs you in the photos that show up in the viewfinder you can move the soap arrangement as you shoot. There is a fee, but it works great! As mentioned before, try to keep arrangements simple (not too contrived), The apple prop is terrible! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I used to think that you needed to have a white background. A great picture should showcase what makes your soap special and urge the viewer to take a closer look., Love all your soap DIYsthis ones cute..definitely making one of these DIYs soon. The sun came in through the kitchen window, but very softly and gently, warming the windowsill, the bench, and casting a beautiful soft glow over the soaps. Allow the soap to set for about 30 minutes (or according to the package directions) before you remove them from the molds. What I mean is I dont know how to do what Gabbie did in her pictures. ga('set', 'dimension1', 'commentary'); Your email address will not be published. Love this idea! . I found that the transparency photos lay much flatter in the soap than the plain white paper. This post was brought to you by From Nature With Love, offering a huge selection of top quality natural ingredients and supplies for skin care, hair care, soap making, and more! Cameras in phones these days take excellent photos. Or the blurred (and messy!) It looks like she has several online photography classes for beginners like me. Great article and tips Amanda. So when we came across this post by Gabbie atSimply Soaps post on the topic (original post here) we thought wed share it with you. Get up close to the stack and try lots of different angles. If you hold back a little you might find that small details like these demure lavender buds add beauty without taking focus away from the product itself. Here is a tutorial I did about editing using Gimp. Hahaha, these look amazing! Did I mention Gabbie is one awesome photographer? Never use the flash! I just checked out and I think that may be just what I need. It is on sale right now for $14.99. Put your soap IN something this helps keep the arrangement tight and meaningful. Try youtube! essential oil Place a white soap on a white background or a brown soap on a brown background and it will pull a disappearing act. Great giftidea! She has several classes that may help. So l stick to my D80 and Im extremely happy with it. Don't over do it or you will bleach the colours out. This will help lock in the color. Supplies: this is so fun! -packing tape (if using transparencies) Erin from Inner Earth Soaps also takes amazingly gorgeous photos which l love to admire. Tagged With: Packaging, photographing soap. But it didnt go into specifics on how to do it. absolutely adore it. Wed love to tackle it for you! I really wanted to create a soap that you could easily see through. Today I used a metal file holder. The right photo can engage customers by illustrating answers to these questions. And l can sit down to take my photos when Smoky is not hogging the chair. I love taking them but always battle for the right look and lighting.

Oh that is awesome! Here is after and before using Clipping Magic.

Copyright 2008-2021 | Lovin Soap Studio LLC. . Excellent product photography is so important! I often get complimented on my soap images so I will share with you exactly how I do it. Great tips and gorgeous photos!!! Here is what my image looks like taken with an iPhone. YES!! Love, Laetitia, Woahhhh you guys are so innovative! -photos on transparency paper or copy paper, scaled to fit your molds

Taking Instaworthy shots really is very straight forward with a few hacks and a modern mobile phone. I never really intended to share them but I thought theyd work so well in this project I just went for it. Plus I critique more on my and others photos that they should have done or look for before taking the shot. Im absolutely loving it. If youve been feeling uninspired by your own soap photos, here are a few fun ideas for livening them up. Your email address will not be published. Online or is there a local place to get it? Thats hard to type. Comments will be approved before showing up. Shadows are okay, but let them fall on the parts of the soap you dont care about so much. Gabbie is one awesome photographer! Im so glad you enjoyed this post. =) The photography and writing is so wonderful. Reader Question: Should I Use Specialty Carrier Oils in Handmade Soap? Get excited! by Keri Squibb | 25 June, 2022 | 1 Comment, 2022 The Soap Coach. It can really make or break a sale, whether on your website, Etsy or even in a wholesale catalog. OH GOODY GOODY! Jill Photos edited with. It had honestly never occurred to me that you could hide little photos inside. You did an excellent job, I CANT wait to try this <3, Xxx Be careful as the soap will be hot after melting. Keeping it SIMPLE. I definitely want to give it a try- thanks for sharing If you are using transparencies, add packing tape to the inked side of those. This is what the Shooting in Manual class shows: Week 1 buttons and knobs and an overview of what does what (the very basics), Week 4 ISO, white balance, metering, the histogram and focus points. Or in the case of salt soap, a scattering of salt really adds context. -scissors :D More tips on photographing soap/body products. It is so worth that price and more! l hardly had to do a thing just plonked the soaps in a bowl, and grabbed the camera. Are you wondering how to take gorgeous soap photos for Instagram, Facebook or even your website? Lets a retailer know your terms and conditions. I produce beautiful soap but photos dont show their beauty or the packaging I so carefully wrap in Japanese paper. All will have the ability to adjust or improve your picture. Founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman the A Beautiful Mess motto is stay home and make something. Unfortunately, our apartment has horrible natural light so I had to purchase a light. Its happening! The white paper as a tendency to curl once you add it to the liquid. 99% of the time this is the only tweak I make. She would LOVE!! Learn how your comment data is processed. I dont miss living in my house, but gee l miss my mini photography studio that made all my soaps look so beautiful. You don't need any special lighting just a little creativity. I check all of my photo soaps before arranging them and remove fingerprints, crumbs, and rough edges. It didnt look this nice when looking through the view finder, but when it loaded onto the computer, l was so glad l had spent some money on a really good camera. We disclose all sponsored posts by both calling out the sponsor in the text of the post as well as tagging the post with our sponsored tag., Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Thats my excuse and Im sticking to it! It was right on time. You can purchase a photography light on Amazon or at your local camera store. Dont make fun of it until you try it. The only thing l do miss is that moment when you cut into a log to see if the intended design worked!

These actually turned out very nice! Cut out your photos so they are slightly smaller than your molds. The backdrop is a piece of fabric that l drape over a nearby picture frame, which gets put back on the dresser when Im finished. Thanks for sharing this, Anne-Marie. Weird or art? Ive found that if l place my medium colored soap with a background that is also medium toned, then it seems to be easier for the camera to balance it all out and produce a nice even toned photo. Can you point me in the right direction on where I can learn how to take pictures like Gabbie. l adore the soap with white backgrounds look but for whatever reason have never been successful at achieving it.

Youve created a bunch of different soaps in bars, bottled up lotions, and are ready to send them off into the world. Often its the small details in a bar of soap that make it beautiful. Haha! People are going to clean their bodies with my face parts. LOL Doesnt matter though, if shes not in the US, then no problem. Kelly you may not think you are a professional at photography bit its not being a professional that matters but understand the light, shadows, composition and surroundings, and of course your camera and what it can do. I started blogging in 2008, sharing soap recipes, design tutorials and publishing articles on various topics of soapmaking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Although I like the swirly look, its not at all what I was going for. But I am finding that natural light looks so much better. xx nikki You can add in props if you want and if your brand calls for it. This article has shown that sometimes its better to have some visual additions to make the soap even more appealing. We are so glad that you found the Soap Queen blog and cant wait to hear how your photography goes. Hi! Do you have several different painted wood backgrounds, or are they photoshopped? She keeps things simple and lets her lovely soaps speak for themselves. Hes got the whole white background thing worked out. Love these ideas. Heres my issue though-I recently bought a Canon Powershot SX 150 IS camera to take my product pictures for my Etsy store and I have no idea how to use it. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, and happy soaping . l used it once or twice, but after setting up the tent, watching it blow away about 15 times when l used it outdoors, tripping over it because l bought one far too big and cant figure out how to re-fold it, and then not really being happy with the photos (who is going to Photoshop all those wrinkles out!!??) Wow! l love this photo because of the lovely sharp smooth edge of the soap, but can you imagine what it would have looked like all crumbly and crooked?

l love the light on the top bar and the sugar crumbs.ahhhh! I shared with a friend who is going to get married soon. =), Thanks for the article..however I think your new dark house shots showcase the soaps with a very sophisticated feel. Theres nothing original about it, the greens dont even match, and it does nothing for me. So for example, on 1 I may focus on the soap at the back and on another it will be the clay or additive I have used. So innovative, and really cool! For this project we are working with our longtime friends at Canon USA. You should take up photography you are amazing at it. Close-up shots are perfect for showing off decorated soap tops, botanicals or a pretty swirl.

l love this photo, the light has picked up the soap curls beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to fix it, much appreciated . They looked good enough to eat!! I also printed one of my photos to plain white paper so I could show you the difference throughout this post. Are you using natural light, or a light box? 5. I don't use any filters at all. See below for my photo, shot using my iPhone. l dont use this arrangement very much, but l like how this photo turned out. I like the your confidence in not using white backdrops..{this is what most photography courses recommend}..Im going to give it a try.. Take the time to find a place that gives you a soft, warm light without harsh shadows. I like to use an a spoon of the colour I have used or botanicals. Thanks very much! The white and red is possible but due to the grey scale factor its hard for your camera to adjust best thing is slow down the Shutter Speed and open up you FS. Woah this is so cool! These are great tips and wonderful photographs!! To-ma-to or To-mah-to? I am looking for the specifics like what each button means, how to use the buttons, what is aperture and shutter speed, what to change the settings on my camera to, etc. But then I figured it out. (l also love the warm wood background, it has stopped the soap from looking too stark). Get up close to your soap! You all ready to make some soap? I am sure when my stash starts to get low that l will be making more, lm really looking forward to making some plainer soaps without as many colours in them. , such a fantastic idea! This site uses affiliate links. Dont lose them. You can join in the fun by sharing your own soap making photos on social media using the hashtag #NBWSoapSchool. And I agree, the tips are great no matter what! Dennis Anderson takes beautiful soap photos.

Nice article about Product Photography Tips for Soap Makers. I love being able to pan out, switch up my angles, and place my products in any kind of setting I like! I know how to turn the camera on and point at a subject and take a picture. Save up to 50% on select ingredients during our Seasonal Sale. When looking for photography inspiration l often check out the soap listings on Etsy.

Light tents dont work for me at all. Just make sure that your focus is spot on.

Ill have to re-write that post, because there are so many things l could add to it now that l know a little bit more When l look back on those photos l immediaely think oh, l should have done x, y and z, and the photo would have been even better.

Im famous. Professional Light Box Check Amazon for inexpensive tabletop light boxes. 2., That is such a nice idea, especially as a christmas gift! I use a light box for soaps, but other items may not fit is such a small space. Its basic but takes GREAT photos. After I took my class in photography (b/wfilm) I notice the same thing oh I could have done that or this. . Gabby I am glad you took up photography, you have a natural talent for it just like soap making. Weve had a lot of chatter lately in Saponification Nation (our Facebook Group) about how to take product photos of handcrafted soap. That way you wont get to the center and have a weird plastic card in the middle. I feel like this is the perfect (and somewhat subtle) way to take my level of Cat Lady up a notch. And thanks for all of your tips, Gabbie! Lighting is really important. Ill be keeping these in my guest bathroom, but I think this would also be a fun project to make and gift. Im gonna do this for my mommy as a christmas gift. This is a very creative DIY project. One thing you can do to your flash is put a dark stocking or white masking tape over it. Gabbie was the owner of Simply Soap and she wrote that blogpost before Kelly took over simply soap early this year. You can customize the ingredients, fragrance, and even the look of soap. I always try to get all of the soaps facing mostly the same way, so the tops of the bars are getting the same sort of light. I did even iron the backgrounds . Oh, and l also adore the photos of the amazing soaps from a Spanish soap maker here she stages the photos beautifully and l am totally in awe.

Melt your soap according to the package directions (most have a microwave option). -Becky with Bramble Berry. I am looking forward to trying out the new background removal apps.

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