Inza and Doctor Fate meet, the woman enamoured with a life potentially filled with adventure and would accompany Doctor Fate as his partner. A master of dark and chaos magic, he aims to dominate all of existence under his rule with the power of the Lords of Order and Chaos. Khalid is initially unaware of her presence until Merlin attempts to usurp control of magic. Acting as a protector of the Lords of Chaos's base of operations, the Chaos Realm, he appears when the Justice League's mystical villain, Queen of Fables, attempts to escape her imprisonment. A young woman who became enamored with Shat-Ru's denouncement of humanity and his philosophy from his perspective as a Lord of Order, initially unaware of his true nature and developed feelings for Shat-Ru despite his apparent elderly age while being in Kent Nelson's body. Husband to wealthy billionaire Henry Strauss, she would come to regret her marriage with Henry, having married him for his wealth despite the two having an age gap and was subjected to physical and emotional abuse by him prior to his death. [24] The Doctor Fate character went through a radical redesign, dropping the "Doctor" title and gaining new weapons made from the previous related artifacts of Dcotor Fate. The flashback also implies her history being similar to her depiction in the Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Golden Age. The Kent Nelson incarnation of Doctor Fate appears in the opening credits of, An original incarnation of Doctor Fate named, A variation of Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate appears in, The Kent Nelson incarnation of Doctor Fate appears as a, The Kent Nelson incarnation of Doctor Fate appears as a character summon in, The Kent Nelson incarnation of Doctor Fate appears as a playable character in, Doctor Fate appears as a support card in the iOS version of, The first Doctor Fate figure was released in 1985 as part of the second wave of Kenner's, Two Doctor Fate figures were released in April 2009 as part of the, This page was last edited on 21 July 2022, at 21:45. In addition, the character's powers is not tied to any known mythology, making the Doctor Fate character exclusively a mystic superhero. [79], First appearing in "The Tower of Fate" storyline, it is revealed that two years prior, Khalid and Kendra Saunders-Munoz were sent to uncover the Tomb of Nabu, the dwelling of a powerful mage, by the World Army, the ordeal in which gave Kendra her wings and revealed Khalid as being Nabu's chosen vessel. Being of Egyptian descent, Mohammed also has knowledge of Egyptian lore and mythology, characterized as having pride in his heritage. In the DC Universe continuity, Doctor Fate was originally conceived as a force fighting against the supernatural by Nabu, a cosmic being affiliated with the Lords of Order, Mesopotamia deities,[4] and a chief enemy of his cosmic opposites, the Lords of Chaos. [41] He would act as Doctor Fate alongside Linda, the two often merging in order to become Doctor Fate. In a scheme to lure in Doctor Fate, Inza was kidnapped by the scientific villain, Wotan. She is initially unaware of her son's duties as Doctor Fate but later suspects it due to her son's frequent disappearances and supports him. She tends to inhabit the family cat, Puck, to communicate with Khalid and helps protects his personal life when his duties as Doctor Fate interferes with it. [59], An Egyptian-American medical student,[3] Khalid would be bestowed the Helmet of Fate by the Egyptian goddess Bastet masquerading as his pet cat. Characters associated with the mantle are also portrayed as being host of Nabu, those chosen as his hosts surrendering their physical body and personal autonomy to Nabu's control (similarly to the comic's Kent Nelson incarnation) while bearing the Helmet of Fate. Though all bearers vary in actual skill, the Helm of Fate grants all Doctor Fates to have sufficient mystic power that potentially makes them among the most powerful practitioners of magic within DC Universe's Earth. Nelson eventually regains control of his body in an ensuing magical conflict involving one of Nabu's former allies. [51], After Jared's murder, the mantle of Doctor Fate, along with a restored helmet, amulet, and cloak, is passed to a reincarnated Hector Hall. Inspired by Flash's heroism and bravery, he chooses to become Nabu's agent of order and chaos, christening himself "Doctor Fate". The Chaos Lord would relinquish the powers bestowed to Inza back to himself although she would replace her chaos magic with magics stemming from life and continued acting as Doctor Fate, with Nelson acting alongside her. Other versions of the character differ, acting as solely supernatural-based heroes, affiliated with the Lords of Chaos, or demon hunters. This weakness has been seen with Khalid Nassour's incarnation of Doctor Fate. [38] Khalid would also appear in several title crossovers such as Superman, Teen Titans Academy, and The Flash. When the Nelsons try to collect the artifacts, they are murdered by two demons. In the DC Universe, "Totec" is the name given to Malferrazae by the. Small. Eric is eventually killed on Apokolips during a battle with Desaad, forcing Linda to become Doctor Fate on her own. Jared refuses and escapes, becoming a demon hunter using the alias "Fate". Occult expert, skilled archaeologist, & talented spell-caster without the aid of magical artifacts. [47], After the New 52 reboot, Inza would make a minor appearace in a flashback, establishing her as Nelson's wife like the previous continuities. Considered among the most powerful of all the Lords of Chaos; adversary of Doctor Fates and other characters and teams, including Amethyst, Arion, and Legion of Superheroes. Hauhet also appears in the.

The Doctor Fate character has appeared in various incarnations across multiple forms of media based on both comic and original characters; The Kent Nelson incarnation has appeared in several media, such as the television series Smallville, in which he is portrayed by Brent Stait, and the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Black Adam, in which he will be portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. The Amulet of Anubis (sometimes called the Amulet of Nabu or the Amulet of Thoth) is a amulet that was once bestowed to Anubis's most devout follower, being created by the death god himself. The series ended with issue #41. karl brandt nazi death trial doctor american nuremberg must sentenced 1947 august 20th being physicians surgeons association learn says personal Access to artifacts such as magical knives created from a re-shaped Helm of Fate; can damage magical beings and mystically returns to him at will. In 2021, Khalid Nassour would appear in major storylines such as the Justice League Dark's "The Great Wickedness" storyline, depicting a status quo change in which the Helm of Fate is damaged from a previous battle with the villain, Upside-Down Man, and is inhabited by a new entity. The series focused on magically aged up Eric and Linda acting as Doctor Fate under the guidance of Nabu, whom has inhabited and taken the identity of Kent Nelson. Their niece is Debby Niles, a New York police officer who befriends Inza. A powerful Lord of Chaos, Xanadoth once ruled her fellow Chaos Lords until they rebelled and sided with the Lords of Order to depose of her rule and erased records of her history. clendening logan bsi history baker street he irregular originally 1992 death journal published december years [16] Doctor Fate also made a guest appearance in a 3-issue 1985 crossover in the pages of Infinity, Inc. #19-20 and Justice League #244. [64], In the fourth Doctor Fate series, the helm is instead associated with Thoth and is presented with an altered origin, the object of power being rooted in the DC's version of Egyptian mythology; being a creation of Osiris and Thoth's hand, it was created in order to trap Nabu, who once served alongside Thoth for reasons not revealed in the series.[59]. They later assist Hector Hall during a crisis involving the malevolent entity known as "The Curse". This limitation is present on Kent Nelson's incarnation of Doctor Fate. [35] The series also would re-introduce a rebooted version of the Kent Nelson character, depicting him as a previous Doctor Fate with some of his old histories intact and as a mentor figure. [60], Nearly synonymous among all the bearers (with the exception being Jared Stevens), Doctor Fate is considered a powerful sorcerer nearly unmatched in the art of spell-casting in the DC Universe; with the combined might of all artifacts associated with Nabu, Doctor Fate is said to possess nearly unstoppable magical abilities (flight, teleportation, dimensional travelling, invisibility, necromancy, etc.). The cosmic opposite of the Lords of Order and ultimate rival to the Lords of Order and their empowered agents. Both season three and four reveal details of his backstory;born as one of the sons of, In season one, Nelson is a retired former member of the.

Also a skilled practitioner in the magical arts, she assists him in his understanding of the Helmet of Fate despite being jealous of the Helm choosing him, finding him to be an amateur sorcerer with little actual ability and understanding. Despite that, he fell in love with the human, Dorothea. Jared's injuries force him to use the cloak as a wrap for his right arm and to melt the helmet into a set of ankh-shaped darts and a dagger for use as weapons. A renegade Lord of Order who became disillusioned with the battles between the Lords of Chaos and Order, he teams up with another likeminded Lord of Chaos to end the conflict between the two by force, pitting him at odds with the Kent Nelson incarnation of Doctor Fate. Access to the Helmet of Fate, Amulet of Anubis, and the Cloak of Destiny grants Linda a number of magical abilities and can merge with another being selected as Doctor Fate, increasing their power. [41] The three of them are soon joined by a friendly demon called Petey and lawyer Jack C. Eventually, the Helm of Fate, seeking a new host, would choose him as the next incarnation of Doctor Fate. She serves as a parallel to Doctor Fate (particularly Inza), having similar magical abilities to a Lord of Chaos derived from an Egyptian entity, having been alive for over a century similar to Inza. [83], A new version of Doctor Chaos later appeared briefly in the Justice League of America 2018 series within the main DC Comics Universe. Using his affections for a woman named Caitin and his jealousy of Hector Hall, Justin is manipulated into becoming the Curse's host. The title focused on the newest and most recent incarnation of Doctor Fate, an Egyptian-American medical student named Khalid Nassour. Doctor Fate made occasional modern-day appearances in Infinity, Inc. in 1984, the same year which witnessed the 22nd and final annual Justice Society/Justice League team-up. While the Helm of Fate itself is a magical artifact suffused with potent magical power, the Helm can also house an entity to act as a patron; each patron of the Helm of Fate allows certain incarnations of Doctor Fate to access unique abilities and powers as well as exert a level of influence onto its bearers: The magical headquarters bestowed to bearers of the Doctor Fate mantle. It was later revealed that Khalid's mother, Elizabeth, was the niece of Kent Nelson, making Khalid his grandnephew. [46] Sometime later, the Nelsons and the JSA face the supervillain Extant during Parallax's attempt to change the history of the universe. [20] During her short tenure as Doctor Fate, she would become a member of the Justice League International. When the Justice Society of America was created for All Star Comics #3 (Winter 1940), Doctor Fate was one of the characters National Comics used for the joint venture with All-American Publications. During this time-frame, he had used his successor, Kent Nelson, to manifest on the physical plane due to his physical body having deteriorated long after the initial conflict between Arion and the scarab centuries ago.[40]. Despite the character's portrayal of powers, Doctor Fate has several weaknesses dependent on the incarnation: (actual): DC Special Series #10 (Jan 1978), In 2013 several years after DC Comics rebooted the DC Universe through the New 52, a new incarnation of Doctor Fate would be created for the Earth 2 series. Access to artifacts such as the Helm of Fate allows her mastery over magic by using chaos magic due to a Chaos Lord patron. While not present in all bearers, the majority of Doctor Fate's magic and abilities appear in the form of an ankh. The first character to debut as Doctor Fate was Kent Nelson, who appeared in his own self-titled six page strip in More Fun Comics #55 (May 1940) during the Golden Age of Comic Books. A Lord of Order who annexed himself from his brethren in an attempt to punish Doctor Fate, believing Nelson to have humiliated the Lords of Order with his inability to enforce order onto Earth. maneuvering cia corrupt mission patriot fight Eric and Linda's souls were reincarnated in the bodies of Eugene and Wendy DiBellia while Nabu reincarnates in Eugene and Wendy's unborn child.[22]. [92][93], The Kent Neslon and Khalid Nassour incarnations of Doctor Fate, art by [34], After the conclusion of the Convergence limited series in June 2015, DC launched a new Doctor Fate ongoing series, written by Paul Levitz and drawn by Sonny Liew as part of the DC You initiative, which saw an emphasis on "story over continuity", loosening the restrictions of continuity to allow for a diverse range of genres while some characters underwent status quo changes. Later in season four, Zatanna becomes one of the rotating hosts of Doctor Fate, having employed a morally ambiguous gambit with her proteges to position them as worthy hosts to Nabu. [58] Unlike the other incarnations, the character's designation as Doctor Fate comes from both a cultural connection to Egyptian deities and a religious connection to Archangels instead of Nabu. [28] The character was killed in the Day of Vengeance limited series in 2005 as part of the lead in to the 2005 company-wide event story, Infinite Crisis.[29]. She is later revived by an artifact containing her essence when it was collected by, A fictional depiction based upon Xipe Totec, the Aztez god of ritual flaying and agriculture, lord of seasons, regeneration and crafts. In 1985, DC collected the Doctor Fate back-up stories from The Flash, a retelling of Doctor Fate's origin by Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, and Michael Nasser originally published in Secret Origins of Super-Heroes (Jan. 1978) (DC Special Series #10 in the indicia), the Pasko/Simonson Doctor Fate story from 1st Issue Special #9, and a Doctor Fate tale from More Fun Comics #56 (June 1940), in a three-issue limited series titled The Immortal Doctor Fate. Unlike prior depictions of the Doctor Fate character as a sorcerer, the character was instead cast as a demon hunter. Gerber also stated his intentions of not directly contradicting previous runs while raising the subject as little as possible. Anubis most notably has enmity with the Khalid Nassour incarnation of Doctor Fate, as the pharaoh's blood running through his veins allows him to invoke power over him as he seeks to gain power and influence beyond his cosmic station and influence in wake of the weakening of his fellow Egyptian gods. The character's descent was intentional by James Robinson, wanting an Egyptian character to hold the mantle Doctor Fate while still allowing to be Western but not making him a caricature. [19] The Eric Stauss character was seemingly killed off later in the run, making the Linda Strauss character the sole Doctor Fate for a time. Due to[24], During his battles, he teams up with the supernaturally powered team of fugitives Scare Tactics, Etrigan the Demon and other forces to combat threats from the realm of Gemworld. [25] Considered an upopular re-imagining of the character,[1] the series was cancelled after 23 issues in September 1996. Created by Nabu as a repository of his powers, the helm was constructed using the fictitious metal known as Nth metal, granting it mystical properties as well as some anti-magic properties against those of magical origin. The amulet's history was revised seveal times; in one story, the Amulet of Anubis was a powerful artifact forged by the Lords of Order at the dawn of time, being so powerful the Lords of Chaos formerly sought the artifact themselves. Following the events of the Flashpoint mini-series in 2011, DC's continuity was rebooted. Linda is killed soon afterward by the Lords of Chaos. Aside from the annual JSA/JLA team-ups in Justice League of America that began in 1963, Doctor Fate appeared in other stories through the 1960s and 1970s, including a two-issue run with Hourman in Showcase #5556, two appearances with Superman in World's Finest Comics (#201, Mar. As part of its defenses, the Tower possess mystic barriers and, at one point, a protector in the form of a Lord of Chaos. Trapped in Nelson's old body by Inza, he eventually becomes a reluctant ally of Kent and Inza, posing himself as Nelson's grandfather. Several years after the New 52 reboot, DC Comics introduced its latest and second-longest-running incarnation, Khalid Nassour, the grandnephew of Kent Nelson chosen by ancient Egyptian deities and archangels. [3] Created with an emphasis on diversity and to take the character in a different direction, the bi-racial character's inspirations included Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, the latter character having been influenced by Sonny Liew; Liew intended to depict a character entrusted with great responsibilities going through a journey of self-discovery in a world similar to the likes of Doctor Strange. He is the second character to assume the Doctor Fate mantle. [55], The latest incarnation of Doctor Fate prior to the New 52 reboot, the character debuted in the first issue of Countdown to Mystery in 2007 as an attempt to revitalize the character; unlike other Doctor Fates, the character lacks any connections to Nabu and either of the Lords of Order or Lords of Chaos, as the two factions were killed off in a previous storyline. [41][42] Overtime, despite Eric's mind being similar to a child of ten years old, Linda developed romantic feelings for her step-son. During the battle, Jared attempts to use the amulet as a weapon, which then explodes and imbues him with various magical abilities and a red ankh-shaped scar over his right eye. [37] Nelson's character would be later killed off in the "A Costly Trick of Magic" storyline, leaving Nassour as the sole Doctor Fate character in present times. The Lords of Chaos exists as an enemy to all Doctor Fates, working to ensure to bring about an age known as "Kali Yuga", a period in which chaos and reigns supreme in the known universe. Unlike other depictions of the character, he is instead referred to as simply Fate. [49] Jared's equipment reverts to its original forms and returns to the Tower of Fate upon his death.

Alongside his creation also came a redesign of the Doctor Fate enemy, Wotan. Although he accepts Zatanna's proposal to being among the rotation of hosts for Doctor Fate, he is the only one to question if Zatanna's purpose of training them was to make them hosts of Doctor Fate, suspecting her of manipulating them. [48], Jared Stevens debuted in Fate #0 in 1994, created by John Francis More and Anthony Williams. Created by J.M Dematteis and Keith Giffen, the character was created to replace the original Doctor Fate character, Kent Nelson. The character has appeared in various incarnations, with Doctor Fate being the name of several different individuals in the DC Universe who are a succession of sorcerers, with several attempts to revitalize the character.[1][2][3]. The character would become a member of the Justice Society of America, struggling with upholding the legacy of spell-casters with his initial lack of magical expertise. During this period, Inza Cramer's name as such was amended. She is the goddess responsible for choosing Khalid as the next Doctor Fate due to his pharaoh bloodline. [25] Due to his inexperience, he is eventually taken in by Kent Nelson as his apprentice, the both of them being Doctor Fate. Despite their differences in personality and both Eric's immaturity and true age, Linda is portrayed as having feelings for Erica which are mutual. A group of mystical beings and godly entities representing the concept of order in the DC Universe; the group typically acts in tandem with various incarnations of Doctor Fate, often acting as an agent for them or a balacing force between them and their cosmic opposites, the Lords of Chaos. He would distance himself from Laryn for years after his divorce from Marisa, something he regretted. An elderly woman who was born over a century ago, acting as a host to the Egyptian entity known as T'giian, a Lord of Kemet. Khalid's girlfriend aspiring to be a doctor like Khalid himself. The character was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Howard Sherman, who produced the first three years of monthly Doctor Fate stories. Unlike prior depictions, the character is instead no longer rooted in Egyptian/Mesopotamian mythology and is disassociated with the Lords of Chaos and Order due to being killed off during Infinite Crisis. Eric is eventually killed on Apokolips during a battle with Desaad, forcing Linda to become Doctor Fate on her own. [31] The character would appear in the Reign in Hell miniseries[32] and in Justice Society of America (vol. The character was featured in the Earth 2 ongoing series from #9 (February 2013) onwards. Khalid's childhood best friend and an activist with goals of protesting against wrongdoings from people in Middle Eastern countries despite her family frowning upon her activities. Several incarnations of the Doctor Fate characters appear in the Young Justice animated series featuring difference and deviations compared to the original comic book counterpart: the series features several different incarnations of Doctor Fate based upon pre-existing characters in the comic book's DC Universe. [35] The character's journey & world would be inspired by Marvel Comics' Spider-Man and Doctor Strange[35] and is notably one of DC Comics's first Muslim characters to healine a solo series. A former chief psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, Dr. Benjamin Stone was chosen by the Lords of Chaos as their agent and was corrupted specifically be the Lord, Typhon, to become an antithesis of Doctor Fate. [17], In 1987, Doctor Fate mini-series was released soon afterward, featuring the debut of Eric and Linda Strauss, who would replace the character Kent Nelson as Doctor Fate after being seemingly killed off by the antagonist of the book. Both Tilda and Tooly are supporters of Inza's Doctor Fate, believing her to be a force of good helping the disadvantaged in their particular neighborhood. He defeats Arion but the scarab escapes his grasp. The inside of the tower appears as a twisted maze of stairways and hallways in which the laws of physics do not apply. As opposed to being a traditional sorcerer and spell-caster, he is instead cast similarly to a demon hunter and has the most radical of designs compared to other incarnations of Doctor Fate. Ibrahim Moustafa, Note: Throughout the character's history, despite being referenced in Mesopotamia as early as, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) In other media, Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour) In other media, fictional version of Mesopotamian god of the same name, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, "GK's Where Are They Now? Similarly to the Khalid Nassour incarnation (whom debuted 2 years after Ben-Hassin), the character is also of Egyptian descent raised in America. In the fourth season, he is later among the rotation of the hosts of Doctor Fate. [1], After retiring, the Nelsons hire smuggler Jared Stevens to recover the helmet, amulet, and cloak from an Egyptian tomb. In season four, the character eventually becomes Doctor Fate after proving himself worthy to Nabu in a trial test in which test Khalid's commitment to honoring both his Muslim and homo magi heritage despite it's conflicting nature and post the Lords of Chaos's descent onto Earth through their member, Child. Nassour would also receive a new redesign as Doctor Fate. Zombie,, Articles about multiple fictional characters, DC Comics characters with accelerated healing, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, DC Comics characters who have mental powers, Fictional characters from parallel universes, Fictional characters who can turn invisible, Fictional characters with dimensional travel abilities, Fictional characters with healing abilities, Fictional characters with elemental and environmental abilities, Fictional characters with fire or heat abilities, Fictional characters with air or wind abilities, Fictional characters with earth or stone abilities, Fictional characters with water abilities, Fictional characters with electric or magnetic abilities, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Articles needing additional references from July 2015, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing cleanup from August 2020, Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose from August 2020, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles needing additional references from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. The helmet has given up on life itself and the war between Order and Chaos. However, Mary would learn that despite T'giian's insistence, her will was powerful enough to override T'giian, giving her powers. Overtime, their marriage became strained due to Nabu's influence on Doctor Fate and Inza coming to resent having to be in a passive role within the Tower of Fate, resulting in a loss of a social life. She tries to get Khalid into. He was a founding member of the Justice Society of America.[25]. Having accidentally killed his father due to a deadly gas released from his tomb, the Lord of Order felt pity for the child and trained him in the ways of magic for two decades, bequeathing him his mystical amulet, helmet, and cloak, as well as all of his knowledge before Nelson started his career as a mystic superhero.

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