Thank You! The only thing that threw me off was the safety chains are actually CABLES with loops on the end insted of chains with s hooks just keep in mind when ordering to bring a lock or heavy duty bolt with a nut and washers to secure the cables to the hitch.

So had to tighten everything. Now, you can finance your purchase in minutes.At The USA Trailer , Why are aluminum wheels standard on motorcycle trailers? 49087. All my riding buddies liked the trailer and the way it looks, and when I told them teh price they could not believe it. Posted by David A. on Apr 12th 2019 Posted by Andrew Haaf, Great tarp kit put on my dump trailer and is worth every penny, Posted by Unknown on Mar 1st 2021 Be sure to bring cutters to cut the metal bands and a sharp knife for the shrink wrap. trailer dump axle tandem ton colour This trailer is ready to go to work for you! American Builders Unlimited makes a heavy duty trailer built for our climate. Large Selection of trailers ready for immediatePick-Up. Very good customer service! Not to worry, the ball hitch gives me confidence. The product seems to be well made and works well. by. You may be aware , Our trailers are all designed for the same purpose: to allow you to take more . Posted by Larry Strange on Jul 12th 2018 Posted by Unknown. The trailer came fully assembled but still attached to the shipping pallet. Financing terms are simply an estimate and are by no means a commitment to a specific interest rate or term.

If you want to save money for a tarp system this is a pretty good deal. extra. One minor item, the rails leading to the chocks tend to capture the front tire. Posted by Don, So far no issues trailered bike down to Florida from Indiana with no problems, Posted by C. Bettis on Dec 14th 2018 Posted by Unknown. Thanks. Customer service was excellent (thanks Misty) and shipping was well ahead of the expected time frame. Posted by DarintheRemodeler. What other company does that. Already made two moves(both vintage bikes) and all went smoothly. Note:When selecting the proper tarp size, know that the width should not extend outside the width of the cab shield or bulkhead. Delivery time was brief. I have not been able to install yet package missing 1 Large mount. Please call first to verify availability and current pricing. systems, 6"" pocket with reinforced webbing for added strength and durability, Standard color black, brown available by request. Posted by Kellyn C. Great trailer, easy to pull, and tracks very well. In general, PVC mesh tarps are best suited for the following applications: Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. After looking at many of these, I came across this one. Starting at $109.70 - Our Dump Truck Tarping system comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from, from 5x8 tarp & reaching up to 7x16. Posted by Tom on Jul 28th 2015 Contacted customer service and explained what I was having problem with, and included photos. 5x14 axle

Posted by James Bercot. The Eclipse Dump Truck Tarp System is a high-quality, safe solution to securing those industrial, farm, and even personal hauls. Sometimes you want to turn the wheel for catching balance of the bike. Chains can be adjusted in length as needed with links. Call for availability as our inventory is always changing. I needed a small trailer to pull my Goldwing on behind my RV Trailer. The process was easy and it arrived on time, Posted by Unknown on Apr 22nd 2015 Just 5 Minutes South of Kalamazoo, Trailer Dealer Website Posted by Ricardo on Oct 1st 2018 Posted by David A. Posted by Ricardo. Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2021 Posted by Carlo Alinsod on May 20th 2020 Also came in with a single ramp that stores under the trailer and a wider foldable ramp you can use to load your bike by yourself, the single ram is better to use it with two people loading the bikes. Then I took it for a trip from Indiana to Deal Gap in Tennessee with two sportbikes on it, it pulls very nice and you hardly notice is there, has enough hooks and places to tie your bikes up. This turned out to be exactly what I needed. Posted by Joni T "Fly Goddess". Only write about the product you purchased. Specifications for 83"x16' Low profile Gooseneck Dump Trailer, Financing Available We Ship Anywhere in USA, Premier Custom Trailers Don't even know its there. Every vehicle ad lists the price of the specific vehicle at the time the ad is posted. I gave it 5 because it was as expected, a $150 tarp system. Now, get this: there is no federal law that requires truck drivers to cover loose loads with a tarp. I even like the cables better than chains since I can put two pad locks really easy and prevent any theft of the trailer. I secured them with a carabiner type of attachment. excellent protection from wind and rain, they are not completely waterproof. Very happy with trailer. It's hard to roll this up with just one person, the tarp tends to wrinkle and get caught up, if it had some kind of tension on the bar as you roll it up it will keep it straight. It was delivered to my city in perfect timing and excellent shape. As others have said the instructions could use some work. Posted by donald, dump tarp seems to be well made but the instructions that came with the product are not clear and pictures on product where blurry making it harder to follow instructions. It is a little difficult getting 2 bikes on, and you needed 2 people to be safe. Havent used it yet but I think it will work great. Just did 2200 miles pulling behind motorhome. I am a 62 year old woman and I had no problem moving this well balanced trailer by myself. Posted by Mark S.on July 1st 2022 Posted by Skip from VA on Dec 12th 2015 Overall very pleased with the customer service, prompt responses from them and the trailer quality. Noticed I gave it a 5-starscustomer service my friends. The guys at the bike shop liked the trailer. So for the cost it's a good product. Posted by donald on Jan 20th 2020 Posted by James Bercot on Nov 16th 2018 View this 2023 ABU 7x16 14K Dump Trailer w/Tarp Kit RV for sale on TrailersUSA - Inventory Powered by NetSource Media. You must check this box to continue. Thanks for reading.

Bought this several months ago, but just used it for the first time recently. After having a friend in the Greenville area check one out, I bought it. Nothing fancy, nothing heavy duty, but will get the job done. I had to wait another week for replacement part which arrived yesterday. A few observations, and yes, I'm a little picky. Knowing that at any moment, unrestrained debris might fly off and crack the windshield. At some time or another, each of us has been on the highway behind a truck hauling dirt, sand, gravel, tree branches, or even rocks. Posted by DarintheRemodeler on May 26th 2021 * For your privacy, your phone number will not be provided to the dealership. Within a couple of months they had manufactured a chock that would fit my sportbike. Posted by Skip from VA. My MT-3 trailer arrived in a very timely manner and in perfect condition. Posted by M. Saber. Posted by Tony G on Aug 23rd 2015 Would you or one of your drivers really want to be the cause of an accident? Couldn't be more satisfied. Then I picked it up at the freight company and they were really nice and helped me unwrapped it and put it on the ground, comes fully assembled. Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarps w/ Spline, Extreme durability even under heavy use or severe conditions, Flow-though weave that prevents wind flap, tearing, and abrasion, Universal design to allow easy integration with all standard dump truck tarp kits and And not every state has a law requiring coverage either. They were great and work with me. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This is a low cost tarping system for my dump trailer, I wish I would have bought it a little wider so the tarp covers the trailer a little better. Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more 12394 US 131 N

Also, since I was planning to travel at night, I added reflector tape all around. Posted by Unknown. I mean you want a lil more than the length of your trailer right? My friend saw it in the garage and immediately borrowed it. Copyright 2021 Forest Lake Trailer - All Rights Reserved. What information would other users find helpful. One the other hand the bike is secure! I had no major problems and the tow was unnoticeable. Posted by Unknown on Feb 26th 2020 No problem with two people to roll it up straight. I purchased the trailer three weeks ago, it shipped early with the necessary paperwork mailed ahead of time, it was really easy to register. Lastly, after 2000 miles I notice the right fender bolts were coming loose. Going to try and install after I go get mounting bolts which are not included. The trailer is solid and well designed. Ramp system needs some modifying but other than that pulls easily. Dealer is not responsible for pricing errors. Posted by dd on Oct 27th 2020 tarp systems, and ground level crank tarp systems. The not so good, No instructions and No hardware! Prices do not include motor vehicle tax, title and license fees, or any applicable credit card or finance fees. Posted by Kellyn C. on Jun 19th 2018

Just worked better for me. We know how frightening that can be - especially if we have the kids or other loved ones in the car. Posted by Joni T "Fly Goddess" on Feb 1st 2016 MI, Posted by Kim on Jun 22nd 2020 Posted by Michael on Aug 8th 2015 These heavy duty tarps feature a 17x17 thread count (15oz per sq yd) that can be useful for applications where the standard 11x17 is not enough. A wonderful trailer! I loaded my bike to test everything and found that the chock itself would not trap my front tire tight (even after adjusting to the forward most position). Cables were too long for my set-up. Eclipse Dump Truck Trailer Tarp Kit and System. Exciting news! No biggie.

I will buy a longer tarp, and put it on myself. Every state does have a litter law. It set up more for larger bikes (Harleys, Goldwings, etc). I was looking at a kendon trailer for double the money but decided to go with this one and guess what, this one also stands up on end very nicely and takes up a very small footprint in my garage. Tax, title and any other fees are I finally got to take it on a long trip; Florida panhandle to San Antonio, TX to Cheyenne, WY, and back to Florida. hawke dump trailers 12k 7x12 lo pro utility trailer I had to add some wood to my trailer to get the width for the bars, they are much wider than the tarp, just FYI. Posted by dd. By checking the box you acknowledge that you have reviewed the below photos of the correct triple tree that you MUST have and determined that this product will fit your motorcycle. We are looking forward to many adventures with friends. Remember the chock size I mentioned earlier, After manufacturing it, they ship one to me free of charge. Disclaimer: While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions regarding pricing, vehicle photos, accessories, parts or equipment. Great trailer, I have a 2019 Indian Roadmaster can not see the ramp so loading it sucks but happy with trailer spent another $300 for safe ramps just sayinggood people to deal with at USA Trailers. A lot cheaper than a Kendon. Posted by Unknown on Jun 10th 2016 This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The quality is perfect with many of the same features as trailer twice as much. laid the pieces out on the trailer and figured out the way it should go on.Parts were also missing when package came but the end piece of the carton was taped up as if broke out losing pieces called customer service and very friendly and helpful in getting the missing parts in a timely matter. information. Great trailer. In addition, the tarp length should typically be 2"- 3" longer than the body and the cab shield length. All payments are estimates. Because I have a Harley Davidson ULTRA CLASSIC with a SIDECAR, Posted by M. Saber on Apr 12th 2019

Van handle as I wan't towing. It comes complete with a heavy-duty polypropylene, mesh tarp, tubular steel rods, lock collars, manual crank, detent latch to prevent unrolling, and a standard 2" pocket for the FREE Rear Anti-Sail Bar (brackets and lock collar also included). I've only used a few times so far but it does make life easier. Posted by Tony G. Wanted a small, light-weight, open trailer to tow my sportbike cross-country and for track days. Posted by Larry Strange. Posted by Tom, I was very satisfied with my purchase of our new MT-3 Trailer. Posted by John W. The terminal was very helpful in getting the trailer secured to my truck. I agree with the cable vs chains comment, but for me the cables are fine. No problems just had to think about it. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the trailer. Posted by Tom. After many hours of research, this is the trailer that I wanted. Very high quality construction! The latch that secures the hitch to the ball seems somewhat chintzy, but no problems so far.
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