Its alphabetical. #WarForTheOar, T minus 2 days until the #WarForTheOar.

And that may not be a good thing, but when my dad came up with that, he laughed. This game could also be known for big plays and a lot of points, as it was the first time in series history that both teams have ever scored 30 or more in the same game. The Georgia-Florida game is a huge rivalry, which means it gets a cool rivalry-game name. Because thats what it seemed like the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.. With a Georgia win, the Bulldogs will be winners of six straight games after dropping their first two of the season. Fans can expect to see a few "traitor" signs lingering throughout the crowd this week. If youre speaking to the uninitiated, its easy enough, but we can do better. After suffering many a heartbreaking defeat to the Bulldogs with a conference championship at stake, Florida again entered the contest undefeated in the SEC. His obituary makes no mention of The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. If (Kastelz) hadnt come up with it, you got to think somebody else wouldve. On the Georgia side of things, the Dawgs say they have played the Gators 99 times in this rivalry series. This rivalry was once known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, but is now known by the much more conservative title of the Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic. With renovations to Jacksonville's old Gator Bowl Stadium underway, this traditional neutral-site showdown was held on the schools' campuses for the first time in over 60 years in 1994 and 1995. Another popular event is a BBQ competition between fans from each side. The Gators did win again in relatively easy fashion. They say the rivalry officially began when they met in Jacksonville in 1915.

It was just one of those things writers do when they cant think of what to say about the game, Kastelz told the newspaper. In 1984, Florida fans stormed the field and tore down thegoal postsafter a 27-0 victory; the following year, a 24-3 Georgia win led Bulldogs fans to do the same. His first year at Georgia was 2001.

Theres a ton. One of the best features of this rivalry is that it has its own Hall of Fame. Today, the game is usually simply called the Florida-Georgia game. The Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic is due for its 90th meeting come this Saturday. The name, however, was popular for decades. There is a disagreement in regard to the overall series record. The phrase just came to me. But as far as Floridas concerned, it aint gonna fly as any official moniker. In 2006, all use of the nickname was abandoned by sports media outlets and the city of Jacksonville after requests from both universities and the Southeastern Conference. This fact is pretty darn cool and should be respected by all college football fans. The Gators dominated early, building a 17-0 lead by early in the 2nd half. After scrambling around in his own endzone, Bulldog quarterback Buck Belue found wide receiver Lindsay Scott open in the middle of the field near the Georgia 25-yard-line. Since, now former, Gators head coach Steve Spurrier took over in 1990, the Gators have won 18-of-21 meetings. Its really fantastic. For any sports guru, this game has to be on the bucket list, as it's recognized as something special. Again, this all goes back to the game played in 1904. ( [ "Student Government Report - UGA"] ), *Cocktail party*Florida Gators football*Georgia Bulldogs football, Cocktail party (disambiguation) A Cocktail party is a party where cocktails are served. If the Dawgs take care of the Gators on Saturday, they will almost certainly be heading to Atlanta. Neither school can agree on what to call the rivalry (Florida-Georgia or Georgia-Florida), as well as the all-time record in the rivalry series. Bulldog quarterback Eric Zeier completed what appeared to be the game-tying touchdown to Jerry Jerman with 5 seconds remaining. Talk about going from sounding like a frat party to sounding like a nice, civilized church event. Then, faced with 4th and 1 at his own 29 yard line, Florida coach Doug Dickey decided to go for the first down. It was something that had never been seen in college football before, a team rushing the field after scoring first, not last. However, in a stunning reversal of many earlier upsets in the series, the Gators shocked the Bulldogs 20-13. Additionally, in May 2006, the Southeastern Conference asked the three networks which broadcast SEC football games not to use the moniker "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," as it conveys a message regarding consumption of alcohol that the schools do not desire. (He was retiring anyway.). Inductees are selected by their records, performances, highlights and the memories they've made to make this rivalry special. Cocktail party may also refer to: Cocktail party effect, the ability to pay attention to one conversation among many Cocktail party problem, the digital signal processing application of the Wikipedia, 1980 NCAA Division I-A football season The 1980 NCAA Division I A football season saw Georgia take its first national title since World War II.The Georgia Bulldogs starred freshman running back Herschel Walker, who made his NCAA debut against Tennessee. While many disagree with the name change, one can understand the image that the World's Largest Cocktail Party portrays. The Gators' explosive offense was led by RB Tony Green, and he didn't disappoint as he ran for an early one yard touchdown to put the Gators ahead 7-0. The name rotates each year, depending on who is deemed the home team. The intimidation tactic seemed to work as the Bulldogs won 42-30. The Okefenokee Oar was deemed to be the trophy between the two schools in 2009. The outcome was never in doubt, as Spurrier threw three interceptions in a 27-10 Gator loss. The content on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

The rivalry existing between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs is unlike any other in college football, affectionately known as the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. This isnt something either school created internally, and they certainly havent promoted it. Theres a room in the house filled with Kastelzs old plaques, a note from President Dwight Eisenhower about Kastelzs service in World War II and photos of him with Bear Bryant, DiMaggio and other sports legends. Cynthia Anne Bennett notices a headline in the newspaper or hears a remark on television or sees the T-shirts every year around this time. While both schools have tried to distance themselves from the rivalrys former name, take one late October trip down to Jacksonville and you will understand why it is called that. The game is held annually at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, usually on the last Saturday in October. The name has left many scratching their heads. Which is good, because nobody liked it at all: The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is not called the River City Showdown.It's called The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Albeit a new tradition, it adds character to this already rich rivalry. Teens identified as victims in deadly double shooting near Gwinnett County lake, Medical vs. surgical abortion | What's the difference, Where in north Georgia is currently in a drought | See the maps, Reporter tried to get Kirby Smart to say 'World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party' and fails.

The first agreeable game between the two sides was held in 1915 in Jacksonville, Florida. Everybody else saw it, but nobody else wrote it that way. 9 Florida, only the Gators were ranked (No. Those two instances resulted in 65 arrests, causing the city to crack down on excessive drinking. The Bulldogs set up at their own 25 with 3:10 remaining, and Coach Vince Dooley did something he rarely did: He called a trick play. On the second play following the change of possession, Florida quarterback Kerwin Bell dropped back into his own end zone and lofted a long pass to streaking receiver Ricky Nattiel, who went 96 yards for a touchdown. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. 7 Juan Soto trade ideas that actually make sense. The game has been held in Jacksonville every year since 1933, except for 1994 and 1995, when the contest was held on the respective schools' campus stadiums due to the rebuilding of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars. Make no mistake, though; Kastelz was solid at his craft. This is not something Bulldogs fans want to think aboutbut until they start winning with consistencyit's reality. For more NCAA football news, analysis, opinion and unique coverage by FanSided, including Heisman Trophy and College Football Playoff rankings, be sure to bookmark these pages. As far as attempts to name the game, War for the Oar is pretty good. Unfortunately, Its not something either team runs and grabs and parades around the field after the game. In Muschamp's defense, he did grow up in Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators. It also sounds pretty similar to Red River Showdown, the name for the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry. He didnt grow up attending Florida-Georgia games, didnt know much about the rivalry as a youngster. In the mid-1980s, after fans rushed the field in consecutive years, the city moved to drop the name. It's called The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. To those who knew him in journalism circles, he was practical. It's the largest outdoor cocktail party, or the Florida-Georgia Game Per Florida, the Gators have only played the Dawgs 98 times in this annual division game. [ [ | DogBytes | Football | Magill: Rivalry ripe with great memories 10/26/06 ] ]. No one should expect to make money from the picks and predictions discussed on this website. Georgia won 10-7.

In an interview with The Tampa Bay Times in 1974, Kastelz, who died in 2002, referred to the 1958 game as run-of-the-mill. As he told it, one of the most significant phrases in college football history was the result of a moment of writers block. It may have been a curseGeorgia hasn't won since.

For more information, please read our Legal Disclaimer. Georgia claims that the record is 47-40-2 while Florida disputes the initial meeting in 1904 and says the record stands at 46-40-2. In what is one of the best rivalries in all of college football, this game has an abundance of history behind it. The room is a reminder that the scope of his life goes beyond one line. As with most rivalries, there have been a number of close games over the years, often generating controversy and anguish over how the game ended for one of the teams involved. However, Georgia's drive died in the shadow of the Florida goal line when they were stuffed on 4th down, checking the Bulldogs momentarily but pinning Florida back deep in their own territory. After winning at home in 1994, the Gators put a whoopin' on the Bulldogs in Athens in 1995. For 2018, Georgia is first. After winning big in Gainesville the previous season, the undefeated Gators hoped to repeat the feat in Athens against a struggling Bulldog team led by soon-to-be fired coach Ray Goff. Here are some little known facts about this steeped tradition. Back then, the Times-Union covered most of the state, and one day the sports editor I cant remember his name spoke at some touchdown club down in Daytona or Vero Beach or something and peed in a potted plant, Seely said. RT for the winners of 3 of the last 4, the GEORGIA BULLDOGS In a move that served to rally the underdog Bulldogs and add fuel to the rivalry, the 2007 game will be remembered for "The Celebration", in which the entire Georgia team left the sideline after their first touchdown. Here's what people had to say on Twitter about the new name: What the heck is this crap? While it has led to ridicule by some, such as one dean's comparing Mace to Dean Wormer from "Animal House", the move will likely lead to a renewed examination of the future of fall break. But it was not to be. Word got back to the Times-Union. After 60 years, it doesnt have to. Here are some potential trade packages for Juan Soto with the deadline looming. However, Florida did not field an official team until 1906. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local., What the hell is the river city showdown?!? Florida beat Georgia, 7-6, on Nov. 8, 1958, in a game that is never listed among the most memorable in one of college footballs best all-time rivalry series. Georgia was down 21-20 with time running out, facing a 3rd and long from their own 8 yard line. So, this is the teetotaling attempt by some to have something that sounds like the old thing. For the seniors on both teams, no one wants to lose their last game to the other. After going to several, thats what Kastelz thought.

All advice, including picks and predictions, is based on individual commentators opinions and not that of Minute Media or its related brands. The Bulldogs would sure like to take it back to Athens this year. While Jacksonville is technically a neutral site, it is located only 73 miles from Gainesville, home of the Gators. What this means is that both teams will be rested, prepared and focused.

After all, the last thing a college kid needs is an excuse to drink all day long. "We are aware of the problems in the past and will do everything we can to stop things from happening in the future.". It doesnt go according to the alphabet. He just wrote about what he saw. But theres no panache here. There have been two subsequent attempts, in 2003 and 2004, to change fall break to a different weekend. Reportedly, this was intended to reduce absences and alarming traffic fatality trends related to students traveling to Jacksonville for the game, a 342 mile trip which would, without the break, need to be made in one night. 3-ranked Georgia team (7-0) against a Florida team (3-3) trying to find its identity. All College Football news fromFanSided Daily, Deshaun Watson is only waiving no-trade clause for Dolphins, 25 most iconic sports photos from Getty Images this week, the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, Tennessee football: Former promising Vols QB recruit enters transfer portal, Carson Palmer Floats Mike Tomlin For USC Head Coaching Job, Which Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds, College football upset picks Week 9: Michigan and 5 teams on upset alert, Michigan-Michigan State football rivalry: History, series record, rivalry trophy. City of Jacksonville, Florida Consolidated citycounty Top, left to r Wikipedia, Florida Gators football NCAAFootballSchool TeamName = Florida Gators football CurrentSeason = 2008 Florida Gators football team ImageSize = 145px HeadCoachDisplay = Urban Meyer HeadCoachLink = Urban Meyer HeadCoachYear = 4th HCWins = 31 HCLosses = 8 HCTies = Stadium = Wikipedia, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Infobox Stadium stadium name = Jacksonville Municipal Stadium nickname = location = 1 Stadium Place Jacksonville, Florida 32202 broke ground = 1994 opened = August 18,1995 closed = demolished = owner = City of Jacksonville operator = Spectacor Wikipedia, University of Florida Infobox University name=University of Florida motto= Civium in moribus rei publicae salus (Latin) mottoeng=The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens established=1853 type=Public calendar=Semester chairman=Dianna Fuller Wikipedia, Georgia Bulldogs football under Jim Donnan, Georgia Bulldogs football under Mark Richt. [cite news | last=Jones | first=Bryan | title=Rivalry back alive after Bulldogs' raucous celebration | date=30 October 2007 | publisher=Independent Florida Alligator| url=;_ylt=AuAVH2xd3CPlgGwGdTijSCA5nYcB?slug=uwire-commentaryrivalrybackalive&prov=uwire&type=lgns ] The celebration drew two personal foul penalties and threw the entire stadium into an uproar.

2022 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved. The police walk through tailgates and hand out Minor In Possession citations like theyre going out of style. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. For other uses, see Jacksonville (disambiguation). In 1958, her father Bill Kastelz, who was a longtime columnist and editor for the Florida Times-Union, coined the phrase the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.. The 52 points put up by the Gators is the most ever allowed by a Georgia opponent at home. These two teams have met annually since 1926 with the exception of 1943 when the Gators did not field a team during the middle of World War II. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Its a social event. We do not allow our licensees to use the phrase World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, or anything with the terms war or battle, a Florida spokesperson told SB Nation. [ [ YouTube - Georgia vs. Florida: 1980 Classic ] ], Long-time Georgia radio announcer Larry Munson's legendary call of the play (which still gives old fans of both schools the shivers, though for opposite reasons) gave the game its name: [ [ Sarasota Herald-Tribune: October 28, 2005-This one steeped in history by Mic Huber] ]. Gator running back Earl Carr was stopped short. All picks and predictions are suggestions only. All-American DE Jack Youngblood made a big difference pulling off one of the greatest plays in Florida history in a 24-17 Florida victory. Since 1915, with few exceptions, these two rivals have met in Jacksonville, Fla. nearly every year. The No. The latest in the sports world, emailed daily.

It wasnt like he created something. "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" is a common name for the annual college football game between the University of Florida Gators and the University of Georgia Bulldogs, one of the great rivalries in college football; it is officially known as the "Florida-Georgia/Georgia-Florida Game" (switching every year). Well, it seems they're attempting to impose a new name on everyone: "The River City Showdown.". The city of Jacksonville, Florida reaps the benefits of hosting this game every year, as thousands upon thousands of college football fans flock to Jacksonville to take in the festivities. In past years, fans from Florida and Georgia were assigned seats grouped in alternating sections of the stadium, and the contrasting colors worn by the fans created a "beach ball" visual effect in the stands. Im in the middle of the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party. . In 2000, the University of Georgia changed their fall break to coincide with the date of the game. Georgia was a heavy favorite entering the contest with a perfect 8-0 record and a were ranked number 4 in the country. Regarding the Cocktail Party, does this picture from outside the stadium last year just scream "River City Showdown" to you? Athens, Georgia, home of the Bulldogs, is 342 miles to the north. However, this was not 1984 all over again. However, officials ruled that Florida cornerback Anthone Lott had called a timeout just before the ball was snapped, forcing the Bulldogs to play the down again. With this series being very competitive for the better part of the last two decades, Florida won the most recent game over Georgia. Florida had a seven-game streak over the Dawgs during the peak Steve Spurrier days from 1990-1996. These states border one another and no fan likes to endure the hardship of losing to the rival for an entire year. Florida-Georgia Game Hall of Fame Members (through 2007). Despite the Georgia Bulldogs having the overall record, the Florida Gators have dominated the last two decades of this rivalry. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site.

Though it is undisputed that Georgia has the all-time series lead in the rivalry, neither school can agree on the score. I refer to it as Georgia-Florida, Theus said, smiling. The Gators led by a touchdown on a rainy day in Jacksonville, but Georgia mounted a late drive deep into Florida territory. Zeier's final pass fell incomplete, and the Gators escaped with a 33-26 win. The "Junkyard Dawgs" defense was fantastic, as they allowed yards between the 20s but nothing in the red zone. In an interesting note, Muschamp never beat the Gators in his time at Georgia. Google searches dont yield conclusive results as to the origin of this attempt to name the game, and its not a very popular movement. Fans on both sides still call it The Cocktail Party, as do people in Jacksonville. However, the city and school's eventually began separating themselves with that name because of the alcoholic tomfoolery continuing every year in Jacksonville. Kastelz said he came up with the name after seeing a drunk, stumbling fan offer an alcoholic beverage to an on-duty police officer.

After the game, Spurrier admitted that he had wanted to be the first opponent to hang "half a hundred" on the Bulldogs in their own stadium because "we heard no one had ever done that before." The line and the 60 years since is proof that there is some truth in hyperbole. What's the River City? This week he would like to beat his alma mater and get his program at Florida on track. Thats my fraternity, and Id bet Im only slightly out of frame of the camera shot. Since the 1950s, the game has been known as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (User Agreement updated 1/1/21. [ [ Florida Times-Union: September 9, 2005-SEC EXTRA: Payback's for the 'Dogs] ] The record of 52 points scored on Georgia between the hedges still stands. Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement updated 7/1/2022). Although they went on to win the SEC championship, the defeat at the hands of their hated rival cost the Bulldogs a shot to play for a national title. The nickname for the matchup--today scheduled for 2:30 p.m. in Jacksonville, Fla.--is no longer used officially by college officials, marketing representatives or others because of the association with alcohol. However, Florida has gone 15-3 in the game since 1990 (Georgia winning in 1997, 2004 and 2007) to follow a similar 15-5 domination by Georgia through the 70s and 80s. The crowd in the stadium is generally split 50-50 between the two schools' fans. And thats how Kastelz became sports editor.. However, Florida disputes this game because that University of Florida was not connected to the modern institution in place in Gainesville.

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