Additionally, Surplus Property provides unique services to qualified veterans and certain small businesses. Hi Golden. I just fixed the Ohio state surplus auctions link. The Vermont link doesnt bring you anywhere that make sense? Made by Club Car. var pubStdate = new Date(pubStartDate); var pubFinaldate = monthNames[pubStdate.getMonth()]+pubStdate.getDate(); It gets worse, an item stolen at an airport is likely to be quite far away in a few hours, if not even outside of the country, so tracking it is very challenging. The surplus and confiscated goods auction site listing for Hawaii is added. Not yet, worth writing up though if I can find anything about Oz. Thanks for asking, I've added the Louisiana surplus property website address to the article. All surplus sales are final. State Surplus Property - View e-newsletter. 9. View current auctions for City of Atlanta surplus. Some confiscated items are put up directly for sale though, and you can find it on the websites for direct purchase. Had a good look around for alternatives, but as far as I can see, that's the right one now. I also added the link to the Arizona online surplus actions. Anyone can view all items available for sale at prior to registering Most of the stuff is donated to non-profits. A system generated Notice of Award will be sent to the e-mail address you entered send an email to Dave McMurray or call 806.743.2093 with the name of the person who will be picking up the property Thinking Houston should have one? No. ", "Jul. ", "Jun. TSA is a federal agency not a state agency.. they will burn in hell, low wage goons. For on-line auctions, all bids are done on the website ", ", "Jul. Arizona doesn't auction online unfortunately, the TSA goods are auctioned off with the land / state goods. I've updated the link to be the main auction page. We may not be able to grant all requests due to space constraints The Department of Procurement has partnered with to sell City assets that are surplus-to-requirements to the highest bidder via online public auctions. All airport baggage personel and TSA staff at every airport are nothing but a theft ring. Mgmt/propmgt.htm, National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property, Elite JFK travelers get pampered by American Airlines. Think about that. and other considerations. Peanut butter is likely considered a paste or gel, so anything above the 100ml limit wouldn't be allowed past security. Thanks for joining the discussion. Once the online auction is closed you will be able to see online who had the highest No refunds will be issued. I don't believe any do, simply because they tend to be auctions and state run. ", ", "Apr. If you are a faculty or staff member or student of TTU, TTUHSC, TTUHSC El Paso or 12. Yes, there are the occasional instances of theft at security, but compared with those from checked luggage, they're unusual. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Elite JFK travelers get pampered by American AirlinesGet fingerprinted leaving the USA, The following HTML is allowed:

. Anybody know what happens to this stuff in MA? So for Utah I have looked all over the fleet web site that is posted to use but can not see where to go. The Arizona public auction link has been fixed, as usual the public websites are updated without redirecting old pages! When applicable, GA sales taxes will be collected unless there is a tax-exempt certificate. Over one million pieces of luggage were classified as "missing" and never located (ever)by the airlines last year. E,g Holley carburettor from either Ohare or Lax airports. pubStdate.setMinutes(pubStdate.getMinutes() - offset); Email: [emailprotected], For State Customers: Our inventory of State property is full of great office supplies and furniture. Copyright 1999-2022 IronPlanet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For Federal Surplus sales, see GovSales. You must be registered before you can place bids utilizing the on-line auction process. Yes. Any claim for mis-description must be made prior to removing the property. If the person/company awarded property fails to pay for the property prior to the The transfer or disposition of data processing equipment, such as computers, is The Vermont link for state surplus auctions is updated now. Is this only for USA? time indicated on the NOTIFICATION - Award of Property, the property purchased will Minnesota and North Carolina state surplus links are both updated. That's becoming increasingly common and probably results in higher sales prices for the gov't. Why do they confiscate wine after the flight coming into the U.S.? Please keep this in mind when determining Organizations must register with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services in order to receive surplus property. Our dedicated team of health care professionals and staff strive to provide patients with high-quality, safe health care services. var AnnouncementCount = 'announcements4'; bid closing. Government property that is no longer used is redistributed or sold. For Non-Motorized Commodities, please completethis form. Oklahoma requires a password when you click on it. If I bid on more than one item and I am the highest bidder on several items, do TSA are a bunch of maggots. var offset = pubStdate.getTimezoneOffset(); If wine, or any alcohol, would be taken at security by the TSA, it would be poured out. I would prefer that there was paperwork to sign so that I can get my stuff back when I return. Therefore, please be prepared to pay for all What types of items do you have in the auctions? Questions about the accreditation of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 by calling 404-679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOCs website ( var offset = pubStdate.getTimezoneOffset(); looking at it, you assume all risk. ", "Apr. Yes. To take advantage the benefits, all organizations must apply. What is the link for the Puerto Rico site? Georgia may have closed its stores, but moved to selling surplus via eBay, Public Surplus, and GovDeals instead. You want to look into the California auctions, What is the link to Oakland ca or San Francisco airports thank you. the amount you are willing to spend for an item. I should look into the UK situation for airport security confiscated items and their disposal. Hi Lisa, thanks for letting me know, I've added in the new links for Florida surplus now. Share & Bookmark, Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option, ATLDOT Shareable Dockless Mobility Payments, Report a Potential Hazard in the Street or Sidewalk, File a Complaint or Compliment about an Atlanta Police Officer, Tabulation and Pre-Conference Sign In Sheets. var offset = pubStdate.getTimezoneOffset(); Find more information about program eligibility, auctions and sales, other policies at the Department of Administrative Services website. Sugarland Texas link does not work. Photographs and descriptions are provided solely for the purpose of aiding you to 200 Piedmont Avenue SE You never know, they might have the perfect item for your holiday travel shopping! If someone other than the winning bidder will be picking up the property, please What about the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico? Woo, some pretty strong opinions on the TSA there. Stay up-to-date with TTUHSC El Paso news and events. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Should a bidder be the highest bidder on more than one item, the bidder is required The state surplus auctions are held regularly, and if you're planning to show up for it, it's definitely best to check if you have to register beforehand. Set up your profile online at and list the items you need. ASU and think you may have COVID-19 (coronavirus), Email us Sellers wrestle with this issue all the time. :(. I attend the Louisiana state auctions almost monthly and I have never found any of the items that would have been confiscated by the TSA, so there must be another place they auction them off? What about the other states? Buying the confiscated goods either from the TSA or individual states is done in auctions 90% of the time. Share & Bookmark, Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option, Department of Family and Children Services, Community Improvement District Feasibility Study, C-VAP (Clayton Vendor Access Portal) Vendor Self Service, Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), Commissioner Dr. Alieka Anderson, District 1, Vice Chair Commissioner Gail Hambrick, District 2. Auction items vary from day to day. var offset = pubStdate.getTimezoneOffset(); The Terms and Conditions are posted on each item. ", "May. Colorado link isn't working- looks like a pirated site. Probably better not to express that during security. items you place bids for., Created by GRANICUS - Connecting People and Government. How you know. ", "Jul. You will be able to review and update your user profile, account status, see items I don't think it's the peanut butter itself, so try a smaller container next time? Phone: 404-657-8544 IronPlanet, Asset Appraisal Services, TruckPlanet, GovPlanet, Kruse Energy, IronClad Assurance and Auctions you can trust are service marks of IronPlanet, Inc. All other marks and brands are the property of their respective owners. IAH and HOU are both in Houston. Members of the public can learn about deals online: So they would never arrive in an auction under any circumstance. How will I know how much time I have to pay and remove items I have been awarded? "Aug. ", "Sep. ", "Oct. ", "Nov. ", "Dec. " ]; Property not redistributed to eligible program participants is sold to the public through online auctions. When I followed the colorado link, I was rerouted to which did not relate to items confiscated by the state of Colorodo. The TSA doesn't just throw out the items confiscated at security checkpoints. Am I missing something or not seeing the link? Thanks. "Aug. ", "Sep. ", "Oct. ", "Nov. ", "Dec. " ]; They just busted a stewardess in Seattle who snagged a passenger's iPad. What are the terms and conditions of sale? The DOAS Surplus Property Division redistributes and disposes of state personal property (not real estate), to state and local governments, eligible non-profits. What is that all about? Are there any handling charges or fees added to my bid amount? To learn more about the donee application, visit our eligibility page: What happens if I am the high bidder on an item and I do not pay for the item ", "Jul. I see why you raise the points you do. bid. on your behalf.

Probably much more useful than a storefront in the end. For more information about the Citys surplus auction program, please contact: Annette Bettis How will I be notified if I am the highest bidder for items I bid on using the Once registered, you will be able to logon, review available property and place bids. My mom works for a cruise line, and they don't confiscate stuff, but people do tend to forget all kinds of things they bring on the ship, so every once in a while the company has a big flea market available to employees. 55 Trinity Ave SW Suite 1900 the one on the list is broken. I just updated the link to the Alaska state surplus outcry auctions. stealing peoples things, selling them at auctions. Please do not try to pick up property until you receive the emailedGeorgia Bill of Sale with pick up instructions. var pubFinaldate = monthNames[pubStdate.getMonth()]+pubStdate.getDate(); We have everything from chairs and file cabinets to projectors and mobile carts. Complete this brief survey to help us improve your experience. 11. var pubStdate = new Date(pubStartDate); arrangements are needed. var NewCount = 'news1'; That's cheap goods right there! pubStdate.setMinutes(pubStdate.getMinutes() - offset); 13. Why did tsa confiscate my peanut butter? For the latest general information on the state government shutdown, please visit". var monthNames = [ "Jan. ", "Feb. ", "Mar. You're unfortunately correct in that most times there's no real investigative effort made when things are stolen at the airport. I have to purchase all the items? If youre not sure, simply contact our office and well be happy to check and help your community either take advantage of this program, or if needed, help you get set up for the first time. Yep. Our FAQ page can also provide answers to questions about our services. An official website of the State of Georgia. 4. Looks like Florida you can't purchase their items.

Instead, they are donated to organizations. Offered property is used and sold in as-is, where-is condition. is there an update for the minnesota site. Also a whole lot of confiscated goods end up on eBay for the same reason. Often, the individuals reporting the property have no idea of its operational condition, if it is complete, and occasionally, what it even is! prior to bidding during normal viewing hours. Suite 1804, West Tower Stay up-to-date with TTUHSC El Paso news and events. What's the story here? Maybe I can buy back my scissors that got confiscated! Please update or advise on how to get back my valuable confiscated item. how do these scum bags get away with this? Departments wishing to auction surplus commodities can do so by submitting the relevant application below to Procurement staff.

I find it funny when my mom comes home with watches and bracelets she wouldn't have otherwise bought. Any stats available of items confiscated? The site includes search options, photos and a description of @Daniel, I've not been able to find any outlets for either. when you registered. Thanks for the notice on the California links, this is fixed now.

We have qualified staff who are ready to help organizations obtain surplus property. $("#"+NewCount).html(pubFinaldate); Surplus Property to Launch New Scheduling App. Local, state, and federal government websites often end in .gov. This week we also have 3D glasses! I'm diabetic and had my meds with me. Award of Property? Ever wonder what happens to the personal property the state no longer needs? Is there another website that would get to sales of the confiscated items? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Call 1-800-GEORGIA to verify that a website is an official website of the State of Georgia. Public Health Advisory: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Be a part of the County's website redesign! Thank you Kate, I've updated the Colorado public / state surplus links. Eligible organizations, or donees, include state government agencies, municipal governments, non-profit organizations, and some small businesses working with the U.S. Small Business Administration. North Carolina address comes up "Error"????? View more information and bid today >, For Federal Customers: We have quality surplus property that will help you save resources. You won't get into the cockpit without either a crowbar or a gun Hi LS. Do you happen to have the link for Michigan? It's probably likely they'll sell or give away confiscated items from here via charitable organizations. Puerto Rico does not seem to have a website for TSA or state surplus. each item. Since Georgia State Surplus is located around the state, we can only see the description and photos provided. Seems they have re-organized things yet again. I can not find a site in Florida that disposes of the TSA Surplus stuff left behind by travelers at airports. Those parts wouldn't exactly be common, and are probably fine to take through security (with a few extra inspections of course). I can't find anything for MA. No. ", "May. From the page: "This State of Minnesota website has been suspended for the duration of the state government shutdown. TTUHSC El Paso provides a variety of educational opportunities for current and future physicians. Great article, do you have any addresses for Australia. Surplus government property is any federal or state property that is no longer needed. "Aug. ", "Sep. ", "Oct. ", "Nov. ", "Dec. " ]; Anyone can register to bid on these items. We prefer to err on the side of caution and have the buyer inspect the item so there is no question. The Colorado Correctional Industries is the surplus outlet company for Colorado. TTUHSC El Paso is located in the second largest binational metropolitan area on the U.S.-Mexico border. Nothing is confiscated by the TSA coming into the country. Do you know what they do with firearms that they have confiscated? All bidders are cautioned and encouraged to The paperwork is just filed, with much laughter. creating a login. pubStdate.setMinutes(pubStdate.getMinutes() - offset); All Items are As is-Where is and need to be paid for and removed within 5 days of of quality or condition. I can find surplus stuff but it is all cars/trucks/etc. 15. In no way should they be used in making a determination 14. Michigan surplus auctions link is fixed now. var monthNames = [ "Jan. ", "Feb. ", "Mar. For the general public, surplus items are available via online auctions through and to purchase all items they are awarded. var monthNames = [ "Jan. ", "Feb. ", "Mar. Great post. and/or placing a bid. We highly encourage organizations to complete the application process and reach out to our staff for any needed assistance. Thanks for the idea! I consider everything they have "confiscated" to be stolen. A brief set of instructions for departments is availablehere. Wisconsin link, does not work, shows error. Tel: (404) 330-6204 How accurate are photographs and descriptions? Maybe the state doesn't waste their time on selling these items, maybe the employee's enjoy the "LOOT". $("#"+NewCount).html(pubFinaldate); Marketplace Facilitator Law Takes Effect April 1. var pubStartDate = '3/16/2020 9:15:00 AM'; controlled by Texas Government Code 403.278 or Texas Government Code Chapter 2175. Thank you, I've updated the Massachusetts link for government surplus property available to the public to buy at auction. var NewCount = 'news2'; Arizona is for land only, do you have one for TSA etc. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to all of our donee and public customers!

identify items of interest. Bob, I just found the Michigan state surplus site, which is where the TSA puts up the confiscated goods for sale. All items are sold "AS IS - WHERE IS." Atlanta, GA 30303 $("#"+NewCount).html(pubFinaldate); var pubStartDate = '1/22/2016 4:45:00 AM'; Most of the items that you're mentioning aren't actually confiscated at the security gate. Actually, looks like they've shut their entire website together with pretty much abandoning gov't in Minnesota. Hopefully things will go back to normal shortly. Customs may if duty isn't going to be paid, but TSA only checks goods as it comes through security. ", "Jun. items are available. Remember, you are bidding on used property, there is a reason it is being disposed of: Surplus Property Technology Resources Enable Teleworking for State var pubStartDate = '8/10/2020 5:00:00 AM'; Yes, Florida seems to donate their TSA swag and I can't locate a Utah website either. Much is donated, but a lot is also given over to individual states' surplus departments and auctioned. Should you choose to bid on an item without ", "May. This stinks!!! 10.

Selling the stuff they steal from travelers. You can also look at the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property website or this list of sites. A 10% fee is added to the winning bid. Can you help by listing the location? An official website of the State of Georgia. I don't think any of the 'surrendered' items are really all that dangerous, including things like knives. Utilizing surplus property rather than buying new, saves organizations and the State tax dollars by extending the useful life of property. Many Georgia nonprofit organization may be eligible to participate in the program too! ", "Apr. var monthNames = [ "Jan. ", "Feb. ", "Mar. What is the reasoning behind confiscating a 12oz Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar at the airport? Can I allow someone else to Pick-up items I have been awarded? Pleas help.

Further, not all airports actually have TSA as security, and other arrangements are in place. Can I be on an alert list to let me know when a specific type of item becomes We provide free workshops and online training for organizations to get started. var pubStartDate = '3/17/2020 8:30:00 AM'; Even then, it's mostly done by other passengers. You may browse items without I would love to take part in the TSA shopping! @Danny, not sure, I'd assume they are re-sold via a dealer on consignment once checked out to be safe for use. Surplus Property's mission is to redistribute (recycle) as much as possible to state offices, local governments and some nonprofit groups. be promptly re-listed and the bidder will be blocked. ", "Jun. Most states combine auctions for TSA confiscated goods, state surplus, and goods confiscated by law enforcement, which means not only can you get cheap Leathermans, but you may also be able to pick up a car. What about the UK?? you have placed bids on and see items you have been awarded. Several states require this. var pubFinaldate = monthNames[pubStdate.getMonth()]+pubStdate.getDate(); Yes. But that mirrors petty theft in most situations. Arizona link is not working at this time. "Aug. ", "Sep. ", "Oct. ", "Nov. ", "Dec. " ]; It provides the opportunities and environment for direct intellectual and interpersonal exchanges among nursing, medical, and graduate research students on one campus. Louisiana for example, eyeflare travel & tips is Jack Norell 1994-2022 All Rights Reserved,,,,,,, I've never had anything confiscated by TSA; I attribute that to constantly checking the website when I'm preparing for a trip. Everything with real value, such as cameras, jewelry and electronics is smuggled out in the pockets of airport personnel on a daily basis. available? The equipment condition may change in the time it is presented and then sold and removed. There are no warranties associated with any items sold through TTUHSC Surplus. However, much of the loot confiscated items are actually sold online by the individual states via TSA auctions. The Massachusetts site does not contain any links to confiscated TSA goods from Boston Logan or any other site. Think this has been put online after the last time I expanded this list. var pubStdate = new Date(pubStartDate); Seems small number considering size of the state. Tech University Health Sciences Center as the Agency. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees. Airport theft is an issue, but does not have much bearing on items confiscated by the TSA during security screening. 3. Call 806.743.2093 if special It would be great to find an actual store address in SC or NC for TSA Surplus, the website is not any help. State of Georgia government websites and email systems use or at the end of the address. (? Second link for California,, is broken. Surplus property is either redistributed to other government entities or sold to certain organizations and the public. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. #GAStateProperty, Open to the Public! Maybe we need a vigilante group putting tracking devices in our cameras, x-boxes, etc., so we can do the same? Request these items before they are gone. The CT TSA/surplus link returns an error. You can monitor the items for sale on the website Atlanta, GA 30334. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso | 5001 El Paso Drive | El Paso, TX 79905, Distance Education and Academic Partnerships, Obstetrics and Gynecology - Transmountain, MPIP - Business Office/Central Registration, Student Affairs - Francis Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Site Policies, Manuals and State Reporting. Before sharing sensitive or personal information, make sure youre on an official state website. What is done to the wine after it is confiscated? Surplus property does not include real estate. Almost every Georgia local government is already enrolled in the program. electronic bidding method? $("#"+AnnouncementCount).html(pubFinaldate); How can I buy surplus property for private use?

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