Tip for consumers:Worth my hard earned money and will continue my subscription with them. I have been in contact with Japan Crate customer support. This is a very long winded way of saying my January subscription box was Inku Crate a subscription box themed around Japanese stationery. Hes just so cute, and so soft! Have a great day! I did feel like the items in this box didnt really fit the theme, and it did seem like just a bunch of random items put together. I obviously collect a lot of anime merchandise, but I think theres something inherently different about buying a figure or plushie of a character you love, rather than one you just happen to get in a subscription box (looking at you, Donald Duck plushie). I know Ill definitely use these items all the time, so it feels like a really smart purchase over some of the items I was getting in other subscription boxes. At first I wasnt totally sure what to do with it, but I realised its the perfect size for a pencil case! Amazing customer service and the box was so cute. If you are looking to get a taste of Japan and their snacks, try Japan Crate! Will subscribe again when shipping to Australia is back to normal.

Japan crate is truly the best. Ill be using my new bamboo toothbrush to take on trips with me, so I dont have to take my electric toothbrush and charger, a huge space saver! A pencil case was definitely needed, what with all the pens Ive been getting in these sub boxes! Thank you so much. Good product quality and quantity, but let down by atrocious customer service. Its not really a pillowcase as it is open at the ends, but its still pretty functional. Loved the Gudetama plush, cute spoon, and face mask holder, too. A carefully curated selection of 8-10 Japanese stationery items ranging from notebooks & planners to pens, markers, fun accessories and more. Im not sure where My Melody rates in my Sanrio league chart, obviously I would have preferred a Pom Pom Purin one, but this isnt so bad really.

For the first time order, Japan crate never disappoint me with the result.

What was your favourite item in this months Inku Crate? We really appreciate it. Its so kawaii. DHL took less than a week to deliver from Japan to Australia after they received the items, proving Japan Crate's excuses of international freight delays, customs clearance delays etc. ), and on opening there was a strong visual impact with the box packaged really cutely and bursting with goodies! For the crate itself, packaging is excellent, out of lots of monthly crates received, never had any order arrived damaged in any way.

Thanks for the feedback. We are completely impressed with all the detail put into the box. The original artist is Studio Dalgona, and here is a tweet about the stolen artwork! Whilst it is very cute, Im pretty gutted, as the other plushie option was Pompompurin who is my absolute favourite Sanrio character! With regards to the crate, the packaging is amazing! So, when the time comes and received my crate and checked it.

My next items, above, were bothMy Neighbour Totorothemed. No refund yet. What did you think of the items in this box? Anyway, onto the goodies.

View ohnoitsjadecosplays profile on Facebook, Unboxing: ISpyKawaiiSuppliesKawaii MysteryBox. I loved my first DokiDoki crate! The fun of Japan brought to your door through delicious Japanese candy and snacks.

Its the perfect colour for my bedroom so its in there at the moment, but it has nothing in it! ISpyKawaiiSupplies has an option on their Etsy that you can pick a character or theme for the smaller boxes, or you can pick a larger box. Its made of a towelling material, so would be good for popping over your normal pillow if youve got damp hair or something like that Im very prone to going to bed with wet hair, so thats what Ill be using mine for!

(o__). I love the design on them. Ive been trying.

Its very unique. That was everything for the Ghiblis Delivery Service YumeTwins box. The sixth item in the box was Tsum Tsum Sticky Notes. And so, as predicted, my July YumeTwins box arrived in record time. Im not complaining, as it gives me lots of cute items to use both in every day life and when Im working on my journal!

Tip for consumers:The customer service of Japan Crate will respond and keep telling you to 'please wait'', that the items are in transit, that there are customs delays and a whole lot of other excuses. Ive previously mentioned that I wasnt going to buy any subscription boxes prior to my trip to Japan, and then the subsequent cancellation of the trip led to March sad-time spending. My next item was a Splatoon x Sanrio cup. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Item number 1 was this really cute Rilakkuma blanket. The box itself is pastel coloured (just my vibe! I love the different foods that are in each box monthly and how they go so well with the seasons. Then Japan Crate tried to say customs clearance and international transit times were the cause of the delay, which is a blatant lie because DHL never received the parcel so there was no international transit or customs clearance. Im really happy with my SoKawaii box! Culture Shack is the blog for Ohnoitsjade, a gaming and anime obsessed cosplayer. Tip for consumers:I recommend to get a monthly themed doki crate for you to enjoy. Ordered in JAN. Have not received. Some of the snacks are really good and someare different, but I love to try everything regardless. Again, Im not too familiar with Sumikko Gurashi, but I seem to get something in every subscription box I get so I should probably get into it more! The price for this box was good considering that it was coming from Japan. Doki Doki is all things Kawaii (cute). They have five different subscriptions and comes directly from Japan. Im not a fan of Splatoon, having never played, but obviously I do like Sanrio.

When I was journalling at the weekend I said to myself that next time I went to a supermarket I needed to buy glue, so this has come at the right time! I'm so in believably happy with my Doki Doki Crates that I received. My mom gifted me a crate and I really love that they include exclusive Japanese anime themed candies and also games! If you click a link and buy something, I receive a commission for the sale.

As I said in my Anime Limited unboxing, theres something about a mystery package thats really appealing to me I think really just boils down to the element of surprise and chance. Hes just so cute, and so soft! It hasnt photographed particularly well, and it is a lot more muted and pastel in real life, which is totally my aesthetic. Ive, Welcome to this unboxing and review of the Inku Crate Subscription Box November 2021. I knew theyd be full of practical items that Id definitely use. Next up I got these items which will beperfectfor journalling. You dont tell anything to people about paying toll for the crate aswell! Normally Im a person who gets the biggest glass possible and drinks pints of water at a time, so this is a little smaller than Im used to, but I think it will be a good glass for having an alcoholic beverage or two, or taking it on a picnic its plastic so theres no chance of it getting broken outside! The first item in the box was a Demon Slayer pencil.

I absolutely love my Inku crates, they are a real highlight every month.

I got a couple of pens first up is a sweets u-marker. It's fun trying new things! I also got the above, which, though very cute, I haveno idea how it fits with the work/play theme. I love putting stickers on my journal pages and on penpal letters, so these stickers will be perfect! The bag looks extremely out of proportion here next to the toothbrush, but I can assure you it isnt the worlds smallest bag! We're sorry about the experienced rest assured, we are trying our best to sort all things out when putting up future crates. favourite item this month the sakura Cinnamoroll! The boxes are lovely, the products are really cute but the shipping and delivery are terrible. Its pretty practical too, as now Im working from home I do use a plug-in mouse for my work laptop, so Ill definitely get use out of it. I love the practicality of having stationery subscription boxes, and Im finding Im getting much more out of them than the regular subscription boxes I was getting, so Ive continued! Just tested the box and we will certainly order back in the future. Lovely feedback Evelyn!

Due to the good old rona, shipping times worldwide have been totally ruined. Its a great choice indeed.

Tip for consumers:I might order again in the future. Which item is your favourite? I went ahead as I have lots of friends who like it, so I figured I could gift the item to one of them, which is exactly what Ive done (or will do once lockdown is over!).

As I said before, I really love getting stickers so I can jazz up my bullet journal! I've never bought from them before but the way their crate entries are formatted makes it very organized, quick, and easy :) Thank you very much.

$#*!ing kidding me?! Unfortunately the box didnt arrive in May or June, and in fact came in July.

The stationery in the crate varies nicely every month, meaning you don't accumulate just different versions of the same stuff over and over. everything looks great. My childhood stationery obsession has come back full force, and I cannot stop buying stationery mystery boxes. The other one is a toppings for noodles or rice. I'm so amazed that there are lots of Kit Kat flavors. This was really the reason that I signed up for the 3 month subscription, as I collect themed playing cards. I suscribed quarterly last year. And finally, the last item in the May YumeTwins box was this origami set ofKikis Delivery Service. In February I got a few smaller subscription boxes via Etsy, which I didnt do posts on, but I also got an Inku Crate as I have done in previous months.

Ive also been doingstate spotlightshighlighting small businesses. Well definitely take this into account. Im looking forward to using all of these products. Fish Furikake. I also got a pencil that made me very nostalgic its one of the ones that you take out from the bottom and then put in the top to change the colour youre using. My premium crate shipped and arrived quickly and in great shape. I paid for another three boxes and still nothing.

The Kinda Kawaii box was beautifully presented, with a lot of high end items. We're sorry about the shipping and the overall delay, rest assured, we are trying our 100% best to sort all things out to avoid future delays. Products used:I love the cheesecake flavored kitkat. JapanCrate has a consumer rating of 4.56 stars from 159 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. I love Japan and everything related! Finally, this Gudetama mousemat.

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Once again, the SoKawaii box came out with everything laid out in pink tissue paper. The ones I got wereMy Neighbour Totoroones! The variety of snacks was fantastic and we love the addition of the drink! Ive said before, but I really love how SoKawaii pack their boxes. My first impression was that the box was really cute! We are very sorry to hear you weren't happy with the service provided. I actually just did a quick online search for the pack on the left, and I found out that sadly it is counterfeit art stolen from a Korean artist, so its a little disappointing that its in the box, but I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that the seller didnt know. From a young age, Ive always really loved stationery. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. I love all the items I got (I still use my Rilakkuma spinning pen organizer every day for work!) Msg & data rates may apply. So my box looks slightly different from other ones. Products used:I only tasted one noodles out of 8 noodles from the box. unsubscribe. Ive been using this one to try and organise my photos and keep track of which folders theyre in on my Mac!

Send them a lot of emails regarding the shipping issue.

I look forward to my crate every time because I get to try different flavor kit kats. We really appreciate it. Youll notice Im a huge dummy, and there are a couple of items that I forgot to photograph. We received our ordered crate after a month and me and my family are very happy with the items inside the June Premium crate. Tip for consumers:If youre happy with your first subscription then its definitely worth the money. Im not sure what the function of cable holders are really, aside from the obvious, as Ive never had any cable related issues! I'm looking forward to receiving the March 2022 box now that I have more room in my budget! I love snuggling up to the plushies, using the kitchenware for cute meals, and just having unique items no one else I know has. My shipment arrived in a well labeled box. Meanwhile, she's also taking the snack while having her Zoom class and teasing everyone in the class. Well deserved a 5 star.

It was a little smaller than ones Ive had before, but still jam-packed with cute goodies! I had bought one from ISpyKawaiiSupplies at the tail end of 2020, and really loved everything I got in it.

Ill still get the occasional box with normal kawaii goods in it, but Im saving myself for when theres a theme I really like the look of or content that I really like most companies give a preview of what characters or properties will feature in the box. I just received my last month of Japan Premium crate after a long wait.

Also the box came in handy for storage of my own things. Tip for consumers:Value for money and definitely something you should try! Obviously the first thing I saw when I opened the box was this bunny plushie! I know this cant be helped, and YumeTwins have amended their shipping as a result, so hopefully I wont see this much of a delay with the remaining two boxes in my subscription!

Not the usual chocolate Kit Kat flavor that you can get from local store.

It instantly made me happy, and I was excited to unpack and see what I got. Where all false.

At first I was totally baffled by it, but when I realised, it all made sense! I'm surprised and so happy about it. And different from noodles where I regularly bought from the supermarket. Theyre packaged really nicely, so I didnt know what they were at first, but when I unboxed them and folded them out, theyre a really cute pair of socks! I love the shiba one, I have used it already for some work reminders that I have stuck up on my desk and every time I look at it I smile, hes just so cute! I would highly recommend Japancrate for everyone. I use these clear files all the time to store documents! I love Japanese culture and snacks and as someone who has limited ways of experiencing that in my home country, Japan Crate is a blessing. Try anything from Cheesecake Kit Kats to DIY Sushi kits. And another 22 euro apparently for import to the delivery firm! What was your favourite from the items I got?

Its definitely not an all the time bag, but I think for just nipping out, its fine! ), and secondly some correctional tape. This is great as a gift for anyone you know who loves to collect stationery items. Overall experience was awesome. This page contains affiliate links. My boyfriend gifted me with a 3 month subscription for my birthday.

The theme of Julys box was Work kawaii, play kawaii! It's a different experience every month! ().

You get to try many types of snacks and flavors from Japan. Ive loved getting subscription boxes throughout 2020, I think its brought me an edge of excitement to an otherwise dull and stressful year. And want to mention, Japan crate have a great customer support too. After contacting the courier directly (DHL) they confirmed Japan Crate had created a shipping label 4 weeks earlier, but Japan Crate had never handed the parcel to them, so all the emails Japan Crate sent to me and the excuses they gave were shown to be untrue. I also got a Sumikko Gurashi paper pad and a gluestick again, both perfect for bullet journalling!

This does not cost you anything. I wasn't expecting to be replaced with a big box.

The pen nibs are highlighters, which I use a lot of for journalling! I received a gift crate from one of my friends and once again I was amazed and 100% satisfied with the variety of snacks. This is potentially one item Ill be selling as I dont really see a space for it in my plushie collection, but well see. I guess that remains to be seen, as some of these designs look quite complicated! I got a bento box of Jiji from Kikis Delivery Service, and chopsticks! I also received this cable holder. I also got this cute Pokmon figure with Plusle and Minun! I plan on getting my own subscription instead of a gifted one soon!

Theres also the cutest little rubber (eraser!) FEB 16.

We really appreciate it. Unboxing and Review: Nail Shack Subscription Box (January 2022), Unboxing and review of the Inku Crate Subscription Box for January 2022 #inkucrate #subscriptionbox @cratejoy, Unboxing and Review: Inku Crate Subscription Box (December 2021), Unboxing and Review: Inku Crate Subscription Box (November 2021), Unboxing and Review: InSPArations Box Subscription (March 2021), Unboxing and Review: Stickii Subscription Box (May 2022), Unboxing and Review: Eliots Nut Butter Subscription Box (May 2022), Unboxing and Review: Fruit for Thought Subscription Box (March 2022), Unboxing and Review: Desk Stash Subscription Box (May 2022), Unboxing and Review: My Paper Box Mini Subscription (May 2022). Next I got some stickers! Tip for consumers:Doki crate is recommended if you love Japanese toys and anime characters. Theyre all chocolate themed, and were supposed to be for Valentines day, but thats obviously been and gone now. ), which I dont feel strongly about either way, but it is pretty cute so Im not too bummed out about it (though, again, Pom Pom Purin was an option, so sucks to be me I guess). Next up was this Pokmon mug! After just a few months of getting boxes, I have more bento boxes and chopsticks that I know what to do with. Moving forward, why I love Japan Crate?

First up, a Hello Kitty notebook.

Bunch of scammers! This company responds to reviews on average within 5 days.

I encourage you to share the information that I share with you here. Products used:I always love when they include the Kit Kat bag in it. of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Get "A Better You Jump Start" email course FREE when you sign up for my monthly newsletter. The next item was a Cardcaptor Sakura keychain. The box itself was really cute, I loved that it looked like a book and opened from the side like a book would, I thought that was a really nice touch. It was also really colourful and had a big visual impact as soon as I opened it, and I could instantly see some items that looked really exciting! The visual impact is so strong, and it just makes it even more exciting, and makes me feel like the box was packed with care rather than hastily put together. The shipping is on the more expensive side, but as Japan is halfway around the world from here I don't really mind the charge that much. Customer support is nice and resolve the issue, so there goes my 5 star. Sometimes they're even branded with popular anime! Firstly, a colour changing pen which is really nice to write with (I dont know the characters though!
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