This Osteria is one of the places which opens until late.

If you happen to meet him, try to have a chat with him. Whats that, you ask? }, 7500); Find it on Google Maps. timeout: 10000 What about discovering the Venetian way of enjoying food together with a local? I cannot leave Venice without having. Thanks for this helpful info. If you have only 1 or 2 days in Venice, go for it. I love unwinding after a long day in Venice with negronis at a small table overlooking the Grand Canal in the mirror lounge at the. Experience Venice like a local or tourist, without emptying your wallet, and enjoy a Venetian coffee or typical aperitif on the stunning St. Marks Square. Even the staff seem to be from a different era. */ c = c.substring(1); Find it on Google Maps. This will help in case you dont speak Italian. Theres a lot to see. We never send spam. It is not going to be cheapest option, but you will get the full package: Cichetti, spritz, Fritti, Spaguetti Sepia Nera, wine, and even after meal Italian coffee. It receives more than 30 million tourist per year. Jazz Club 900 is a place to listen to some jazz music and eat pizza near the Rialto Bridge. Anna has a passion for travel and numbers, yet she does not count the countries visited. If I had to choose one amongst all, I would say the restaurant La Vedova.

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}, 5000); Select the ones run by locals to get the real Venetian taste. }); + '<\/div>' The best part? var name = prefix + cname + "="; Its filmic, both indoors and out. We wrote also a secret guide for Venice. if ($modal.hasClass('slideInDown')) return; On top, you will have a fun, knowledgeable guide to take you around and share the secrets to the sights. + '' + '

' One of my favorite eateries in Venice is Osteria Alle Testiere. slideInModal('Up'); // Add animation css Fun fact about this restaurant: It was once a really shady place. Baita Nero at the Rialto market in Venice, Italy. } Please log off from any other devices, and then reload this page continue. } $modal.addClass( $modal.hasClass('slideInUp') ? This is the CHEAPEST tour, it is only 11!

We designed part of the Venice Pavilion there. dont drag out a picnic setting (blanket, basket).

We give you a trick at the end of this list to assure the best customer service in Venice. Thanks for sharing this indepth info. $.ajax({ Find it on Google Maps. Its a gorgeous, calm setting and feels surprisingly off-the-beaten-path, even though its on the Grand Canal.

Find it on Google Maps.

Find it on Google Maps.

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