This afternoon Ive tried to set before you some of my most deeply held convictions and beliefs. Mr. Chairman, the last government was well aware that Britains budget contribution was grossly unfair. But behind those walls the human spirit is unvanquished. They failed to do anything about it. Soviet Marxism is ideologically, politically, and morally bankrupt. I suppose it might. Also, under Geoffreys leadership Britain has repaid three thousand six hundred million dollars of international debt, debt which had been run up by our predecessors -- and we paid quite a lot of if before it was due. Despite this, the perceived professional (or personal) damage of being weak outweighs for many the historically stronger virtues of humility and prudence, viz. The State drains society not only of its wealth but of initiative, of energy, the will to improve and innovate, as well as to preserve what is best. You can point out that the Labour Party conveniently overlooks the fact that of the two million unemployed for which they blame us nearly a million and a half were bequeathed by their government. I am, however, very fortunate in having a marvelous deputy whos wonderful in all places at all times in all things: Willie Whitelaw. They determined never to go that way again. Speeches are used by leaders, revolutionaries and evangelists to persuade people to think differently, to feel something new and to behave in remarkable ways. And we shall not fail. 1945). The views and opinions expressed on this site and in related material are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of Oxford House Research. We're -- We are requiring, with the cooperation of the United States government, the Trident missile system. If it is not, we shall not be diverted from our course. To followers of the three Abrahamic faiths, Gods word through Isaiah to an embattled King Ahaz should always carry weight: If your faith does not endure, you will not endure (Isaiah 7.2). She had a lot to say and there is much to analyse, but this phrase lives on in infamy. To whip up support among her own party and knock back her opponents. Indeed, that's what family life is all about. If it isnt we shall not be diverted from our course. I expect they wanted to come in. If you have to tell people you are, you arent(!). And those who urge us to relax the squeeze, to spend yet more money indiscriminately in the belief that it will help the unemployed and the small business man, theyre not being kind or compassionate or caring; theyre not the friends of the unemployed or the small business; they are asking us to do again the very thing that caused the problems in the first place. At one point in this speech, a protester shouts power to the workers. Never mind -- its wet outside. But the Polish people should be left to work out their own future without external interference. Does anyone imagine that there is the smallest political gain in letting this level of unemployment continue? It is a fine example of her speechcraft in which she uses the podium, as all politicians must, to reiterate and reinforce her platform. Theres more to this than the chance to earn a living for himself and his family -- essential though that is. Thatcher uses this as an opportunity to retort; Never mind its wet outside. There is little emotional connection attempted and even less demonstration of her own emotion. This Party which I am privileged to serve and this government which I am proud to lead are engaged in the massive task of restoring confidence and stability to our people. Their job is to anticipate and redirect editorial agendas with timely one-liners. The hopes of the Mayor and his amorous off-spring are dashed. A nation can be free but it wont stay free for long if it has no friends and no alliances. Michael Heseltine has given to millions -- yes, millions -- of council tenants a right to buy their own homes. "The lady's not for turning" was a phrase used by Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister, in her speech to the Conservative Party Conference on 10 October 1980. To those waiting with baited breath for that favorite media catchphrase the "U-turn," I have only one thing to say: You turn if you want to: The Ladys not for turning. Typically, Margaret Thatcher is light on the use of metaphor. They have lacked skilled scriptwriters to head off media prejudice and neutralise negative coverage. Not for us the disastrous fantasies of unilateral disarmament, of withdrawal from NATO, of abandoning Northern Ireland.

This week has demonstrated that we are a Party united in purpose, strategy, and resolve. October 10, 1980 Brighton, United Kingdom, Archives of Women's Political Communication, Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, Iowa State University of Science and Technology. But the real danger would lie in keeping silent. Secretary of State for Education and Science, Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act, Vote of no confidence in Callaghan ministry, "Could Hazel Blears be Labour's Margaret Thatcher? Some conservatives opposed Thatchers radical free-market policies. The plan fails. And I hope it will be followed by a winter of common sense. All that money has got us nowhere, but it still has to come from somewhere. It was Anthony Eden who chose for us the goal of a property owning democracy. There are many things to be done to set this nation on the road to recovery, and I dont mean economic recovery alone, but a new independence of spirit and a zest for achievement. Now hes two-thirds on his way to success in making important progress towards agreement on a common fisheries policy. pragmatic, courageous, resilient. As you said, Mr. Chairman, our debates have been stimulating and our criticism's been constructive. Ultimate Guide to Presentation Preparation. Third, Ronald Millars brilliant one-liner is a reminder of the power (and importance) of effective communication. They stand for order and the rule of law in an age when disorder and lawlessness are ever more widespread. I must tell you that I share this concern and understand the resentment; and that is why I and my colleagues say that to add to public spending takes away the very money and resources that industry needs to stay in business, let alone to expand; that higher public spending, far from curing unemployment, can be the very vehicle that loses jobs and causes bankruptcies in trade and commerce. If our people feel that they are part of a great nation and they are prepared to will the means to keep it great, then a great nation we shall be, and shall remain. Absurdly, Tyson, who has designs on Jennet for his sons, imprisons Mendip and Jennet together, hoping to overhear an incriminating confession. Imelda Marcos (b. Long before we came into office, and therefore long before the invasion of Afghanistan, I was pointing to the threat from the East. Ill have a little more to say about that strange assembly later. Its sometimes said that because of our past we, as a people, expect too much and set our sights too high. How To Present When There Is No Time To Prepare, um, er, ah, oh 5 Steps To Rid Your Presentation of Filler Words. Factoring in (inevitable) human flaws in leaders and lead is surely only fair. Like an adept script writer, Fry lays claim to the headline, There is no justice in life. Leaders beware. And that in turn deprives the private sector of the orders it needs, especially some of those industries in the hard pressed regions. Therefore, what I am doing should be understood to be the next best thing. And Mr. Chairman, some aspects of our present society really do offend those instincts. She it is who is not for burning. What then stands in our way? Company Number 07300321. Iron Ladies disprove the principle, Power is a matter of physical strength. Thatcher could terrify friend and foe: her charm pierce like a rapier and console with a tear. We intend to maintain and, where possible, to improve our conventional forces so as to pull our weight in the alliance. We cant blame them; its always better where theToriesare. There is to most of us a fine line between (acceptably) strong leadership and (unacceptably) pig-headed self-confidence. It is considered a defining speech in Thatcher's political development,[1] becoming something of a Thatcherite motto.

The speech as a whole was very warmly received at the conference, and received a five-minute standing ovation.[3]. Joy returns and the foul taste of a febrile judiciary lingers. And a healthy society isnt created by its institutions either. Britain still has a lot of problems. You can revoke your consent any time using the revoke consent button. Messages are poorly delivered and selectively heard. Leaders fail. I suppose its the critics way of saying: "Well we know its true but weve got to carp at something."

I suppose it might. Free competition and road passenger transport promises travelers a better deal. It seems I got that right. Apparently, the literary allusion passed Thatcher by when first proposed by Millar: the political potential of the words did not. Now at number ten, I have no junior ministers theres just Denis [Thatcher] and me; but I couldnt do without him. They say that the public sector is enjoying the advantages but the private sectors taking the knocks; and at the same time maintaining those in the public sector on better pay and pensions than they themselves enjoy. Many of them could afford to buy.

Of course there are those who say that by speaking out we are complicating East-West relations, that we are endangering detente. We hope to cast a wide net including politicians, business leaders, preachers, entertainers and philosophers. Weve no wish to seek a free ride at the expense of our allies; well play our full part. Because if ever a nation has spent, spent and spent again, ours has. When Thatcher delivered this speech she had been in power for about a year and in that time unemployment had risen from one and a half to two million. And it was very important for the reputation of Britain abroad that we should keep our independent nuclear deterrent as well for our citizens here. We will come to appreciate the craft of eloquence guarding against silver-tongued miscreants whilst gradually building our own expressive capability. The iron of leadership is tempered by moral rectitude and consistency. It is too simplistic to say, Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely: it is not far-fetched to see wisdom in the advice to a ruler in Proverbs 25.5: [A] throne is established through righteousness (viz. Perhaps because it is rather enigmatic and therefore interesting. We will not betray them. They have also lacked for exemplary leaders who have known and shown the difference between wise accommodation (to criticism and culture) and foolish accession (to fads, whims and the need to be popular). Thats very important to our people too. Rather it seems to me that throughout my life in politics our ambitions have steadily shrunk; and our response to disappointment hasnt been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered. And in another clever maneuver, she turns the oppositions metaphor around and uses it in refutation: The Left continues to refer with relish to the death of Capitalism. There are many, many a people whose livelihoods depend on it. Modern leadership has learned much from Thatcher about messaging. However, Thatcher indulges in this particularly effective rhetorical flourish: So Mr. Chairman, what could stop us from achieving this? However, overall, this omission could be perceived as consistent with her persona ie. As you know weve made the first crucial changes in trade union law to remove the worst abuses of the closed shop, to restrict picketing to the place of work of the parties in dispute, and to encourage secret ballots. But iron can crush, decisiveness be destructive. Independence? Inflation is falling and should continue to fall. And here may I pay tribute to Lord Carrington. Mr. Chairman, this government is pursuing the only policy which gives any hope of bringing our people back to real and lasting employment. The prospect of another winter of discontent? As Margaret Thatcher memorably said, Being powerful is like being a lady.

Sir Ronald Millar (1919-1998) by profession an actor, script writer and dramatist had been British PM Margaret Thatchers (1925-2013) speech writer for seven years when he parodied Christopher Frys play The Ladys Not for Burning (1948) in the Iron Ladys speech to the Conservative Party Conference on 10 October 1980: You turn if you want to. By examing the components of speechcraft we can improve our own powers ofpersuasion. But Mr. Chairman all this will avail as little unless we achieve our prime economic objective: the defeat of inflation. They wanted to buy. Weve undertaken a heavy load of legislation, a load we dont intend to repeat because we dont share the socialist fantasy that achievement is measured by the number of laws you pass. Above all, it wont stay free if it cant pay its own way in the world. And the workers of Poland in their millions have signaled their determination to participate in the shaping of their destiny. Human dignity and self-respect are undermined when men and women are condemned to idleness. Marxists claim that the Capitalist system is in crisis. Mr. Chairman, but it isnt the State that creates a healthy society. Today, our country has more than two million unemployed. But we shall also be reminding the other participants in Madrid that the Helsinki Accord was supposed to promote the freer movement of people and ideas. And by the same token an individual needs to be part of a community and to feel that he is part of it. Meanwhile, Mr. Chairman, were not heedless of the hardships and worries that accompany the conquest of inflation -- and foremost among these is unemployment. Perhaps, in analysing this speech alone, you would observe a missed opportunity. It used to be said, When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Twenty-first century culture is raising global leaders (and followers) more ready to believe: The goings tough so get tougher. What an unpleasant, violent, competitive, fractious world it makes. And now its for the new nation, Zimbabwe, to build her own future with the support of all those who believe that democracy has a place in Africa -- and we wish her well. You can add that today many more married women go out to work. The ladys not for turning. Sentences that were hailed at the time by supporters as classic symbols of masterful leadership are now synonymous with the essence of Thatcherite conservatism, i.e. If there was a magic button I would push it. And thats the message that we shall be delivering loud and clear at the meetings of the European Security Conference in Madrid in the weeks immediately ahead. At our Party conference last year I said that the task on which the government was engaged -- to change the national attitude of mind -- was the most challenging to face any British Administration since the war. Jim Prior has carried all these measures through with the support of the vast majority of trade union members. Mother Teresa (1910-97) can do much good. As Fry says of the play, the characters press on to the theme all their divisions and perplexities. In a world of corrupted news (see Weekly Briefing, 5 October 2020) speech writers have a vital role. So let us resist the blandishments of the faint hearts. Copyright 2020 Oxford House Research. Now, I myself am not, nor have I ever been a citizen of the United Kingdom. She goes on to share the limelight with multiple players including; Jim Prior, Keith Joseph, David Howell, John Nott, and Norman Fowler. For unless and until the Soviet troops are withdrawn, other nations are bound to wonder which of them may be next. And thats why we point out that every time high-wage settlements in nationalized monopolies lead to higher charges for telephones, electricity, coal, and water. What then stands in our way? This will ensure the credibility of our strategic deterrent until the end of the century and beyond. Councils must therefore learn to cut costs in the same way that companies have to. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. To these, Millars parody of Fry also applies: These Ladys not for turning with their Thatcher-like single-mindedness and charisma. And this speech is no exception. You can stress that because of the high birthrate in the early 1960s there is an unusually large number of school leavers this year looking for work and that the same will be true for the next two years. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Leave your name and email to get your copy of the Indeed, most of the speech is about arguing for and defending the course of action she has established. But, I am well aware that the mere mention Margaret Thatchers name can provoke strong reactions among many. Great schools and universities dont make a great nation any more than great armies do, because only a great nation can create and involve great institutions of learning -- of healing, of scientific advance; and a great nation is the voluntary creation of its people, a people composed of men and women whose pride in themselves is founded on the knowledge of what they can give to a community of which they in turn can be proud.

Nevertheless -- Nevertheless --, [Protester interrupts Thatcher from the House floor."Power to the workersTories out."]. She mentions her deputy Willie Whitelaw and the budget created by Geoffrey Howe. But with confidence in ourselves and in our future what a nation we could be. So at international conferences to discuss economic affairs, many of my fellow heads of government find our policies not strange, unusual, or revolutionary; but normal, sound, and honest; and thats what they are. Now I know, Mr. Chairman, that theres another real worry affecting many of our people. Although they accept that our policies are right, they feel deeply that the burden of carrying them out is falling much more heavily on the private than on the public sector. Mr. Chairman, thats not the way I see it. And you and perhaps they will be looking to me this afternoon for an indication of how the government sees the task before us and why were tackling it the way we are. Messages that suggest otherwise are palpably crazy. We close our Conference in the aftermath of that sinister Utopia unveiled at Blackpool. We cant blame them; its always better where the Tories are. We negotiated a satisfactory arrangement which will give us and our partners time to tackle the underlying issues. In Fry and Proust, memory is the energy of life, for good and ill. Unwittingly, Ronald Millars clever parody on Frys play is a useful litmus test for leadership. And I hope it will be followed by a winter of common sense. She was under political pressure from the Labour opposition and Tory wets, including her predecessor Edward Heath [1916-2005]), to liberalise her economic agenda. Detente is indivisible and it is a two-way process. This government is determined to stay with the policy and see it through to its conclusion and that -- and that is what marks this Administration as one of the truly radical ministries of post-war Britain. We will not allow it to be forgotten. With ancient wisdom again whispering, He who trusts in himself is a fool (Proverbs 28.26). Words have the power to change the world. The three central characters are Mr. Tyson the inept town Mayor, who responds with depressing regularity to complaints, It will be looked into all in good time; Thomas Mendip, a world weary ex-soldier, who tries to persuade an uninterested Tyson that he has killed a wastrel ragamuffin, Skipps, so he can get himself hanged for murder; and, a beguiling beauty, Jennet Jourdemayne, who has been accused of witchcraft by nasty neighbours and looks to Tyson for protection. For when the State grows too powerful, people feel that they count for less and less. Let me make it clear beyond doubt: Im profoundly concerned about unemployment. The Lady of modern Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi (b. But all ends well. Showing a certain level of comfort in her position at the podium. And I say that not only to you but to our friends overseas as well, and also to those who are not our friends. To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the 'U-turn', I have only one thing to say: 'You turn [U-turn] if you want to. Britain under Thatcher was not peaceful. Thanks to them, British Aerospace will soon be open to private investment. To pick apart the false premises, fallacies and false conclusions. bicker looming budge instigate Mendip and Jennet have fallen in love. The term has thus been applied as a name to the speech in its entirety. A play onThe Ladys Not for Burning, a 1948 play by Christopher Fry about a witchcraft trial. Unless detente is pursued by both sides, it can be pursued by neither -- and its a delusion to suppose otherwise. Of course our vision and our aims goes far beyond the complex arguments of economics but unelss we get the economy right we shall deny our people the opportunity to share that vision and to see beyond the narrow horizons of economic necessity. The waste of a countrys most precious asset -- the talent and energy of its people -- makes it the bounden duty of government to seek a real and lasting cure.

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