But what about the unathletic among us, whose hand-eye coordination levels have been clinically diagnosed as iffy at best?

As a kid, the most exciting hotel you could stay in was one with a game room, even if that just meant a carpeted area in the basement with Ms. Pac-Man and a broken claw machine. Choose from more than 40 different beers or ciders and pair them with wings or chicken tendies in seven different sauces.

A funky country-western bar and restaurant featuring Southern pub grub, rustic decor and weekly live music. 15 Chicago bars with activities other than just drinking.

Between the cozy candle-lit high top tables, an excellent jukebox and diner-style eats, its hard not to lose a few hours (in the a.m. or p.m.) at Estelles, famous as the spot in Six Coorners. A long-standing bar and grill featuring burgers, bites and brews in relaxed digs since 1954.

House in the space that formerly held The Flat Iron, The Point has retained the 4 a.m. license and added live music into the mix for even more fun. Youll have to live with those.

With 35 HD plasma TVs, you'll catch every angle without catching a single harmful UV ray. Come as you are.

A classic sports pub offering a large selection of beer as well as tacos, burgers and other comfort food.

Theyre a beautiful thing. A late night at The Original Mothers is a right of passage for any Chicago twenty-something-year-old.

Ten Cat is great but they have one 9-footer and one 8-footer and the regulars use some bizarre house rules. This Gold Coast classic has been a staple since opening in 1968. Subterranean nightspot featuring live goth, metal & industrial acts, DJs, a dance floor & drinks. class.

Try another? Function trumps form and comfort at this woody, yet cavernous Cubbie corral and outdoor stable (er, patio) behind the Friendly Confines. A group of 11 rooftop locations overlooking Wrigley Field, each with its own style, amenities and vantage point. Jackhammer will be open for all starting July, so gear up and get ready. Weve been dancing through the decades at this LGBTQ+ club since it opened in the early '80s. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. They serve an elevated bar food menu with burgers, andouille-stuffed mushrooms, Philly cheese-steak egg rolls, and an arsenal of sliders. Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce. And a little bit of Chicago history - She-nannigans gets its name from being the first bar in Chicago to employ all-female bartenders at a time it was considered illegal. They're also hiring bartenders, bottle servers, and more, get your applications in if nightlife is right for you! Swing by early for drag shows and viewing parties, and stick around on their huge dance floor with resident DJs and special guests from across the globe. ", Lincoln Park's number one dance bar and grill is here to show you how. Imagine a bell curve with number of beers ingested on one axis and skee-ball skills on the other, and youll start to see why its hard to tear yourself away after a few pints of Crash Landed. Do you love EDM?

You might even find yourself inspired enough to take the stage yourself for a round of karaoke. Not the mistakes you make after leaving the bar, though. Rogers Parks go-to dive bar also just happens to have a 4 a.m. license. But thats usually reserved for weekends, or days when you call your boss and rasp your way out of work.

Dog Friendly, so bring the BFF. There have been some recent improvements to the bar since its 1951 founding. If theres one thing we know about bowling legend Ivan Ten-Pin Pavlov, its that he couldnt keep himself away from the lanes. MC Digital Marketing Agency. The ol Beaumont is something of a right of passage for DePaul students and other 20-something-year-olds new to the bustling area.

They're open late into the night every Friday and Saturday, so stop by for an enhanced experience.

The Owl is a longtime source for late-night fun in Logan Square. bourbon, amaro montenegro, earl grey, white balsamic shrub and China China liqueur. Enjoy cozy booths, the conversational bar, and even a cigar club with a covered outdoor smoking area! You know youre in a serious late-night karaoke spot when the performances dont even start until 11 p.m. Alices is a stomping ground for Chicagos most serious of karaoke singers four nights a week (Wednesday through Saturday). They have an outdoor bar too, so you dont have to venture too far away if youre worried about losing your spot on the court. Whether you're here for the game or in search of a great cocktail, the best Wrigleyville bars are here to serve. The best spots to hit up on a second or third date - when youre ready to commit to a full meal, but dont want to look like youre trying too hard. A spacious pub offering creative pizzas and delicious wings, a private upstairs event space, cover band music performances, and Cubs in-game wristband deals. At the moment, Butch Mcguire's is only open past 2 a.m. on the weekends and requires proof of vaccination from all it's patrons during these late-night hours.

Gman's back room has been repurposed to include a second bar, a small stage for intimate performances and more room to mill about before the headlining act goes on next door. Learn more about Reddits use of cookies. Sure, its literally across the street from the ballpark, and sure, the bar has TVs for when the Cubs are on the road, but there are only two reasons youre really going heretacos and margaritas. I'm looking for a bar to go to during the week that has a nice pool table to play on. southport and roscoe? This multi-layered funhouse is one of the northernmost LGBTQ+ late-night hangouts in the city. A bi-level bar and restaurant in the heart of Wrigleyville, Mordecai offers a new destination for discerning drinkers and casual cocktail fans. Brand new to Wrigleyville, Swift & Sons executive chef Chris Pandel will helm the kitchen at Swift & Sons Tavern and Oyster Bar, focusing on approachable meat and seafood centric dishes available for lunch and dinner daily.

We do have Beer Nuts though! We came to fill a pizza-void.

But it's true: Matthias Merges's Mordecai serves its supply through classic cocktails or new favorites like the appropriately-named Bleacher Tea withbourbon, amaro montenegro, earl grey, white balsamic shrub and China China liqueur. Just be cool and respectful. By signing up, I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.

They're known for being loud, smelly and sometimes rowdy (especially if the Cubs are on). Room 13 is the Old Chicago Inns own private speakeasy. Our guide to the 25 quintessential bars that make Chicago what it is. Its also a source for live music and relatively cheap drinks for the neighborhood. FROM THE CREATORS OF SANTA BABY CHRISTMAS BAR, FEATURING ALL THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS YOU KNOW AND LOVE AT SANTA BABY WITH ALL NEW INTERACTIVE SOCIAL EXPERIENCES AND OVER-THE-TOP CHRISTMAS DECOR! BlueLight has been around since the early 1970s and have worked to create an enviroment that always has something going on, from dusk 'til dawn. We admit its tough to stay classy past 2 a.m., but Celeste offers that opportunity in central River North.

We feature live music and an assortment of events alongside a carefully-selected rotating draft list.

We love hanging at Nighthawk. Originally housed on the fourth floor of the magnificent Wrigleyville building (also home to Metro), this venerated dance club is now in the basement. Catch shows from world-class DJs like Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Showtek and more into the wee hours of the morning every Friday and Saturday. Southport Lanes is a good one if you like playing on real 9-foot tables. All-day eatery known for seasonal American fare, housemade organic beer, wine, drinks and live music. If you follow a sports team, Mother Hubbards is porbably streaming their game on one of the bars 45 televisions with 28 sattelite feeds! Their doors don't open until 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday (and 11 p.m. on Wednesdays) but every moment is full of energy and excitement! Get a group of friends together and head to one of these spots to bowl, curl, or do whatever the verb for bocce is.

I second this, not sure if its a great table, but its free, as are darts & ping pong, the drinks are cheap and the people are nice. /r/Chicago is the place to discuss and stay updated on the daily happenings of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Whether it is our classic and staple Old Style Tall Boy or the latest IPA, Nisei has it.

With a charming bar staff who'll keep pouring your drinks and pop-up events, this is a special spot you can't miss. Here is a link to some of our beer listings on Untapped. There's a really nice group of regulars.

Travel Blogger. Copyright 2019 Nisei Lounge - All Rights Reserved. Most locations also offer. Each week our resident bartender serves up classic cocktails using recipes and ingredients that hearken from the Jazz Age and earlier. Our web site is complete with information on private parties, news articles, and all sorts of history about Nisei Lounge, past and present. Nisei will continue on as one of the last pubs in the area and will keep its character and atmosphere.There may be some other surprises as well but you will have to come on in and have a drink to see!

Keep the good times rolling at this classic craft beer and cocktail bar. This lively nightspot features DJs spinning the latest dance music and a full beer and cocktail menu.

Sign up to unlock our digital magazines and also receive the latest news, events, offers and partner promotions. hiring bartenders, bottle servers, and more, shop for merch and apply for open positions. Seriously, Nisei has not had a kitchen in over sixty years.

Game day or not, this Wrigleyville standard offers plenty of space to drink and dine alfresco in the summer, with a long sidewalk cafe and a substantial beer garden.

Rudolphs Christmas Bar Is Back For The 2021 Cubs Season! Stop by to suppport your team and then stay late to celebrate or commiserate over the outcome. Its just a 4am bar thats usually playing hardcore music, with walls covered in murals from local Chicago artists. Thanks for your help! But its also got two duckpin bowling lanes, which make for a nice change of pace from the more party-forward bars on this strip of Milwaukee. Visit this subterranean dance floor and find the worlds top electronic and house DJs behind the decks. Wrigleyville has changed a lot over the years, but Smartbar always stays the same. Gman Tavern is your friendly watering hole over the left field wall.

In the heart of Wrigleyville and adjacent to Wrigley Field, Gallagher Way is where family, friends, neighbors and tourists gather to experience the Friendly Confines and neighborhood beyond the ballpark. Alive one, galway bay, southport lanes, langes. 3439 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657, United States.

The next time you find yourself getting out of a show at The Riviera Theater or Aragon Ballroom and think the night is over, think again! People generally associate bass-heavy beats with late-night bar soundtracks, but not in Chicago. When you want to go out drinking but dont feel like dancing or explaining your side of the divorce again, its nice to go to a bar that has activities to entertain you.

Out here to chase the next fun thing and recharge with a good book and a strong cup of coffee. Seven Ten in Lincoln Park has lots of them at a fair price (I think it was something like 10 or 12 an hour). I have already claimed that table :P. My favorites are: lincoln station, burwood tap, gold star & five star. Rooftop deck with great views of all the action down in Wrigleyville. Start playing one of the many bar games that inhabit this bar (pool, Jenga, etc.) But if you're trying to get in on the action, there's no denying that these North Side watering holes will put you in the epicenter of excitement. But if you havent gotten corrective surgery to replace your second left foot yet, theyve also got skee-ball. Spybar is the only move if you're looking to bump to techno and house music 4 (or 5) in the morning here on weekends. Between beer pong, karaoke, and pool tables, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself late into the night. An Alabama inspired country bar with honky-tonk music, 40-ounce beers and Southern style food menu. Remedy skips the usual hole in the wall 4 a.m. bar schtick and provides a classier hang for industry folks just getting off work and other lingering drinkers. For those experiencing Cubbie withdrawal in the offseason or when the Cubs are on the road, here's a place to liquor up while looking longingly at Wrigley Field across the street. Stop on by, grab a cold one, and relax with your pals. If you've got friends in town who are looking to cheer on the Cubs with a rowdy but good-natured crowd, the Cubby Bear is a solid bet. The house and techno haven in Gold Coast hosts nightly DJs. The menu features over 30 signature sub sandwiches, as well as a variety of Rice Krispy treats, salads and munchies.

Do those bottle service sparklers mesmerize you?

During the warmer months, Kaiser Tiger has bocce ball and ping pong in its beer garden, which would be enough to land it a place on this list - but when winter hits, they keep the games going and put up curling rinks. An industrial-chic spot for craft beers, cocktails and American fare in various rooms plus fun patio cabanas. Now it's the official pre-show watering hole for concertgoers (and sometimes performers) who want to pump quarters into the bar's formidable jukebox.

In Rogers Park, Morseland has a decent table with regulars, and is free. A popular sports bar across from Wrigley Field with live music, bar food, billiards and lively post-game scene. A cockail bar with a global-inspired menu plus craft beer, cocktails and wine list in a modern chic space. Its an admirable Saturday project to try to tackle them all, but you might get held up at Begyle because they have two sets of indoor bags boards and three skee-ball machines. Six days out of the week, Big Joes is just a typical Chicago corner bar. Making everybodys life easier, Lucky Strike Social has an electronic ticket. All Rights Reserved. The shuffleboard is the main attraction here, but theres also a giant Connect 4, ring toss, and a photo booth with props that you can take advantage of without having to pay to attend someones wedding. Located on the west side of Wrigley Field, Gallagher Way includes an open space surrounded by chef-driven restaurants, beautiful Hotel Zachary and Chicago culture. The Chicago Athletic Association is a hotel in a giant old building across the street from Millennium Park, and its Game Room is much nicer than the mildewy ones of our childhoods. The Lodge celebrates 65 years of late-night drinking this year! The only downside here is that you have to buy tokens to play the games. Lincoln Station in Lincoln Park and Southport Lanes at the Southport Brownline stop, http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=pool+table&ns=1&find_loc=Chicago%2C+IL#l=p:x&rpp=40, Don't go to Nick's on Mondays. Cash and cards accepted. A rustic, wood-accented space with classic Irish food menu and Guinness beer on draft. An authentic Jamaican fusion restaurant offering Caribbean stlye food in an upscale dining environment.

If you've asked the question "can I eat a burger at the club? You know what to expect here after 2 a.m. just from looking at the name of the bar! It's a chain, but whatever. Taking over the former Shay Nightclub space, Electric Hotel brings top DJ talent through its doors. Formerly known as the Gingerman, this Wrigleyville bar changed its name when it was bought by the owners of adjacent venue Metro. Dillon Francis, Tisto and Migos are just a few of the past guests. Located just one block north of the Friendly Confines, the dual bars and large patio draw out the pre- and post-game Cubs fanatics who take comfort knowing that no matter which glazed-wood table at which they choose to eat hot wings, they'll be just feet away from at least one of the two dozen TVs. Can't snag a bleacher seat at the Friendly Confines? There's a clear attempt to elevate this sleek cedar-paneled space beyond its beer-stained, royal blue neighbors while still honoring that baseball team a block away. We promise theres not much more entertaining than watching a vodka-soaked rendition of Phil Collins In The Air Tonight at 4:15 a.m. Alice's will be back open in July with karaoke in full swing, so make sure to add that to your calendar. This sports bar features batting cages, skeeball and other games, along with a dueling piano bar. And if you're a fan of Malrt, make sure to ask about the bar's latest concoction involving Chicago's favorite bitter liquor. The Closet is one of Chicago's few lesbian bars, and stands proud (and late) right in the middle of the gayborhood. near there. They have everything here from Monopoly to Settlers Of Catan, and with their long beer list you can stake out a comfortable spot in the corner, sharpen your mind, and plan your eventual world domination. SANTA HAS TAKEN ALL OF THE NECESSARY AND REQUIRED PRECAUTIONS TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY THIS CUBS SEASON AT RUDOLPHS BAR! If you ask us, the experts, theres not a better combination of pizza, booze, vibes and happiness in the whole universe than what youll get here. There are a ton of barcades in Chicago, but if youre looking for the widest game selection, Emporiums Logan Square location is your best bet. In addition to a 4 a.m. license this bar also offers live music, open mics, comedy shows and more entertainment throughout the week. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Offering BBQ and live music 7 days a week in the heart of Wrigleyville. Press J to jump to the feed. Our hours fluctuate during cubs an football season as we open at 11 AM on game days. They're open 365 days a year with a kitchen that stays up with you late into the night. Pair your expertly mixed cocktail with the lobster and shrimp dip, a decadent burger or an order of Crackerjack beignets.

Plan a return trip to enjoy the venue's lineup of live music, packed with tribute bands for when you need a healthy dose of nostalgia.

They have arcade games, pinball, pool, air hockey, bubble hockey, foosball, skee-ball, Alan Ball, and shuffleboard. Find a window seat and enjoy some entertaining people watching while staring out at the streets of Greektown. Is it really even a true night at Berlin if you leave before 2 a.m.?

For an old tavern Nisei maintains an extensive and unique beer lists to meet all tastes. Bar Hopper.

I noticed this bar the Gallaway bay has a pool table as well. Wed come to The Pink Squirrel for the fun supper club cocktails like Rob Roys and Harvey Wallbangers alone. Theyre open from 7am to 2am, so its a great place to turn drinking into an all-day affair. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Enjoy delicious food and cocktails into the late-night at this three story chic bar, housed in a historic Louis Sullivan building. We put together a list of the bars that go above and beyond - these places have more than just darts and a pool table, because every other block has a dive with at least one of those. Located just across the street from Wrigley Field, it's no wonder that this 30,000-square-foot bar has amassed a strong following. Its a space brought to you. Heres your spot.

Come on in and have a breather (and a Guinness) along with late-night dining. A relaxed neighborhood bar with a large beer list and American pub style menu. Typical bills find cutting-edge DJs from Europe, Detroit and Chicago spinning for the crowd and the weekly Queen!

A few notable modern conveniences (i.e. The title says it all. The abbreviated food menu isn't much to look at, so plan your imbibing accordingly. Were not suggesting you head to Sluggers in most circumstances, unless youre super into sticky floors and dueling pianos - but it is the only bar in the city with batting cages. Don't fret. What can lure sports fans away from a sidewalk patio thats spitting distance from Wrigley and offers a front-row people-watching? The Underground really puts the "late" in "late-night bars". Hear punk, industrial, electronic and more at this split-level late-night classic. A bajillion TVs playing every televised game, a batting cage, Pop-A-Shot, dueling pianos, mini bowling and more wings than even The Fridge Perry can handle. The Store is a great place to visit if booze and good times are the only thing on your shopping list. Stop by for a few games and the coldest beer in town. This bar has an extensive menu of food and drinks with outdoor seating options located across the street from Wrigley Field. Start off the night on their second floor, a great source of live music, and continue the rest of the night with DJs and drinks on their main dance floor and bar. Nicks Beer Garden is a staple in Wicker Park, offering their patrons live music, DJ sets, sports, and all sorts of revelry late into the night. Its fireplace, massive fish tank and other quirky elements give Remedy extra cozy points!

Reoccuring parties like house music and LGBTQ+ night Queen!

A lot of the bars in this guide have lawn games that are basically an excuse for reformed jocks to show off their skills. But most notably are a web site, acceptance of credit cards, a new logo, six new flat screen TV's and new owners looking to continue the long tradition Nisei Lounge has provided the city of Chicago and neighborhood. The best part is how the gradual turn from Why am I here? to This is the most fun Ive ever had is shared by a room full of strangers over the course of the night.

A festive karaoke bar with a beer garden, seafood-filled bar menu and tropical cocktails. Just make sure you play before eating The Bomb - five pounds of sausage wrapped in a brown sugar bacon weave - otherwise youll need a zamboni to push you off the ice. Both the name of the bar and what youll be drinking until the wee hours of the morning, Bourbon On Division is a fan-favorite multi-level venue. TVs and the fact that they accept credit cards) make it an excellent choice for game day. Cheba Hut is a Toasted sub concept that has been curing munchies since its start in 1998. The kitchen is open until at least 3 a.m. every night for the past 30 years! Theme by 17th Avenue. A true Chicago hidden treasure, step down into this basement-level piano bar for a taste of the classic. This cocktail-forward lounge in the heart of Boystown makes for a pretty good date spot with sophisticated cocktails, unique flavor combinations, and premium wines. Tucked over on Sheffield a bit outside the gameday mayhem of Clark Street, Graystone is a perfect gameday spot for those who want all the great sports bar trappingspub food, cold beer, TVs, big patiowith a bit more of a relaxed vibe.

A makeover in 2006 slicked up the looks a notch and brought back a vibrant young crowd. house music party takes over the venue every Sunday night. Were open early for breakfast and our drive-thru is open late for all your midnight cravings. After a rough year, The Closet will be back open and up to their old tricks starting in July. and before you know it, youll only have a few hours left before the sun comes up. Neighborhood folk and game-day revelers flock to this bar for its impressive selection of local beers on tap from brewers like Middle Brow, Pipeworks, Maplewood and Alarmist. And trailers that are filled with stars. On Friday nights, though, its as packed as a River North club giving away free Jell-O shots, because thats when Big Joes hosts their legendary turtle races. You can bring in or order food from any local restaurant. Whether you're looking for a fan-packed beer bar that's plastered with TVs or a quiet cocktail lounge with sophisticated sips, there's aplace for you to sit back and watch the game in this non-stop neighborhood. The corner of Division and State streets is a good place to find yourself if youre in need of late-night bar options. Thats all. A lively sports bar and music venue with multiple live on-stage performances weekly. Enjoy darts, pool, and karaoke at this Northside no-frills institution.

The bar is styled after an old-school gymnasium, decorated with vintage sports paraphernalia like scoreboards, rackets, and lockers, along with bocce courts and bags outside. Where to eat and drink in Wrigleyville during baseball season (and the rest of the year, too). The dartboards, pool table, jukebox and regulars are still a blast from decades past. Theres generally a DJ spinning or local bands playing on the small stage in back, but its the post-2 a.m. crowd that provides the real entertainment here. Wrigleyville bars don't exactly have the best reputation. Begyles taproom is the start of Malt Row, a two-mile stretch of eight breweries and distilleries on the North Side. Check out Wicker Park's newest bar and venueopen late every night. A sports bar with pub food, wings, and plenty of TVs for watching the game. It gets mobbed during Cubs season because its right across the street from Wrigley, so to really work on your swing, you should come during the offseason. You can come here to drink and play pool as a pregame for other Logan bars, but just know that youll probably have a Pavlovian reaction to the sound of the pins and smell of the shoes and get lured into playing a game. A longtime Gold Coast favorite, The Lodge is your spot when the A.M. hours hit and you need cold beer, Chicago sports fandom and peanut-shell-covered floors!

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