Books offer an escape when the real world feels too stressful or scary, can spark even the most dormant imaginations with fantasy or historical fiction, send a chill up the straightest of spines with a good thriller, melt even the most hardened hearts with a steamy romance novel or give us a chance to walk in someone else's shoes through nonfiction or memoir. Whether or not you're a gamer, you'll never look at video games the same way again. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer (August 9), Heartbreaker: A Hells Belles Novel by Sarah MacLean(August 23), The Stand-Up Groomsman by Jackie Lau (October 25). More upcoming YA sci-fi for your TBR: In the City of Time by Gwendolyn Clare (November 29), The Q by Amy Tintera (November 8), The Stars Between Us by Cristin Terrill (August 2). Fitzgerald, whose stations in life have ranged from working-class deprived to boarding-school privileged to sex-worker jaded, doesnt just tell us about these things and more. More upcoming true crime books for your TBR: The Forever Witness: How DNA and Genealogy Solved a Cold Case Double Murder by Edward Humes (November 29), Blood & Ink: The Scandalous Jazz Age Double Murder That Hooked America on True Crime by Joe Pompeo (September 15), The Ransomware Hunting Team: A Band of Misfits Improbable Crusade to Save the World from Cybercrime by Renee Dudley and Daniel Golden (October 25). As he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, he learns more about Yu-jins life as the daughter of a high-ranking government official, the true nature of her bond with her roommate So-ra, and his own bi-racial identity. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowBy Gabrielle ZevinKnopf: 481 pages, $28(July 5). Let us know in the comments, and you might just inspire someone else to pick it up, too. Thank you for signing up! heir tempts harper penguinrandomhouse heiress It's a twisted, borderline depraved family story like no other. When Mika gets a call from Penny, the daughter she placed for adoption 16 years ago, she tells a few lies just to impress her. But when she asks her imam for help, it sets off a chain of events that involve tangling with a terrorist organization called D.I.C.K. And now its time to share a whole bunch of upcoming titles for the rest of the year. Then, when Penny visits, Mika constructs an elaborate ruse to uphold her story. If you've read the eerily familiar plague novel Severance, you probably already smashed the preorder button. This is a novel about change on stages large and small, figurative and literal, as it explores the tensions between a mother's expectations and her daughters' dreams for themselves against the backdrop of a gentrifying San Francisco. Here are more great ways to keep up with new book releases. Auletta first wrote about Harvey Weinstein in the New Yorker two decades ago, portraying him then as a nasty piece of work professionally but it wasnt until the last decade, during which women came forward and their stories of sexual abuse and rape culminated in his 2017 arrest, that Auletta was able to conduct and compile the interviews that make up this comprehensive and horribly painful look at what makes monstrous behavior possible. Minding my peoples business: An acclaimed Sudanese American poet makes a home in L.A. Review: Millennial angst, vacuum-packed, in debut stories after Sally Rooneys dark heart, Review: Palmdales Black middle class gets its close-up in a dishy new thriller, Op-Ed: Why inappropriate books are the best kind, Review: A Times reporter broke a major USC scandal. RELATED: 20 (More) New Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List. and a whole host of debut authors also came out with stellar reads that will leave you hungry for their next one before you reach the last page. More upcoming horror for your TBR: The Wild Hunt by Emma Seckel (August 2), Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison (October 5); Leech by Hiron Ennes(September 27). Pulitzer Prize-winning author Schiff, whose most recent books included Cleopatra and The Witches, takes a deep dive into one of the more mysterious Founding Fathers. And Tova, the elderly janitor, dedicates herself to keeping the place sparkling clean after the tragic loss of her son and then her husband effectively stalls her life. Allen discusses her life growing up Black in Texas in the nineties and early 2000s in this stunning work of nonfiction. It's an energizing read for anyone who's ever been told, "Oh, you're just on your period," albeit a challenging one. If you loved Station Eleven, you'll adore this dystopian novel that's about time travel as much as it is about love and family, and what happens when we lose sight of what's truly important. Dirtbag, Massachusetts: A ConfessionalBy Isaac FitzgeraldOUP: 496 pages, $30(July 19). Remember, this is just the teeniest tip of the upcoming book iceberg! This scarily prescient novel that's reminiscent of Orwell and Vonnegut explores the depths of parents' love, how strictly we judge mothers and each other and the terrifying potential of government overreach. It's laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes brightly painful, thought-provoking and completely original. At first, you'll think you're reading about a Wall Street tycoon and his enigmatic wife. Even more exciting upcoming novels for your TBR: Now Is Not the Time to Panic by Kevin Wilson(November 8), The Hero of This Book by Elizabeth McCracken (October 5), Afterlives by Abdulrazak Gurnah (August 23). You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 24 Hottest Romance Novels of All Time. Pro tip: Don't read this gothic horror right before bedtime, especially if you're prone to nightmares. More upcoming YA for your TBR: Azar on Fire by Olivia Abtahi (August 23), This is Our Place by Vitor Martins, Larissa Helena (translator) (November 1), I Miss You, I Hate This by Sara Saedi (October 11). Kuang (August 23). Because I love to tell you about as many books as I can! While it doesn't flinch away from the hard truth, it's also filled with love and a steely kind of hope. In this exciting debut YA novel, a young alien hunter must contend with a mysterious replacement at the Academy after aliens kill one of her elite squad mates. He reflects on how his journey has both formed him as a man and helped to change his views of masculinity, race and identity. From the author of the amazing YA novels The Ones Were Meant to Find and Descendant of the Crane comes a new fantasy that that reimagines the Chinese classic tale of the Three Kingdoms. It follows a true crime writer who's trying to figure out what really happened at a dilapidated former porn store where locals (and lore) say the Satanic panic resulted in death, but the truth goes so much deeper than that. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. If you're looking for a swoon-worthy beach read, you've found it. Is a dirtbag a place, a person or even a profession? Besides, the music that runs through their lives is basically a character of its own. Invisible Storm: A Soldiers Memoir of Politics and PTSDBy Jason KanderMariner: 224 pages, $28(July 5). This one is about the third daughter of a grand duke in Renaissance Italy. One of those is banker Barton Heydale, who sees shaking down his fellow citizens as a renewed reason to live. JK, Misery is thought to be the next Messiah. So here are tons of great books coming out AugustDecember of 2022. Angie has sworn to focus on her studies, but Ricky might just force her to rearrange her priorities. Accidentally hitting someone with your car doesnt sound like a great meet cute, but thats exactly what happens to kick off this charming queer romance. When a fire tears through Spokane in 1889, shysters and opportunists rise from the ashes. Normal Family: On Truth, Love, and How I Met My 35 SiblingsBy Chrysta BiltonLittle, Brown: 288 pages, $29(July 12), This remarkable and wise book is actually two memoirs, braided together with such tendresse that readers will come to believe the ironic title in earnest. More upcoming historical fiction for your TBR: Mercury Pictures Presents by Anthony Marra (September 6), Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson (September 27), Ithaca by Claire North (September 6). Jacksons last book, White Smoke, was terrifying! For anyone who's been feeling a little lost, let this book give you some inspiration.

In this arresting collection of stories, we meet people who are fighting not only the snowy tundra, but addiction, heartbreak, complicated families and the demons so many of us carry with us, regardless of when or where we live. Jones, the award-winning author of Prelude to Bruise and How We Fight for Our Lives, offers poems of humor and strength about our ever-increasing traumas of daily life. Zevin (The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry) conjures up a novel about game designers that has little to do with gaming and a story about fierce love between two people that has nothing to do with romance. When it all comes crashing down, mother and daughter have to rebuild their faith in each other. Just because Cassandra can see the future doesn't mean she's sharing what she finds there. Each story is a fresh discovery and an exciting surprise, and you won't want to miss a single one. This fantastically real, absorbing novel explores what it would feel like to have an escape hatch from the hardships of life, and the agonizing decision whether to leave everyone you love behind. Dig out your old band T's and crack open this charming family saga about a woman who's celebrating her 40th birthday when suddenly, she wakes up on the morning of her 16th.

Magical doors appear to some people as a way out, but once they step through, there's no turning back. Gentrification looms large for the residents of the Banneker Homes, a Harlem high rise where the threat of eviction looms. ShmutzBy Felicia BerlinerAtria: 272 pages, $27(July 19). Just read it. When Beatriz arrives at Hacienda San Isidro, she hopes it'll be her salvation. Fellowship PointBy Alice Elliott DarkScribner/Marysue Rucci: 592 pages, $29(July 5). Serial killer Ansel Packer is going to die for his crimes in 12 hours. Why trust us? Through life in an abandoned warehouse just outside NYC, stints at a wilderness rehabilitation center and a scrabble to find their footing as young adults, this is a sharp and unsettling story of two girls' ongoing search for their own place in the world and how their history shapes who they become. Raizl Hasidic Jew, college student, internet-porn addict is supposed to study for her accounting degree and prepare for an arranged marriage; instead she stays up at night watching steamy sites on mute so as not to awake sister Gitti. Fletcher. Take a seat, women of Unorthodox. Its Raizls turn. What is a bloodmaid? More exciting upcoming novels for your TBR: People Person by Candice Carty-Williams (September 13), The Passenger by Cormac McCarthy (October 25) and the second half Stella Maris (December 6), The Furrows by Namwali Serpell (September 27). This time, she takes us back in time to a place where a young woman gets drawn into high society and becomes a bloodmaid. That is, until it all goes wrong. It's about racism, the war on drugs, class and struggle, but at its heart, it's a portrait of a community. (Scribner; Atria Books; Penguin Press; Viking; Bloomsbury; William Morrow; Mariner; Knopf; Del Rey; Little, Brown. Imagine my delight when I got older and realized that reading and writing about books could be a career! When an archaeologist witnesses the unleashing of a long-buried plague, it changes the course of history. Join our community Book Club. newsletter, and be sure to check out All the Books!, a weekly podcast where we discuss our favorite new releases of the week. As its voice grows stronger and stronger, Lia and her family have their own battles to fight in its wake. Whatever your taste or mood, July offers something to meet you where you are or wherever you want to be. In this charming rom-com, med school student Angie is a child of Ghanian immigrants with sky-high standards. These are the best and most-anticipated books we've found so far, with something for fans of every genre and style. Delightfully weird and full of the richly painted characters and captivating story that makes Moshfegh a master of her craft, this historical fiction throws readers back into Medieval times so completely, you can smell the sheep dung. Step aside Mrs. As Lia confronts a devastating diagnosis, secrets from her past begin to infect her present just as illness overtakes her body. In Go Back to Where You Came From, journalist Wajahat Ali recounts a life of physical and political struggles with humor and optimism. The triplets are desperate to escape each other's orbit almost from the moment they're born via IVF, even as their mom tries desperately to create the family she's long dreamed of. Its a beautiful tale of love, trust and forgiveness. Jameela wants to see her memoir on the best-seller list. He doesnt say here, but he does indicate hes working to heal, and for now, perhaps thats enough. More upcoming debut novels for your TBR: Delphi by Clare Pollard (August 2), A Minor Chorus by Billy-Ray Belcourt (October 4), The Book of Everlasting Thingsby Aanchal Malhotra (December 27). This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. More upcoming memoirs for your TBR: Private Equity: A Memoir by Carrie Sun (November 15), Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry (November 1), The Tiger and the Cage: A Memoir of a Body in Crisis by Emma Bolden (October 18). More upcoming anticipated sequels for your TBR: Into the Riverlands (The Singing Hills Cycle #3) by Nghi Vo (October 25), A Restless Truth (The Last Binding #2) by Freya Marske (November 1), Seasparrow (Graceling Realm) by Kristin Cashore (November 1). And while his recollections are pervaded by considerations of manliness, he never shuts out other genders or ways of being. Through complex and intimate intertwining narratives, it follows a cast of characters' experiences with Bouton's creation, and how its consequences echo through the decades. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the TBR water, heres a preview of 22 more great new books to read in 2022! We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Fellowship Point earns its nearly 600 pages with a quietly complex structure, starring two octogenarian women whose long friendship is entangled with their families landholdings in coastal Maine. Come sit next to me! More upcoming poetry collections for your TBR: And Yet: Poems by Kate Baer(November 8), The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On by Franny Choi (November 1), Brother Sleep by Aldo Amparan (September 13). Min cant believe his Korean girlfriend Yu-jin died by suicide, right before graduation. Your reading list will thank you. The categories go on and on. I hope that you have been having a satisfying reading year so far. And now she returns to horror with this Carrie-esque tale of racism and a Georgia high schools first integrated prom. Darwin gets mixed up in some funny business and Yejide is looking for a way out of the life she's been handed. This delightfully strange dip back into Ma's brain is as wonderful as you expect. This is an electrifying story of Misery Nomaki, who lives on a mining planet and begins exhibiting strange powers they definitely shouldnt have.

But the two have a lot to teach each other, especially when a stranger arrives who will come to mean more than anyone realizes. Wondering what you should be reading this year? Keep an eye on your inbox. Its a chilling, surprisingly tender tale of how each tragedy ripples through many lives. Each of the seven stories is about an empty house, whether literally or metaphorically. ), When I'm Nostalgic for the '80s and '90s, I Read These Books, A Map to the Best Treasure Hunting Mysteries, Fantastical Food Fiction: 11 Books with Magical Baking and Mischief-Making, The Best Romance Books You've Never Heard Of. And this is easily one of the most anticipated novels of the year! Midwesterners, New Englanders and anyone from small town America will recognize the contours in this quietly beautiful novel about what it feels like to grow up an outsider. It touches on what amounts to the greatest hits of human existence: friendship, love, the meaning of home and why we need each other. Born via turkey baster to a lesbian mother with countless connections and even more schemes, Chrysta and her younger sister didnt learn until decades later that their family secrets included one that would change everything, including their definition of family., Crying in the Bathroom: A MemoirBy Erika L. SnchezViking: 256 pages, $27(July 12). But nothing happens when you get powers, right? More upcoming YA mystery for your TBR: Whats Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla (August 2), Nine Liars by Maureen Johnson (December 27), The Lies We Tell by Katie Zhao (August 9). It's not quite historical fiction, not quite speculative, not exactly dystopian and somehow all of the above and more. This content contains affiliate links. Five years after losing the love of her life, Feyi's BFF, Joy, wants her to get back out there, but when she does, Feyi finds herself thrown into her future without a net. With prescient themes like climate change, government surveillance and the power of connection, Yuknavitch's latest is a tour de force that spans centuries and continents. Why the creators of Persuasion put a contemporary spin on Jane Austens classic, Sign up for the Los Angeles Times Book Club, How two L.A. COVID swindlers dodged the FBI and joined the European jet set, Inside the battle for control of a legendary music club and the soul of a high desert town, USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID, The new 6th Street bridges baptism by L.A.: Street racers, skaters, taggers and a crash, Heres what Southern Californias housing market cool-down means for buyers, sellers. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. It's a starkly lyrical exploration of the darkness that lies underneath a lily white community with an emotional resonance that sneaks up on you and won't let go. But when the fire investigator (and con man) Quake Auchenbaucher comes to town, he and Roslyn fall for one another, too. How about a deep dive into the life and crimes of Harvey Weinstein? Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of SilenceBy Ken AulettaPenguin Press: 480 pages, $30(July 12). Ingrid has hit a wall in her PhD research on poet Xiao-Wen Chou when she comes across something that suggests he may not have been who he seems. Op-Ed: What do artists and their fans owe each other? When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. A sharply original novel about love, friendship and the journey grief takes, this one will ring true for so many of us these days. Ava Wong has always played by the rules, but all that's gotten her is a dusty law degree, an unsatisfying marriage and a toddler whose tantrums are seriously out of control. While attending a progressive upstate New York college, Shay and her two best friends fell under the spell of a man who said he could teach them the ways of the world. But shes falling short after her boyfriend dumps her, she bombs a big exam and her best friend grows distant. And you are, but that's not the whole story. You'll just have to dive in to find out the rest. This hefty tome is about a single mother and her son growing up in a Colorado ski resort. Somehow, its already the end of June, which means weve had half a year to tuck amazing new books under our belts. Her ailing father is alive and well, and she gets to spend just one more day with him. Still want to learn more? This compelling, propulsive novel is as complex as the characters it follows. Now Snchez is a memoirist too, her smart and spiky voice enlivening connected essays on growing up brown and depressed but also obsessed with comedy. Is 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Based on a Book? This firecracker of a book that gets weirder and more bizarrely funny the more pages you turn. Sign up for our Book Deals newsletter and get up to 80% off books you actually want to read. They are now trying to figure out their futures while living in a run-down apartment building known as the Rabbit Hutch. When they're drawn together, they discover whether their love can rival the forces working against them. Invisible Storm details Kanders long depression after he pursued a political career, leading up to what he hoped would be a 2020 presidential bid. This novel about the power of female friendship will give you a gorgeous peek into both women's perspectives on a shared story that has as many facets as they do. Provocative, fast-paced and darkly funny, this irreverent novel follows controversial folk singer Aviva Rosner through her shocking album release to mixed reviews, international tours and fertility struggles as she tries to reconcile her own longing for a baby with her distrust of technological intervention. More upcoming romances for your TBR: Mr. What do you get when you take Groundhog Day, add a dash of the apocalypse, a little French obsession and mix in female friendship and romantic entanglement? When the fourth of her frozen embryos is born as a last attempt years later, the wheels really start coming off. Raising Lazarus: Hope, Justice, and the Future of Americas Overdose Crisis, Koshersoul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African American Jew, Breathless: The Scientific Race to Defeat a Deadly Virus, Dwellers: Winner of the Philippine National Book Award, Heart of the Sun Warrior (Celestial Kingdom Book 2), Into the Riverlands (The Singing Hills Cycle #3), The Fishermen and the Dragon: Fear, Greed, and a Fight for Justice on the Gulf Coast, Requiem for the Massacre: A Black History on the Conflict, Hope, and Fallout of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, Path Lit by Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, The Tiger and the Cage: A Memoir of a Body in Crisis, In the Mouth of the Wolf: A Murder, a Coverup, and the True Cost of Silencing the Press, The Forever Witness: How DNA and Genealogy Solved a Cold Case Double Murder, Blood & Ink: The Scandalous Jazz Age Double Murder That Hooked America on True Crime, The Ransomware Hunting Team: A Band of Misfits Improbable Crusade to Save the World from Cybercrime, Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction, The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On, 10 Cozy Mysteries for a Gentle Thrill (+ a Bonus! Moreno-Garcia has rewritten the gothic (Mexican Gothic), the noir (Velvet Was the Night) and now the sci-fi in this take on the 1896 H. G. Wells classic, The Island of Doctor Moreau. Carlota Moreau lives in the Yucatn with her father and his human/animal hybrids. Between the increasingly meddlesome patron Hernando Lizalde, his son Eduardo and a newly arrived hard-drinking English mayordomo, things are about to change for Carlota in surprising ways. Fiona and Jane are best friends, navigating their tumultuous teenage years together, as well as their family histories and all that comes with them. This time, Ng gets a little speculative in this powerful look at a future society consumed with xenophobia and the young child of a dissident. From the author of The Rib King comes a collection of stories about the Black residents of a southern suburb in the years between the beginning of the Clinton administration and Obama's election. Fresh off her award-winning success with Hamnet, OFarrell is delivering another marvelous historical novel. This is a touching, eye-opening perspective on life and illness like youve never read before. This story is darkly funny, deliciously devious and hugely inventive, a magical twist on the allure of the American West and who goes there to seek their fortune.

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