{ "Id": 54, | Privacy Policy "Country": "CANADA", Com. }, }, "StandardAbbr": "CET", "CityName": "Helsinki", "CityName": "Guatemala", "StandardAbbr": "CST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "Id": 111, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CDT", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Venezuela Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", "Id": 107, }, "Id": 11, "Offset": "7" "Offset": "2" "CityName": "Brasilia", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "EET", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "E. Africa Standard Time", { }, "Offset": "13" salvage title but has been fully restored and drives like a brand new car We offer our power train warranty on all our vehicles so you can Have a nice sonata for sale. "Offset": "5" "Id": 17, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Fiji Standard Time", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", "Offset": "1" }, "Id": 28, "Id": 43, "Offset": "-6" }, "Offset": "0" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "KST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "E. Australia Standard Time", "Offset": "-5" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EEDT / EEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", in Bid on the vehicles of your choice! "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central European Standard Time", "Id": 69, "Offset": "-5" }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "UZT", { "Offset": "7" "StandardAbbr": "ACST", Did these results show what you were looking for? "StandardAbbr": "CET", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "VET", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", "Offset": "2" { }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "NZDT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", { Once you find a vehicle you like on our website "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", Prior salvage title due to storm damagefor more information please feel free to give us a call at 816-242-0---. 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS. "StandardAbbr": "AFT", "Country": "UZBEKISTAN", { }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Cen. "Country": "PHILIPPINES", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "MDT", Alloy wheels with good tires. "Country": "PARAGUAY", }, "StandardAbbr": "CST", "Offset": "1" Please visit our website EasyFixSalvage. "CityName": "Detroit", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT", "Country": "CANADA", { "StandardAbbr": "AEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", "Id": 115, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AFT", "Country": "HONDURAS", "Id": 32, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EAT", Call us at 651-235-2--- today to schedule test drive. "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ARDT / ARST", "Id": 123, so they can walk you through the sign up and deposit process. "Id": 24, }, "Country": "CHINA", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "CityName": "Dublin", }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GTB Standard Time", "Id": 1, "Country": "BRAZIL", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "GTB Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "COT", "CityName": "Prague", "Offset": "2" "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AST", 2019 - 2022 AuctionAuto Cars from USA, purchase and shipping from Copart, IAAI, Manheim. LLC "Auction Auto Trade" EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations): 43851990 | Copying content only with the permission of the site author. "Id": 49, { }, "CityName": "Seoul", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", }, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Fiji Standard Time", "Id": 41, Buy safely, quickly and profitably cars from the USA and Korea with AuctionAuto. "StandardAbbr": "AST", "Country": "HUNGARY", "Offset": "5" "Offset": "0" +1-215-289-0300, Call via Skype: "CityName": "Mumbai", "Id": 130, Something went wrong. "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CEDT / CEST", "Id": 33, "CityName": "Santiago", "Id": 98, "Country": "BANGLADESH", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EAT", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Offset": "7" { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "IST", "Country": "UNITED STATES", "Id": 89, "Offset": "12" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "South Africa Standard Time", "Country": "PAKISTAN", }, This is a prior salvage alloy, speed-sensitive wipers, variably intermittent wipers, local car, alloy wheels, professionally detailed, bluetooth, salvage title vehicle. BidGoDrive is a family owned and operated business that sells used autos, salvage cars, motorcycles, RV's, trucks, ATV's, jet skis, snow mobiles, boats and industrial equipment purchased from insurance companies and salvage auctions. "StandardAbbr": "CET", { { "StandardAbbr": "PKT", }, Car runs and drives great. { }, Website by MetroGraphix.com. "StandardAbbr": "NPT", "CityName": "Houston", Copyright 2016 - 2022 BidGoDrive }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "MDT", }, "Country": "RUSSIAN FEDERATION", "Id": 18, "Offset": "3" "Offset": "-7" }, "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "WAT", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "MSD", }, Try searching with an alternate Stock or VIN number. "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "UYST", { "StandardAbbr": "PST", "Id": 80, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "India Standard Time", "Id": 75, "Id": 135, The Sonata, produced by Hyundai since 1985, is a mid-size car now in its seventh generation. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "New Zealand Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "GMT", "CityName": "Edmonton", "Country": "UNITED STATES", { "Id": 5, "Country": "AUSTRALIA",

"DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BDT", "Country": "CANADA", { "Country": "UNITED STATES", Please contact us for more information. "StandardAbbr": "MST", "Offset": "8" "Id": 46, "Offset": "-4" "Offset": "9" "StandardAbbr": "EET", }, Thank you. "Country": "BELGIUM", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BOT", }, }, "CityName": "Ankara", "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Country": "GERMANY", "Country": "TURKEY", Restore salvage title. "Offset": "-7" "Country": "BELARUS", "Offset": "9" "Country": "TAIWAN", "Country": "CHINA", "StandardAbbr": "EET", }, }, "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Offset": "-6" Alloy wheels with good tires. "CityName": "Zurich", { "Country": "PUERTO RICO", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BST", "Offset": "11" "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Country": "JORDAN", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AST", }, }, "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Country": "AUSTRALIA", "CityName": "Tallinn", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ANAST", }, "CityName": "Tehran", "Country": "SINGAPORE", "Country": "MYANMAR", Rebuilt Salvage / Export Only. "StandardAbbr": "CET", "Id": 103, { "Country": "SWEDEN", }, Customer Service:

}, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Western Standard Time", "Country": "GREECE", "StandardAbbr": "WIT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", More info, By creating this email alert, you agree to our, 15644, Jeannette, Westmoreland County, PA. "Country": "UNITED STATES", "CityName": "Kuala Lumpur",

"MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Standard Time", "StandardAbbr": "SGT", The vehicle was professionally repaired after minor front end collision no frame damage run and drive after accident Hi i have for sale beautiful 2014 Hyundai Sonata GLS like new Remote start11831miles Bluetooth salvage titleBack up camera Hired seats 4 cly by clicking on the financing tab and one of our sales personnel will contact you promptly. "StandardAbbr": "WAT", "Id": 86, "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Vladivostok Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "PDT", Copyright 2022 Inloher Corp. All Rights Reserved. "StandardAbbr": "PST", "StandardAbbr": "EET", "StandardAbbr": "SAST", }, Pleased to offer this great looking Hyundai Sonata Runs and drives great No mechanical issues Only has k on the miles really low Rust free car Get notified when we have new listings available for hyundai sonata salvage. }, }, { "Country": "ICELAND", { { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Singapore Standard Time", { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SA Western Standard Time", 9:00 AM "CityName": "Bogota", We have pictures of damage see all the pictures and details of this vehicle and a lot more best deals. "Country": "FRANCE", "Id": 15, "Offset": "-3.5" { "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Greenwich Standard Time", 13:32, 18.08.2022 "Country": "CHILE", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "E. Africa Standard Time", "CityName": "St. Paul", "CityName": "Philadelphia", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "ICT", { "Id": 128, }, "Id": 102, }, "StandardAbbr": "CST", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "CDT", { "CityName": "Madrid", "CityName": "Denver", { "StandardAbbr": "AWST", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "BRST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "SE Asia Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "E. Europe Standard Time", :No VIN: 5NPEH4J25LH0074-- -. "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Singapore Standard Time", "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "AST", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "W. Europe Standard Time", "Id": 51, "Id": 23, "CityName": "Chicago", { "Id": 97, "StandardAbbr": "CST", "StandardAbbr": "HST", "StandardAbbr": "CST", }, "StandardAbbr": "PETT", "StandardAbbr": "EST", "Offset": "-8" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Central Europe Standard Time", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Alaskan Standard Time", }, Please remember ALL VEHICLES ARE BEING SOLD AS "AS-IS, WHERE-IS" ALL BIDS ARE BINDING AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL. "CityName": "Frankfurt", { "Id": 129, "CityName": "Kathmandu", "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Eastern Standard Time", }, "Id": 101, "Id": 34, "CityName": "Moscow", "CityName": "Caracas", "Id": 108,

* In addition, a fee may be charged for parking the car at the port of dispatch. "Offset": "0" "MSTimeZoneInfoKey": "Romance Standard Time", },

"Country": "AUSTRALIA", "CityName": "La Paz", "Offset": "5.5" "Country": "ISRAEL", { "DaylightSavingsAbbr": "EDT",
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