Bryan B Bailey is a singer/songwriter from Lillian, AL, a small town on the gulf coast of Alabama.

-Best Selling Author- Theyve also been featured on MTV shows such as Pimp My Ride, Room Raiders, NEXT and on an episode of the show Boiling Points. As a child, Zawezo enjoyed listening to American hip hop, such as Naughty by Nature, Wu Tang Clan, and MC Hammer. His work has appeared in commercials, films, television series, web and video games all over the world and, as a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, Patrick has gained a reputation for having a remarkable range of styles and outstanding professionalism. JesusGang started as a unique t-shirt clothing line and now includes: hoodies, hats, and shoes. Full Bio available at:, LINKS: Official Website Facebook YouTube ReverbNation Twitter MySpace Last FM. Samples of Katie Janes music can be found online:, Kerry Clarks music is like a Norman Rockwell painting. He spends time working with the youth through music and ministering in spoken word in local area churches. In 2014 he won the Best Concert Award for his show, The Spirit of Vaudeville, at the United Solo Theater Festival in New York City. Ryan Stream was amazing as he told his emotion packed story. She also founded the Write Life campaign to educate the public on the value of music education and positive music. His story is captivating, and will give you a meaningful perspective in fitting ways. He travels the world with One Small House ( building structures for struggling families and communities. Airy, NC, based roots-rock band, Mediocre Bad Guys, as well as with the rock-soul combo, Doug Davis & the Mystery Dates. In 2011, Mr. Happie was featured on the One Love Cruise in April where he opened for Canton Jones and joined a host of other well known Gospel recording artists. Dave Kinnoin has written and produced hundreds of songs for us as a volunteer, and he has written and produced hundreds more for DreamWorks, the Muppets, Disney, Sesame Workshop, and many others. My music arrangement ability began at about 6, when I rearranged a gospel song, Thank Lord and performed it with my cousins for our grandfathers appreciation Through music research, I learned that my voice is an instrument. Other songwriters of love present at the get together included Donna Frost, Eddie Kilgallon, Nathan Brumley, and Steve Schuffert. She recently recorded another song of love for Collin Lecey. She has written 2 books on self actualization, Fairytale Endings for tweens and Soul Songs for adults. Frances was the also the winner of the 2009 Momentum Award for Female Artist Of The Year and was also nominated for Inspirational Artist Of The Year at the 2009 Momentum Awards ceremony in Nashville, TN. The Singing to the World music video was shown worldwide during two Dalai Lama events in Honolulu in April 2012, and the song was also selected as a finalist in the John Lennon Song Writing Contest. Also through all he went through it inspired him to write inspirational lyrics through his songs with purpose and passion. - Kyle, He spoke at the school I was teaching at a few years ago and Im still inspired by his story! He shares a message of hope and one of which shows a human side that we all can relate to and use to be better individuals! As a worship leader, she has shared many platforms with well-known author and Women of Faith speaker, Carol Kent. Clark toured with the Christys in 1985. He currently resides in Burlington, NC where he teaches music production and recording arts at Elon University. I put a couple bands together and started playing parties, and played a bar for a talent show, we got a standing ovation. Along with being a songwriter for Songs of Love, Philip is involved in many charity and community organizations. She is honored to be a songwriter for the Songs of Love Foundation and experiences great joy and fulfillment crafting personalized songs for these beautiful children who need the healing medicine of music. A sound that draws and keeps the interest of fans of all genres. Sleeping in a homeless shelter and different foster care homes made for a challenging childhood for Ryan especially after his mother passed away from suicide. Brians original compositions have been a staple of the Long Island and New York City music scene since the mid 1990s. My current project (Rick Savasten Band) has blessed me with a full band of amazing players, drums, bass and oboe!. He is currently Owner/Operator of Good Vibrations Music Studio in Packanack Lake, New Jersey, which is not only a project-recording studio, but also an educational facility for youthful and mature musicians. She is an original member of The Class Notes, the first co-ed a cappella group at Cornell University and also arranged music for the ensemble. He has toured with Afroman, Ces Cru, and Paul Wall. Bio pending. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Blackstar and The Roots. Jennifer played the roles of Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Jefferson, and the Christmas Bells homeless woman. Nothing negative to say! There were alot of bands, as well, like the Commodores, Slave, Stylistics, Temptations, Delfonics, Isley Brothers, The Jacksons, The Supremes. When hes not playing music, Wes can be found hanging out with his dog Esther and cheering on the LSU Tigers. Marla also loves to write childrens musicals and childrens books. That just goes to show the type of individual he is! Tough has also worked on business side of the music industry for companies such as Warner Chappell Music, BMG Music Publishing and Capitol/EMI. Isaiah began singing at a very early age, participating in the church choir and progressed through his adolescent years to singing at school assemblies, pep rallies, and every opportunity a crowd was assembled. Stan Stewart is also known as Muz4Now - with good reason. He is a Grammy nominated musician who has worked on stage and in the studio with some of the worlds most influential artists including Sly Stone, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Beyonce and Lauryn Hill. Singer songwriter Greg Nicholsons music has been described as John Mayer meets The Foo Fighters. From Homeless to Hopeful Sleeping in a homeless shelter and different foster care homes made for a challenging childhood for Ryan Stream. Jeremy Gentile, known under his artist name Jaiz, has had music in his blood since a very young age. Since then I have worked with many different producers, which was a great way to get different input to shape my unique style. From ballads to anthems to clarion calls, his songs tell tales from the every day human experience. Now with all that under my belt, I felt songs in my head that needed to come out, so back to writing and recording of my own songs. Tom Pauls original and accessible poetry, along with his keen sense of melodic-oriented songwriting, make his tunes attractive to other artists interpretations and, through his own devise, stand strongly. Music has always been her first love, she uses her gift to uplift, encourage and embrace others. I am an insatiable reader and some of my favorite authors include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Michael Crichton. Brian Jones brings a wealth of musical experience to Songs of Love. This Label Purpose Music is only at the beining of its Successful Journey! I kept going. Muller has since published numerous crosswords in the Times, and now runs a challenging music-themed crossword contest at he is a very well rounded and nice guy. A graduate of the Bass Guitar program at McNally Smith College of Music, she has performed professionally around the Twin Cities and across the country since 1991 in many rock/alternative/experimental/variety bands, shows and productions. All while being a NCAA Division 1 Student-Athlete and earning a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Boston College. In the mid 1990s, he was a founding member of the SONY/Columbia act Ricochet and is now keyboardist for platinum selling artist Montgomery Gentry. Ryan is motivational, enlightening, and easy to connect with. At the age of 16, John started to write songs with his fraternal twin brother Julio and then went on to start a cover band playing as a drummer/singer with Julio on lead vocals. Mike grew up singing and performing gospel music throughout the Pacific Northwest, studied jazz guitar in his college years and was awarded a music scholarship at Seattle Pacific University. I usually play kinder characters. In January he played in a concert of storytelling and music from around the world with longtime partner Gerald Fierst. In addition to his musical life, Stan has had an exciting professional career in software, and is currently the CEO of iPayMyWay, Inc, who have created a mobile application called $hare which facilitates mobile giving of charitable donations and gratuities. Music and NOMA Music. Touching. Lanny Sherwin is President of the childrens record label, Sandman Records.

Dominick started Omega Sound Studio in 1998 as a result of his dissatisfaction with the milieu and results of he was getting with recording studios at the time. Thank you Jim!!! Mildenbergers performing background includes Western Canadas 2012 Break out West, and several Blues Festival performances including opening for blues performers such as Sonny Landreth and Tommy Castro. He is currently the singer and guitarist for the band 4Play. I currently teach German and Italian at Elmira College. In the late 90s he moved to North Carolina and began playing guitar and writing songs. His mom wanted him to become President. His biological mother passed away from suicide when he was in the ninth grade, and he struggled to find direction as a young adult. For the past 12 years, she has been writing and performing songs that make a difference through positive, empowering lyrics at venues throughout Colorado and most recently, across the country and internationally. A native of Atlanta, singer-songwriter-keyboardist-producer Perry Barton has lived in Nashville since 1996. Toronto, Ontario. in 1985. At the early age of seven, Isaiah moved to Aiken, South Carolina due to his fathers employment in the United States Marine Corps. DGPM would like to thank you for your support and for listening to Purpose Music!!! This CD has just won Parents Choice GOLD, and The National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval. This was my chance to do all original music at a concert format level. In September 2006, Donna received an endorsement from Peavey. At age thirteen I discovered my love for music and wrote my first two songs, Hair and Beauty Queen. Being a girly-girl, I wrote happy pop songs about pretty things but eventually dove into exploring different styles of music. I infuse Pop/Rock with Electronica. We recently played Octoberfest and opened up for Mark Wills at a block Party in Franklin, TN. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 24, 2019, This riveting new LP from Philly artist flanafi gorgeously blends post-rock with soul music, with striking results. Kikee Bah is an independent singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Laurens songwriting ability has been acknowledged by Nashville Songwriters Association International as Ones-To-Watch. His lyrics are a tender depiction of the human experience, and his melodies encapsulate a world of emotion in a snapshot moment. hearing their names, their favorite toys, movies, catch phrases, and family and friends names. Dans music is not just about entertainment, but its really all about setting the bar higher in terms of sharing true experiences and connecting with the audience on a deeper level. Oftentimes, Dan finds inspiration in the small things of life: a phrase, an image, and even a serendipitous moment of laughter could indeed influence his ideas at any given time. In the following years John kept writing original songs for his band and to hopefully place with other artists. Philip Clayman has been a songwriter for Songs of Love since early 2007. You can see how this popup was set up in our step-by-step guide:, Alice Leon is an expressive and prolific singer/songwriter who has enjoyed national notoriety as a touring musician both solo and with her band The Alice Project. In addition, Glen is founder of the recently popular (now reformed) folk-rock harmony trio Gathering Time, co-creator of (a website which presents news and commentary for the Folk, Roots & Singer-Songwriter communities), a guitar and songwriting coach at Summersongs East (and now West, and at the SoundConnections Conference in Missouri. These genres of music help me artistically to shape the nuances of my sound as a group member and solo artist. Mitch Has 2 CDs out The Beautiful End and The Art of Men CD, which can be seen on itunes. Each June we converge from all over the country to record songs for two kids. She has released several singles, two albums, and has enjoyed extensive play on traditional and online radio, clubs, featured by major DJs, their mixtapes and compilations, also on TV and in films around the world. Born and raised in a musician family (her parents play in an Irish folk band) on Long Island, NY, singer-songwriter Nico Padden has built up a supportive local following in NYC. His inspiration is colorfully diverse, which accentuates the melodies of his songs. Jim started volunteering as a songwriter for the Songs of Love Foundation in 2016. Her non-fiction articles have appeared in several magazines. He has his doctorate in Education from TN State, MBA from Pepperdine University and BA in Music (jazz drums) from University of North Texas. Being that her second love is songwriting , she is in the studio regularly recording music that is placed in television and film via the licensing agreements she has in place. . Kristin Gramza is a singer-songwriter based in Columbus, Ohio. Eventually, Leora, with her twin sister Sheira (who has also written for Songs of Love) got to experience a dream job as lead composer and singing voice for Loli in the Emmy-nominated PBS childrens series, Dittydoodle Works. He has three sons one of which is a child cancer survivor. Christi graduated with a degree in music from Belmont University and has played with many musical greats, including Chester Thompson (Drummer: Genesis, Phil Collins, Frank Zappa). She got an early start singing in her church choir in rural west Tennessee. Currently, she writes for the Songs of Love Foundation, writing and recording songs for chronically and terminally ill children across the country. He recently returned to Los Angeles to assist Warner Brothers in arranging and recording the full soundtrack for their newest theatrical venture, Casablanca: the Dance which premiered in Beijing, China. Thank you Ryan for changing my life man! Since then, theyve set out to release a series of four six-song EPs. He has an incredible, powerful and positive message for all ages. He also has appeared in magazines such as People, Parade, Biography, American Profile and the New York times. Songs of Love is extremely grateful and proud of all of our very talented Songwriters and Singers who have opted to give back with the amazing talents they have been given. My mother had an acoustic guitar, she and her friends played folk songs and she had written some songs about our family. Since we dont really seem to go to each others homes these days, you could now say, Be careful about commenting on Frances Facebook page she may write a song using your comment. Either way, she finds a way to write music to encourage her audiences using real-life experiences. Find out more about Dan Fallon, and do not miss out on his music, which is now available on the web. At a very young age, she picked up a guitar and knew right away that it would be a perfect way to create the songs she wanted to share. Raiders to do a program for inner city youth called Say Yes to Dance. Marlas latest CD, I Love to Talk to PlantsI, (2008), features Brazilian, African, Big Band, Country rap, pop, and more! It brings her immense joy to use her talents to uplift the spirits of such wonderful children. Acts like Michael Jackson inspired him to discover and explore all music.

He features and works with a wide variety of artists from all over the globe including From My Bedroom Project, a female artist from Australia whom he contacted via internet and now has been collaborating with for the Songs of Love! He is an award-winning songwriter, instrumentalist and producer. With years of writing and recording songs in any way he possibly could, the artist Jaiz was born. Fast forward to present day. Mike is the singer songwriter and guitarist for VoxMirage. MW has been honored and had opportunities to meet and greet legendary singers/vocalists from across the world.

His passion and love for music only Grew more each year. Bayo is an Author, independent Hip Hop artist, & Entrepreneur living in Miami, FL. He has been a music teacher for over 13 years, leading high school wind ensembles, jazz ensembles, and marching bands to numerous accolades and awards around the United States. Recognized for her distinct voice and poetic lyrics, she has a remarkable gift for storytelling. - Yahosh, Ryan was invited to speak at the the school I work for..his story is inspirational, motivating, and pure amazing. She feels very privileged to be able to educate children through her songs and says that teaching inspires her music, as music inspires her teaching. Commercial 06, Honorable Mention Dallas Songwriting Competition 06, Yamaha International Music Production Contest 4th place 05, Recording Contract with Songs of Love Foundation 06, Placed #1 in multiple Top Ten categories at as well as Broadjams Earth category earning him most downloaded song, (Cherry Sno-Cone). He is well worth any investment. MCRE, an emcees emcee, aims to redefine what a hip hop artist should be and break dowwn barriers while proving that his lyrics arent to be taken for granted. I became an official songwriter in 1993. Working with new writers , singers, and producers is always a priority. A beautiful wintery mix of familiar carols and new tunes, instrumentals and vocals, youll enjoy the sounds of Christmas on this project. He was keyboard player for the band Chrysalis in the late 1960s; he performed and recorded with them on their album Definitionwhich was reissued on CD. I thought Ryan did a great job! After receiving a double Bachelors in Saxophone Performance and Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music, Nathan realized his true passion was writing simple, acoustic, heartfelt songs. High points also include collaborating withCyndi Lauperon a film soundtrack song,and co-producingMartha Wash, whose powerhouse voice was featured in the Weather Girls and C+C Music Factory, and who recorded Alexs Leave a Light On. His latest CD, Homemade and Handed Down, produced by J.D. Her background as a performer and all round musician enables her to be a one woman team and when she composes a track for Songs of Love she can call on herself to play all the instruments, do all the singing and record and mix the final product! In addition, Patrick has enjoyed success as a songwriter and pop/rock producer. Since her EP release, Lei has performed in different cities on the east coast including performances at renowned New York City nightclub The Sugar Bar owned by legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson, the Ebony Magazine & Pine Sols Sisterspeak Luncheon in Philadelphia, in stage play Law & Disorder in Harrisburg, and Miami Music Festival. Lei has also been featured on several radio shows, websites, and mixtapes across the U.S. and internationally. I would definitely recommend him and go to another one of his shows or firesides.

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