Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. If that is the main intent of a routine that includes a lot of acro, it should be entered as such.

Ad from shop AttitudebyBeverley No refund will be due. How is Acro-Dance defined at dance competitions? In many regions of the country, you will still find group acro routines, but in many cases, acro is being showcased individually now more than ever.

To make an enquiry, please take the time to fill out the information below. FREE UK delivery, ad by Kayescostumes When Acro Should Be used in other Genres such as Jazz & Lyrical Dance.

From shop LuxeDanceCostumes, ad by SparklezbySamantha Ad from shop HarmonyThreads Changes may be made up to 2 weeks before the date of competition. This unique feedback opportunity will prepare your dancers for competition season. Acro Dance combines dance techniques with acrobatic elements, fusing them together choreographically so they are artistically intertwined and smoothly executed. We follow the SportCheer UK Age Grid. Dancer age is determined by their age as of 31st August 2020. Ad from shop SolantCostumes From shop KimCoutureSweden, ad by MamaZirka

Not only is it dangerous (those sort of shoes are not made to be safe for acro), but it distracts from the category you have entered yourself into. Ad from shop CarmoDanceDesigns Thus, acro training feels almost integral to success in the current dance world.

FREE UK delivery, ad by CostumeCreative Everywhere you look at a dance competition, someone is doing an aerial. With the increasing amount of Acro-related skills and tricks packed into mainstream competitive dance shows and competitions, it can be confusing for people to understand what differentiates an Acro dance routine from a dance routine of another genre that has Acro moves in it.

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Based in Orlando, she says, Often times choreographers may ask for a step-out tumbler on a gig. KarinakdDesigns TheDaintyTreasure

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Inserting too many tricks in a lyrical dance may be more distracting than anything, and might not fit with the intent of the song. When it Comes to Acro Tricks in Non-Acro Dance Categories, How Much is Too Much? Dance categories available this season are Teams, Novice Teams, Solos & Duos in: Dance Abilities (SEN) divisions are also available (all ages, and team size is unlimited). In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience Solo Age Grid is available below for your reference: Dancers must be entered into their relevant age division. In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience solo/duo scoresheets and rules are available below for your reference: The highest scoring soloist from tiny/mini/youth and junior/senior/open in each dance style at each event will be invited to compete at the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships for an ICE Royalty title. From shop TheDaintyTreasure, ad by EunoiaPatterns

it fits the storyline, character, theme, song, goal), and it follows the flow of the movement (i.e.

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Often, their description/requirements for Acro dance are something like: Acro A routine containing acrobatic movement/gymnastics; routine must contain 50% dance choreography (Groove). LALEOTARDS

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Ad from shop DianaLuqueStudio the event cannot be rescheduled and where the transfer of tickets to other events is not possible. Ad from shop FunkyFoxDancewear

Prices have been frozen for the 2020-2021 season: Rules & scoresheets for the 2020-2021 season will be published here in due course. It seems forced, not in the style of the rest of the piece, and breaks the flow.

Companies like to find ways to make them stand out and attract audiences.

FREE UK delivery, ad by BoutiqueJuneBerry SolantCostumes

Time limit at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events is 2:15 for teams and 1:15 for solo/duos.

A Teachers View on Best Practices When Choreographing For Acro-Dance Sections. Lifts that incorporate any of the acro/gymnastic tricks listed above within the lift, would then be considered an acro/gymnastic trick(KAR).

In the meantime, the 2019-2020 Ultimate Dance Experience Age Grid is available below for your reference: A novice team must consist of at least 50% participants who are not crossing over into a standard team of the same dance style.

Registration is not automatic, and is subject to availability. Modlen Check out our podcast on this hot topic!

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How Acro Tricks should be used in other categories.

Group/Troupes - Minimum 3 mins, max 5mins. Refunds cannot be authorised by event staff and all enquiries should be emailed to.

Jen Garaffas experience has been just that. Cirque du Soleil. Adaptive Abilities divisions are also available.

Recreational:for the true beginner, this dancer engages with acro/aerial at a recreational level and does not dance more than two hours per week. From shop AttitudebyBeverley, ad by CirqueWearbyShelley I think that the integration of acro and gymnastics came when the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance started adding it into their Dance for Your Life solos to wow the viewers. Miranda Spada, teacher from Buffalo, NY, adds, I think back to when I was competing growing up, which would have been over a decade ago, and acro has certainly changed. Talulahblueburlesque ekekocrafts

If it makes sense to put those moves in the dance, (i.e. There will be 2 age divisions for groups and 2 age divisions for solo's.

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cancelled event to the card with which the payment was made.

Business Hours Mon-Fri 10-4 This description is relatively consistent across the board for most other competitions, but there are some variations (i.e. Check out our descriptions of the different styles available at ICE Ultimate Dance Experience events.

At ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Events, all team divisions are offered in standard and in novice (so, for example, we offer Youth Acro and Youth Novice Acro). Novice is not available for solos/duos. We do not post tickets or, booking confirmations.

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The majority of an acrobatic routine must be acrobatic moves, otherwise, the routine will be scored lower by the judges.

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Acro skills are being integrated into all styles of dance, but when did this start, and why?

All these skills are valuable when looking to hire a dancer; I have never found a situation where knowing too much hinders a dancer's chance of becoming marketable. As always, safety should be the first priority when deciding where and how to train in acro.

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Acrotrix LIVE (AXL) competitions are designed to be unique, in that it will be only solo and groups-based and acro-centred competitions. No refund will be due.

How much acro is too much acro at competition?

Many times, acro and contortion move past true dance into walk and do a pose, or run into a trick, and the dance portion of the routine gets lost in the tricks. Just like the suggestion for advanced dancers to hide their preparation for turns, preparations for acro can be hidden and seamlessly integrated into a dance piece so that it doesnt turn into a gymnastics floor routine. All competitors are encouraged to attend the Masterclass event before the competition. Any number of acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible(KAR). If any soloist won their bid in youth but has a junior soloist season age for 2020-2021 season, they will be transferred to the junior/senior/open grouping. ICE Ultimate Dance Experience 2021 may have sessions (TBC).

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Personally, when I choreograph an Acro dance, whether its a solo or a group, I set out to make the routine almost entirely composed of Acro skills as I feel that it stays true to the genre of Acro dance, and its much more interesting to watch. The contemporary dance genre is a bit different since it isnt codified in the way that modern, ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance are, and often fuses elements from more than one style.

It is what makes Acro stand out, and what keeps it unique. FunkyFoxDancewear Registration for solos/duos may close early, before any deadline, at any time, including for Championship events. Refunds are only available in the event of a total cancellation wherethe event cannot be rescheduled and where the transfer of tickets to other events is not possible. Watch Cirque du Soleil.

NO REFUNDS will be given, bar a case of force majeure or cancellations due to government restrictions on public gatherings.

Often there are differences in how each competition defines contemporary dance because contemporary can mean different things to different people. Ad from shop LatinCostumes

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Developed with input from professionals and experts in ballet, modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, hand balancing and more, you will not find a more comprehensive program.

From shop NinaAltStudio, 39.74 All competitors are encouraged to attend the Masterclass event before the competition. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. LuxeDanceCostumes

Acrotrix will not be held liable for any incidental costs that occur as a result of cancellation, including but not exclusive to costs relating to: travel, hotel, restaurants or food and drink. Not only that but there are times when it could be dangerous.

Standard divisions may be split/combined as per page 13 of the SportCheer UK Age Grid guidelines.

Learn more. Acro/gymnastic tricks include: forward rolls / backward rolls, headstands, handstands, handstand rolls, chin stands, shoulder rolls / chest rolls, tinsicas, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, aerials, handsprings, tucks, pikes, layouts, fulls.

All Acrotrix Certified Teachers are entitled to 10% discount across all entries.

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While being skilled in multiple areas can be incredibly important, there is still room for performers who stay true to what they do well. In the event that isnecessary for us to cancel an event we will notify guests using the email used to book the tickets and post a notification on our website or via social media or by a combination of the above.

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Categories Acro Dance, Blogroll, Competitive Dance, 11 Helpful Back To Dance Tips from A Seasoned Dance Mom, Teacher Approved Turn Board Exercises for Dancers To Improve Balance & Turns. Christina explains, While being able to perform an aerial, walkover, or back tuck can certainly give you an extra skill to showcase at an audition, you can most definitely find work in the dance world without acro!

Or a chin stand. Ad from shop magicprintingcompany If its an Acro dance in an Acro dance category, youre never going to hear a judge on the critiques say, There is just way too much Acro in this dance, just as they wouldnt say theres too much Jazz in a Jazz dance. My advice is to acquire every skill you can so that you can be the most valuable and versatile performer at any audition.. If any coaches require guidance regarding rules or scoring at ICE, please contact for assistance (at least 10 working days before whichever ICE event youre attending). Each programme/school is permitted to enter up to 5 solos/duos per dance style (in the same age grouping or in different age groupings).

We cannot guarantee entry without the original purchase reference, number and e-ticket. Dancer age is determined by their age as of 31st August 2020. Grand Champion will be awarded to the highest scoring (standard/regular) Tiny/Mini/Youth team and to the highest scoring (standard/regular) Junior/Senior/Open/Masters team in each dance style. Bids are not transferable between athletes/programmes. Naturally, they are going to want to put as many cool things into their routine as possible, because they want to emulate those wowing routines they see on TV, social media, etc. Its great for them to want to have goals of achieving lots of dynamic moves and tricks, as long as it doesnt compromise their safety, and as long as they arent valuing the tricks above things like technique, performance quality, musicality, etc. AttitudebyBeverley

As I judge routines, I notice that an aerial cartwheel is almost as common as a pirouette in a routine.

Just remember that each category of dance has its own unique artistry and depth, and it would be a shame to sacrifice that for the sake of showing you can do an aerial, back handspring, and a chest stand.

The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience solo/duo scoresheets and rules will be available in due course. CirqueWearbyShelley FREE UK delivery, ad by KikimoraFashion Dancer age for events taking place after August 2021 may be subject to the 2021-2022 age grid and announced nearer the time. The resulting effect trickles down, and before you know it, dancers everywhere are pushing their limits, upping the ante, and eventually, we see our locals studios and competition routines chock-full of as many (and often more) tricks than are allowed. In a Tap routine, your goal is to showcase your tap-dancing abilities, not your Acro skills. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts! From shop Talulahblueburlesque, 175.00

Tickets are emailed to guests. Due to the cancellation of the Ultimate Dance Championships 2020: Dance solo bid winners from the 2019-2020 season will have their bid transferred to the ICE Ultimate Dance Experience Championships 2021.

EunoiaPatterns Ashley Marinelli, IDA judge and professional dancer and teacher in NYC, adds, At competition, I think it is best to reserve acro for Acro categories, Open categories, and very occasionally (if its tasteful and artistic), for Contemporary categories.

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I would prefer Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, etc to limit the number of acro tricks. From shop customcostumesbyjess, ad by DADesignsDanceShop

IDA judges Jen Garaffa, Jessica Ice, Ashley Marinelli, Miranda Spada, and Christina Young answer those questions and more this week!

I think the skill set necessary to execute acro work translates very well into the professional world; those that have acro skills have a strength and coordination unique to that craft, they are more likely to try new things with a better ease, understand the importance of safety and trust, and also have a better concept of using their bodies in space that others do not.


Momix. Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Ad from shop DADesignsDanceShop

For groups, there is intentional overlap between them as we understand that ages do not necessarily correlate to ability levels.

Tickets are sold for use by the buyer only (and, their party) and are not for resale for commercial gain by the holder.

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Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. In the competition world, how is Acro dance different than jazz, lyrical or contemporary? Ad from shop XLittleLotusX

KAR Dance Co: In the above dance categories [Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Song and Dance], a limited number of acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible.

The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience Solo Age Grid will be available shortly. Showstoppers dance competition stands out from the rest in a good way for its rules and regulations regarding an Acro dance routine: A routine using controlled acrobatic moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, etc. Acrotrix will not be held liable for any incidental costs that occur as a result of cancellationincluding but not exclusive to costs relating to: travel, hotel, restaurants or food and drinkpurchases.

Perhaps what contributes to this lack of clarity are major network shows such as World of Dance, So You Think You Can Dance, and others like it, which are often packed full of Acro tricks and stunts, with dancers going all in to win. FREE UK delivery, ad by ContenderWear

Then theres KAR Dance Competition: ACRO/GYMNASTICS Performance must use a combination of dance technique and acro/gymnastic movements, such as walkovers, aerials, handsprings, etc.

Doing an aerial in tap shoes is extremely unsafe, and its not worth the risk. A charge may apply for replacement tickets.

I would rather you use the precious time in your tap solo to show us a phrase of fast, accented syncopation; use the time in your pointe solo to suspend a controlled balance; use the time in your jazz solo to draw our attention to those true jazz lines. may contain gymnastic passes. At Ultimate Dance Experience events, solos/duos are available in Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary & Acro (theres no separate novice category for solos/duos).

Teachers are entitled to 10% discount across all entries. Kayescostumes

Photos provided by Diva Dance Competition, #acro #acrodance #acrobatics #gymnastics #tumbling #contemporary #jazz #competitiondance #competitivedance #dancecompetitions, Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Photo Credit. We cannot guarantee entry without the original purchase referencenumber and e-ticket. DanceCandyShop

The acro skills themselves have definitely evolved and I have seen the technical element drastically improve as more people are finding new tricks to incorporate.

Events will not be cancelled in the event of poor or inclement weather. Not all dance competitions have the same specifications though. Jazz dance and Lyrical dance are entirely different genres of dance, and though they may have Acro tricks and moves inserted into the choreography, they are distinct, codified styles which have their own vocabulary of movement and specific requirements in the competitive world.

Failure to do this will result in disqualification without refund.

With three performance levels, overall awards are presented in the broadcast.

A charge may apply for replacement tickets.

Other elements that are often seen in Acro Dance include some or all of the following: contortion, limbering, partnering and/or group work, lifts, tumbling, and some form of classical dance technique.

Contact Us | . | Privacy Policy. Ad from shop EliteCustomCostumes A tap routine should focus on showcasing the dancers tap technique, rhythm, syncopation, musicality, etc. Most competitions state in their rules that an Acro routine should be 50% Acro and 50% dance.

Novice divisions will not be split/combined. The demand for dancers who can do it all is increasing thanks to innovative choreographers (and to be frank, the desire of producers to save money by hiring fewer people!)

What do these three companies have in common?

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Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. If youre doing a Lyrical dance routine, your goals should probably be to tell the story of the song, to use your movement to express the emotion behind the lyrics. A tumbling pass is considered one acro/gymnastic trick. FREE UK delivery, ad by TheDaintyTreasure HarmonyThreads I have been able to use my acro background to help me in auditions that may be for dancer roles, but they are also looking for someone that they can teach stunt work or stage combat to.

Pre-Competitive: for the dancer who trains slightly more seriously than the recreational dancer but does not yet want to participate in the full competitive program.

A dancer can compete no more than 6 routines in total (inclusive of solos/duos) at any one event. Lifts with other dancers are not considered acro/gymnastic tricks. I think its up to us the teachers and parents to help guide our dancers to understanding that its not what you do, its how you do it! Set where you live, what language you speak and the currency you use.

We reserve the right to c, ancel tickets and refuse entry where this condition is breached, or where we have reason to, suspect there is a breach.

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However, the overwhelming majority of dance competitions are unfortunately less specific.

Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions.

Ad from shop KikimoraFashion #IncrediblyCoolEvents Pilobolus. Tickets are emailed to guests. Events will not be cancelled in the event of poor or inclement weather. Timing will begin with the first choreographed movement or beat of music, whichever comes first.

Also, not every competition deducts points from their score if they go over the trick limit in a routine, they instead charge a fee if they feel that the dance needs to be changed to a different category like Open or Acro.

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Essentially, most dancers who are successful in the professional world have cross trained in several styles of dance and related fields.

Novice is available for teams only (novice solos/duos are not available). From contortion, to weight sharing, to tumbling, in the dance competition world, acro skills have become more and more commonplace to show off power, flexibility and control. We may be able to offer exhibition slots for trios, subject to availability.

Will a dancer find success without acro? Thats not to say that we should frown upon putting Acro tricks into dances of other categories, but I think that its important to stay true to the genre of dance that you are choreographing, performing, teaching, etc. Since some people view contemporary as being open to interpretation and not confined to one style, some competitions (like KAR) allow unlimited Acro tricks in contemporary dance routines (much to the chagrin of many). I applaud Showstoppers for this description and these requirements for Acro dance, as I feel it supports the need for staying true to Acrobatics in an Acro dance. Great!

Ad from shop DevilWalking The client may need performers with a giant skill set or performers with the strength and desire to learn new skills such as aerial work. NinaAltStudio

For solo/duo age groupings, which are slightly different, please see below.

Acrobatic Dance may contain flexibility moves or contortionist moves, however, it must contain dance moves, steps, and choreography(Showstoppers). MamaZirka

Or a chest roll.

Prices are Per Person. From shop ekekocrafts, ad by YNSCostumeDesigns,

A booking confirmation email will be sent at the time of bookingand this booking confirmation email serves as the ticket for this event. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalisation technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive.

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Make-Up, Cosmetics and Accessories for Dancers.

Refunds cannot be authorised by event staff and all enquiries should be emailed This can be especially confusing for people who are new to competition, and for new dance parents.

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Reaching New Heights - Acro at Competition.

Dont think thats possible?

Chances are youll see more aerials than full rlevs on any given day at competition. Not sure whether to enter Contemporary or Lyrical? From shop KarinakdDesigns, ad by LatinCostumes

There are many opportunities to transfer your acro skills from competition into professional work. necessary for us to cancel an event we will notify guests using the email used to book the tickets and post a notification on our website or via social media or by a combination of the above. Ad from shop CirqueWearbyShelley From shop EunoiaPatterns, If you don't want others to see this collection, make it private.

Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Depending on what the music calls for, I do include classical technique throughout the routine for connective steps in whichever style fits with the music and/or storyline, but for the most part, I try to keep my Acro routines at around 85-90% Acro-based. This can be problematic when it comes to category placement and adjudications.

not every competition considers forward, backward and shoulder rolls an acro move).

From shop Modlen, ad by AerialCostumes Dance Parent 101 is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies at no extra cost to the purchaser. From shop SparklezbySamantha, ad by CarmoDanceDesigns By Heidi Williams / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance(Performing Arts).

But don't delay, the link expires!

Please note ICE do not currently accept independent entries. From shop DianaLuqueStudio, ad by DanceCandyShop Thank you for contacting Dynasty Acro & Aerial !

Pricing is available here. An acro/gymnastic trick is defined as movements that pass through or stop at a fully inverted (upside down) position with both feet off the floor (the torso passing or stopping directly over the top of ones head/shoulders).

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Now we see fewer group acro dances and more acro elements being added into routines.

Lets take a look at an example.

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ContenderWear Use tab to navigate through the menu items. FREE UK delivery, ad by LuxeDanceCostumes

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See our privacy policy.

If a company can hire fewer people with more skills, they can save money in the long run.

The 2020-2021 Ultimate Dance Experience Age Grid will be available shortly.

Its everywhere and in everything.

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