This year, Bob Reuther, Shawn Carey, and Scott Gamble are putting together the Brandywine Valley Roubaix on October 17. QCW hosted the Piscitello Law Criterium at Rodale Park in Trexlertown. So instead I tried the LBS, Wooden Wheels, who were absolutely superb from start to finish. Verify your email to merge all your athleteReg information under your Outside account. The following is a brief description from the Brandywine Valley Roubaix Event promoter for the 2021 Event. And, when I was injured in an auto accident, Joey got me the money that I deserved. Plus I dont think anyone wanted to risk a puncture on a tree root or rock early doors. With no job and our eldest enrolled in a local elementary school, if I wasnt on daddy day care with our youngest or house-hunting in Annapolis, I was out playing on my tubeless new toy pretty much every day exploring the trails of Fair Hill and White Clay.But theres one day in particular thats etched in my brain. document.getElementById('copyright').appendChild(document.createTextNode(new Date().getFullYear())) You should be represented by a legal team that has demonstrated its ability to get proven results. Check out The HubsEvents pagefor other cool happenings. . Actually, though, it was bittersweet because Id have loved to have crossed alongside Steve. No squirrels or deer or birds flitting across the gravel track. You have already converted your BikeReg account to an Outside account.

Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual In any case, with the amount of ice and snow on the eastern coast this winter, I wouldnt have got out much on two wheels.But as the weeks turned into months with no sign of our ship sailing into port, as the snow melted and as my body began to disintegrate from the hardships of running, I made the big decision to buy a new bike. Although there werent any cobbled sectors like in the real Roubaix, BVR did follow a similar pattern in that youd get a few kilometres of regular road followed by a shorter section of gravel, which made it tough to know when to refuel. I nipped inside to use the loo (some portaloos would have been a very good idea) only to be met by the sight of several riders lining the bar. We have some mountain bike races coming up and then some volume and bigger gravel event in Colorado. It only lasted for probably 20 seconds but for that short time there was complete and utter silence. It looks like you've registered for events with us before. I would , I highly recommend Piscitello Law to anyone looking for legal advice and/or representation., Saturday 100 Timing: Electronic chip timing provided by The Sport Management Group. Oct 16, 2022. Riders may support other riders

Can't wait to get out there and experience it IRL. Sign up to receive The Hubs Newsletter to stay in the know (at the bottom and on the right of this post). Lesson learnt.Before living in the good ol US of A, I thought of Pennsylvania as an industrial heartland with factory and traffic fumes from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia clogging the residents lungs, like a scene from Peaky Blinders, only minus the flatcap-wearing maniacs.

Thanks to Mike Festa and Craig Lebair for inviting us to get involved and sponsor along with your long-standing sponsor A&T Subaru. Privacy -

Battistrada - But if anything was going to console me, it was the discovery that the beer and pizza wasnt just free but unlimited.I wasnt just living any old dream, I was living the American dream. March 14 was the date that painted the perfect picture of why Ive loved cycling in America; the morning that confirmed I didnt miss a single thing about being continually sucked into the traffic-laden black hole of Croydon.With bright blue skies (the kind that almost scorch your retinas) and not a breath of wind, I was riding up Black Bridge Road in Fair Hill when I realised I couldnt hear anything apart from the whirr of my bike and my breathing. The final race our firm sponsors in 2021 is a long-time favorite, the West Chester Cross Classic. The conference gathered key members of the Meet Megan Barto and Loren Barisch We met Megan and Loren at the Philadelphia Bike Expo last year, where all cycling people, Social media can be a great way to stay connected, particularly during these COVID-19 pandemic years with long stretches of Joe cares about your personal wellbeing, and also does everything in his power to secure you a fair and agreeable settlement., Joe, Andrea, and the entire team at Piscitello Law are incredible. Not even any birdsong. It was like the opening scene from 28 Days Later. Let's get that fixed! Simply verify your email and create a password to convert this account to Outside: Simply verify your email address and create a password to set up your new Outside account. A password reset link was just emailed to: Use your new account to register for your next event with ease, and to access content from Outsides more than 30 active brands! Taken the customary photo together. The 2.2 mile closed course will feature two sets of barriers and variable terrain that is mostly grass and some gravel. Check out these upcoming races and gravel rides. Everyone seemed so relaxed and laid-back in the car park beforehand - nobody warming up on rollers, vigorously stretching, or oiling up their mahogany-tanned legs like in La Ronde Picarde.And it was a similarly genial and chilled first few kilometres after a rolling start with a group of about a dozen or so riders. It was a huge wrench to leave my mum, sister and Steve as well as friends behind, but my brother often says fortune favours the brave. 2022 Visit the Facebook page below for current details. Sweet. No horse riders clip-clopping along. No transfers or Refunds. Huck Through the HeartErie Bank Sports Park, Erie, Pennsylvania 16509Coordinate: 42.0688, -80.08934(, 6. British squirrels run away at the first sign of danger. I wasnt utterly spent, cycling on fumes like in Quebrantahuesos or the Marmotte, but I had worked up a real thirst. Theres a sharp right turn into it so you cant take much momentum into it and, at 13% in sandy gravel, its crucial to keep your arse welded to the saddle. Watch out America, the Brits are back! Now, in its ninth season, WCCX takes place on the beautiful grounds of Ludwigs Corner Horse Show and Fairgrounds in Glenmoore PA. Hey all, if you're looking for another gravel ride after having completed HoH (or going out for your first one like I will be)- check out the Brandywine Valley Roubaix-. Big thanks to Mike Black, Aaron Ritz, Joanne & Rich Trimpi. The first gravel section after a kilometre or so justified the decision to take it easy; narrow with no real room to overtake. J.P. McCaskey Football Stadium235 N Reservoir St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602Coordinate: 40.04405, -76.28909, 4. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Click the link in your email to complete registration. You can try to find more information on their website:, Monday: -Tuesday: -Wednesday: -Thursday: -Friday: -Saturday: -Sunday: 09:00 - 15:00, Latitude: 39.9198085483Longitude: -75.6342601776, 1. The only heart-in-my-mouth moment was while descending on one section that had very deep, fine granules, like going down a sand dune. This information is not intended to create, and receipt Now you can register with either your BikeReg or Outside account. Check out their bike reg page here: West Chester Cross Crew: Bob Reuther, Shawn Carey, Scott Gamble. It would have been rude not to get involved.Its a wonderful feeling when youre inside the last 10k of a sportive and know youve got it in the bag. Group Order Return Policy. From the day when I was hit by a car while riding my bike on a bike path until all of my claims were . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You can try to find more information on their website:, 500 S. Creek Rd, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382. They put together a custom-made beauty on a Fast City Bike frame in a couple of weeks, checking in with me every step of the way. Mens topless running is a thing here. I could just dust off my trainers (dont think Ill ever call them sneakers) and do a bit of running on the trails. Day of SportsCoordinate: 40.66076, -75.30868( This quaint little western town is at the base of the Brushy Mountains and surrounded by beautiful winding dirt-packed roads. I dont mind doubling up.Yes my friends, dreams really can come true.Rewind roughly five hours and I was anxiously standing at the start line of my first US sportive and my first gravel event, the Brandywine Valley Roubaix (BVR). Powered By WordPress | Blog Zilla. Recently, NICA held its annual conference in Philadelphia, and it was a great success! My thought process was that I could follow their line, see where they were dodging potholes or hitting rocks and adjust accordingly. You must log in or register to reply here. Were going out of state for this one! Had a celebratory hug. Please see the Event Facebook pagefor more and links to the current year Event page. Eom FieldPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 19148Coordinate: 39.91496578, -75.1536461902, 2. We found other accounts registered to that email. It was great to re-connect with the Crit scene and we hope to do more of that next year. It came in a bit over-budget but, for that build and for the personal touch in making sure everything was tickety-boo (including a free service after a month), it was worth every penny/cent extra. Maximum suffering assured. The information on this website is for general information purposes only. 7 min read. 61 miles with over 5600 feet of climbing and significant gravel was challenging and my 15-year old son hung on at every point. case or situation. What I hadnt factored into my flawed thinking was the dust storm the group produced. YOU NEED TO GO TO THE SPECIFIC EVENT WEBSITE TO GET THE MOST UP TO DATE INFORMATION. Have been big fans of this race for years and appreciate the work that @PhiladelphiaCiclismo puts into this event. Enter a new password for your Outside account: When your information is correct, enter a password for your new Outside account: Enter the password for your Outside account: We successfully pulled your previous registration history into your profile! How could I resist, especially when wed done the real thing in Paris-Roubaix? I had to find a sportive to get the competitive juices flowing, which is where the BVR came in. Compare and book now! 100 Colonial Way, West Chester, PA PLEASE ALSO NOTE WE ARE NOT THE ONES TO CONTACT WITH QUESTIONS. With my shades somewhere in the mid-Atlantic along with my road bike, it meant I spent an inordinate amount of time wiping the grit from my eyeballs.For the most part, though, the gravel wasnt too hairy. We will send a link to the email address below to reset your password. His descending skills and confidence on the bike far surpasses mine so it's only a matter of time till he's dropping me which is awesome to see. We are proud of our reputation for being advocates for the injured. Please call us 24/7 at (215) 372-8768 or fill out the form below. Verify your email address to pull in your previous registration history and save some time. I couldnt have been more wrong as we passed sprawling farms with giant silos, horses galloping around fields and spectacular mansions.The hills tended to be short, sharp affairs, although there was a very tough one in the opening 50k, Five Points Gravel Climb.

Central Noble Basketball302 Cougar Ct, Albion, Indiana 46701Coordinate: 41.3985194119, -85.4188320482(, 5. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTIONS ABOUT AN EVENT, PLEASE CONTACT THE EVENT CONTACTS DIRECTLY. Terms. Our favorite New Jersey Cross race is in its 9th Season and takes place in Cherry Hill at Cooper River Park. Fair Hill and White Clay had given me a taste for the crunchy stuff and now I had the munchies.Normally, Steve and I would head to a sportives start line with some psyche-up music blaring while we worked out our cycling strategy; this time, with the family in tow, we headed to West Chester, Pennsylvania, with the music from Encanto ringing in my ears and working out a strategy to get the now eight-month-old baby to sleep through the night.But then a lot of the BVR was very different to what I was used to. Read on to hear about our 2021 races: Crossasaurus Awesome, Brandywine Valley Roubaix Fall Foliage, Cooper River Cross and West Chester Cross Classic. Not that I was relishing his departure anything but. Plus if the forecast says it will rain at 9am and last an hour, you can set your watch by it. For 2022 we have upped the ante once again. It looks like youve registered for events with us before, but havent created an account. Andy emigrates, buys a new bike, gets to grips with gravel, takes on his first US event and mmmm, donuts. Hands in the air finish for youngest cyclists at West Chester Cross Class in 2019 posing with cross Legend Bob Reuther. The full ride is 60 miles (and 4,000 feet of climbing) with over 40% consisting of gravel / mixed surface roads including the famed 1 mile long Hill Top Road climb (10% grade in some sections) and several newly added gravel sections. Stupidly, instead of just letting the bike go where it wants to go (a lesson from our MTB trips and Paris-Roubaix), I dabbed the brakes, skidded and nearly took a tumble into the foliage. Bring it on! Verify your email to save your previous registration credentials to your profile, and never enter them to register again! And not that he was overly apprehensive about the new beginning. The Blue Ridge mountains, the Rockies, the Appalachian Trail, the Baja Divide. The last 33k passed by in a flash (probably due to a tailwind sorry, I meant my immense leg strength), although was notable for two energy-sapping hills. What happens when I convert my account to an Outside account? Omnium is optional, pain and suffering is mandatory. Theres no four seasons in one day like back in Blighty.

If you are looking for a current event, please. Ride single file to the right when on open roads unless passing To register click here: Philadelphia Ciclismos Crossasaurus Race is nothing less than AWESOME! roubaix brandywine

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