New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. If players treated Sojiro well during their first playthrough, then they'll have maxed out his Confidant rank, which is the only way players can summon Kohryu. )=, 9-)Baal (Persona I use fo support skills.)=. Those reminiscent of the Girimehkala miniboss inShin Megami Tensei: Nocturne know just how fearsome it can be, and it sees a ton of usage in a multitude of games for very important reasons. It has a mix of physical and magical attacks and ailment skills, but, like virtually every other part of Red Rider, they're painfully average. All you really need to do is slap Drain Fire, easily learned by itemizing Chimera into a skill card during an alarm, on her and shes good to go. Care to share some tips? Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Alilat. There's a guide over here that goes into how to pick up a bunch of resistances from fusion, but I think you could also stick him in the isolation cell for the same effect, it'd just take a bit longer since I believe the resistances it gives you are random.

However, given all his resistances, he works very well as a defensive, recovery Persona. A lot of people like to fill him with damage immunity skills since the only skills he really needs are Arms Master and Hassou Tobi, but thats somewhat difficult to do and the build I used above is much easier to achieve while being just as strong. Brittanie has a deep love and appreciation for Japanese language and culture, and she brings this cultural perspective to the forefront when assessing various Japanese media. Yeah Yoshitsune with Hassou Tobi (of course), Apt Pupil, Arms Master, Ali Dance, and Charge wrecks everything.

The fun with all these builds is how overpowered can you make things. A fusion calculator with all Personas and skill descriptions can be found here. Additionally, Shining Arrows costs a fairly low amount of SP whereas Hassou Tobi costs a significant amount of health. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Sharp Student lowers the chance of getting hit with a critical, Insta-Heal negates ailments, Enduring Soul effectively gives you an extra life, Regen 3 heals 6% per turn and Repel Curse is there to block those pesky Mudo skills. This Persona is from a DLC pack and players will have to pay for it on Persona 5 vanilla, but the Persona 5 Legacy DLC for Persona 5 Royal gives this Persona out for free. Anyway, that about does it for the top 10 best Persona 5 Royal Persona options, Persona 5 Royal best personas. I agree about the inability to ambush sucks, it's an awful skill. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Kaguya is basically the Magic-based counterpart for Yoshitsune. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Megidoloan is the Almighty skill of choice over Black Viper, because although Black Viper does slightly more damage, it costs 10 SP more per use and is only single target, so Megidoloan is overall the better skill to have. Now that you've reached Sae Niijima's Casino, you've ought to have a pretty big Persona Compendium to allow you to fuse to your heart's content, but, as the Compendium grows, so does the concern of not using the very best Personas that you could. Youre completely immune to damage, except Almighty, on any turn where you want to use a support skill if youre using Alilat. I haven't tried Merciless, but I always find difficulties that just raise their numbers and lower yours to be not very fun or interesting. Kaguya is #1 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list, especially since shes free now.

He also gets the added trait Retaliating Body, which doubles Counter damage. Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Kaguya. If the money option is red thanks to Yoshida the monster will hand over 20k. When you reach too high a level and instantly win any ambush, it really kills the pace for grinding. The 5 Best Games of 2022 So Far (According to Critics), Why Sonic Origins Fans Are Upset About Sonic the Hedgehog 3's Soundtrack, Pokmon Already Has the Perfect Opportunity to Add a New Type to the Games, REVIEW: Marvel's Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #3, Orochi: The Perfect Edition Vol. Persona 5 is unique in that just about any Persona can be viable through the whole game with enough time and dedication, so there aren't any truly terrible ones, only mediocre disappointments. This trait goes great with the Auto skill High Counter, which has a 20% chance of reflecting a Physical attack. This type of team is more than enough to solo the Reaper, Final Boss, and Secret Boss on Merciless without too much trouble. As for Debilitate its for boss encounters and the rest is pretty explanatory. You could replace Apt Pupil with Ali Dance if you like.

As badass as Satanael looks, he unfortunately is not very good as a damage dealer, due to starting out at Level 95, pretty much at the level cap. I made a leadoff Lucifer with Morning Star/Almighty Amp/Almighty Boost/Magic Ability/Victory Cry/Auto-Mataru/Auto-Maraku/Auto-Masuku for clearing the last few dungeons and for any encounters at the start of NG+ that rush wouldn't handle. Izanagi-no-Okami shines best in his ability to deal Almighty damage, the only type of damage that can't be resisted, blocked, or reflected. A student of Austin Community College's Liberal Arts program, he's dealt with countless essays and research papers, which he strangely enjoys. This Palace is pretty large compared to previous ones, and there are a ton of Personas within it that span a wide range of levels, meaning that fusion possibilities really open up. He gets access to Morning Star, which is the best Almighty spell in the game, and due to the new Incense mechanics in Royal, hes finally able to max out his magic stat to make use of it. You could optimize it better if you did it with a persona that starts low enough to be able to have its Magic stat min/maxed (Alice, Beelzebub, etc; just swap Morning Star for Megidolaon), but I liked the look of Lucifer and Morning Star more. skill that can only be learned by Alice. This Persona is basically there to crit every common enemy and mini-boss, not as much for long boss battles, so Victory Cry is there instead of Arms Master. Satanael functions well as a support/wall due to his resistances (and starting at too high of a level to have his offensive stats min/maxed), and you could throw Firm Stance on him to stack with the Divine Pillar accessory from Reaper (and your itemized Satan armor) to become basically immortal. These are the top 10 Persona 5 Royal Personas. #5 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is the newcomer nuclear robot dragon, Fafnir. Michael "Connor" Smith is an aspiring game developer and writer from Austin, TX, with a burning passion for expressing everything the world of gaming has to offer. Note that I am including the DLC Personas from original game, because the Legacy DLC pack is completely free, but Im not including the new DLC Personas. With this skill and 6 immunity skills, you have a free slot open for whatever else you want: Salvation, Concentrate, Debilitate, Charge, whatever. Its also considerably easier to accomplish this immunity on Fafnir than it is on Yoshitsune because unlike Yoshitsune, Fafnir doesnt have to have Drain skills fused into him, he can acquire them through Strengthen Persona. This is a magic-based Persona with an affinity for Curse skills with a pretty high Magic stat, but there's nothing in its skill list to set it apart from similar magical attackers. There never seems to be a reason to fuse the high level advanced fusion personas except for the bonus boss and maybe the Reaper. This unknown youtuber gives a good explanation on what skills you should have and with which persona by the end game. Satanael is good to just eat damage if you didn't fuse up a lot of element resistances, but yeah, Yoshitsune is always gonna be your best physical damage dealer cause of his unique attack. Honestly, that's the only fight in the game that you actually need to spend time fusing Personas with good skills and resistances, which I always find disappointing. Hassou Tobi (8 times light Physical damage to all foes) is the highest damage dealing skill in the game on average, and it doesnt even require any boosts/amps, allowing for more skill slots to use however you choose. Not only will the protagonist need to have at least rank 5 with the Twin Wardens, but they'll also need to have maxed out Morgana's Confidant in the previous game by unlocking the True Ending. Managed to fuse a Satan with four of the severe elemental attacks, Spell Master, and debilitate. Its only weakness is Wind, which can easily be covered by a skill like Wind Wall. Maria is also a super easy Persona to build, since she learns the majority of the moves youd want to have on her naturally. If youre looking for a healing Persona, #8 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list, Maria, is the persona for you. At #3 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is none other than Satanael. Every fight ends with a single Morning Star that costs around 6 SP if you have Spell Master. Yoshitsune's selling point is the skill Hassou Tobi, which deals light Physical damage to all enemies eight times. I'll have to check later. If you can stand his appearance, hes definitely worthwhile to invest in. NEXT: Persona 5: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Valentine's Day OVA. Once his friend comes I kill the lowest hp, and repeat the negociation tactic on the friend he just called. Satanael is truly the ultimate Persona for any player to use on their NG+. Jatayu is one of the highest levelPersonas in Niijima's Casino and has seen some huge buffs since the vanilla Persona 5. Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Yoshitsune. Thermopylae is a party-wide Heat Riser thats relatively cheap on XP cost. If Shining Arrows only hits 4 times, it does as much damage as a similarly boosted Black Viper (the strongest Almighty skill), if it hits 6 times it does about as much as Hassou Tobi, and if it hits 78 times, it does 1025% more than Hassou Tobi. Hopefully if they decide to rerelease the game like P4 Golden, they'll add some more balanced challenges. Brittanie Maldonado is a Staff Writer for CBR, and long-time gamer/cartoon-lover based in the US. Furthermore, he gets the Auto skill Enduring Soul, which will allow the protagonist to survive one fatal blow and heal him to full HP. And to round everything off, Fafnir also learns Nuke skills that deal Severe damage. Currently I have Michael and Satan. Her exclusive skill Shining Arrows deals 4 to 8 times light Bless damage to all foes, and can be further strengthened with Bless Boost/Amp and Magic Ability. It's worth it to take some time researching and fusing the best possible Personas to carry the protagonist through NG+. Only players who have maxed out the Death Confidant will be able to fuse Alice, meaning treating Confidants well during the first playthrough is essential. Who's your pick? In Persona 5vanilla, Unshaken Will gives immunity against all mental ailments but Royal replaced it with Tyrant's Mind, which strengthens all damage types dealt by 25%. Hes the best Almighty Persona. Hes immune to physical, gun, bless and curse. I had like 98% of all personas fused before finishing the game though so all this money on NG+ isn't much of a benefit. Salvation is OP and it only will cost you half of the base SP. She gets Salvation as well as a unique skill called Holy Benevolence that revives and fully heals any knocked out party members. One thing I had to go back and change here: Ali Dance and Angelic Grace dont stack (the one skill with the highest effect will activate when attacked), so I fixed having both on some Personas. I think I got a Michael with some pretty nice stuff, too. Shiva has 5 natural immunities, meaning you only need 4 skill slots to make it immune to everything but gun damage. The game even incentivizes replays by having certain accomplishments and gear carry over into New Game Plus (abbreviated henceforth as NG+), including the progress players have made in their Persona Compendium. While Persona 5 certainly isn't perfect, it still takes the most direct and in-your-face attitude toward Japanese social ills by including politics and corrupt authority figures in its storytelling. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

The rest you can fill with resistances or passives like Apt Pupil. This is exactly what Unicorn is, as all of its stats are low, doesn't have any stand-out skills, and gets outclasses by a bunch of other Personas of similar levels like Daisoujou or Hariti. I reduce the enemy count to 1. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It's hard to bring down, but at least it can be obtained in the last Palace of the game. Its tied with Rangda for having the best resistances, but its also incredibly easy to give it the Vitality of the Tree trait by fusing Attis with Rangda. Maria is a new Persona added for Persona 5 Royal, and shes easily the best healer in the game. Unfortunately, this means she is exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, and players will need to max out Sumire's Confidant rank. I fused an awesome ailment persona that has a ridiculously high chance of inflicting confuse and brainwash. Rangda and Girimehkala are some of the few that negate Physical/Gun naturally, and they both do not have that many weaknesses to patch up either. He gets a notable boost in Royal, where he blocks both Physical and Elec damage and resists both Ice and Gun damage, making him decent for tanking. Securing the #6 spot on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is the defensive support Persona, Alilat. Kikuri-Hime is one of the oldest demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series and preserves her role as a magic-attacker/healer all the way into Persona 5 Royal. I simply made these Personas because optimizing them interested me, and cause I wanted to do a solo Joker Merciless run. For enemies normal to Gun attacks, One-Shot Kill crits every time and Riot Gun crits 5060% of the time. This is another Persona that can be acquired through negotiation and can be found around halfway through the Palace. This means his stats cant be min-maxed to reach 99 in Strength or Magic. Rangda is a much better fit for this role, as it repels both physical and gun, nulls Fire and Cure, has higher stats, and learns more useful moves. More exciting is the unique Die For Me! Ali Dance pairs well with Crystal Skull, giving you a very high evasion rate. If you use confuse on a mementos boss they'll throw out almost 100K a turn. Yoshitsune really just needs Hassou Tobi, which is as ridiculous as ever, Charge, and Arms Master. It gets 4 immunities and has no weaknesses, meaning you can easily turn this thing into a gun Persona with Riot Gun, Gun Boost and Gun Amp and still have enough slots left over to make it immune to all possible damage except for Almighty. But more importantly, Ongyo-ki has a passive skill build that makes it a Physical attack behemoth. Love podcasts or audiobooks? As one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one would expect all of them to be substantially powerful in battle, but Red Rider falls a bit short. I also included the 3 Regenerate skills, so if I ever needed to use an SP recovery item, I could equip this Persona, take very little damage and heal 12% HP. Unicorn is the lowest level Persona available in this Palace, so it's expected to be a bit underwhelming compared to others. I got 2million from the very first mementos boss and that set me up pretty nicely. Shes worked in fast food, retail, and corporate roles, but she is happiest when expressing herself through writing. RELATED: 10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like Persona 5. 29 is a decent number for a stat at this point in the game, but it is easily outclassed by other Personas that do its job much better. These factors, paired with its high magic and agility stats make it a dangerous opponent. This demonic being is not obtainable inside of Niijima's Casino and fusing it will reveal some underwhelming results. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other For a Magic Powerhouse I use Michael - (Megidolaon/SwordsDance/Cosmic Flare and Salvation) as for buffs (DEBILITATE/Concentrate) and passives (Spell MAster/Angelic Grace). 2 Dives Deep Into Child Abuse, REVIEW: Scholastic's The Dragon Prince: Bloodmoon Huntress, FF 7 Remake Intergrade Appears Blocked For PS Plus Users With The Digital Base Game, Diablo 4 Offering Gamers Free Beta Access If They Get A Promotional, Permanent Tattoo, It's Time for Triple-A Developers to Explore Indigenous Characters, Uncharted, The Last of Us Director Announces New Studio, Wildflower Interactive, Marvel Just Introduced a Whole New Kind of Ghost Rider, Mortal Kombat 9 Kitana Cosplay Wows With Incredible Knife Fans, Nope Star Wants to Bring Marvel's Young Nova to the MCU, Why Competitive Smash Ultimate Players Want to Ban Minecraft's Steve, How You Can Win $20,000 By Beating Halo 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Trailer, News & Latest Updates, Ms. Marvel Concept Art Turns the MCU Hero Into Sonic the Hedgehog. An Almighty user is pretty much mandatory if you want to beat the Reaper (at least when you are very low-levelled in comparison), since the Reaper resists everything but Almighty attacks, so I chose Izanagi for this role. Congratulations, you're over halfway done with your thieving, Palace-crawling adventures. RELATED: Persona 5: The 15 Best Armor Sets (& How To Get Them). Hes the best Gun Persona. A guide of how to min-max Personas can be found here and a guide of how to money farm can be found here. I wanted to get the highest crit chance possible with him so I levelled the Luck stat to 99. Satanael can cover all your elemental bases all by himself. How Long Does It Take to Beat & Complete Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise? It also reflects Elec attacks and blocks Nuke and Bless damage. Personally, I think the ideal role for him is as an elemental variety Persona, and Ive been working to deck him out with all the highest level elemental spells (Ice Age, Blazing Hell, Wild Thunder, etc), because between Magic Ability, Tyrants Mind and his trait, hes capable of out damaging specialized elemental Personas like Odin without elemental specific boosts and amps. Up to 8 hits of light elemental damage. The most important one is likely that it repels both physical and gun attacks, resists Fire, and nullifies Curse, which can shut down a ton of enemies. I've not yet finished my 1st playthrough, but since im almost finishing it (I'm currently on 12/24), I've experienced almost all of the game and I can say my present personas are the only thing i need. Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll All this summoning cost a lot of money, I can't really find a good way to grind. What makes her better than her counterpart, Kushinada-Hime, is that Marakukaja and Divine Grace allow her to fill more of a defensive role as Kushinada lacks Divine Grace to add that extra boost to Mediarama. Additionally, he gets an awesome trait called Pagan Allure, which gives an additional 50% increase to magic. He also blocks Physical damage, reflects Elec and Bless damage, and resists Fire damage. Game In order to take on Niijima's Casino, you should use these 5 personas, and avoid these other 5. She also gets Mudo Boost, giving Die For Me! What Personas will carry you through this difficult palace while you jam out to Whims of Fate? Satanala also seems very powerful but I don't know how to get the right skills on him either. Of course this team would have Yoshitsune, arguably the most broken Persona in the game. consists of 17 releases. This funky snake friend is a part of the Sun Arcana and has a heavy focus onElectric-based attacks, but isn't able to make the most of it due to its lacking magic stat and skill list. The Reaper likes to use One-Shot Kill and Riot Gun a lot, so Enduring Soul is there in case I get hit with a critical. Satanael is the only Persona to get the skill Victory Cry, which fully heals HP and SP after every victory. I should note that each Persona on this team is massively overkill. Finally, Satanael is also the Persona that unlocks the protagonist's ultimate weapon, Paradise Lost. RELATED: 5 Things The Persona Anime Did Right (& 5 It Did Wrong). Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Lucifer. The only difficult thing about this build is bringing up Trigger happy, to higher levels personas. He's got strong Physical attack capabilities without being too powerful, including Vorpal Blade, which deals Severe Physical damage to all enemies. Hassou Tobi does such a silly amount of damage that it almost feels like a mistake. Kaguyas Shining Arrows skill is essentially the magic version of Hassou Tobi. Furthermore, he blocks Bless damage and absorbs Curse damage. Started New Game Plus and wanted to know what are the top tier personas with the best skills that people are using. A 35 strength stat is pretty monstrous when considering that this is a level 42 Persona, which actually places it on the lower side as some of the Shadows in Niijima's Casino reach upwards of level 55. A personal story. BAoE Champion League: Android version is available, The Art of Video Game Narrative Design 101, Fortnite Leak could provoke new Squad suicide characters, Designing Wearable Devices: A Smart EdTech Team Challenge, 5 Technology Enhancements For Your Store in 2022. RELATED: Persona 5 Royal: 10 Inconsistencies Most Fans Didn't Notice. Satanael gets a new skill called Tyrants Mind, which is a 50% damage increase to everything. Rangda and Girimehkala both repel physical and gun, which is important because those types of attacks can crit, and a crit versus the Secret Boss or Reaper is a game over. I usually take 8~12k from everyvattle like that. If youre looking for an option for either a Gun-focused Persona, or a support Persona, Rangda is a top-tier pick. Yoshitsune retains his dominance at #2 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. With 6 skills slots you can make her immune to all damage, freeing up two skill slots for support skills. 2022 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Be sure to check out theGames Sectionfor more content like this, andclick herefor more game guides for Persona 5 Royal. So one Almighty skill, along with Almighty Boost/Amp, Magic Ability and Spell Master were obvious additions. I played NG+ on Hard and the only boss I struggled with was The Twins. Maria's Passive skill Holy Embrace gives 25% HP regeneration each turn in battle, and Holy Whisper allows 15% HP and SP regeneration each turn. Yoshitsune was ridiculous in vanilla Persona 5 and he remains ridiculous. It's one of two Personas that learn Life Aid, a passive skill that allows 8% HP and SP recovery after a victory. It comes equipped with two very potent skills, Garudyne and Masukukaja, and eventually learns Wind Amp, Magarudyne, and Speed Master to make it into the windy, speed-demon it so desires. Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Fafnir. Learn on the go with our new app. Though I know you can't max out the stats in this one. Players who reach the True Ending will have a shot at fusing Maria, as she's the ultimate Persona for the Faith arcana. 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Riot Gun is also one of the highest damaging skills besides Hassou Tobi/Shining Arrows, so a Gun Build is pretty worth it to make. Moreover, Angelic Grace gives double evasion rates against all skills but Hama, Mudo, and Almighty, meaning the protagonist will have a better chance of surviving attacks. Shiva is a special fusion Persona that requires Rangda and Barong, but he's worth getting. Persona 5 is perhaps the best entry in the Personafranchise thus far, regardless of the naysayers who claim previous titles are superior. Last preamble: The stats of the Personas in game are 1012 points higher than their base stats, due to Jokers melee weapon (Pro-Parrying Dagger En/Ag +2), ranged weapon (Nataraja All Stats +5) and accessory (Crystal Skull All Stats +5/High Magic Evasion). RELATED: Top 10 Things We Want To See In Shin Megami Tensei V. Aside from its affinities, it has a high strength stat and plenty of good skills to back it up, as well as a few magical skills to use whenever they're needed.

Turning a hobby and pastime into the start of a career, this young writer strives to captivate the world with the most unique and interactive art form around. When coupled with the Passive skill Almighty Boost, which strengthens Almighty attacks by 25%, Izanagi-no-Okami is able to destroy many enemies in the game with little difficulty. Released Sep 15, 2016. All of the reasons I use Girimehkala are mentioned with Rangda, and he has the same skills except Charge/Heat Riser instead. And in Persona 5 Royal, her trait Just Die reduces instant-death skill SP costs to 0, meaning Royal players can spam this move. I just like to do it as an exercise in breaking the system. Anyone got any tips? This post is for Vanilla Persona 5. I just wanted to have a post to showcase the team I had on my NG+ run and explain the reasons I chose the specific Personas/skills. It has a pretty standard one resist, one weakness, and one nullification, making it the definition of a bland Persona. It should also be noted that strengthening up Personas to Level 99 requires a lot of in-game money and quite a bit of real world time. I find myself not sure if I want to have a broad line up that specializes or do I want relatively rounded out but fewer personae. It's also one of the better users of the Dizzy ailment, as it learns both Nocturnal Flash and Dizzy Boost to leave enemies spinning.

While it doesn't have as many resistances as Girimehkala, it has a far higher damage output. With the exception of Satanael, Lucifer is the ultimate Almighty Persona now. Between these two abilities, that means Satanael is the best at absolutely everything except support. He used to be terrible, but now hes among the best Persona 5 Royal personas. But I usually use the negotiation tactic.
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