A recent luncheon at the Alerus Center football complex included a well-known guest: the former North Dakota hockey captain Scott Sandelin, who was in town coaching Minnesota-Duluth against the Fighting Hawks. If that appeal fails, the question facing the university will be whether to keep the nickname and live with the NCAA restrictions (meaning Sioux athletes would never get home-field advantage during NCAA playoffs, among other things); change the nickname (some alumni are lobbying for "Fighting Sue," only half in jest); or file a lawsuit. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. [30], Local businesses are left to decide what to do with their "Fighting Sioux" decorations. Fighting Hawks gear is not yet available. [15], On March 11, 2011, by a vote of 2815, the North Dakota Senate approved legislation ordering the University of North Dakota to retain its controversial Fighting Sioux nickname and Indian-head logo. Visiting the Spirit Lake reservation hardly clarifies matters. Theres a strong element that thinks we ought to take that trademark, dig a big hole and bury it, never to be seen again, Schafer said. [37], Students at rival North Dakota State University continue to chant "Sioux suck shit" whenever their football team makes a first down. And Florida State became the first school removed from the NCAA's list. There will always be an element, absolutely. "Do you dismiss 80 years of tradition and pride in a logo and say, 'Well, that's irrelevant'?" The passion for tradition is particularly strong at hockey games. Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. "It made me feel like Charlton Heston in that 'Planet of the Apes' movie. We have to celebrate our heritage. ", On one side is Kupchella, who is supported by the state's political leaders and thousands of alumni who have written and e-mailed to applaud the university's stance, as well as the Sioux Crew, the 2,300-member student booster group that leads the rousing shout to conclude the national anthem before each home game: "O'er the land of the free, and the home of the Sioux. The change still irks tradition-bound fans and alumni like Sandelin, a defenseman from 1983 to 1986. Some believe Engelstad wrote into the lease that the structure would be razed if the Fighting Sioux name were replaced. The campaign to change the nickname and logo was led by Native Americans and student organizations, as well as many UND faculty members. In 2005, the NCAA made a decision to sanction 19 schools, including UND, with Native American logos and/or nicknames that were deemed to be "hostile and abusive."

But if we handle it properly, we can say, O.K., this is our base, this is our heritage, this is what we stand for, and now were transitioning to the new. [7] On June 15, 2006, after consulting with North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, the Board of Higher Education elected 80 to authorize Stenehjem to sue the NCAA for penalizing the UND over its Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. It was as if I didn't have a voice.". We have an agreement in place governing the construction of the hockey arena and it makes no mention of the nickname or the logo.". Were not going to be clothing police, he said. It's a flat, straight shot 90 miles west of Grand Forks, with little to see en route and even less to block the howling wind except an occasional grain elevator and road sign -- "Gas Food Propane Diesel," "Fireworks," "Hay 4 Sale.". A statue of Sitting Bull stands outside North Dakotas Ralph Engelstad Arena. I would.". This was a part of U.N.D. We dont have that right now.. Results revealed that there were three finalists: Nodaks, Roughriders, and Fighting Hawks, with the latter topping the first vote, yet it did not receive the required majority. Sandelin found plenty of support in the room. It remains unclear how many voters casting a "yes" vote actually had the intent of voting for UND to keep using the "Fighting Sioux" name and symbol. "He hates school, but he goes to school because of that: to play for the Sioux.". The Fighting Sioux nickname is still very popular. It's like playing two record players in a room whenever there's a discussion about it. As North Dakota's women's hockey team skates onto the ice for a preseason exhibition, a state-of-the-art sound system introduces each player by name. "I'm not your mascot. Im very passionate about the Sioux logo and name, said Mark Klekner, dressed in a white Sioux hockey sweater at a recent game. The third, Spirit Lake Nation, didn't make its preference known. The university was prohibited from adopting a new team name until 2015.

He was fined for disgracing Nevada and he issued a public apology for showing "poor taste" for housing the collection at the resort and for having the parties, which he called "stupid and insensitive." Spirit Lake's former tribal chairman, Skip Longie, refuses to join the throng after taking his daughter to a Sioux football game years ago and hearing chants of "Sioux suck!" Trademarks must be used to remain active, and thus Fighting Sioux clothing and other memorabilia remains available after retirement for purchase. But after awhile, it was time to take the emotions out of it and say, rather than being Lowell Schweigert in the past from the 70s, whats the best for the University of North Dakota and their athletic program? If one name does not get a majority vote, a run-off will be held between the two top choices. Faison said university officials would not ban Fighting Sioux apparel at games. " Sage said. This path is not completely finished; racial inclusivity is not something that is said and done. Governor Jack Dalrymple signed the Fighting Sioux bill into law the following week. I can still say that.. UND thus could have retained the "Fighting Sioux" name and logo for regular season play without sanction from the NCAA, and avoided NCAA sanction during playoffs by not displaying the name and logo for post-season contests. Engelstad's zeal also is spelled out in gold script at the arena's entrance, displayed next to a life-size statue of the school's late benefactor: "The Fighting Sioux logo, the Fighting Sioux uniforms, the aura of the Fighting Sioux tradition and the spirit of being a Fighting Sioux are of lasting value and immeasurable significance to our past, present and future.". The casino employs about 400, but jobs remain the tribe's major need (unemployment runs 65 percent in winter, 50 percent in summer). "One of the things I've learned in the last three months is how insidiously Indian stereotyping has filtered into the general American consciousness. ", Adds Charlotte Westerhaus, the NCAA's vice president for diversity and inclusion: "This will aid in transforming our country, just like the integration of African Americans into education transported us from a segregated country to one that is truly united. "The 'Fighting Sioux' conflict: Lessons on social justice for higher education. When Sandelin opened his remarks with, Always nice to be back among the Fighting Sioux fans, he received immediate and prolonged applause. This nuance was not clearly understood by all voters in the June 12th, 2012 primary election. A 1978 graduate who lettered in football and baseball, Schweigert was part of the 11-person committee entrusted with narrowing the options for a new nickname. This directive was to be suspended, if, prior to October 1, 2009, the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Sioux tribes gave namesake approval consistent with the terms of the Settlement Agreement. North Dakota was among 18 schools initially cited by the NCAA and is among 15 still under censure after Florida State, Utah and Central Michigan won reprieves, having documented that the tribes for whom their teams are named (the Seminoles, Utes and Chippewas, respectively) endorse the use. When the public address announcer Darrin Looker introduced the University of North Dakota, hundreds of students seated near center ice pumped their fists and yelled, Sioux! Any mentions of the Fighting Hawks drew boos. "All of American society will benefit from what we have already done, which is to call attention to negative stereotyping of Indians," said Walter Harrison, chair of the NCAA Executive Committee.

And theres a strong element that says we should go back to that trademark and use it all over the place. "The money Mr. Engelstad gave -- the $100 million -- (was) on basically three conditions," Morelli said in a transcript the Herald said it received from WDAZ, the ABC television affiliate serving Grand Forks. He also denounced Hitler. Kupchella said.

"Doggone it, substance ought to count for something!" A "yes" vote was not a vote to keep the "Fighting Sioux" name and symbol; it was actually a vote to allow the North Dakota Legislature's November 2011 repeal to stand. "They went ahead and approved it without asking any of us Indian people," said Longie, 67. The university appealed, lost and chose to fight in court. "Nobody likes to be slapped down and told that they're bad when they know they're not," said Charlie Barnes, executive director of Florida State's Seminoles Boosters. Part of that is logistical. One lucrative shoe contract would go a long way toward defraying costs. Starting Feb. 1, schools that can't document tribal support won't be allowed to host NCAA postseason games or wear uniforms with the offending names or logos in postseason play. I knew that would get a rise, he said, smiling. Klekner built a Sioux-themed bar in the basement of his Savage, Minn., home. "I certainly never have agreed to keep the nickname in exchange for any part of Engelstad's gift. Kupchella, hoping to resolve the controversy that has pitted Indian tribes and civil rights activists against the university and its alumni, in February appointed a 16-member commission including two former North Dakota governors to draft a report recommending whether the Fighting Sioux name and the logo are appropriate or should be banned as racially insensitive. But others, like Mark Klekner, an alumnus, cannot let go. [33] After a year, however, new Fighting Hawks merchandise is being sold. Fans cheering during a North Dakota mens hockey game against Minnesota-Duluth on Feb. 19. Thats not the issue here. But thats the N.C.A.A.. North Dakotas mens team, which closes its regular season this weekend, is ranked second in Division I after reaching the Frozen Four the past two years as a nickname-less team. Engelstad, who was a goalie for the University of North Dakota hockey team in the 1950s, has stayed out of the fray personally. Fighting Hawks gear is not available yet because the new logo will not be unveiled until late May. Wetherell, a former Seminole football player and speaker of the Florida House; and the school's vast alumni base. [25], Up to 82,000 eligible voters, including students, alumni, university faculty and staff, donors and season-ticket holders, were able to cast online ballots October 1923, 2015 to select the new UND nickname. North Dakota hosted a 2015 regional at Scheels Arena in Fargo and is scheduled for another in 2017. The cartoon quoted Engelstad about the Nazi parties. My view is that 'Indian,' in and of itself, is not a derogatory term and is not hostile or abusive any more than Fighting Irish or Minnesota Vikings or Spartans or Trojans -- all of which are human-image mascots. Engelstad, the arenas benefactor who died in 2002, ordered them put in to discourage a nickname change. "The NCAA is not the arbiter of political correctness in this country. North Dakota, which closes its regular season this weekend, is ranked second and has been to the Frozen Four the past two seasons. They also filed a second appeal with the NCAA Executive Committee on Friday, arguing that the NCAA overstepped its authority with its policy and violated its contract with member schools. [8] In November 2006, UND was granted a preliminary injunction to prevent the NCAA from enforcing the rule. North Dakota Athletic Director Brian Faison, who leads the Division I mens hockey committee, said the N.C.A.A. Engelstad, of Las Vegas, in 1998 committed $100 million to the University of North Dakota for the hockey arena and other projects. On May 14, 2009, the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved a motion directing UND to retire "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo, effective October 1, 2009, with full retirement to be completed no later than August 1, 2010. When I go to that hockey game and I see 4,000 Fighting Sioux jerseys in a 12,000-seat arena, hear the chants and see the rituals and hear the booing and cheering and all that stuff, that bothers a lot of people at the university, said the interim university president Ed Schafer, a former two-term governor and briefly the agriculture secretary under President George W. Bush. Jeb Bush; university president T.K. A $2 million scoreboard hangs overhead, and projected images of the Fighting Sioux logo glisten on the surface. They say we cant use the Fighting Sioux, and then they say, well, you have to. Sports can play a part of finishing the business.". Also subject to the ban are schools with generic nicknames, such as the Newberry (S.C.) Indians, because they have no "namesake" tribe to grant approval. But the NCAA rejected North Dakota's appeal of the nickname restrictions because two of the state's three federally recognized Sioux tribes oppose it. Engelstad was asked last month not to use the logo bearing the likeness of an Indian in marketing the arena, UND President Charles Kupchella told the Herald. had coming down the pike if we kept the name, it became pretty obvious that we had to make a change.. [10] If that support was not granted at the end of the three years, UND agreed to retire the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo, remove most of the existing Fighting Sioux imagery in campus facilities, and pick a new nickname and logo to represent UND's athletic teams. [6] The arena opened in 2001. An Engelstad company is now building the 12,000-seat arena and has a contract to own and operate it for 30 years, the Grand Forks Herald newspaper reported. Las Vegas Sun, 2022, All Rights Reserved, Small Planes Collide at North Las VegasAirport. The campus spends roughly $10 million a year on 31 programs for Native American students, he notes, and enrolls far more Native Americans (about 400) than the other schools cited by the NCAA combined. Spirit Lake voted to keep the name,[11] but the Standing Rock tribal counsel would not allow a vote to take place. We would never allow stereotyping of other racial or ethnic groups in the way that we allow the stereotypes of Indians. Spirit Lake Casino stands at the entrance to the reservation -- a no-frills affair next to a four-story hotel and cabaret showcasing fading country music stars.
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