0000016621 00000 n 0000007668 00000 n For four decades, State Street Global Advisors has served the worlds governments, institutions and financial advisors. stream endstream The fund normally has a weighted average effective maturity of approximately five to ten years but is subject to no limitation with respect to the maturities of the instruments in which it may invest. Benchmark returns displayed in the performance graph upon selection are provided for illustrative purposes only and have been calculated by Interactive Advisors using daily adjusted close prices and include dividend income. department dmv motor vehicles york 0000054258 00000 n 0000009587 00000 n

0000065169 00000 n

0000013402 00000 n Interactive Advisors initially funds and trades a fixed amount of its own funds in a separate brokerage account associated with this portfolio based on data received from SSGA; Interactive Advisors replicates the trading in this brokerage account in the accounts of clients investing in this portfolio in order to implement its replication-based investment process; and. 0000044031 00000 n

1932 53 0000004157 00000 n %PDF-1.7 % It should not be considered as specific investment advice for your investment situation. More information. 0000008361 00000 n JS 0000006880 00000 n x9@D}x#1awPzae5J5W*}!T2B&:Lc&O.c&T2dB&!4$B%}"dr#aM\$drp0&{ t1X?l

INFORMATION REGARDING COMMINGLED FUNDS: For additional information regarding the Commingled Pension Trust Funds of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., please contact your J.P. Morgan Asset Management representative. Additional information on the risks, conflicts of interest, applicable brokerage commissions, fractional shares, and limitations on investments and divestments associated with this portfolio can be found here and on the Forms and Agreements page. 0000017656 00000 n

Quarterly, monthly or more frequent rebalances in this portfolio (as applicable) will result in numerous transactions in many or all the stocks or ETFs in the portfolio and the client accounts invested in this portfolio. Interactive Advisors management of this portfolio and some of the information on this page relies on data from third-party sources, including third parties providing the model portfolio strategy or ESG score information, as applicable. Please review its terms, privacy and security policies to see how they apply to you. The model portfolio allocations are managed actively and rely on State Street Global Advisors tactical asset allocation decision-making process, which includes evaluation of global asset classes. /Filter /FlateDecode >> 0000075899 00000 n 0000001596 00000 n The strategy seeks to provide long term capital appreciation and income consistent with asset class allocation ranges of approximately 35 to 70% to equities and real assets, and approximately 30 to 65% to fixed income and cash.

1932 0 obj <> endobj 0000007865 00000 n

stream 516 0 obj <> endobj

%PDF-1.4 % Portfolio classifications are provided by Interactive Advisors, and are intended to serve as a general guide. %PDF-1.4 % Advisor registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisors

0000057783 00000 n 0000062502 00000 n SSGA actively manages the model strategy underlying this portfolio and does not seek to replicate the performance of an index. 0000027051 00000 n

are collective trust funds established and maintained by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. 0000037890 00000 n `je-BNJ;yg\Q~L~SNU+0u*HN9 `t:@Gduw-} y~#Au =R+Uobb1{-Fey  89` r`6 0000009491 00000 n There is no guarantee or assurance that the methodology used to create the model underlying this portfolio will result in this portfolio or client investments in this portfolio achieving positive returns. <<24A2CF16D224E446A5D01AC5CC5AB174>]/Prev 256965>> endstream 0000011606 00000 n 0000001656 00000 n for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation or advertisement in any jurisdiction

summary, Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risk, charges, and expenses of the fund before investing. 0000045319 00000 n <> belize court supreme building downtown facts magistrate regent street system All graph data is as of the end of day for the referenced period, unless otherwise specified. Prior to making any investment or financial decisions, an investor should seek individualized advice from personal financial, legal, tax and other professionals that take into account all of the particular facts and circumstances of an investor's own situation. None of the performance information displayed on this page is based on the actual performance of any Interactive Advisors client account investing in this portfolio. xref 0000009552 00000 n hYn[7d3@`-(l];KL$isp`i!O{ebSHn'H#~ Actual client returns will differ. 0000000016 00000 n 0000032517 00000 n The funds are available only to certain qualified retirement plans and governmental plans and is not offered to the general public. Performance is calculated using then-applicable 0.30% management fee until May 1, 2019, and currently applicable 0.10% management fee as of May 1, 2019.

Please see terms and conditions for restrictions on use of Citywire's Fund Manager database. 0000005170 00000 n 0000015893 00000 n 0000026207 00000 n Sign an Investment Management Agreement with and become clients of Interactive Advisors; Consent to trading with another Interactive Brokers LLC client who is a liquidity provider in order to be able to buy and sell fractions of ETF shares and stocks, which do not trade on the open market. It is educational in nature and not designed to be a recommendation for any specific investment product, strategy, plan feature or other purposes. The performance in an Interactive Advisors client account invested in this portfolio may differ (i.e., be lower or higher) from the performance of the account managing this portfolio and portrayed on this page based on a variety of factors, such as trading restrictions imposed by the client (resulting in different account holdings), time of initial investment, amount of investment, frequency and size of cash flows in and out of the client account, applicable brokerage commissions (when commissions were charged), and different corporate actions. 0000002070 00000 n %f6O1al1! 0000003692 00000 n

8 0 obj Clients choosing to invest in this portfolio directly own the ETF shares making up the portfolio.

0000011824 00000 n

0000011914 00000 n Communications such as this are not impartial and are provided in connection with the advertising and marketing of products and services. benchmark(s), which are provided for illustrative purposes only. 734 0 obj <>stream The minimum amount is determined by Interactive Advisors, based on the characteristics of the underlying portfolio. This website is a general communication being provided for informational purposes only. {5|;5xzIL}i8T)f"}|KuecrM?^,TwNbs5b_:\0,9 +3_! This portfolio is made up of whole and/or fractional holdings of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 0000065526 00000 n 0000037549 00000 n The investment minimum is the minimum investment required to follow a particular portfolio. 0000029228 00000 n zjIaYid0W(NpY p YDp a\J"]2O1Zj :#Q]D m*40`ZZZE\OK4@iG v+f8n& - BW9Z d#q e[-*aO& IvJXXi=6'fU`m1q,ONj0#u!QEjhwC%|L(y{#@` %a 0000001356 00000 n 0000006100 00000 n 0000006769 00000 n 0000006933 00000 n 0000065320 00000 n The tactical asset allocation process utilizes quantitative and qualitative analyses to evaluate the expected risk environment and seeks to identify and capitalize on relative tradeoffs across global asset classes.

current management fee. 0000062015 00000 n )HD657 ' 0000075553 00000 n 0000003962 00000 n hY]o+rh$$p0'q#D 0000091700 00000 n 0000092039 00000 n Interactive Advisors clients may revoke this consent at any time but, if they do, they will no longer be able to invest in this portfolio. The actual performance for this portfolio is presented net of fees and reflects the deduction of the Interactive Advisors advisory fee, Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage and other commissions (when commissions were charged) and expenses that a client has to pay if he invests in this portfolio after the launch date, but not any fees clients must separately pay the issuers of any ETFs. 0000004118 00000 n 0000061663 00000 n 0000065239 00000 n 0000006011 00000 n 0000054234 00000 n

0000013314 00000 n 0000006174 00000 n As stewards, we help portfolio companies see that what is fair for people and sustainable for the planet can deliver long-term performance. 0000048196 00000 n over 3 months, All calculations are in USD unless stated.

0000002949 00000 n Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.

0000000016 00000 n 0000001842 00000 n The actual performance chart is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for making an investment decision. 0000010711 00000 n

endobj trailer 0000053905 00000 n nen~MnBs]).n:AyLo>S)t727 t}]&$n>bv1tqm]m]&.svA7 7W&7!qU4 hR9E }Gh\ _h1daSo?,|j2 ! 0000007766 00000 n And, as pioneers in index, ETF, and ESG investing, we are always inventing new ways to invest. fact invasive sheet species sheets hogweed giant prism lakes finger field guide J.P. Morgan Asset Management isnt responsible for (and doesn't provide) any products, services or content at this third-party site or app, except for products and services that explicitly carry the J.P. Morgan Asset Management name. H\n@=O1da3w%dqN E1xJZr8LvtRmz utxjlYy5U:;^tt:wi.&mwrGo}'c7[]F_[u.. 10794 To obtain a prospectus for Mutual Funds: Contact JPMorgan Distribution Services, Inc. at 1-800-480-4111 ordownloadit from this site. 0000008982 00000 n 0000091439 00000 n Interactive Advisors constructs and manages this portfolio based on a model portfolio and data obtained pursuant to an agreement with SSGA Funds Management, Inc. (SSGA).

%%EOF Clients could be required to report some or all of these periodic rebalance trades on their tax forms. endobj 15 0 obj The investment views underlying each portfolio are informed by State Street Global Advisors quantitative approach and refined by the fundamental views of their Investment Solutions Group (ISG), a 90+ member investment team. 0000012986 00000 n 0000068946 00000 n

0000006328 00000 n 556 0 obj <>stream

)?&dPbV&9 0000022363 00000 n 0000005589 00000 n 0000035240 00000 n

endobj 0000072698 00000 n

Transaction history is available upon request. jurisdiction outside the United States.

&(&"D+$L2 u+J/)J/q"s?L#a 0000057331 00000 n Covestor Ltd (175 Federal Street, Boston, MA, 02110) (also known as "Interactive Advisors") is an Investment 19 0 obj 0000007048 00000 n 0000007046 00000 n including $250,000 in any cash awaiting reinvestment.

0000003386 00000 n 0000062108 00000 n startxref ?3?#X`~A_:L[:LW:dKd. other than the United States.

??Mk. 0000069107 00000 n << /Length 8 0 R @V`IAZ)rhA

INFORMATION REGARDING MUTUAL FUNDS/ETF:Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives and risks as well as charges and expenses of a mutual fund or ETF before investing. Telephone calls and electronic communications may be monitored and/or recorded. 0000020090 00000 n

0000075284 00000 n Your trades are executed by Interactive Brokers LLC, a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Obtain the minimum risk score required for each portfolio and acknowledge certain risk disclosures. 0 0000022276 00000 n 0 0000002695 00000 n stream 0000030274 00000 n This portfolio invests primarily in ETFs that make payments to SSGA for advisory or other services (SSGA ETFs). Based on data received from SSGA, Interactive Advisors periodically rebalances this portfolio to maintain target allocations, resulting in rebalancing transactions in investing clients accounts.

Not all transactions underlying the performance information displayed on this page will appear in accounts due to Interactive Advisors trading rules and individual client constraints. 0000073536 00000 n

143 0000013449 00000 n The views and strategies described may not be suitable for all investors. Interactive Advisors manages this portfolio by trading its own funds in a separate firm-owned brokerage account and replicating this trading in the accounts of investing clients as follows: To invest in this portfolio, Interactive Advisors clients must: Our technology ensures it is suited for you, Customer relationship

0000073088 00000 n Neither Interactive Advisors nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors in this information or any actions taken by you in reliance upon this information. Personal data will be collected, stored and processed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management in accordance with our privacy policies athttps://www.jpmorgan.com/privacy.

0000006402 00000 n 0000016803 00000 n Mq4,XJON5//_;U~zbIKyV/6cahN8m_n.(9?ZS]\5Rn /j>\&o'{ eotIg~g;1G' mwj0I6(F}F<1T=bf>u6byND[5:hjjhX5$VX50U?8Gq(+:ONmC[T%^"PDrW)[WC649:Qzi#+14SkL4%\l'MjvtW* JivcW. 0 Small to Mid-market 401(k) Plan Solutions, Principles for Successful Long-Term Investing, Retirement Plan Tools & Resources Overview. 489 68 0000002109 00000 n 0000090828 00000 n 0000074152 00000 n Client account performance could differ. 0000038110 00000 n While State Street licenses model portfolio data enabling Interactive Advisors to build and periodically rebalance these portfolios, State Street does not have trading discretion, and it is not an adviser or fiduciary to Interactive Advisors clients investing in these portfolios. SSGA does not have a contractual, fiduciary, investment advisory or other relationship with Interactive Advisors clients. 0000013845 00000 n % 16 0 obj % Act of 1940.

Eligibility of these securities is monitored periodically, and may change over time.

endobj 0000011679 00000 n J.P. Morgan Asset Managements website and/or mobile terms, privacy and security policies don't apply to the site or app you're about to visit. Clients investing in this portfolio may view the actual performance of their investment in this portfolio by logging into their Interactive Advisors account and reviewing their customized dashboard. endobj The summary and full prospectuses contain this and other information about the mutual fund or ETF and should be read carefully before investing. lg\,. 0000000016 00000 n 0000016577 00000 n *7U=9C2Vv/Q(ZKR7@{i-J~:i

0000011250 00000 n {=tqo&u]oFU]fA7-tqKB7(Z7s@7 .n:yj.n:Ok7]RA7 .n:KQ ]t|oTBy-+Y@v-oM7_ J.P. Morgan Funds and J.P. Morgan ETFs are distributed by JPMorgan Distribution Services, Inc., which is an affiliate of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Affiliates of JPMorgan Chase & Co. receive fees for providing various services to the funds. A client invested when a higher management fee 0000073687 00000 n 0000010369 00000 n UrWhD!Q$Gj&MN&9g#0A7Xd7> z"zdW6D4)hoMh#I Gd%50%&;c1g*&;ceGk1LVc&d-x,N0Cyh PaU1u ?bYi%O 0000058113 00000 n <]/Prev 363224>> 0000005240 00000 n

SSGA has no responsibility for determining the suitability of this portfolio for Interactive Advisors clients and has built the model portfolios without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of any investor or Interactive Advisors client.

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