But they aren't the easiest employees to manage. He then murders Mike (an event which almost made this list) and teams up with a Neo-Nazi meth gang run by Todd Alquist's uncle, Jack, to have Mike's henchmen all simultaneously murdered in prison.

Todd intervenes, saving Jesse's life by arranging to have him cook meth for them as a slave.

Still, Jesse figures out what's happening.

The genius of the trajectory of the series, and its manipulation of viewers, can be seen in how Walt's evolution has been shown, and how we were led along the primrose path. This is meant as a lesson, this modern morality play. We meet him working a second job at a carwash to make ends meet. Skyler becomes increasingly suspicious of his late nights and weird alibis. Which was a shock because I didnt think I had any.

Even as he killed gangsters Emilio and Krazy-8, and helped lead to his DEA agent brother Hank's killing of Tuco, we wished he would succeed, to build a more secure future for his family, to defeat the drug lords he first set himself against. It is a blueprint, a model for a life we can aspire to. Next best thing, we suppose. Which Breaking Bad Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? That means competition for the somewhat unenviable title of "most evil thing ever" is stiff. Hank's investigation hits a wall, and the whole affair is arguably Heisenberg at the peak of his power. She quickly rules out an affair and deduces that he's selling drugs. While he agrees to run Gus' lab, he refuses to sign off on Walt's murder, threatening to quit if Gus kills him. Their loveless sham of a marriage suffers to the point that she can no longer pretend everything's okay, even just until Walt's cancer returns and, um, solves the problem for her. He gets into cooking meth specifically to give her an easy life and to provide for her after his death, but he becomes so wrapped up in things that he ends up turning against her. This inspires Walt to visit Jesse and make amends. And he has to team up with Nazis to get it done. Rather than keeping their issues private, Walt later tells an understandably concerned Marie that the problems began with Skyler's affair with Ted Beneke.

Now we know for sure, if there was ever a doubt: Walter White is not only the protagonist but also the villain of AMCs Breaking Bad. They're both stunned when Tod shoots the child on the bike after the train heist, proving he wasn't totally morally corrupt. That's not just because the work is hard, but because Walt would have to train his own replacement and would certainly pick up on what was happening. Walt knows that Jesse's loyalty is the only thing keeping him alive, and, realizing that weeks of fights and manipulation have damaged his relationship with Pinkman, crafts a plan to kill Gus that revolves around winning back the kid's loyalty. Walter White serves the opposite role - he is a warning. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Jesse's caught in between Mike and Walt, who hate each other and fight constantly. Walt was no longer surprised by anything and was willing to stoop to horrendous lows to achieve his goals. However, Walt ends up becoming so engrossed in his own life and trying to be the most powerful man in the meth business that he loses track of who he is. It's a life he feels like he should have always had due to his role in Gray Matter, and, instead of trying to save himself, he becomes engulfed by the money. Gus can't murder and replace them without, well, a replacement. If I had to pick a moment that hasn't ben mentioned yet, I would pick when he starts screaming in his car after blowing up Tuco's first hideout with the fulminated Mercury.

Writer of stuff, editor of other stuff, indie film producer. The fact that they get into an actual fight with Skyler pulling out a knife shows how scared of him she was, and proves how much he changes. years she contest down would system eve examiner last under california three case But he didn't go full Heisenberg until Gus was out of the way.

They are like people we know, even like each of us in some way. Their deportation is relatively merciful, but still tragic, and a very foreseeable outcome of Walt's selfishness. How much of the science in Breaking Bad is real? But instead, Walt leaves the baby at a firehouse and then puts himself in the underground version of witness protection. Breaking Bad is an excellent examination of the corrupting force of money and power, and here are 10 ways Walter White got worse as time went on. He eventually captures Walt (but dies immediately after), meaning the tape is little more than a brief hurdle on the path to Walt's arrest. He poisoned a child with ricinto save his own ass. It's the springboard of one of TV history's most iconic character duos and greatest-ever stories, but it's also a pretty dark, evil moment that hints at how Machiavellian Walt would later become.

Suddenly things are clear: this show was never about family. Gus agrees, but then exploits his wording and threatens the lives of Walt's loved ones instead. He/him/his. That was the night Walt turned into a monster. It still feels like he meant what he said. Walt should have assumed they would be killed. Even to the end he was trying to do things for others. Philosopher Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray has argued that Walt's actions are authentic, in the sense that Sartre and other existentialists praise. You don't become a kingpin by getting sloppy with loose ends. In Everyman, the protagonist was made to take account for his deeds in life, to tally the good versus the bad, as an accounting of his soul in the afterlife. Breaking Bad is this tale re-told and with a twist. His toxic rant at Skyler on the phone after kidnapping their daughter, though perhaps also meant to provide Skyler with some legal cover, was nonetheless horribly hateful and hurtful. Its always been about Walt.

Walt tracks Jesse down and blackmails him, threatening to turn him in if he doesn't help him sell drugs. When Gus Fring no longer needs the services of an employee, he terminates them. Instead, he goes on a rampage that sends Walt and his family into hiding.

He was always evil, he just finally stopped fighting it, probably when he killed Crazy 8. Matthew has a major passion for movies and television, enjoying a variety of genres from animation and horror to fantasy and thrillers.

These two young men can cast nearly untarnished moral judgement on Walt, as could Hank. It works long enough to kill Gus, but when Jesse later figures out what really happened, he turns on Walt for good. "Truly Evil" is a really high standard. Later on, Walter meets Donald Margolis, Jane's father, at a bar, without knowing who he is. He originally joined the drug-dealing business to provide for his family after his death, but at some point, he became consumed by his ego and became a terrible man willing to poison children, order the systematic killing of prisoners just to make sure they don't snitch, and order the death of his former student. For more on great articles on Breaking Bad Series check out our Breaking Bad Series:Series, Saul Goodman v. Walter White - Why They Break Bad (Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad), Breaking Bads El Camino: Ending Explained - Jesses Getaway, Breaking Bad: Mike Ehrmantraut - Turning Off the Tap (+ Better Call Saul). Even though fans loved the danger that he got into and really enjoyed moments where he tapped into Heisenberg and became a true criminal, the fact is he did become a worse character. Thats it. However, after his cancer diagnosis, he quickly makes drastic changes. He became evil when Jesse told him how much he made cooking meth in the first season. By the end of the show, she feels so overwhelmed and trapped that she attempts suicide. Toward the end of Season 4, he makes serious threats against the lives of Walt's family members if he continues to contact Jesse, whom he'd pried away from Walt and whose consent for Walt's murder he hoped to secure.

Or do we need a top 50? First and foremost, though, those women need to be deported back to Honduras because they've seen too much. Don't become a Walter White - it's all too possible, and entirely too easy. So how did we get here? any into atlanta project arnold georgia Walt's corruption is conclusive, and the very best we can hope for is that he doesn't take the child-like innocents with him. A selfish man. Those who were still left sympathising with Walt, or who might have been on the fence, may have seen redemption through Walt killing the two gangsters about to kill Jesse in a later episode. But Gale's innocent, and the ease with which Walt orders his murder and moves on from it, especially when it clearly haunts Jesse to the core afterward, is absolutely chilling.

Its not that he hasnt done tons of questionable things before, but in tonights episode Ozymandias, Walt shows just how deplorable he has become over the course of the shows five seasons. Letting Jane die was the moment for me. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. But man, is it a selfish, evil thing to do. The most lucrative chapter of Walt's career comes after Gus Fring's death, when he teams up with Jesse and Mike for a Season 5A cook-and-distribute operation that, though considerably smaller than Fring's, means the three can be full owners. In "Breaking Bad," Walter White's descent from mild-mannered family man to murderous meth kingpin is one of, if not the, greatest character arcs in television history. That phone call was horrible. The origin of the term "everyman" was an English morality play written in the 15th Century.

Furious that he's once again stuck doing a two-man job alone, Walt rebels against Fring by going upstairs to the laundromat above the secret lab and paying three immigrant women there to help him scrub down the equipment. For large portions of the show, Walter White is a great father. However, in Jesse, he really had someone who wouldn't lie to him and would always help out if needed. Tensions between Fring and his cooks soon rise, reaching a boiling point after Walt helps Jesse murder two of Gus' henchmen, who had killed a child after Gus bowed to Jesse's demands and told them to stop using children as distributors. It's far from the most monstrous thing Walt's done, but it shows how depraved and cruel he's become, even when he's just lounging at home with the family. Walt, who's furious that a high Jesse jeopardizes their first big drug deal with Gus Fring, refuses to give Jesse his share of the money until he can prove he's off heroin. He was never going to be a trustworthy, decent man again.

Evil can creep up on us; we can choose it subtly. Read about our approach to external linking. But when Jesse and Mike retire and Schrader's DEA probe closes in, Walt decides to go it alone, with no intention of continuing to pay off Fring's people. Morality plays were not-too-subtle attempts to convey moral lessons (generally sanctioned by the Church) to the masses. In Season 4, Walt grows bitter and suspicious when Jesse begins spending more and more time with Mike Ehrmantraut, believing Gus Fring is only giving the kid, whom he'd once written off as a worthless junkie, more responsibility simply to drive a wedge between them. Walt threatens Skyler constantly, especially with his famous, "I am the danger" line. The series in its second half becomes a downward spiral of corruption, and there is little hope now of Walt's redemption. We knew there would eventually be a change; it was only ever a question of when it would happen. I thought Id seen that moment beforeseveral times over, in fact (HINT: see every season finale so far)but I only realized tonight, with Ozymandias, that I hadnt. That would have taken the cake. When Walt originally jumps into the world of meth cooking, he wants to simply cook, and that is it. SPOILER ALERT!

Although Skyler does eventually agree to launder his money and participate in his lies, Walt brazenly exploits her reluctance to expose his sins and thus destroy their family. In the end, the only person who can pull it all off is Jesse Pinkman himself. Walt makes no attempt to stop this, instead cruelly telling a captured Jesse that he watched Jane die (more on that below), just to dig the knife in a little deeper.

But nobody gets along. But that doesn't excuse Walt's selfishness here, or the fact that their entire relationship is built on a threat. It's a full turn to becoming truly evil, having no problem in killing or hurting people, and only showing his kindness on rare occasions.

At the start of Breaking Bad, Walt would never have dreamed of scaring or threatening his wife. But still, the fact that Walt and Skyler make it in the first place reflects a complete collapse of their moral sensibilities. He cannot be part of society again, and we know he'll go down in a blaze, but not one of glory, surely.

UPDATE: I didnt see the angle that Walt was absolving Skyler to save her. And I was more on walts side in that situation than I was before ? Hector has no love for Walter, but hates his old rival Gus even more. He's an underachieving genius trapped in two soul-sucking jobs with a second child he can't afford on the way. Every step of the way is meticulously plotted, flawlessly executed, and believable. In addition to his work as Screen Rant, Matthew is also a writer of pieces at The Sportster. Gus gets to work driving a wedge between Jesse and his problematic lead cook by giving Jesse greater responsibilities and generally treating him with more respect than Walt. He thus refuses to let it hinder his pursuit of the elusive evidence he needs to bring the case home. RELATED:Which Breaking Bad Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Therefore, it isn't a huge surprise that Walt does end up not trusting anyone. After all, Gus is not the type of man to let people who know too much live. His son Walt Jr sees this, as does Jesse. Early on in the show, it is easy to tell that Walter White doesn't belong in a world of drugs and criminals. Then it can grip us and not let us go. It's yet another act of defiance that convinces Gus, and his subordinates, that Walter must be dealt with. Walt always has to go above and beyond, and that is what ends up with people at his door hunting for him and why Hank ends up being killed, as he gets in over his head.

When audiences first meet him, Walt is just a very ordinary guy who is a science teacher and has little excitement in his life. RELATED:10 TV Shows/Movies Bryan Cranston Appeared On After Breaking Bad. Chips into Scarface. But in Everyman, because the tally of good deeds outweighs the bad, he attains heaven. Its clear from tonights ending that, this time, he wont be returning. Walt allows her to die, choking on her own vomit while strung out on heroin with Jesse Pinkman, his partner in crime and former pupil. Breaking Bad, which is about to reach its finale, has provided a talking point for fans and philosophers over the nature of a man's descent into evil, writes Dr David Koepsell. He ends up being forced to kill early on, but it's something that he doesn't want to do and really struggles with mentally and emotionally. Even though Walt becomes a true criminal throughout the series, he does try to follow a set of principles and morals as best he can. Even though he is a criminal kingpin and has a secret life, he does enjoy spending time with his kids, helping his son learn to drive, and trying to be a great role model without revealing what he really does. Jane then blackmails Walter into handing over the cash. He has a child on the way, and is in a dead-end thankless job as a high school teacher in the troubled economy of the American Southwest. He then tries to buy her loyalty back by showing her several duffle bags of cash, saying this is their children's college tuition and a future for her after he passes from cancer. In the aftermath, Jesse is shattered and Donald, an air traffic controller reeling from grief, drops the ball at work and causes two passenger jets to collide in mid-air. Hank and Marie agree to take Walt, Jr. and baby Holly for a while, while Walt and Skyler sort things out. He cannot. Is Europe set for its worst wildfire season? Walt's account book is clear, and we know at least where he won't be going. We won't include the big, defining sins, like lying to his family or dealing drugs, because those took place over the course of the entire show and also, duh.

But after quitting the drug game and realizing she still isn't softening her position towards him, he decides to muscle and manipulate his way back into the house, daring her to call the cops and playing dumb when she does. A one-stop shop for all things video games. While there, he tries to shake Jesse out of his sleep and ends up accidentally rolling Jane onto her back. Were a family, he says near the end of tonights episode of Breaking Bad, whose series finale airs September 29. Even Walt knows that there is no hope for moral redemption and the best he can do is to save some innocents as he hurtles toward his demise. One night, Walt sees a tracking device on his car and goes to Hank's house the next morning to ask about it. The PowerHouse Series: Meet Leisse Wilcox, INSTEAD OF PLAYING CATCH UP, LEARN TO BE STEPS AHEAD, the serial killer you love even though you shouldnt. We doubt Walt would care if he'd offed Granny and Pop-Pop in the room next door.


The balance sheet has tipped far too heavily against him. However, as he builds into the criminal underground, he learns that violence and murder are how things get done, and he ends up being completely fine with it. Walt pleads ignorant, but it's clear Hank knows the truth and isn't relenting. We still sympathize with Walter White as he was in the show's pilot. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Walt and Jesse agree to work for Gus Fring in exchange for ludicrous amounts of money that dwarf the pennies they were pulling in on their own. However, Walt's inability to stay in line and just be the cook and nothing more is actually what ends up putting his family in danger. Everything about it stuns him, and he struggles to deal with all the violence and danger that takes place. For more, you can follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, and check out my website. Suddenly, Walts attempts to save his brother-in-law Hank from death in the opening scene of the first act went by the wayside (not the teaser, which was way cool, by the way, but the first act). Afterward, he risked his life (what was left of it) to come back and make sure his son got his money, to make sure they were able to find Hank's and Steve's bodies, he went out of his way to rescue Jesse. Of course, that plane crash is not a reasonably foreseeable consequence of Walt's actions. When would Walt do something that showed us just how evil he was, and how long could he tell himself that he was doing all of this for his family? Matthew Wilkinson is a Senior Writer with Screen Rant and has been part of the team since 2019. Never to see his family again. But Jesse, who gets caught by Hank attempting to burn down Walt's home, decides to partner with his former enemy to take down Heisenberg. It is. (Spoiler alert: Multiple key plot details revealed below), 'We've spent years preparing our Comic-Con costumes' Video, 'We've spent years preparing our Comic-Con costumes', New telescope catches dead suns smashing together, Russia 'looting' steel bound for Europe and UK, US reports first polio case in nearly a decade, Ex-policeman jailed for George Floyd killing role, Chappelle show cancelled over joke controversy, Taliban detained and abused me - female journalist. Heres a recap of three of the more heinous crimes Walt has committed in Breaking Bads five seasons: What are your top three Walt crimes? That, to me, was when he knew he was evil, and he embraced it, he just wanted to be evil for the sake of being evil, not just as a "necessary" act.

But, as he gets deeper into the criminal life, he becomes much worse as a father. She attempts suicide by walking into their pool in front of Hank and Marie, thus making it loud and clear that things are not well at home. RELATED:Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman's 15 Best Quotes. It's a very good example imo of how anyone could turn out evil'ish, because he was still good, but depends on what POV you are in.

He abandons his plans to flee Albuquerque as Hank's Heisenberg probe closes in. Press J to jump to the feed. No one is perfectly innocent in Breaking Bad, or in life. You all know what happens next: Walt, a chemistry teacher, decides to cook and sell just enough meth to provide for his family after his death. And finally, I get to hate him and not feel guilty about it. He refuses to be complicit at least in Hank's death and vetoes, ultimately, Jesse's, though he insists on hurting him with the revelation of his role in Jane's death. Walt's conscious decision not to save Jane when he could led to 167 people dying on a plane because Jane's dad's grief interfered with his job directing air traffic. I think, if you need a point where he went too far bad to come back, it was when he let Jane die. We decided to do a deep dive into the show to rank the most downright evil things one of TV history's greatest antiheroes-turned-villains has ever done.

He stops trusting Jesse, and it isn't until his dying attempt to save him that he realizes how much he means. In one of Season 3's most underrated moments, Walt, caught red-handed and realizing his lies have carried him as far as they could, confesses: He's cooking and selling methamphetamine.

Breaking Bads Walter White undergoes one of the greatest character transformations on television. Jane's dad's suicide was the final catastrophe from that chain of events, and is again somehow Walt's fault. It can approach us banally, without our acknowledgement or notice. And that's saying quite a lot.

He's not entirely wrong, although that's a selfish oversimplification. It works. NEXT: Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Why Heisenberg Was The Show's True Villain (& 5 Alternatives). Learn on the go with our new app.

One of those is that he doesn't want harm to come to children, which is a big issue for Jesse. Problem is, Walt and Jesse see this coming, and hatch a plan to kill Walt's replacement, Gale Boetticher, in the hopes that it will force Fring to keep them on payroll. Actually, there was a moment after that phone call where I thought he would upstage himself. They hate him as we should. As the series went on he became more and more in touch with his inner self, the evil in him. But that doesn't make it comfortable to watch. What's on top (or maybe bottom)? However, he manages to make more than they would ever need, but he doesn't stop as he had originally planned. We sell our souls in bits and pieces. Walt commits some heinous atrocities, ranging from outright felonies like murder to more subtle cruelties inflicted on those he supposedly loves. I think the show is about how the things he did decisions he made, slowly enforced his evil selfish side. Subliminally this got the ball rolling in Walts head about what HE could do in the business. Walt has lied repeatedly, to himself and others, for the sake of elevating his horrific actions to something he imagines is noble. Many times throughout the show, including those early moments of Ozymandias, Walt has toed the line, crossing it briefly and then returning to the side of good. But he is on the run now, having made enemies of the sort that people who cook meth, and aspire to be kingpins, eventually confront. While riding along with Hank to another bust, he sees his old student, Jesse Pinkman, escaping the scene. Letting Jane die was was the first really cold fucked up thing he did, but I don't think he was truly evil, or at least we hadn't seen that he was, until he poisoned Brock. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To hide his clandestine activities, Walt spins a web of lies that ultimately tear his family apart. As mentioned in tonights episode, he had a chance to save Jessies now-deceased girlfriend but didntto save his own ass (and keep control of Jessie). In Season 2, Jesse falls in love with his neighbor, Jane, with whom he begins doing heroin. Gus decides to do what he's always done train up a replacement and eliminate the original, thereby tying up loose ends. Walt's next idea to deter Hank is to "confess" via a tape in which he admits to being Heisenberg, but frames all his crimes and misadventures as being organized by Hank himself, who he claims had enslaved him as a cook and sold his drugs using connections he made in the DEA. He stages a fake meet with the DEA to convince Gus he's a snitch and thus lure him into the open. Unlike super-villains in comics, these anti-heroes are all too human, all too recognisable. Whereas the title character of Dexter has always been the serial killer you love even though you shouldnt, and, to some degree, remains so even in the final episodes, Walter White is the sociopath you want to love but ultimately cant. And finding someone who can match Walt's chemical brilliance or replicate his formula is difficult.

The main way in which Walt gets worse is because he actually stops being Walt. Because you dont say that to your wife. Admirably and not surprisingly, Hank assumes Walt and Skyler, who helped him make the tape, are only bluffing and would never go public with it.

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