|Espaol. Hungary has disputed the account, AP said. Vietnamese Italy's foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni says EU states should "practise solidarity" when it comes to migrants and not "cherry-pick". Saleh Ismael, a 28-year-old from the worn torn Syrian city of Homs, told the Guardians Mona Mahmood that he tried to evade detection by hiding in the Hungarian woods. She pointed out that 70,000 migrants entered Germany from Austria via Hungary last month. Serbian foreign minister Ivica Dacic told reporters in Prague: .css-knbk2a{height:1em;width:1.5em;margin-right:3px;vertical-align:baseline;fill:#C70000;}This is a serious crisis for the EU which must treat it seriously and with a clear plan. Hungarian authorities said more than 9,000 people - a new record - crossed into the country on Monday before the border was closed. Ani ukazovn sval sousedm pes hranice to nezakryje! UNHCR's Melissa Fleming said the grim discovery highlighted "the desperation of people seeking protection or a new life in Europe," and urged greater cooperation among European police forces, intelligence agencies and international organizations "to crack down on the smuggling trade while putting in place measures to protect and care for victims. We are now waiting for a decision on our asylum claim but people [other asylum-seekers] are telling us we might be rejected and sent back to Hungary and then back to Iraq. Cebuano Ukrainians given sight back settle into new life, The woman who built a career from true crime and make-up, Whisky makers are turning their backs on peat, No faith in Russia, Germany scrambles for energy, Pesticide made us sterile, banana workers say, Most of us don't clean our teeth in the right way, Why dark Japanese fairy tale Princess Mononoke was too much for Hollywood, Some street vendors say moonlight and dew are the magic ingredients. Interior ministers of EU nations failed to agree to binding quotas at a meeting on Monday. Indonesian .css-knbk2a{height:1em;width:1.5em;margin-right:3px;vertical-align:baseline;fill:#C70000;}The officers took Muzi to a dark area outside a migrant registration center and demanded to see Muzis footage, then told him to delete it, he said. The EU has the power to trigger formal discussions with Hungary over its appalling treatment of refugees and migrants and send a clear message that enough is enough to those States that disregard EU and international law. The EU should do this before it is too late, said Iverna McGowan, Acting Director of Amnesty Internationals European Institutions Office. Albanian Bosnian Greek Hungary seals last gap on main border crossing to refugees, saying he was forced to delete footage that included images of a police dog knocking down a refugee. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Its time for all EU member states to urgently invest in a compassionate and coordinated solution.. The Texas way of guns is an American failure. ", Follow Fergal Keane on the Hungary-Serbia border. Aktuln nejvtm problmem een migrace je nekonzistentn politika Nmecka. The head of the UN Refugee Agency Antnio Guterres, emphasizing that the European Union faced a "defining moment," laid out key guidelines that he said should underpin all efforts to resolve the refugee and migration crisis facing Europe. But I didn't see anyone being allowed to cross. You can also contact us in the following ways: Trump's actions during Capitol riot under scrutiny, Ukraine and Russia 'poised to sign grain deal', Russia about to run out of steam in Ukraine - MI6. Catalan I was frightened of being forced to apply for asylum in Hungary only to be sent back to Greece. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has suggested his country is planning to build a fence to keep migrants out along part of its border with Romania - a fellow EU member - to prevent the bypassing of the current frontier. Turkmen The cost of these abhorrent anti-refugee operations is staggering and comes at the price of the rights, health and well-being of thousands of people, said John Dalhuisen. Refugees and asylum-seekers who enter irregularly also face criminal prosecution, in breach of international human rights law. But a new plan from Hungary involves an actual barrier.

refugees syria senators syrian take refugee thousands crisis call beata budapest hungary keleti spend railway photograph station thursday another The Scottish governments refugee task force agreed on Tuesday to set up a new website, http://www.scotlandwelcomesrefugees.scot/ with the Scottish Refugee Council, to coordinate responses, Yousaf said. The United Nations says it is deeply disappointed at the failure of European Union interiors ministers to reach a final consensus on a plan to relocate of 120,000 refugees. Croatian More than half a million migrants have appeared at Europe borders in the first eight months of the year, according to the EUs border agency Frontex. The briefing, Fenced Out, outlines how Hungarys draconian measures to control its borders have repeatedly violated international law. Traditional Chinese An hour later, a crowd right next to the border fence started to move forward. Read about our approach to external linking. Peter Sutherland special representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Migration, tweeted his frustration.

Some 20,000 crossed into Austria from Hungary. The footage contained two days of work in Serbia and Hungary. The Hungarian government has invested more than 1OO million euros on razor-wire fencing and border controls to keep refugees and migrants out, triple the amount it spends yearly on receiving asylum seekers, Amnesty International revealed in a new briefing published today. The Czech Republic has blamed Germany for the migration crisis in the latest round of mudslinging. Serbia cannot handle this. "We have some kind of negotiations, if you can say so, with Hungarian counterparts, with a police officer - someone who is in charge, through the fence. Datafrom previous years shows a dramatic increase in the number of border crossings in what is referred to as the "Western Balkan route. Tetum Mongol ", Two young girls are carried from an inflatable boat to the shores of Lesvos, Greece. Over 75 per cent of those arriving in Europe had fled conflict and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. Kurdish Zulu. The German people are good and we are grateful for their hospitality, but we came here to get asylum, to know about our future. Please email haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk.

Czech These 14 walls continue to separate the world. Aymara The European Commission said it has received a notification from the Austrian authorities informing about their intention to temporarily reintroduce controls its borders with Hungary (which it announced yesterday), Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia. Polish The EUs Frontex borders agency on Tuesday said that three out of four entering Greece and heading for Hungary last month were Syrians. I want to start a new life in peace They are treating us like animals, worse than animals, said Dina, a 46-year-old Syrian woman who had been taken into police custody and kept for 16 hours without food or water. Gujarati Chinese Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. I have been living in uncertainty and stress for months, said Hiba, now in Germany.

We would like to be part of the solution to the problem, but this cant be to our detriment. .css-knbk2a{height:1em;width:1.5em;margin-right:3px;vertical-align:baseline;fill:#C70000;}With 4,000 passing through Serbia every day hoping to get into Hungary, Guterres said Belgrade would not be able to manage the situation. Is Europe set for its worst wildfire season?

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The mechanism allows the European Council to issue a warning to member states where there is a clear risk of a serious breach of the respect for the rule of law and human rights. Germany and Austria are calling for a special meeting of EU leaders next week to discuss the crisis. Malay Oriya Tibetan UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis. Spanish Starting on Tuesday, the EU has agreed to relocate 40,000 migrants from Greece and Italy to other EU states. I hope other countries in the European Union share the burden with Germany and take some refugees. ", Bertaudalsowent further, apparently alluding to the removal of the border fence between Hungary and Austria in May 1989, an important moment in history that helped lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall."We have only recently taken down walls in Europe," she said Thursday. I hid and walked for days in a forest in the rain. Slovenian The state of emergency gives police extra powers and could allow the deployment of troops, if parliament approves. The current situation in Austria, prima facie, appears to be a situation covered by the rules. Merkels press conference about the refugee crisis is underway. Hungarys government has confirmed plans to extend its border fence with Serbia to its much longer border with Romania, according to Reuters. asks the Guardians Emma Graham-Harrison.

UNHCR/Mark Henley, September 15 Hungary completed a fence along its border with Serbia. The scheme outlined measures to relocate 160,000 refugees from Italy and Greece and was seen as an important step toward stabilizing the refugee crisis in Europe. Armenian ", E.U. But it has yet to agree on mandatory quotas for a further 120,000 asylum seekers. Bulgarian A subsequent Italian and Maltese rescue operation ultimately could only save some 50 of an estimated 700 people on board. Right next to the border, refugees and migrants are searching in desperation for ways into Hungary. Hungary is effectively transforming itself into a refugee protection free zone, with blatant disregard for its human rights obligations and the obvious need to work with other EU and Balkan countries to find collective, humane solutions to the current crisis, said John Dalhuisen. Guarani

Nepali When asked why a Hungarian border guard said "Syria, Islam". September 4 The image of a young Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up on a Turkish beach after a failed attempt to reach Greece, moved millions worldwide and threw a fresh spotlight on the human tragedies of those trying to reach the shores of Europe. Claire Baker, Scottish Labours democracy spokeswoman, echoed his complaint that the 20,000 person ceiling and five year time scale set by David Cameron, the prime minister, was unacceptably low and ungenerous.

Within minutes there are reports that Hungary is planning another fence on the Romanian border. Over 2,600 had perished in the attempt. Speaking from a refugee camp in the German city of Wurzburg he said: .css-knbk2a{height:1em;width:1.5em;margin-right:3px;vertical-align:baseline;fill:#C70000;}I feel lost and disappointed after leaving Turkey and coming here. The Hungarian government says that large numbers of migrants use the Hungary-Serbia border to enter the European Union, where they may claim asylum or work illegally. That decision was reversed overnight when buses were provided by the Hungarian authorities to take the exhausted refugees to the border where they were met by volunteers from the Austrian Red Cross and the Austrian Order of Malta holding handwritten signs saying 'welcome', and handing out waterproof clothes, food, water, milk and blankets. The Associated Press has said it is protesting the brief detention of one of its journalists, cameraman Luca Muzi, by Hungarian police as he covered migrants crossing the border, saying he was forced to delete footage that included images of a police dog knocking down a refugee. Macedonian The hunger strikers abandoned their protest to join the bigger crowd - in the hope of finding a way into Hungary. Guterres also voiced deep disappointment with the meagre results of Mondays emergency meeting of the EU interior ministers and its failure to agree on a system of quotas spreading 120,000 across the union. Hungarys response to the migrant crisis? Tok Pisin Fake news speaks many languages, but its particularly fond of Spanish, difficult recent relationship with Hungary. We cannot manage this challenge by looking at someone else and telling them, youve made this mistake, she said. Some Syrians have managed to make it Germany via Hungary by dodging the Hungarian authorities. In a nasty era, insisting on basic politeness is a revolutionary idea. UNHCR applauded Austria and Germany for keeping their borders open and saluted the work of civil society groups. The idea of returning all migrants to Serbia, with others flowing in from Greece and Macedonia, is unacceptable, because we would then become the centre of arrivals. Twenty-two people, including four children, drowned after a wooden boat following the most popular recent migrant route, between Turkey and Greece, sank; 249 of those on board were rescued, 179 refugees stepped off a Munich-Berlin train in Saxony after the emergency brake cord was pulled, German media say, Send an SMS or MMS to 61124 or +44 7624 800 100. That slowed down the passage of migrants from Austria, where about 2,000 people slept in railway stations overnight. French Latvian "We don't want food or water until we cross the border," shouted one man. "We should not be putting them up.". The Czech Republic and some other EU countries in the former Eastern bloc have rejected calls from Germany and the EUs executive Commission for mandatory quotas to share refugees out. ", October: From the frying pan into the freezer, A group of refugees who will later that day leave Italy for Sweden under EU relocation scheme. Hungary is a member of the European Union and the associated Schengen Area, a grouping of 26 countries that have eliminated their internal borders, which means that there are no passport or other border controls. Russian Kazakh April 20 Over 600 people drowned in the Mediterranean when their boat capsized shortly before midnight on April 18 in Libyan waters some 180 kilometres south of Italy's Lampedusa Island. The European Commission said it was seeking clarification of parts of the new Hungarian legislation, to check whether it was in line with EU asylum rules. Hungary says it has ruled on 16 asylum requests under the new border regime on its southern frontier with Serbia, rejecting all 16 within a matter of hours, Reuters reports. Another 32 claims were filed and were being processed, Gyorgy Bakondi, security advisor to right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a news conference. UNHCR/Yorgos Kyvernitis. Many spent the night in the open at the border crossing in Horgos after officials finished fortifying a 108-mile border fence preventing migrants from getting through to the European Union. Some have been searching for a way through the fence, while others threw down food and water in protest. Maldivian German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Tuesday there should be ways of "exerting pressure" on states that refused binding quotas, possibly by reducing the amount of EU funding they receive. Turkish What about Hungarys border with Romania? After new Hungarian laws came into effect overnight, police sealed a railway crossing point that had been used by tens of thousands of migrants. Danish We have made the decision to start preparatory works for the construction of a fence starting from the Hungarian-Serbian-Romanian border at a reasonable length should migration pressure shift in the direction of Romania, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a news conference. Tamil It is therefore important that we, as a parliament, should not stop applying pressure on Downing Street, Baker said. And we ask, can we talk somewhere can we find some place to see each other? Romanian BREAKING: govt of #Hungary decided to build another border fence, this time on the #Romania-n border, foreign minister Szijjrt says, Austria to introduce tougher border controls, Hungary confirms border fence with Romania, Frontex records 500,000 migrants to Europe, Hungary declares a state of emergency at border, First arrests under Hungary's border crackdown, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning, Hungary closes down a key border crossing from Serbia overnight on Monday, leaving thousands of migrants stranded. Kinyarwanda International bodies, however, have asked Hungary to soften its stance on migrants, noting that 200,000 Hungarians became migrants in 1956 after the Soviet Union crushed the Hungarian revolution.We need to remember that around the world the primary threat is not from refugees, but to them,Montserrat Feixas Vih, UNHCR Regional Representative for Central Europe, said in May. As of December 7, more than 911,000 refugees and migrants had arrived on European shores since the year began and some 3,550 lives had been lost during the journey. I asked why they wanted me to film, they said "we've been asking him for water for an hour, as soon as you filmed him he gave it to us.". German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference that "this problem can only be solved together. Im a Texas gun owner. Xhosa A few metres away, another group began a protest. UNHCR/Alessandro Penso. They sat on the road and threw their bottles of water and loaves of bread into a pile.

Eventually, I was arrested by Hungarian police who put me in jail for two days.

Anyone who crosses the border illegally will face charges, and 30 judges have been put on standby to try offenders. UNHCR/Fabrizio Ellul. He declined to give details as to what the new controls would involve. October 9 A group of 19 asylum seekers was relocated from Italy to Sweden under a European Union relocation scheme. The Hungarian government claims that most of those trying to enter are economic migrants and not bona fide refugees, and that some are falsely claiming to be Syrians. Austria's chancellor Werner Faymann scathing about Hungary's latest shut-out of #refugees: "You can't simply put your head in the sand.". The combination of building razor-wire fences and criminalizing those who do break through and enter the country irregularly, as well as the rush to return them to Balkan transit countries, is designed to isolate Hungary from the global and European refugee crisis. In his speech on Wednesday,Szijjrt also noted that fences already exist at the borders of E.U. UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antnio Guterres expressed his shock at this latest refugee tragedy and urged European countries to restore a "robust" rescue-at-sea operation. "We don't want to live in an Auschwitz," he also said. However, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have opposed the quotas. Uyghur The Hungarian Parliament has been ushering in new laws resulting in an aggressive response that includes flanking its borders with soldiers and police authorized to use rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and pyrotechnical devices. Moldavian Malayalam Tharu

Since then Hungary has imposed a new border crackdown. This article was published more than7 years ago, European nations are putting up various barriers to this migration. The laws also make it a criminal offence - punishable by prison or deportation - to damage the newly built 4m (13ft) razor-wire fence along Hungary's 175km (110 mile) border with Serbia. At talks in Brussels on Monday, a majority of states had agreed in principle to the idea of relocating a further 120,000 through mandatory quotas, and there was hope the proposal could be finally approved at a meeting on 8 October. Scrutiny of the human rights situation in Hungary has repeatedly fallen through the cracks, with member states and institutions endlessly passing the buck on who is ultimately responsible for upholding human rights in the EU. At a news conference this week,Pter Szijjrt,Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, announced that his government was preparing to build a 13-foot-fence along its 109-mile border with Serbia. When the policeman came to take me to have a fingerprint, he forced my to take off all my clothes.

He told the BBC's Lyse Doucet that contact between Serbian and Hungarian officials had been minimal. But the Czech state secretary for the EU, Toma Prouza, said such threats were "empty but very damaging to all". Hindi Dari And showing muscles to the neighbors across the border wont conceal it.. For example, they have pushed back against search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean arguing that it creates a "pull factor.". UNHCR/Babar Baloch, August 28 Austrian authorities uncovered the bodies of 71 refugees and migrants in a refrigeration truck abandoned near the Austrian border with Hungary. Testimonies reveal the repeated use of excessive force by the Hungarian authorities. The EU is facing a huge influx of migrants, many fleeing conflict and poverty in countries including Syria, where a civil war has been raging since 2011. Portuguese Swedish Rapanui Dutch The Serbian minister in charge of the government's working committee on migrants, Aleksandar Vulin, argued that the closure of the border by Hungary was unsustainable. Venda The briefing details the Hungarian authorities pitiful humanitarian response with a complete lack of adequate reception facilities. September: Refugees seize the day; Austria and Germany respond, Syrian children warm themselves with colourful blankets provided by Austrian volunteers near the border with Hungary. Austria - one of several EU countries to say it would tighten border controls - is starting to deploy hundreds of troops to help the police deal with migrant arrivals ahead of the new measures coming in at midnight (22:00 GMT). Under the leadership of prime minister Viktor Orban, Hungary has taken a hardline position against migrants, threatening to close its border with Serbia completely and calling E.U. Serbian Are you seeking refuge in Europe? Having already warned that it would not accept anyone turned back from Hungarian territory, Serbia has warned that it is unable to become the centre of arrivals for migrants and called on the European Union to sort out the migration crisis. Orban feels vindicated that the EU has shifted from illusory resettlement aims to tougher Fortress Europe policies aimed at securing borders, keeping migrants out, and pressuring third countries to stem the flow of refugees.

Oromo Somali Urdu Sinhalese Syrian and Afghan refugees paddle towards the Greek island of Lesvos. Korean Hebrew Romany Esperanto The UN has expressed alarm at the EUs inability to come up with a joint system. Which language would you like to use this site in? One group from Afghanistan crowded in front of a portable cabin built into the fence.

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