I once saw a briefly-posted video on the Stones Throw label's website of a lecture Otis Jackson, Jr., aka hyper-prolific producer/rapper/musician A Friday digest of the week's best Talks, picked for you by the editors. A high-energy introduction to the Quasimoto sound built off a well known sample of Johnny Guitar Watsons Superman Lover. Quas raps about selling weed and having sex with girls with his typical braggadocio and absurdity: You got sexed up, and guess what, Im the one that hit it/You wont neglect it cause my jim be employing paramedics sounds downright novel coming from a pitched-up, oversexed muppet. You can follow him on Twitterhere. The beats are crisp, the raps are smooth, what's not to love? 2022 Talkhouse, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I prefer the songs where Quasimoto serves as the devil on Madlibs shoulder, the two of them wheeling out of precarious situations. 6. [1] It was co-mixed by Kut Masta Kurt and Peanut Butter Wolf. A good part of this collection trades a bit on the mythology of those seldom-heard early Quasimoto experiments of the late 90s, when it was just stuff Madlib kept between himself and a few friends who were privy to his beat tapes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights.

$23. Albums such as their self-titled debut albumMandrill(1970) and their sophomore release Mandrill Is(1971) have been critically acclaimed albums which have stood the test of time, with many producers sampling their music throughout the years including the likes of DJ Shadow, 9th Wonder, Kanye West and of course, Madlib. This is barely a song, just a beat with some Madlibisms tossed over it: I got to get a watch cause Im never on time/like when I bought that whole case of Coronas and forgot lime. Its just a sketch, and it ends with another weirdo sample over some upbeat drums. And while there's nothing revelatory production-wise if you've heard Lootpack'sSoundpieces: Da Antidote, there's a little workshopper's insight in these protoypes for TheUnseen-caliber bluntedness. Madlib (as Quasimoto) was also named as Hip Hop Connection's Newcomer of the Year, in its annual readers poll for 2000. I also hope to make this a home for music discovery, interesting film analysis, exhibition reviews and other interesting content for all of you guys to dive in to. Links. Within the comfort of his own home studio, this same shy dude becomes Quasimoto on wax.

Mandrills Khidja explodes into pure blissful jazz vibes, with energetic basslines, gorgeous keys and an infectious beat. Stuff like this just simply reinforces it. Quasimotos quirky rhymes gives this track a whole lot of character, and showcases Madlibs incredible versatility as both a producer and emcee. 2022 Cond Nast. There is a reason why Quasimoto's consistency of greatness is notorious in the rap game. One of the stronger lyrical efforts on the album, this also features two weird and bouncy beat freak-outs, high-BPM spaceship freakniks following the choruses, and ends with another Madlib staple, the blaxploitation movie sample, over a long beat rideout. Yessir Whateveris obviously intended for Quasimoto die-hards and as such probably wont serve well to convert new fans. The longest cut on the album is, fittingly, a testament to the benefits and mechanisms of weed smoking. Sean Yeaton (Parquet Courts) Talks Mikal Cronins, Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) Talks Mavis Staples. [2], Steve Huey of AllMusic called it "one of the most imaginative albums of the new West Coast underground, a puzzling, psychedelic jazz-rap gem riddled with warped humor and fractured musical genius. But, after all, thisisa California-born record. I got the last laugh though because I hid his favourite Paw Patrol behind my wardrobe and he cried all night and Gavin couldn't go to sleep!! I once saw a briefly-posted video on the Stones Throw labels website of a lecture Otis Jackson, Jr., aka hyper-prolific producer/rapper/musician Madlib, gave to a music-engineering school in California. It was released under Stones Throw Records on June 13, 2000.

Seasons Change was axed fromFurther Adventures when a Roy Ayers sample didn't clear in time, and what could've been the best cut on that album was relegated to the B-side of a Bullysh!t 7 released on the one-off label Lord Inamel's Wax in 2005. I also write for 'Music Is My Sanctuary.' Public transportation is a mood heightener, the extended sharing of confined spaces can verge on surreal. Quas isnt the most lyrical guy but he can hold his own and bring some nice cartoony energy. They're a bit more focused (and less attention-grabbing) than ensuing years' choppy, non-sequitur-filled Quasimoto joints, rolling off a sound that aims to synthesize East Coast boom-bap into something a bit more sun-baked. Madlib's first release under the guise of Quasimoto, titled The Unseen, was in 2000. Madlib produces for himself so obviously. Madlib took mushrooms for a month while creating the album. No 7", but they're out there Love this whole album. The Front Or maybe Ill finally release my own album, who knows. 5. it's cumulative magic. Back in April, Madlib let slip some info of a test pressing for the forthcoming Quasimoto albumYessir Whatever on his Instagram and Facebook with no further comment. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I only disliked tracks that were just too short to fully develop into a song. "[4], The Unseen ranked at number 17 on Spin's list of the best albums of 2000. The following is a track-by-track breakdown of the record. I run In Search Of Media with the aim of giving a platform to independent beatmakers, rappers and talented musicians. Brand new, sealed and assumed mint. [14] In 2015, it ranked at number 29 on Fact's "100 Best Indie Hip-Hop Records of All Time" list. A straightforward cut, considering this is Quasimoto. great record, in my opinion its on the same level as "The Unseen", however the last few tracks are remixes of some of the songs on The Unseen and frankly the originals are better, but the remixes are still great! [16], This article is about the 2000 Madlib album. The distinctive high-pitched voice of Lord Quas is attained by playing the original beat at a slow speed, recording the vocals over that slow speed, then speeding the vocals along with the original beat back up to its original tempo. The appeal of this device for me, and why I used a similar one onWinky Taterz, is two-fold: a) I hate the sound of my own voice and b) if I use it, I can say things Id feel awkward saying with my actual voice. [13] Rhapsody ranked it at number seven on its "Hip-Hop's Best Albums of the Decade" list. These cookies enable certain functionality. After eight years of silence, Quas is back sort of. this rly grew on me. It is a bit overlong and doesn't really have that memorable of a tracklist, but this is definitely a nice project. It's back in stock again via Stones Throw. I have this and dont want it. The album was met with critical acclaim and named by Spin Magazine as one of the top albums of the year. But the more off-the-path work he did in the early-mid 2000s has a strength that stretches far past pretty-good indie rap into the stuff that cults are made of, and it's that prime material from assorted limited-edition 7 releases and EPs that'll be the draw here. 11. There's also one of the best-spit lines you'll ever hear from Madlib's voice, pitched-up or otherwise; the way he rattles off wouldn't be no more angel to meanyway is a surprising salvo of acrobatic flow from a helium voice that usually sounds casually flippant. Probably could've been more concise but it's still quite good throughout. But the drums are heavy enough and smartly assembled to the point that Madlib's foundation was clearly already pretty strong. He spent most of the time looking at the floor, rarely making eye contact with the audience, and appearing nervous (and possibly zooted), speaking pensively about his production process and music. And even if the spare, downbeat early draft of Green Power here doesn't measure up to the intricate, layered bop-bounce of theUnseen version, it still doesn't sound like much that was going on back in the late '90s-- and it was actually enough to start building one of the most voracious cult fanbases in hip-hop, so here we are. Considering the albums tracks are culled haphazardly from nearly a decades worth of work, the album is built well enough he obviously has a lot of deep cuts to work with and does remind fans of one of raps more bizarre, unique, and interesting side-projects and tide them over until the next, true adventures of Quasimoto. This is music to listen to on a long bus ride. "[12] Meanwhile, Michaelangelo Matos of City Pages said, "The Unseen bursts with so much found material it's tempting to think Madlib changed his name to escape litigation, pilfering everything from Augustus Pablo to Melvin Van Peebles to enough jazz artists to fill a West Village loft". This isn't the new Quas album people might've hoped for, but as someone who values the obscure and underheard in other peoples' work, it's good to know Madlib has the same context, respect, and enthusiasm for his own vaults, too. I hope to start a podcast and documentary-style project soon. This isn't Madlib at his most esoteric: the beat's sourced from Johnny Guitar Watson's endlessly sampled Superman Lover", and even if the sex rhymes are fiendishly true to his alter-ego's altered id, they're also more slick than outrageous. Not to knock it, of course; Madlib's nearly as raw in classicist mode as he is when he lets his psychedelic/jazzbo inclinations take over. Free-associative rap attack from Madlib with little Quasimoto to be heard. Listen to MandrillsKhidja below, off their fifth studio albumMandrilland released in 1974 onPolydor Records. Catchin the Vibe I apologize for the corny title. A music and arts website dedicated to the art of searching. And going back a few years to 2002'sAstronaut EP unearths a title track that, true to Quasimoto tradition, riffs off some Melvin Van PeeblesAin't Supposed to Die a Natural Death gems and careens disorientingly between three different voices-- Madlib, Quas and the sampled Van Peebles-- to jarringly conversational effect. Various - Untitled AKA Stones Throw White Label # 1. Nathan Rabin of The A.V. Broad Factor Madlib mentions the influence of massive shroom consumption as his primary reason for making the records, which makes sense once youve heard them. Thanks . The 12 songs on the album were written and recorded over a span of about a dozen years, going back at least as far as being concurrent with the earliest Lootpack releases (at least if the 1997 lyrical datestamp on Brothers Can't See Me is any indication). https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0BYvd6ElToBw6sdtpJxULM?si=Usx3IOTSQsa0LBiLAmny-w, Madlib Samples #12 Mandrill Mandrilland (1974, PolydorRecords). Green Power Madlib only partially pitched up his voice this time around, so the verse sounds kind of creepy. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Bloggers and fans went nuts: as prolific as Madlib's traditionally been, the last true Quasimoto albumThe Further Adventures of Lord Quaswas released eight years ago, and something about that pranksterish mushroom-fueled split-personality vibe was still in high demand. Mandrilland (1974)is another musically diverse album within their rich discography, incorporating elements of Latin, African and Caribbean grooves, as well as an emphasis on psychedelic rock vibes and soulful melodies. Give one of the most creative minds in music isolation, records, a studio, mushrooms and the byproduct is one of the most creative, psychedelic, surreal, immersive, abstract and strangest albums ever, Oh yeah this is some *record scratch* good good stuff. Quasimoto semi-raps, Who wants to be full of regrets when old father time taps? Its words of wisdom and life advice alternating between drugged-out sex-raps, a balancing act that is the driving force and vitality of Quasimoto albums. [15] In that year, it was also listed by HipHopDX as one of the "30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums Since 2000". Mandrill are a Brooklyn-based soul and funk band which formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1968. 4. He plans on living on a communal farm when the world economy collapses, although he is a former member of rap groupDas Racistand lives in Brooklyn. 2. [2] The cover was designed by Jeff Jank. He ponders lifes larger questions, from racial profiling and crack to stressed girlfriends who arent going to be happy when they find out hes got kids. Wish I didnt peel the sticker it ripped my cover :-(. Start the wiki. Brothers Cant See Me That is the ideal place to listen to Quasimoto albums you can stare at a wide cross-section of people and place them into the narrative of the song youre listening to. this feels like boom bap shitposts (in a good way, like its super laid back and doesn't take itself seriously at all) also I love how he gives his regular pitched voice his regular name (madlib) and his high pitched voice quasimoto I think that's kinda funny. Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last.fm account, Do you know any background info about this track? You can tell why this wasnt on earlier albums its mostly forgettable. (LogOut/ Please Log in or create an account to post to the shoutbox, SampleFaq.net - The Hip Hop sample directory. 1. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. There have been two Quasimoto albums over the last decade: 2001sThe Unseenand 2005sThe Further Adventures of Lord Quas. And even the earliest material here has that certain imprint that made the Quasimoto records so offbeat: mood-whiplash sequencing, tape-deck-quality fidelity with Jeep-quality beats, and rhymes that sound like a down-for-whatever stoner verbally sparring with the cartoon devil on his shoulder. Right. For similarly titled albums, see, "Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton: We went to a Q&A with Stones Throw Founder Peanut Butter Wolf", "Quasimoto:: The Unseen:: Stones Throw Records", "The 100 best indie hip-hop records of all time", "The 30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums Since 2000", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Unseen_(album)&oldid=1091994306, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, "Discipline 99, Pt. Listen to QuasimotosGreen Power below, released on his 2000 classic album The Unseen, released on Stones Throw Records. Club said, "The Unseen represents a dramatic leap forward for Madlib as a producer, as he integrates left-field, found-sound samples with dexterity and wit that brings to mind Prince Paul's consistently surprising production work. Features the incredible line You keep it phony like Kevin Mahoney. I have no idea who that is, but its great anyway. Anyway there is not much to say about this album that you don't already probably expect. I really believe theyre smoking for the both of us. I always preferred the higher-energy Quas cuts like Fatbacks and Privacy (both fromThe Further Adventures). My mam's toyboy Gavin let his 4 and a 1/2 year old son "Tristan" (from another relationship) peel the sticker off mine when I was out bowling and it came off ok, and the cover is ok, unfortunately he stuck it on the actual record then and now almost all of side A is completely unplayable. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. the beats are great. This latest albumYessir Whatever, is a collection of tracks recorded over the last ten-plus years, tossed together. The Front and Youngblood were the respective A and B-sides of a 2005 Stones Throw Fan Club 45, and they fill the bill by emphasizing Madlib's own voice muttering restrained stress raps coolly through smooth jazz gone warped from repeated exposure to foundation-rattling low end. Badges | Ashok Kondabolu, akaDapwell, was born in Booth Memorial Hospital (now Flushing Hospital) in 1985. The sleepy guitar loop on Planned Attack and the squeaky synthesizer whistle on Brothers Can't See Me are, along with his nothing-fancy scratching, the only things really brought in to accompany the breaks. The back-and-forth between Madlib and Quasimoto shows their vs at full-strength. If you're looking to be a part of this creative project, please go to the contact page and drop me an email, or connect via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Samplefaq.net uses cookies to improve your experience on our website. The song trails off into almost a full minute of shout-outs. You can find purchase information for these records over at discogs.com, Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Once it became clear thatYessir Whatever was actually going to be a compilation of rare and unreleased Quasimoto material and early experiments, anticipation simmered down a bit, but hey, old Quas is better than no Quas, right? Off Mandrilland,their fifth studio album, the Beat Konducta sampled the smooth, slow-paced acid-jazz and soul track Khidja for Quasimotos2000 classic album The Unseen,more specifically the track Green Power. On it, Madlib uses the subtle bass notes at 0:52 seconds, speeds the tempo up, changes the tone of the sample, adds his hard-hitting drums and incorporates spoken-word samples throughout. He also talks about somebody dying after smoking three packs of cigarettes a day, rhyming breakdancer with cancer. I feel cigarettes dont get rapped about enough (shout-out to Billy Danzinis I smoke too many cigarettes fromFace Off), so this warning story was appreciated. There are songs that don't have the same impact as others, but they're still integral to the album's flow and I can see myself liking this more on repeated listens. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM. 12. Youngblood That said,Yessir Whatever isn't an odds-and-ends consolation prize-- it's an interesting cross-section of Madlib's personal archives, and its scattershot nature is more a stylistic matter than a quality-control issue. All rights reserved. The sample issue has been resolved as well. Am I Confused The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. A typical, bouncy and jumbled album cut ending with a bizarre, obscure sample. Together they have experimented with different genres and styles, but their signature soulful and funky style is easily distinguishable and has become iconic over the years. Ad Choices, After rumors spread earlier this year about a new Quasimoto release, it became clear that the forthcoming, Catch up every Saturday with 10 of our best-reviewed albums of the week.

That familiar pitched-up voice starts the record on 2004's thousand-copy single Broad Factor, which opens with a declaration that I know you're tired of dumb shit and then goes on for a couple of verses about how good he is at getting his bone on. where is the listing for the first pressing of this vinyl release? Madlib isnt afraid of space, and the gaps he leaves between verses (usually filled with scratches, samples, or just letting the beat ride out) give the rapping that much more impact. By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. . Sparkdala One of the strongest cuts on the album, with Brand Nubian and Jeru the Damaja samples scratched into an introspective downer of a beat. I know this is an absolute long shot but I might as well ask if anyone has just the sleeve to this mine ripped when I took the sticker off, cheers in advance.

The slower stuff always kind of bored me and served as a showcase for the more weeded-out positive vibes aspect of the Quasimoto universe. The group consists of three brothers Carlos Wilson (trombone, vocals), Lou Wilson (1941-2013) (trumpet, vocals), and Ric Wilson (sax, vocals). Bought this new at Spoonful Records in Columbus, OH. 3. Madlib's production is fantastic and this is one of his better projects. Shoot me a message. Initial copies were released with a white sticker affixed to the front cover of the jacket (as shown above in the image); however, a black sticker was substituted in its place on subsequent copies due to problems with the peel-off sticker. Quas says hes going to work on a new album of fresh material when hes once again able to get back on that level, which probably means once he has time to eat shrooms all day and hang around. Quasimoto Wikipedia Entry | Quasimoto Last.fm Page, Artist Directory | The song title is a scratched-in Diamond D vocal, but this song doesnt really gel with the rest ofYessir Whatever. Planned Attack 7. Pitchfork may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Madwolf (Quasimoto & Teen Wolf Cartoon) - Broad Factor (Original), Quasimoto - Green Power (Yessir Whatever). The dialogue here encompasses a wide spectrum of human thought and experience, as if Madlib created the Quasimoto character just for that purpose. The Unseen is the debut studio album by Quasimoto, a hip-hop duo composed of Madlib and his animated alter ego Lord Quas.

Madlib as Quasimoto channels that with Green Power effortlessly. Change). A flip of Gangstarrs JFK 2 LAX with the same Supremes sample. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. This song is mostly about smoking marijuana Always got the orange hairs when its time to bless/ I guess thats why always Im on a higher plane, no kidding and is a head-nodder, to use that corny term. Built from a Roy Ayers sample Madlib couldnt clear for his last album. Astronaut [3] The song "Low Class Conspiracy" was on the soundtrack for the video game Tony Hawk's Underground. LAX to JFK Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The debut from Madlib's side project is a laidback, cinematic and fun journey. Shroom rap, filled with advice and a super Madlib staple: Melvin Van Peebles samples. (LogOut/ 9. Straight steeze. It was re-released in 2005 as a deluxe edition with a bonus CD containing the instrumental version of the album. It's brought back here in full, a smooth-fusion lost classic that trades on a good vibes/bad vibes dichotomy and includes one of the better self-descriptions of the Madlib aesthetic going (Top choice, low rate, no gate, high voice/ It's like we dipped the beat in water now we up on moist). Go directly to shout page. Very solid! A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Im not sure what hes talking about, something about green being the color of money and weed, and that means a lot? A spare song built off a gloomy organ sample and some drums. scrambling and jittery but with. This song is boring. 10. Quasimoto is Madlibs pitched-up, helium-voiced alter ego, and Quasimoto albums are the reason I decided to record my own, unreleasedWinky Taterzalbum five years ago.

Seasons Change I dont smoke weed, really, but this got me thinking about why I like these albums so much: Madlib/Quasimoto likes to smoke weed so much and talk about it so often that I feel I dont have to. 0" (featuring Mr. Herb), This page was last edited on 7 June 2022, at 15:56. (LogOut/ 8. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it, if you havent already. even the less distinct tracks evoke a profound haze. The beat is pensive and creepy in the best way. Hope to see more Lord Quas soon. Sort of the equivalent of the mild-mannered Clark Kent going into a phone booth and coming out a really strange and high Muppet. Legal |
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