If you have used this product, simply log in and share your text, video and photo review of it! . The striped fabric gave the deck a fresh look and brought a smile to my sisters face, so maybe its worth it..I guess. We plan on at least 2 more Advaning awnings in the near future. I watched the installation video and some others I found online. Which Type of Bed Frame Should You Choose?

. . . Advaning's Easy Pitch system allows for the most uncomplicated pitch adjustment available in the market today. 2 Use the hand crank and open the awning to desired extension. My husband and son put it up in just a matter of an hour or so without a hitch. Were hoping to enjoy protection from warm sunny weather. Level 9 8 washer Lag screw Wall Bracket Bracket Fig 13 Fig 14 NOTE: For proper installation of brackets on uneven surfaces or siding, use shims or spacers to level the bracket. . . After looking through the internet for the names and prices of many sellers of awnings we came across onethat was better and less expensive than the rest. The installation was a bit difficult; however, the wall brackets to mount it were included except one was missing so we had to wait for a new bracket to be shipped from China. Hopefully, everything is durable enough to withstand the moving back and forth although I dont think it will be as the frame paint has already begun to peel and the fabric is discolored in several locations. The striped canopy adds to the look of our patio and seems durable. The awning has a metal case that protects the fabric, and everything was assembled ready to go. Excellent customer service and very prompt on delivery I'll be recommending this website mo's definitely.

Also, make sure you dont allow the crank to bang you in the face. . I suggested curtains, she told me she found something better, and it was being shipped. Thank you so much. Failure to do so could result in personal injury. . Retracting the awning partially before adjusting the pitch makes it a wee bit easier. .

The install was pretty much like other customers wrote in their internet testimonials. I purchased a 12x10 C Series for my patio after checking out reviews. [Weight Capacity Intertek Tested] Advaning's PA Series Awnings can Safely Carry Up to 320 Lbs of Weight. 4 Product features . Installation was a bit more difficult, and the unit too heavy to lift by myself, so have extra help. If you must retract the awning while wet, open the awning as soon as the weather permits to allow the fabric to fully dry and remove any dirt deposits to preserve the fabric. The installation was a bit of a challenge as we struggled to get it lined up in the brackets. The right most bracket must be placed on the right side / outside of the right awning shoulder. . We didnt want to get a permit to build a permanent cover over it, so we bought a 16x10 Advaning retractable awning. I picked up an S Series retractable model with solid fabric canopy. The frame is extremely gaunt and the fabric is completely transparent and ectomorphic. . To operate it you turn the manual crank and unroll the fabric cover. . The low cost made it a good deal. 2 Remove the safety restrains from the arms one at a time. We cannot be held responsible for any courier-related delivery delays. 5 2 Bracket locations base on your awning model Fig 17 3 4 Drill mounting holes using a masonry drill bit. The Recasens / Recaril process produces a heat releasing yet water repellent, fade resistant fabric. . The awning provides shade over 2 love seat sofas. I like the cover that protects the fabric from the elements, rodents, squirrels and birds nests. [EPDM Seal and Stainless Steel Hardware] Top Industry Grade EPDM Rubber Strip that Prohibits Moisture Penetration. . Now we need some sun instead of overcast skies here in southern Wisconsin. I also watched some videos, so I knew what to expect. 6 2 3 4 Wall mount to ceiling bolts Washer 7 Wall bracket Lag screw Ceiling bracket Fig 31 INSTALLING AWNING ONTO BRACKETS 1 8 Washer Fig 32 Nut 1 Nut Remove the bolts on the front of the wall brackets. . All of products are made to stand the test of time. We bought a retractable awning from this manufacturer for our outdoor dining space. .

My brother and I spent a Saturday installing it.

This model has not stood up to daily use so we will looked on this review site and others and found the best quality to be from RetractableAwnings.com. I found none of these comments to be accurate except installation wasnt too difficult with extra hands to help; I wouldnt want to do it alone. purchased to provide shade in my small backyard near the ocean. INSTALLATION DETERMINE WHERE TO INSTALL YOUR AWNING Roof, eave or overhang B Minimum 1 inch C Minimum 10 inch clear space Locate a position that is A A At least 10 feet above the ground/floor/ deck. 2 1 Fig 34 INSTALL POWER CORD FOR ELECTRIC MODELS 1 Plug into a GFI rated outdoor socket. Cheap, cheap stuff from Asia Dont recommend.

Id read the reviews, and it seemed like a decent choice, and the price tag was right. The proprietor asked if wed install an awning to cover it. INSTALLATION 6 Place brackets over the appropriate holes. You need to return it to the pre-set angle before closing, and its easier to do if you half close the awning. Its modern design enhances the exterior aesthetics of homes and businesses. . . . The ratings were just ok though the sale price even better. . I also watched some videos, so I knew what to expect., Id purchased a small lakeside cabin a couple of years ago. Ive dealt with Mary numerous times over the last couple of years - shes always been super friendly and helpful, giving several great product recommendations that have led to me putting together an awesome car audio system. He was in regular contact. NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE GIVEN, ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR BREACH OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR WARRANTY CREATED BY LAW IS DISCLAIMED. Installation wasnt as easy as expected. The aluminum arms extend as it rolls out and supports the front bar. I mounted it just under the soffit so it would have some protection from the weather. . INSTALLATION Insert an expansion bolt set into each of the drilled bracket holes. Have a helper when you go to put the main beam into the brackets, its easier. Larry. . The reviews said it is lightweight, easy to install, and durable but it certainly is none of these plus the polyester fabric has worn very thin. The striped fabric jazzes up the cabin, and on hot days the shade is appreciated although since it is transparent, we dont get much shade. It doesnt have the protective housing, so my husband mounted it below the soffit to protect the fabric. . . . ALL brackets must be placed and mounted onto wall studs or other major support structure. Would recommend this company. . All the hardware is very substantial and hardware was supplied for many different applications depending on the location or material of the structure. packed with exclusive offers and deals. Found the S Series awning from Advaning on sale at a discount store. The arms support the front bar at a good angle, and it all retracts into a steel housing to protect the fabric. I like that the fabric retracts into a protective housing and that the arms are aluminum. Advaning though Amazon came out to be the winner. For me, it was easy to install as I am very handy. We get a lot of afternoon sun and it really cooks if were relaxing outside.

The difference was amazing. We would then be able to roll out the canopy to keep the sun off the deck and windows and enjoy the outdoor space. .

The testimonials spoke about its installation, lighter weight, durability, and quality of the fabric. . This item ships free to VIC, Gosford, Wollongong, Albury, Newcastle, Wagga, Tamworth, Port Mac and most metro areas excluding NT & WA. It was more expensive than some, but not as expensive as others. Its the 12x10 model, so its fairly portable. We bought this retractable awning to cover our outdoor dining space at home, and at our cottage. I picked up a 12x10 Advaning C Series at my local box store. The mounting brackets were straight forward, but make sure you measure accurately, so you have some wiggle room when sliding in the main bar. Seriously! It is the sole responsibility of the customer to download, fill up and mail the rebate within the allotted time period. . The fabric is top quality and we expect many years of service. It was great to see good aftersales customer service especially when buying things online which can sometimes be hit and miss. Arms inlaid with twin 316 marine and architectural grade stainless steel cables that are corrosion resistant and of superior strength over traditional powder-coated steel cables. I hope the aluminum wont corrode, and Im not sure how the fabric will handle the winter; I may store it in the cabin to make it last longer since I didnt buy the optional hood cover. Our plan was to install it under the eaves, below the roof, where it would be protected from the weather. Perform the installation in dry and optimal conditions. Minimum 10 feet D Minimum 8 feet Ground, floor or deck Fig 7 The surface should be free and clear of any obstructions along the entirety of the awning. . . The reviews said the canvas material was heavy and durable, and that it has metal parts. We waited for a sale to bring the price down, and then made our purchase. Installation instructions and video available. Lots of light streams into the cabin, and it feels and smells so much better. The arms and entire frame look lightweight and cheap and the whole thing is made in China and some people say theyre fine; Ill wait and see.

The manual crank is too short but extends and retracts the awning with a lot of effort, and the awning provides decent shade to my outdoor space. Just opened Bistro with a small patio that is on the side of the building. It covers the deck and the patio furniture; hopefully, Ill get lots of use out of it, even though it is difficult to both extend and retract. The packaging was intact so it may not have been a return and it had the instruction manual. The solid boring beige canopy is acceptable, Id have preferred the stripes, but beggars cant be picky. TOOL REQUIREMENTS 3 1 Minimum 2 people to install 4 2 5 SUGGESTED TOOLS 10 6 1 Marker / pencil 2 Measuring tape 3 Electronic Stud finder 4 Chalk line / laser level 5 Level 6 3/8 socket wrench 7 Drill bit 8 Masonry drill bit 9 Drill with bits 10 Ladders (2) 9 7 8 Fig.4 PRODUCT FEATURES 12 2 3 1 5 13 4 11 14 11 10 6 7 8 Fig. awning advaning howcost The fabric canopy moves out and in with each turn of the crank, so you can open it only part way if you want. .

6 Tighten bolt head 8 Expansion bolt set 7 Socket wrench Leave hex bolt head outside Wall Fig 21 Fig 22 CAUTION: Do not over tighten. This warranty only applies to the original owner or purchaser of the product and is only effective on a basis for sixty (60) months or five (5) years from the date of purchase. Before removing the safety restrains, make sure no persons or objects are in front of the awning. . Contact us for trade prices. . . We loved that everything was preassembled. . The awning doesnt have a cover to protect it, so I mounted it up under the roof to protect it from the weather. The owner of the building asked if we would install an awning to cover that space. . It had a covered porch across the front which blocked the light from getting into the cabin, so I had the roof removed. The cabin is 16 wide, so when we open the canopy up, the fabric covers the entire area and keeps the sun off the whole wall, door and windows making it cooler inside. . . RetractableAwningsReviews.com (8), Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed, Best Retractable Awnings for Your Deck or Patio. Buyer beware. It allows for total unobstructed access. One thing we liked was that it came completely assembled. . A brick wall isnt very forgiving. Included - Stainless steel 316 marine and architectural grade screws for wood or masonry structural applications.

All my husband had to do was put up the mounting brackets. You may want to do some strength exercises so itll be easier to retract the awning too.

. . The acoustic products are well-performing and aesthetically pleasing and delivered in a timely manner. The comments about the solid looking powder coated, Share on Copyright 2021. Just had it professionally installed yesterday and it is working great. The bonus is that I can raise and lower the front pitch to give maximum headroom, or drop it down far enough to make it easy to clean with a garden hose.So far, so good!!! I know manual models can be difficult to close, so I chose the motorized one even though it costs a little more.

We tried the pitch adjustment, but Im not sure well use it much.

. B Minimum 1 inch clearance below the roof/ eave/overhang. Advaning says the rusting of the frame and the rotting of the fabric are not covered by the warranty. . It was expensive, but exceeded our expectations from the moment we opened the package - which was very, very substantial. . . All sourced from one of the most trusted name in outdoor fabrics; Recasens / Recaril - with 100% solution dyed acrylic materials. . . . 9 Unscrew and remove only the hex bolt. I watched the installation video and some other videos online and then mounted the brackets. The fabric unrolled fairly quickly, and the aluminum arms opened up and made a lot of noise. There was a small end cap that was cracked during transit. In fact, water runs through the fabric. 2000-2022 Home Depot. The product reviews I read were correct this product is mediocre at best! . WARRANTY LIMITED WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE 17 Limited Warranty Covers Advaning warrants all Advaning original products, sold and installed within the 50 states of the United States, to be free of defects of materials and workmanship. . CONTACT INFORMATION Sales & Technical Questions: techsupport@advaning.com Warranty Claim: service@advaning.com Toll Free (US): 855574-0158 Fax: 877-310-3832 West Coast: 12282 Knott Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841 East Coast: 151 Airport Drive, Westminster, MD 21157 www.advaning.com OM_C Series_V01_R01.2015.06. The fabric isnt waterproof, which is a disadvantage. As a housewarming gift, I got them an Advaning awning. So I went with the 12-foot. C With at least 10 vertical inch of clear space. . . Many other brands that we researched required extensive assembly.

Its a good idea to have help to mount the retractable awning especially when lifting the awning into the brackets. I checked reviews for different products and selected the one from Advanings S Series. . 2 Package contents and parts . 6 7 Leave the hex bolt head outside of the hole. . D Minimum width. . The canvas fabric rolls out and the aluminum arms support the front bar at the pitch we chose. . My wife wanted something to keep the sun off the back deck and reduce the heat entering into the living room. A Left awning shoulder B Right awning shoulder NOTE: The left most bracket must be placed on the left side/outside of the left awning shoulder. . My octogenarian parent purchased the Advaning L Series as a replacement for a manual model as she couldnt operate the manual anymore. . . When I got it home, I went online to check the reviews, which were not so good. UV protective and fade/mildew resistant European 100% solution dyed Acrylic fabric, Fabric tautening double heavy-duty springs in arms. . . Sign up for exclusive promo codes, giveaways, and new product alerts. . . It took us a day to plow through the instructions and mount the brackets, and the steel housing. I wanted something to spruce up the look of the rental and hopefully, attract a more upscale renter. . Now that the awning has been installed for about a year and a half, the higher cost was not worth it as the paint on the frame has already begun to peel and the fabric has begun to mildew. . Id read some mediocre testimonials and figured it would help keep the house cooler and allow them to use their patio furniture more comfortably. My parents moved into a smaller home, and their new patio faces west. Get +100 Rewards points when It has a pitch feature, but you have to realign it before you retract it, so I havent used it yet. The testimonials said it was easy to install and is shipped assembled. . I didnt want an electric one as the house has no outlet on the deck side. I say this cause the fabric and valance trim have already begun to fade after only 3 months of use! View our rewards program page for details. We liked the color choices and that it retracted into a metal cassette, and was advertised as easy to install which it was not! All I had to do was install the brackets. The aluminum arms open and support the front bar at the angle you set. I wanted a manually operated product so I wouldnt have to worry about installing an outlet, plus they had a fabric color that would complement my house. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Clear panels attach to frames with EPDM grade rubber seals, Solid panel is shatter resistant, easy to clean and UV protective, Diverts rain and snow from your windows and doors. PLEASE NOTE: Our couriers have been impacted by significant and unprecedented delays. The crank rolls the awning out with difficult. . After the season Ill let you know if it was worth the extra cost, but so far I dont think so due to the paint peeling and poor caliber fabric. Thank you. 3 Locate and mark the center of the wall studs along this line using a stud finder. They just helped me install the awning with the help of my son.The awning "reaches" all the way into the courtyard, covering both sofa's easily. The testimonials I read prior to my purchase were piteous but I purchased because of low price.I wont do that again. you sign up for our newsletter

The awning opens with difficulty with the manual crank, and the aluminum arms support the front bar at the pre-set angle. . . . We liked that it was boxed for shipping and fully assembled ready to hang. . Wed read reviews on different models before making our selection. The above time frames are estimates only.

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