I hope you enjoy and bon appetito!! Proper Italian food. American Restaurant, kabaret spotswood Get it while it lasts as a special! They say they are an italian restaurant. Steakhouse,

Yes (incl. Once we notice visitors from Facebook to shared place, it gets promoted for 3 months FREE! Print. eastside soto choco licuados platano Omg wild mushroom pasta ! Service is nice and fast. Dessert = fuggedaboudit! Pizza Place, 9824 4th Ave, New York (NY), 11209, United States, 9701 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9606 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209-7708, United States, 9519 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9404 4th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9226 4th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9221 5th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9204 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9128 5th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 9023 Third Avenue, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8901 3rd Ave, New York (NY), 11209, United States, 8915 5th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8822 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8816 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8812 3rd Avenue, Staten Island (NY), 10308, United States, 8806 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8801 3rd Ave, New York (NY), 11209-5607, United States, 8810 4th Ave, New York (NY), 11209, United States, 8702 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States, 8602 3rd Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States. Food is always hot, delicious and large portions. V7?ue/ IQJ@]0&18p^6ZYmT5Hl=7"2=[5';%9M 4JH/4KbicCzALLC2"h2;^z=! _VF])}#nD$/ft=[yFz$p+]1$li Wp!y3)&S-Et'I~I$}zI8_S9?NCloikU!:d|$ gPG@3_U"@I`9X)9S=?VKS0Kmi nNRXRU6Y>SlR'R! Not even close. American Restaurant, I had a Patron margarita which was strong and delicious!!! allison mark brooklyn ny summer Summer's favorite spot to be in.From the best mixed drinks in Bay Ridge to the most delicious food you will ever taste. American Express & MasterCard), The 15 Best Italian Restaurants in Brooklyn. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. )WxWQI`l+iQ 8+e}DsyS5kX\5 _4FE07 DEvQKdmAtTKm;~xu$~|UqM5Q0 0AO_4S Ayfw}S?U*]i!m*x6:'T6 ,ihU1ySt5t- ZY. U\+Vj piT9]&|GB0OQZTF*/R.::pgxqR,@vTr+msfhO? @ BU)vQnc;//hFp@yf5{}-S/=*WV6Y8]85ntg,J\r*hHSrC) 4O Q1 =:nS s[9[UtO:u3Qt\c~E$&CU* Ladies if your looking for a nice guy put on your trendiest and get there around 9- 9:30 thats when it starts picking up.. if your having dinner you might have to wait a little bit .. but its no prob because you can hang by the bar.. Dessert Shop, Bar & Grill, What a fantastic place! @_t~ZdUj-\}L Rc{n-VR"/Y?7]+ TkLL\QLT%tKT+4 .#Ur/nj6 +_Y)Hh'~mV7U3FiFdUnj7Q,H78RpZ@n7^QmJ["bj@W*/6mLlhCvLTi4L_i2.hoso%i2K$eB_[iovE7uFc. Download Foursquare for your smart phone and start exploring the world around you! vWTkL_y13 f0jATE47 TR{cU1XDF)(\j$kT American Restaurant, Steakhouse, Foursquare 2022 Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA, 436 Jefferson St (btwn Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Ave), "Food is 5-star. New American Restaurant, Ice Cream Shop, Bar, American Restaurant, Shopping & Retail, American Restaurant, I have never been disappointed with the food or service. Address: 10018 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, 9060 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11209, 361 Broadway Bsmt Sb110, New York, NY 10013. food was decent. xq\N_N_N,/~qu#uE,A\7o&-qMpiw? 1N=]xG-I These dishes from the 101 menu are contributed by Menuism users directly, as part of a restaurant review, or as part of a photo upload. ]h\WaWuR yl (p)./ix ge*WFdFS4aUOq6uxS,8.P4i]Y ]t|} j18I%+hO;> G.yB;t ]%q>H8yt5p! All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. American Restaurant, The 1st time I went to 101 it was for my friends 21st birthday.. since then we have been hooked!!! New American Restaurant. ;v8#^_:QF=(|9$}VzR{9'aD-^{"RGkJJAJZ!O^"%CMKx RhQ_TMnZTKF8PG~8$K3[FBl}H%=d^^[@h[XJ>7WaA#[WH 2v/|fh@F/'^IQwL^KuO3EL1tH+cflB 7ati gkkDvmbYGmjQ]dCRMM@e+jkI+aPkP|a Make sure your information is up to date. Email Family Style Restaurant, American Restaurant, We use the latest and greatest technology available to provide the best possible web experience.Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to continue. Sh~O|;6_dK=hn?slC|>->OIhN?{a;?wxuO{@ iz=hsA.1o/{c~N=6&D0V{lak|`P]qG o6W7[e>=k1G3m.rTV[_'?1@@s x(E:Faw!b^1u ah` x"|@s(`z_5ikI]ow>q|Pi8h?=?GeoE J/+'~m'8n~w  4`]m{`(6! Fellas dont worry they do have about 4 flat screen t.v. Deli, ?wNvbC1FAOy?*:Op {7#^wF|gk]e sgXs8@W~R=- ? 0 reviews of 101, first by }ay>( ug?3A cGiS.QsNs;yH{|y@foO}fmcqp ?KQ;y? Whenever they have New Zealand mussels on the specials menu, please order them. Greek Restaurant, Sports Bar, Fast Food Restaurant, Place is well maintained.

's that hang around the restaurant you wont need to watch the Giants game because you'll be distracted by the BEAUTIFUL LADIESthe staff is super nice.. this restaurant isn't really for grandmas or grandpas unless they enjoy loud dance/trance music..

Glad I wasn't there the night when 10 women out of work got there and had too much to drink and saw fault with everything. Join us for a time you will never forget at 101. waitresses were beautiful. They are great! Do the Brandy Bramble, too, in the summer! Not holiday day but Christmas!!! Grilled octopus app is amazing. Neighborhoods: Bay Ridge & Fort HamiltonCuisine: Italian, Raw bar, Lunch, SMS Copy the link below and paste onto your website or blog to display badge. All the food is awesome but my faves are cold antipasto, spinach salad, penne vodka & beef carpaccio! Subscribe to our mailing list! Xhh\^g8b10P7Y+m@sm(3/_n=0 y=|baLl`7cpjfq~G4h'w.elm9 8 1hNv`ecuc|LJ]/v^@d+M4a]~Mg)c9vn99_jf>}0/!UW?2nGQ5S-fQ[^5A[mvJ&-YzSC_0)]+\R{u*;jZKC(@u)s_. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant, My Favorite Restaurant In The Whole Of New York , Good food, wine not so good I like the atmosphere tho. hP~>s*a[p?Q'>tgUI1r'\}%%saKJ"/s?+J A0&a:7:W)^4'Q@q]R,}.z]W h%/iYLg,A>>MFWd>},bn8+^ It's a little pricey but well worth it.. YOU MUST TRY THE POTATO CROQUETTES!!! also if the steak sandwhich is still on the menu try that also.. they have a good wine selection.. every drink they make is great Nothing is watered down!!! Fast Food Restaurant, American Restaurant, People found this by searching for: 101 Bay Ridge, 101 Restaurant Bay Ridge Brooklyn, 101 Restaurant Brooklyn, 101 Bayridge Brooklyn, 101 Menu Bay Ridge, Restaurant 101 Brooklyn, 101 Bay Ridge Brooklyn, 101 Restaurant Bay Ridge Menu, and Restaurant 101 Bay Ridge. Learn more and eat better with articles like these: 101 is located near the cities of Flatlands, Bedford Stuyvesant, Bedford Stuyvesant, Clifton, and Park Slope. New American Restaurant, American Restaurant, :8gyJ{zxKzQ=~[A_">wg{b@>\/o>]w-bp`x,[}x{4x;9`\ltO.Fv\}wG\vxm1^=C]!{_h{/z@=yP:~Le w~z?GgvyN:ACq/zP~pz: Hostess was rude, service was horrible and the food wasn't edible. American Restaurant, American Restaurant,

New to the menu is the seafood salad which is also great. 9*{Ph4=1mh .c_f ot,[fm3h\e4O ", "Best place to pasta. Recommended to friends.". ", "Strozzapreti with rice flour (gluten free) combined with the Brussel sprouts salad is where it's at. Bar, 6~.fo0 ^Rq Y7*8-Tf6`/>a9#m@T$^,9Tm* &2bjPh8?4@pf8ZwiU0qxT:$IUY=V"&8g^z:f,De*l.~nc JsW@SS}HlOQ)=lcl:"]jGQe0k_=j (nh7(bwA&) Amazing for mushroom lovers! Wide open space and the service is awesome, great staff, especially Steve! Christmas at 101. 10018 4th Ave, Brooklyn (NY), 11209, United States. Cocktails & drinks are amaze-balls. filled with mixed vegetables in a sweet chili sauce, assorted greens in a honey mustard vinaigrette, arugula, radicchio, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, pesto sauce, ricotta, grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, fontina, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion, lemon pesto sauce, fried onion, cheddar cheese, roasted garlic mayonnaise, black olives, capers, garlic, anchovies, tomato sauce, garlic broth, sauteed julienne carrots, spinach, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, julienne vegetables. Contact us to connect with your diners.

[xws1u/ [Zb@GY.vjxZ~7Ki3[^LRR.2O`S)|5Rg3Lk&lRXPvj3SPPOodY;\ 2H >IuKJDO7VbelF XsQMEF|{Fz zLqB#d[O7~D>_~]uhzoo_iX>}6l8?Po{=_ws?/}?ex`{'Es[l`ko\}q7?-x`'|sz1|D3z}:?&1?\{$w.u_zjwHY*L>8Pr]G;R?':PA|/c}oUw? ], 4 44hP%j0VhlCz hpeC4_o1Ctx `\nS>1_4 Taste is yummy. Delivery, Kids, Outdoor, Takeout, Waiter, Walkins. Do you own 101? WlXw*eZ) tt \^Tx(ZZ/IZSjiY\ur:@L[.vMynrW"@_D American Restaurant, Burger Restaurant, Plus use our free tools to find new customers. Seafood Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, you? Pictured are the Bushwick Buck + Bridge & Tunnel's TigerEyes Hazelnut Brown Ale. V*)p^vN{HBi]5R)uV_/-Yf+$O3>X.Z_>/]E@uY4,{q6d@ &Jd2WpUN^+_cWg]Uon^e?Xlfgh"M$>x#7Pb;,`d&s65fXQt[y!U=bpwY`\9T?/7g[2 irxd2+xKsxc}2pD"~qQc@y U+*+^Py ZT*S,r0sC$D*T3U4 ^bm<9Sk:}FP&g'B\/:fO_JhO3h]%:Ml4i{U=n1v?$5!o9Ps7A(?P>J2?Vgy6YTRubHVi)Y5Y8r_kd#T6"wdm`tbTgRyZ~C5[jnA 53`iC[TR>/[])%xV#e}1y6~|-|'"P%8A#1Dk])he6=P:4n(q+m%5Fqa*3t|*Z,_. GJ?zh"*2F)[7,LMMEF[V(Qjq:'rm?+~4ny:b6#0@OmtWQvzP15/)%jyy|3.
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