He eventually allowed their friendship to grow, even though he discouraged boyfriends. They showed Commesso being beaten in sexual positions, Schock said. He was arrested but escaped a year later. In April 1989, the morning after Floyd and Sharon were expected to return from a Carolinas vacation, a neighbor looked out a window and saw a man rushing from their mobile home and driving off in a pickup. He also called his landlord, who says Floyd somehow knew he was a suspect in the arson. Within weeks of the disappearance, the Marshalls moved first to New Orleans, where they were married, and later to Tulsa. They are looking for anybody who may have seen Commesso with a man and woman who called themselves Warren and Sharon Marshall in 1989. By chance, St. Petersburg police were trying to identify the remains of a woman found buried near Interstate 275. He was found guilty of a capital crime and sentenced to death in 2002 and has remained on death row ever since. Teachers remember Sharon as a popular teenager who excelled in school. near Pinellas Park. It was there she met Cheryl Ann Commesso. He renamed her Sharon Marshall to raise as his own daughter, according to Oxygen. They are still looking for the video of the day Cheryl went to the beach with Floyd. She worked at Passions, a strip joint with brown shag carpet and dingy Budweiser lamps above the pool table. 'Better Call Saul's Lalo Salamanca Was One of TV's Greatest Villains, 'Better Call Saul' Needs a Gene-Centric Episode. He dropped two off at an orphanage, and kidnapped Suzanne, eventually giving her the alias Sharon Marshall, and raising her as his daughter. Netflixs new documentary, The Girl in the Picture, tells a horrifying tale with Tampa Bay ties. After Michael went into foster care for several years, Franklin kidnapped the boy from his Oklahoma elementary school in September 1994. For Floyd, innocence was lost long ago on a gym floor. Following the death of Suzanne Sevakis in 1990, Franklin Floyd attempted to win custody of her son, Michael Hughes, but the request was denied as a DNA test proved Franklin and Michael were not biologically related. The case may well turn on circumstantial evidence, such as other allegations against Floyd. After journalist Matt Birkbecks book on the case, A Beautiful Child, re-ignited public interest in the case, the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children got involved and re-opened the investigation in 2011. At the time, he was being sought for the crime of abducting the child from school, leaving the school principal handcuffed to a tree and fleeing in the principal's pickup a crime featured on the TV show "America's Most Wanted. She had been a dancer. Sevakis was found dead in an apparent-hit and-run in Oklahoma City; Commessos remains were found near Interstate 275 in Pinellas County. What time does true crime doc Girl in the Picture come to Netflix? 1995: Skeletal remains were found along Interestate 275 in March. Suzannes mother, Sandra Willet, is interviewed in the Girl in the Picture documentary and recounts how she met Franklin Delano Floyd at a tough time in her life, when she had three children and a case of PTSD that was threatening to take her children away from her. I set it up, I mean everything I did. Franklin Delano Floyd is perhaps the one person who could solve all these mysteries. There is no date set for his execution, and FBI agent Lobb said he believes it is likely that Floyd will die of natural causes in prison before he is put to death by the state. In 1974, Franklin married a woman named Sandi Chipman. But she became pregnant _ and she and her father soon disappeared. Again, she worked as a dancer in adult clubs. But in the two years since the discovery, the investigation has gone from complex to bizarre. Floyd told Lobb he had buried Michaels body near the last interstate exit leaving Oklahoma. Authorities spent two days sifting through dirt in the search area, but, after 20 years, were unable to find any remaining evidence of the body. They also realized the significance of the photos of the beaten woman. 626, This story has been shared 422 times. She made enough money working nude bars between Orlando and Tampa to pay for breast implants. She later married Floyd, but was killed mysteriously by a hit-and-run driver in Oklahoma. Child Protection Services put Michael in foster care, after it was suspected foul play was involved in Tonyas death. 7, 1997 in the St. Petersburg Times. Several thousands miles away in Florida, a landscaper was taking a break from clearing brush near Interstate 275 when he saw a skull near the fence, close to the Gandy Boulevard exit. But you know kids get into things. He admits spending months planning how to take Michael but says his motive was love. She spent a lot of time at work, even began dating a bouncer. Find her on Twitter at @d_yetter. She died after several days, and her friends back in Tulsa wanted to give her a funeral. In the woods behind the Beans house, they stopped. How did Floyd end up with the child's mother, the woman he calledTonya Hughes,whom he at firstpassedoff as his daughter and later, his wife? Jay has 500 connections on LinkedIn and yet couldnt even make one in the villa, I know what youre thinking and no, Wills bowl cut doesnt have telekinetic powers, Indiyahs personal identity has been jeopardised, Some of these really shouldnt have gone unnoticed, Its no secret how well some of them have been doing on Twitter, He classes himself as being at the very top of the food chain, Theres no reason that Im not Banksy, he said, Its overtaken Stranger Things, but people are saying its so bad it needs to be taken down completely. In the investigation into the kidnapping, the FBI uncovered evidence that Floyd had murdered a woman named Cheryl Ann Comesso in 1989. 1994: Floyd tried to get legal custody of the boy but failed. What Time Will 'Zombies 3' Be on Disney+? He would take us out to eat. Once Floyd was released from prison, he used the money from Sharons life insurance to seek custody of Michael, claiming he was the father. He turned and looked at me and said, I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.. Michael Anthony Hughes was killed when he was six years old, on the same day that Franklin Delano Floyd kidnapped him from his kindergarten class. Some showed Michaels mother in sexual poses, staring blankly, from a young age to adolescence. Right, everyone is talking about him but who actually *is* Andrew Tate? A woman who lived there returned home to find Floyd in the bushes. Investigators presumed she was the victim of a hit-and-run. According to Special Agent Scott Lobb, who spoke in an FBI article, Floyd was supposedly pushed over the edge by the fact Michael behaved like a typical six-year-old. Commesso disappeared in April 1989. She had met a new boyfriend in the club, but she was afraid. He became Clarence Marcus Hughes. Letsgetstarted. The murderer is the subject of Netflixs latest true crime. Detectives said Sharon Marshall was the last person seen with Commesso in March 1989. . 'The Old Man' Episode 6 Recap: The Old Men. Though Floyd was passing himself off as Marshalls father, he claimed to be the babys, too. . Who was Tonya Hughes, really? 712, This story has been shared 627 times. Schock said when the principals pickup was recovered in Dallas, photographs were found beneath it. Fame, however, came from a tragic destiny: Six years after she disappeared, her skeleton was found along a St. Petersburg highway. 'Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode Release Schedule, 'Only Murders in the Building' Drops Our Summer Anthem, 'Angel in Flip-Flops', 2022 Emmy-Nominated Shows to Stream Right Now, How 'Only Murders in the Building's End Credits Can Help Crack The Case. And where is Franklin Delano Floyd now? He wanted his money back for the deposit, the landlord says. The new Netflix show topping the top 10 list, A Russell Group uni isnt reading out its grads names at graduation ceremonies this week. He wanted to watch The Fugitive on TV, Evans said. Vikings: Valhalla season 2 is not coming in July 2022. WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL HUGHES FROM GIRL IN THE PICTURE? He is currently incarcerated at the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida. He was not biologically the son of Franklin Delano Floyd, but that didnt stop the convicted criminal from kidnapping Michael from his kindergarten classroom in 1994. She ran for junior class office and had glamour shots made for her poster. Yes, Franklin Floyd is still alive and is currently 79 years old as of July 2022. He handcuffed the principal to a tree and drove off with the boy in the principals pickup truck. 2022 www.courier-journal.com. He went back to federal prison. But a week before he was scheduled to appear in court for attacking the woman, Floyd had more important matters on his mind. What led up to her1990 death in an unsolvedhit-and-run accident? A forensic sculptor from Oklahoma used the skull to create a likeness of the victim. I f----- with the principal, Floyd says. Yes, hes alive. Floyd was initially tried for the kidnapping of Michael Hughes. He kidnapped her after the girl's mother, whom he had married, was jailed in Texas.

All picks and predictions are suggestions only. Floyd left the school with the boy and the principal. Girl in the Picture is available on Netflix now. A fathers love. 758, This story has been shared 712 times. The jurors on Nov. 12 indicted Franklin Delano Floyd, 54, in the death of the 18-year-old Brandon woman, said Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe. He was so calculating, Davis says. In 1994, Floyd went to Michaels school and kidnapped him and the principal at gunpoint. One of those friends, it turns out, was a federal fugitive named Franklin Delano Floyd, a man who has been suspected of murder, kidnapping, stalking and numerous other charges. He was using the name Trenton B. Davis. On Netflix, About The 50-Year Search For The Famous Skyjacker, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Murder Case' On BritBox, A Docuseries Following A Scottish Police Investigative Team On Major Cases, Did Jeopardy! Contestant Alfred Guy Look Familiar? 1990: In April, the woman known as Tonya Dawn, still working as a dancer, was walking along a busy Oklahoma highway when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. That night, he says, Sharon walked across a highway to a diner.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. They joined Baptist churches and once posed for a family portrait. Jennifer Tanner met Sharon at a camp for student council members in the Atlanta area. A nearly complete skeleton eventually was found. The pair had a baby boy together Michael Anthony Hughes who was just a toddler when his mum was found dead. She was a hustler, but she just liked the attention..

Floyd told agents he shot Michael Hughes while driving the child from Oklahoma City to Dallas. Detectives later learned her real identity was Suzanne Marie Sevakis and no, Franklin was not her biological father. That was the last anyone saw of Michael Hughes, with Franklin Floyd admitting to the FBI in 2015 he killed the six-year-old boy. Several documentary subjects noted that they believed he had murdered her. He used the name Clarence Marcus Hughes. Floyd told agentshe grew irritated with the boyas they were driving out of Oklahoma and shot Michael in the head on the same day he kidnapped him. Michael waited in the truck, listening to the radio, while Floyd ordered the principal to get out. Investigators presume Michael is dead, though Floyd insists the boy is being raised by friends. She was always paranoid of leaving him, says Karen Parsley, her closest friend in Tulsa. Stream It Or Skip It: The Sea Beast on Netflix, an Animated Delight Thatll Show You How to Train Your Kraken, 'National Treasure' Disney+ Series Reveals Official Title, FX Renews 'The Bear' For A Second Season on Hulu, 'The Bear' Episode 7 Delivers 'Uncut Gems' Levels of Anxiety. She knew how to get her way, Floyd says. The next spring, in March 1995, Floyd had been returned to Oklahoma to stand trial. The resemblance was striking, but Floyd says the two young women were very different. Police identify the remains as Commesso in summer 1996. He also, in the same interview, acknowledged he had abducted as a young girlthewoman he later claimed was his wife, Tonya Hughes. The mechanic repairing the truck later found a package taped to the gas tank. On stage, she liked to strip to the disco version of Locomotion: Theres never been a dance thats so easy to do. He says Michael had complained of being touched improperly and choked by his foster father. Her son, Michael, was placed in foster care. Commesso had moved to Brandon with her family when she was 8. By Tim Roche, published Jun. He finally was arrested at the used car lot for kidnapping young Michael and his principal. He hurt himself on a job and got a settlement, which he used to buy several boats. Floyd began working as a maintenance man at an apartment complex. This is what the Love Islanders do, according to their LinkedIns, This Stranger Things 5 theory says Will turns against Eleven for some Mike Wheeler lovin, A psychologist reckons Dami and Indiyah are heading towards an *explosive* break up, This is how to do the do you want a bite? trend thats all over TikTok right now, Footballers, Strictly stars and boyband members: Inside the love lives of Girls Aloud, Yikes! . The film chronicles the brief life Suzanne Marie Sevakis, who was kidnapped and sexually abused by her fugitive stepfather (and later husband), Franklin Delano Floyd. He was charged with carjacking and using a firearm during the carjacking, kidnapping and a second firearm offense for using one during the kidnapping. Per Newsweek, Floyd told the FBI that Michaels remains were buried near the last interstate exit leaving Oklahoma but, despite an extensive search, his body has never been found. He kidnapped the six-year-old and went on the run for two months. This story has been shared 10,490 times. Her Corvette was found abandoned, and her family reported her missing. 3,895, This story has been shared 1,164 times.

Police investigators await results to determine whether forensic evidence can link Floyd to the old Polaroids. We tried to prepare him that he could one day have to go live with Franklin Floyd, Mrs. Bean says. Floyd said he married her to have a right to Michael, her son. It took more than a year for authorities to identify the remains. What Time Will 'Better Call Saul' Season 6, Episode 9 Premiere? Reach Deborah Yetter at dyetter@courier-journal.com. Franklin Floyd was arrested two months after the kidnapping and while detectives were investigating the matter, they found evidence linking Floyd to another case, the disappearance of Cheryl Ann Commesso, who had been missing since 1989. He drove the principals pickup to woods, then cuffed the principal to a tree, not far from where Michael lived with his new foster parents. He also told the police the real name of Tonya Hughes/Sharon Marshall: Suzanne Sevakis. "I did not kidnap my son," he said, according to a Courier Journal report on his court appearance. She lived with Franklin Delano Floyd in Tampa Bay, working as an exotic dancer when she was a teenager. Cheryl Commesso was a colleague of Suzanne Sevakis and, after her disappearance, both Suzanne and Franklin were named as persons of interest after a co-worker reported seeing Franklin punch Cheryl during one of several arguments. Floyd claimed he buried the child's body near an interstate exit in Oklahoma, but the remains were never found.. It even makes you happy when youre feelin blue. Why did Floyd finally confess? Is 'Nope' Streaming on HBO Max or Netflix? The fire years ago destroyed the mobile home in Pinellas Park, leaving no way to tell if Cheryl was killed there. Cheryl was a hell of a manipulator, but she was nice about it, Floyd said.

Floyd wrapped duct tape around the principals mouth and neck, and ordered him to sit down. Commessos remains were returned late last year to her family in New York. he took the principal to the woods and duct-taped and handcuffed him to a tree before stealing his truck and leaving with Michael. Floyd felt the pressure, and he just ran out of patience, Lobb said. Eventually an FBI agent who had been tracking Floyds path suggested checking missing persons reports at the time Floyd was in the Tampa Bay area. Sevakis, who went by Sharon Marshall and later Tonya Hughes, lived in the Tampa Bay area with Floyd for a time. Investigators in St. Petersburg searched back yet another year and found Commesso had been reported missing. She promised to call in the morning.

The child, Michael Hughes, was put in foster care. Detectives Robert Schock and Mark Deasaro flew to Oklahoma to interview Floyd in jail.

Clarence Hughes was the husband of Tonya Hughes. According to Girl in the Picture, Michael didnt even like his short visits with his dad.. He says he did her a favor: He rescued one of the girls and raised her. Though Sharon had won a scholarship to Georgia Tech, she became pregnant and ran off to Alabama to be with a boyfriend. Girl in the Picture on Netflix is capturing audiences attention with a gruesome case that went unsolved by the FBI for over 20 years. Four years after the boys mother died, Floyd showed up at the childs elementary school in Choctaw, Okla., and kidnapped the 6-year-old boy and the school principal at gunpoint. Eventually, Floyd took on the alias Clarence Hughes, legally married Suzanne, and gave her the alias Tonya Hughes.

She was Tonya Dawn Tadlock. Is 'Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank' Streaming On Disney+, HBO Max or Netflix? At the time of her death, Suzanne Sevakis was known as Sharon Marshall, wife of Warren Marshall. And Tonyas real name was thought, at the time, to be Sharon Marshall. Michael, then 2, went to foster care. Floyd is the prime suspect in his wifes death, but has never been charged. 1984: Nine years later, he went by the name Warren Marshall when enrolling her as his daughter, Sharon, at Forest Park High School in Clayton County, Ga. Identifying her would seem impossible. He ran away but returned to Georgia in 1962, when he was accused of abducting a girl from a bowling alley. In September 1994, Floyd kidnapped Michael and his school principal. Hed take us out on his boat.. A videotape shows her in a white swimsuit, walking almost hesitantly down the stage and staring blankly into the audience. The family did not believe it. The principal didnt see him, but Floyd left a handcuff key within 6 inches of him. Whatevers in his possession is going to prove that he did it, okay?, because I know.. She was wearing a bikini and had a tan. In the next breath, he points out he let the principal live. 422, This story has been shared 410 times. Im not obligated to clear up any mysteries, see? At Brandon High School, she sang in the chorus and danced.

She wanted to pose for Playboy and other magazines, her mother, Lois Commesso, has said. Almost 20 years after being sentenced to death, Floyd is still on death row and no execution date has been set. The truck had been wiped clean of fingerprints before it was abandoned in Dallas, but the package was hidden near the gas tank. 627, This story has been shared 626 times. Schock said Floyd became upset and repeated the story hes always held to: He knows whos involved but wont tell. He turned and looked at me and said, I shot him [Michael] twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.'. Why would I want to convince you Im a good guy, a nice person or anything, Floyd said last summer. She was a smart child, said her aunt, Joyce Haughom of Tampa. Floydremains on death row for themurder ofCheryl Comesso, a Florida woman who disappeared in 1989 at age 18.Floyd was convicted after her remains were found in 1995 and further evidence linked him to the death. Years later in April 1990, and now going by the name Tonya Hughes after marrying Franklin who was also going by an alias, Clarence Marcus Hughes Suzanne and her then-boyfriend fled to Alabama to escape Floyd after she became pregnant, per the Tampa Bay Times. How to watch. But Floyd was able to track her down, with Suzannes boyfriend finding a note from her saying she had been taken away by her father. She had been shot, and Floyd was known to use guns. Davis leg was shaking so badly he could barely keep his foot on the accelerator. Pinellas teachers ask for major raise. Cheryl, with her wildly teased hair, deep tan and jewel-studded acrylic nails, was the aggressive one. Jan. 6 probe: Trump did everything to overturn election, 5 takeaways from the televised Fried, Crist Democratic governor primary debate, Property insurers in Florida could face downgrades; Patronis warns of financial chaos, New diversity, equity and inclusion office included in 2023 St. Petersburg budget, Editorial Cartoons for Friday from Times Wire Services. SHARON MARSHALL likely was kidnapped as a young girl. The boy was never found, and it wasn't until 2014, after Floyd had been sent to death row in a separate case, that he filled in missing details about the child and his mother in a series of interviews with FBI agents, according to an FBI reporton cold cases. Floyd was later convicted of kidnapping in federal court in Oklahoma, where he was returned after his arrest in Louisville. By 1988, they were living in a mobile home park in Tampa when Sharon gave birth to another child, a son she named Michael. Instead, he talked incessantly about a daughter, who he said was a prostitute. Floyd walked down the hallway with Davis to get Michael from his first-grade class. It followsthe trail of violence and subterfuge left by Floyd, a trail that ended in Louisville in 1994 after he was arrested by the FBI. He served 10 years in prison, was released on parole and disappeared in 1973, the same year investigators say they think he abducted another 4-year-old girl. This site no longer supports your current browser. The boyfriend woke up one morning to find a note from Sharon, saying her father had taken her away. Two slain women in the documentary had lived in the Tampa Bay area and worked together as dancers at the Mons Venus strip club. Release Date, Netflix Streaming Info, Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Black Phone' on VOD, a Heavy-Nostalgia Period Horror-Thriller Starring Ethan Hawke as a Serial Kidnapper, Jeopardy Contestants Recoil at Ken Jennings' Off-Color Circumcision Joke. Police also consider him a possible suspect in the death of Cheryl Ann Commesso. But Floyd was hesitant. Build your customFanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis onNetflix and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. It was easy to miss, the package taped under the principals pickup truck. Then in 1996, the FBI had determined Floyd had been in the Tampa Bay area. He never mentioned a son. Using names they picked from tombstones, Floyd and Sharon got married in New Orleans. He says he was compelled to save Michael from a childhood similar to his own in the Georgia orphanage. 228. The children were raised in an orphanage in Hapeville when the father died and the mother ran off. Floyd has maintained Michael is living in another country. She gave birth to a boy named Michael on April 21, 1988. He was arrested. Authorities believed him to be dead, but Floyd insisted he was alive. Since then, Franklin Floyd has been held at Union Correctional Institution in Florida, which was formerly known as Florida State Prison. He had the FBI office in Tampa contact local police agencies. This was not a spur-of-the-moment thing at all.. Nobody recognized her. When a bounced check sent Sandra to jail for a month, Floyd took off with her kids. So, who is Clarence Hughes? Blood tests showed he wasnt, but Floyds argument used a unique Oklahoma law that said he had rights because hes the only father the boy had known. A forensic sculptor later attached erasers and clay to the skull to recreate the likeness at left of the slain woman. Floyd was going by the name Warren Marshall. 357, This story has been shared 275 times. In an interview with The Tampa Tribune in June, Floyd said, I know what she was doing and who she was with, but Im not going to snitch on anyone.. He is a death row inmate and an execution date has not been set. 'The Old Man' Season 1 Ending Explained: Does Jeff Bridgess Character Make It Out Alive?

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), 2022 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi' On Netflix, A Docuseries About A Serial Killer Taunting Delhi Law Enforcement With Dismembered Bodies, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Victoria's Secret: Angels And Demons' On Hulu, A Docuseries About The Rise Of The Lingerie Company And Its Relationship To Jeffrey Epstein, Stream It Or Skip It: 'D.B. He showed photos of her. Franklin Floyds criminal history revealed him to be a convicted paedophile, who had abused Tonya/Sharon for years. They were instant friends. 1,164, This story has been shared 758 times.

Okay, this is where things get complicated. The two became friends. He and the girl moved frequently from one state to the next, taking on new names. From there, this true story snowballs in a truly upsetting way: Tonya Hughes was revealed to be Sharon Marshall, and the man who claimed to be Tonyas husbandFranklin Delano Floyd, then going by the alias Clarence Hughesin fact, raised Tonya/Sharon as his daughter. Floyd was placed in a psychiatric hospital, but escaped. The documentary tells the story of Suzanne Sevakis and details her experiences with Franklin Delano Floyd, who kidnapped her in 1975 and later married her before she died in a suspected hit-and-run incident at the age of 20 in 1990. During her senior year, relatives say, she dropped out and began to run away. 10,490, This story has been shared 4,660 times. The FBI traced him to Texas and to Kansas, where the principals pickup broke down. At 19, Floyd kidnapped a 4-year-old girl from a Hapeville bowling alley. A few months later, she gave birth to a girl, who was placed for adoption. He was found to have severely beaten her, before shooting her twice in 1989. When Tonya died, she left behind an infant son named Michael Hughes. Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience. Lobb vividly remembers the moment Floyd confessed. 1973: After his release from prison, Franklin Floyd kidnapped a young girl, police believe. That same month, while staying at a motel in Oklahoma with Floyd, Suzanne was found unconscious by the side of the road following a suspected hit-and-run incident, dying in hospital five days later.

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