In New Game Plus, Michael is one of the six personas needed to create Satanael, the ultimate Persona of the protagonist.

(Dex-type). Occasionally, an emergency occurs in the house (for example, fires). Severe Light attack to all foes. It is important to have a team with a good engineer - a doctor who will restore the health of the team.

Now you need to select the weakest opponent from all participants and fight with him.

If the team has 2 unique artifacts with the same properties, one of them will not work. Michael can't be summoned through normal means at first. Also, for viewing ads, you can reduce the manufacturing time of items.

Considering the Guide's wide range of moves, you can't really plan to have a persona that resists/blocks/absorbs any one element in order to counter him. Therefore, you are being attacked by guests from other planets. All artifacts in battle that are worn by the Fighters work in tandem. By clicking on it, you put the child in the "Adult" state.

A good decoration, only up to level 40+ it is not needed (few people have artifacts up to this level).

If the ring is legendary, then an additional 2 parameters should be on crit and evasion. All funds for the construction are taken from storage facilities. He goes on to say that only God has the right to wield such power, and so, judges the protagonist's actions as an arrogant way to proclaim that he is "better than God."

Warehouses should be constantly improved.

For robberies, a rating is awarded.

1 clone should be placed in a cloning capsule. Of the minuses: the game takes a long time to load, sometimes it seems that more loading is taking place than the battle itself.

In American Dad Apocalypse Soon, like other similar games, the shelter is built underground.

Promotions start after successfully completing a mission or assignment.

Medium damage to all foes. But this rule only works on the 20+ Arena.

Michael is obtained by ranking up Archangel. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

The first inhabitants of the player appear gradually, first a couple will come to the door of the house, then you will get several during the passage of the story company. The medic will also restore the health of the tank within 12 seconds. Arcana(s) Roger Bar is the main location of your fighters in the house. In the name of the light within you, I shall become your mask.". For example, the Mint produces $ 2,600 per hour, and a capacity of $ 60,000. But this is not enough. If you have the last shooter left, and they kill him, then the fighter resurrects himself. In both of these cases, the engineer is support.

And also the humor, which is written in the American style, well, it is not suitable for the Russian-speaking population of our planet.

If you put the item on the hero, and the power increased - then this is a good item. Damage is required for the construction and improvement of the premises. On the left is your power, on the right is the power of the enemy. (1 ally).

All items received in the game are transferred to the Warehouse (the button is located on the main screen in the left part of the window). In this way, Michael is reinterpreted as a symbol of humility before God.

In other words, this thing should be worn from the 25th level of Roger to 35, after the 35th level of the hero the thing will stop working (it will only add power).


This should be considered when you merge the rating. Revenge. The main advantage of this class is its high damage and attack range.


For each destroyed plate, the player also receives a chest from which he can get items and resources.

(8% chance), Deals heavy Ice damage / Freezes all foes.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All rewards are sent to game mail. Transforms into

Michael's status in the army of Heaven is seen as a Viceroy or an Archistrage as well, but he's mostly seen as the commander of Heaven's army. Before leaving the game, construction, improvement of the premises should be set, and resources should not be collected from the rooms. Periodically, icons with desires appear over the heads of residents.

Once the requirements are met, an upgrade or construction button will become available. Gradually, children with 5 stars will appear. The choice of weapons.

Of course, you can give it to the cook, but there will be little sense from this.

For more tips and tricks to get you through the game, check out the rest of our Persona 5guideshere on GameSkinny.

But as soon as you go out, your house is displayed on the maps of opponents. Type - this parameter indicates the type of Fighter, for example, there is a weapon for the warrior, shooter and engineer. The happier the hero, the more productive he works, the greater the increase in production. He has a lot of health, but don't let that intimidate you.

The tournament consists of 5 stages, the maximum tournament time is 15 minutes.Several tournaments can be held per day. A statue of Michael can be seen in the Diet Building at Nagatacho, radiating an orange aura. The foci of contact are called "Islands of the invasion.".

Eliminates all enemies when the user is unconscious.

Reduced construction and room improvement times.

This also helps your tank resist the enemy longer. If the protagonist sides with Nebiros and Belial, Michael will be disappointed in their actions and fight them, but is ultimately defeated. According to it, you can navigate and calculate in advance the end of the tournament so as not to lose balls. In the book of Daniel, Michael appears as "one of the chief princes" who in Daniel's vision comes to the angel Gabriel's aid in their contest with the angel of Persia, and is also described there as the advocate of Israel and "great prince who stands up for the children of your people."

When a resident has reached a new level, a corresponding icon appears above him.

Only weapons and ammunition are produced. (48% chance) [Holy-element], Renders an enemy Unconscious.

The chest at least contains 1 Mimosa ticket, and items of various quality. This also unlocks him for fusion, requiring a special fusion of Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

But if the engineer had a scepter that inflicts double damage over the area every few seconds, this hero will not be considered a support class, but will become a full-fledged attacking class.

Stars affect the maximum level of clone development: At the start of the game, the maximum amount of potential for the clones will be 3 stars.

In principle, the game has a lot to spend.But the most important thing you cant buy is brains who will think, draw up a strategy, and look for opportunities.

Energy charge affects the power skills of energy weapons, and it also affects energy damage per second.

During the tournament, you cannot change the team fighters or equipment.

In the future, the developers plan to add new activities to the game, Clan War, and many other interesting points. For such characters, an additional parameter should also have an energy charge.

This is the main character who deals the most damage, so the following attributes are important to him: The rest of the characters indicators go to 2 plan. (Party).

One of the four archangels in the service of YHVH, usually seen with Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Combat power is an indicator that gives a general description of a fighter.

Recovers an Unconscious character, restoring full HP.

Another ideal bonus is "when you take damage, there is a certain chance to reduce incoming damage by a certain percentage."

Michael no longer holds the unique distinction of learning the skill Heaven's Blade, as Metatron is able to learn the skill as well.

Bypasses all fire resistances but repel.

Premium is a series of privileges that can be used for several days.

He uses skills from previous bosses in the area and just like Uriel before him he also summons "Zealous Messengers" into battle to heal or buff him.

The arrangement of rooms should occur horizontally. Then your hero go to the outside world.

But unlike the Lair, bottles in Mimosa are saved forever (if not wasted).

The higher the quality of the item, the more materials will be needed to make it. If your tank does not live on the battlefield for a long time, then all team members who cannot boast survivability will fall after it. For example, you changed the location of the rooms and saved the process.

How to combine rooms? If you do not complete 10 intrusions, you will not receive a large chest.

Only after the baby grows above his head does the corresponding icon appear. Should Gale be able to successfully interrogate the scientist, he will reveal the presence of the Seraphs, unlocking the option to challenge them.

Opponents come across different in strength, but the battle can not be missed.

The obtained balls can be exchanged at a local store for good goods.

At the start, buying them is not recommended, since this is an unprofitable investment of rare currency.

The higher the level of this class, the greater the chances of winning the battles.

And it can have a maximum level limit of 38 (after which it does not work).

Renders all enemies Unconscious.

Balls can be obtained by viewing ads in activity.

There is a rather interesting plot, which can be read about in the players parameters. Clothing for these classes cannot be produced. Following these steps it should be very easy to take down the Apocalyptic Guide, as long as you aren't vastly under-leveled. Bandwagon: grind for a bit, the final fight is harder and a wide range of different spells may be needed (spoiler, the boss has limbs to attack with different weaknesses/immunities).

If you try to combine 2 identical rooms that are on different levels, then they will not merge into one large room.

The Apocalyptic Guide will usually start his first turn by summoning two Zealous Messengers. Inflicts huge Nuclear damage to all enemies.

If the weapon for the shooter has an additional parameter, then it must be crit.

In order to fuse him, the protagonist needs the Judgement Contract Totem. Here the player can set the main protective line from the robbers.

After doing so, Melchizedek brings the ring to Michael's prison and frees him. The game is easy to understand, it has easy controls.

Workshops. If the player is offline, that is, he has left the game, then an emergency in the shelter will happen, they cant.

Medium chance of instantly killing all foes.

The room allows you to make uniforms for residents of the class "Fighter".

Deals slash damage to enemies in a straight line. But if there are 2 unique artifacts in the squad with different properties (for example, one heals, the other calls), then such jewelry will work.

Raise critical hit rate verses enemies with Bind.

High chance of Critical.

If a resident is sent to a building under construction or an improvement, the process will be accelerated.

To merge the rooms, the following conditions must be met: Editing mode. After his defeat, he will fade away alongside Nagahisa.

If Setsuna Kai or Mirai Kaname reject his goal of Armageddon, then Lucifer will arrive. This event is carried over in a New Game Plus.

Thus, you will get a full-fledged warrior who will have good health recovery, thereby he will cover fragile heroes for a long time. When returned in the Velvet Room at MAX Rank, Michael produces the Heaven's Gate rifle, equippable by Eriko, Kei Nanjo or Reiji Kido. Let there be more pumped residents of the Fighter class than you will incur losses.

For poop, you can speed up the construction, but this is not a profitable investment.

After successfully mutating Ameretat into Michael, he is added to the list of summonable Personas in the Velvet Room.

The engineer should be in the team, who will restore health. After its completion, the rating is calculated and prizes are awarded. The quality of items depends on the level of pumped refuge. interview
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