On top of that, applying life tap for 44 life steal.

Put Vampire Gaze but really you can use a towels helm or anything laying of hands for the 20 increased attack speed and then marrowwalk just for cbf. Eight player hardcore on single player adds difficulty if you ever feel like you want to add to the challenge. knowledge of so many areas in the game.

From here, weve gone full circle as were going back into the original Skeleton build. Defense is surprisingly helpful so that the mobs miss you while teleporting through them with the added defense bonus you get from Shiver Armor.


Stats: Enough strength for gear, 0 Dexterity (attack rating will be from Angelic's ring/amulet), all other points in Vitality, Enough Natural Resist to top off your resists 5-7 should be enough. and alternative builds, refer to the Gear page

I am happy many people have kept on using it as a reference since release, please continue to do so! Templars Might can be used to compensate for the lack of a native Might aura for even higher damage boost. recommended order for allocating skill points, refer to the

You get might for all your pets, and the IK allows the merc to deal with Cold/Physical immunes. Blessed Hammer Paladins does the most damage of any spec and yet can still be challenging characters to complete hardcore in single player. The guaranteed life steal is the key benefit, particularly if his weapon is Insight, which doesn't have any built in life steal. I have added it as a notable item :), I've heard this is good for Druid summoner. Based on the items you buy, usually deliver in 30 minutes to few hours. Act 2 Mercenaries are recommended for every hardcore build. Strong survival builds are needed for a more difficult version of Diablo 2.

At level 16 Holy Shield the next 4 levels do not offer any additional block), 1 Redemption (optional, a great skill to have and use), Remaining points go in Blessed Aim as a synergy to Blessed Hammer. - Darkforce Spawn: This is incredible because you can get a +2 to curses and apply an additional curse with 30 fcr. This will also take you out of range of Baal's Decrepify curse.

Thanks for this post.

Trap Assassin - 3 to Traps Claw, On switch 2x 3 to Shadow Mastery (optionally for online play Call to Arms on switch), Bonespear Necromancer - 3 to Bone Spear White Runeword, Blizzard Sorceress - Wizardspike or Oculus (for online play Heart of the Oak), Werebear Fireclaw Druid - 6 Shael Phase Blade and a physical weapon on switch or for online play Grief can be your main weapon with points in Werebear which will give you more physical damage against fire immunes and an added defensive buff, Blessed Hammer Paladin - 2 Paladin skills with 3 to Blessed Hammer scepter or Wizardspike (online play Heart of the Oak), All classes (except Paladin) - Whitstan's Guard (highest block shield in the game going well above the shown 75% it shows on the shield's description) or a high all resistance shield like Moser's Blessed Circle (which can be up'd for a higher block percentage), If your build requires very high strength you can also use Stormshield for damage reduction, Paladin - Herald of Zakarum or Exile Runeword, 2 Hand builds - use Angelics Amulet and Angelics Ring for a massive attack rating bonus OR Metalgrid with Ravenfrost (for attack rating), For all other builds - Mara's Kaleidoscope is a rare find.

As usual, if you miss some mercenary build, feel free to comment below and I will add it in the guide. This is because Werebear Druids have a very slow block rate, all the rest in Vitality, 0 in Energy, 10-15 Lycanthropy (this should be enough for you to feel safe with the Werebear duration and the life increase it gives you), 1 Heart of the wolverine (optional for dealing with fire immunes and will be increased with all your +skills), 1 Oak Sage (Oak Sage dies frequently dropping your health. And of course, Hell Cows are always an option. The Rals can be found from normal Countess runs and 3 Rals combined in the Horadric Cube makes an Ort.

Defiance will be the default native aura of choice. 5. This is to be used as an alternative to act 2 mercenary with a native such aura. Act bosses target the character or npc who is closest to them. Amp Damage Barbarian MercThis mercenary will carry weapons with a chance to cast Amplify Damage on Striking as an alternative to deal with Physical Immunes.

This character is capable of the fastest attack speed in the game. The weapon options include The Gavel of Pain, The Vile Husk or The Lacerator.

Vitality: As much as you think you need for reliable survivability, Frenzy: 1 (adds to IAS when +skill equipment is added).

could also slap on a Lacerator on a act 5 Amp Damage Barbarian Merc for a faster weapon with higer % chance (33% vs 15% and 6%) to cast the amplify damage, i gotta give this a try, used a lawbringer pb for a bit and in general i'm really enjoying the attack speed the a5 merc has with one handed weapons :). Synergy skills for Bone Spear also raise your Bone Armor's strength with every point spent. For a detailed per-slot breakdown of all Freeze Zealot items The answer will depend on the level of the native Might Aura on the ACT 5 merc - I havent seen this information yet.

Add in crushing blow and this character can kill high health mobs and bosses extremely quickly.

Its aura is of higher level than that of a Beast act 5 merc (see below). Thank you, now I understand what to use for my merc instead of just putting radom stuff on him.

2. the majority of monsters.

To achieve faster

A Templars Might can be used to compensate for the lack of a native Might aura for even higher damage. Insight MercA mercenary that will run the runeword Insight for a Meditation aura and mana regeneration. Once you reach Hell, the best option will be to re-spec into one of two options Clay Golem or Fire Golem.

Stats: Enough Strength for gear, enough Dexterity for 75% block with a shield like Whitstan's Guard, all other points in Vitality, 0 Energy, All remaining points in Blizzard's synergies, A few points is enough in Cold Mastery (Cold Mastery is only more effective against mobs with higher resistances and not every mob has high cold resistance in hell difficulty). Holy Freeze Zealot. Good point! Since Holy Freeze cannot be played immediately, we recommend using a Whirlwind Barbarians, Fury Druids, and Fireclaw Druids are highly recommended with high crushing blow when playing on the 8 player setting. The following section shows some of the most important items for the Best base is always Berserker Axe, which has the highest DPS for a 1-hander. - The other con is the ease of play is very poor. The whole Catalog is too large to fit here, but its available on Google Docs as well if you prefer that format. Mobile Legends | All About Mobile Legends, Project diablo 2 (pd2) insane sorc solo self found gear build best builds for starting season youtube the coolest reworked items in next big class tier list games finder 4 odealo, Project Diablo 2 (PD2) Insane Sorc Solo Self Found Gear Build, Project Diablo 2 BEST Builds for Starting Season 2 YouTube, The Coolest Reworked items in Project Diablo 2 The next big, Diablo 2 Best Class For Solo Best Builds Tier List Games Finder, The Best Project Diablo 2 Builds Season 4 Odealo, Project Diablo 2 Best Starter Builds Tier List 30 Builds, Project Diablo 2 Necromancer Build Guide GamerHabitat, Project Diablo 2 Best Solo Build Mobile Legends, Project Diablo 2 Season 2 Beta All Class/Builds Mid Late Game, RedStagg s Starter build tier list is now live : r/ProjectDiablo2, Project Diablo 2 (PD2) Insane Dragon Pally 245% Density Map, How to get the BEST drops in Project Diablo 2 YouTube, Project Diablo 2: Dragondin Guide (HolyPaladin) YouTube, What do you think about the Project Diablo 2 Item Reworks? - Que-Hegans Wisdom: You're definitely gonna want a +2 to all skills, put up on a +1, you could also use a skin of the viper magi for fcr resistant +1 to all skills, if you're probably going full expensive stuff, enigma is probably your best bet so you can teleport around but anything that gives plus two to all skills or faster cast rate and plus skills or resist, or whatever you need just kind of figure it out and go for it. In multiplayer for your mercenary use: Insight Runeword (high damage with a mana regeneration aura at a low rune cost) or Blackleech Blade (weaken curse) early on. This helped me out a lot. Prayer Cold MercA budget mercenary choice for crowd control, using his cold spells to stop monsters (though you should look into Ice act 1 rogue).

Do not do it on a 2-hander.

It is a good option for safety especially against bosses. Lightning Trap Assassin is a ranged attacker capable of shooting off screen with as many as 5 lightning traps. The ideal goal for content such as Chaos Sanctuary is having gear that gives at least +15 to skills. attacking, casting, blocking, and recovering from a hit can almost never be 8. Typically used by builds that deal physical or magical damage and would prefer to have a bonus Vigor or Meditation aura than those of other mercenaries, such as the Mind Blast Assassin or the Wind Druid. It has a few options

actually decent for playing through the game as Holy Freeze will slow Holy Freeze Zealot Paladin (Freezadin) Build, 3.

It's not great, but it will tide you over until you get something better.

Life leech, mana leech and crushing blow go a long way on this character.

This map has a 40% increase max life and the 35% increased velocity, so pretty brutal, but this has 243% density and really with dark pact you're looking for as much density as possible because the amount of time that it takes you to kill one monster is the same for everything on the map.

For act 2 mercenaries use the following in single player: Helm: Tal-Rasha's Helm, Vampire Gaze, Andariel's Visage, Any life leech, damage reduction, or all resistance helm, Weapon: Honor Runeword, Blackleech Blade (for the weaken curse), Hone Sundan, Reaper's Toll, or any elite polearm/spear. Here is the Mercenary Compilation, enjoy!

Blessed Hammer Paladins have great mobility with the speed from vigor and the burst of speed in charge. Life leech, high damage, curses, and crushing blow take priority. Youre able to clear these decently without any gear at all, so if stacking magic find is your thing, youre in luck. tables below list how much of a given stat is required to actually improve the

In this guide, we are going to be talking about the curse necromancer & dark pact necromancer build for PD2 season 5.

A 3 socketed flail purchased from Fara in Act 2, socketed with 3 Orts makes an excellent weapon early in the game. The most popular and effective way to deal with hell elemental immunes, it is also quite useful for melee characters due to the debuff in defense, having them not have to worry so much about attack rating. The top pick goes to a Lightning Trap Assassin.

1. Not to mention you will have a recastable physical shield from Bone Armor. Provide documents for payment verification.

The downside of this is it has a very high barrier to entry. I will try to make the Stone runeword, I hace Stealskull now, its pretty good just needs upping and want an Insight. Harmony RogueA mercenary that will run a native Meditation aura, but also a Vigor aura from the runeword Harmony. Pus Spitter Mercenary RogueA mercenary that will use the crossbow Pus Spitter to occasionally cast the curse Lower Resist. 2019 Diablo 2 Guides by MBaker Design. The damage that you can deal to one monster is the same damage you can deal to an entire screen of monsters. - Maras Kaleidoscope: For the skills and the resistance, it is great. will not necessarily translate into 10% faster attacks. Beast Barbarian MercIt will carry the runeword Beast for a Fanaticism aura, in addition to its powerful native Might aura. Shockingly, this is a very strong spec which allows you to do most Hell content without any issues.

Just pick three or four curses that you think work best for you and then utilize that. Reapers Tool MercA mercenary that will use the weapon Reapers Toll to cast Amplify Damage quite often and break physical immunes. Usually take 30 minutes to several hours. You must log in or register to reply here.

Based on the items you buy, usually deliver in 5-40 minutes. than most if not all melee builds and can be built either on a budget or with

You can read more details about the Stats and Attribute requirements for

Battle Orders synergizes with Concentrate giving you a huge life bonus adding to both your damage and health. This build will result in a higher level thorns aura, and be used by the occasional reflect bild that benefits more from Meditation or Vigor than auras given my polearms in act 2 mercs.

Cleansing Fire MercA mercenary that carries a native Cleansing aura, which can be useful to deal with poison or curses in certain maps or areas. You can max other curses. To my fellow summoners out there: a5 merc or a1 merc? Lets make that, Up'd Durial's Shell (Shael'd) or Smoke Armor (FHR and Resists). actions, certain breakpoints must be reached, which vary for every class. yourself for more damage. Unless I've missed some easter egg where you can get Zaphod to tank for you :tongue: P = Perfect (Perfect Topaz in this example). As an early game and early ladder Necromancer, youll want to put your focus on a summoner build. The native Might aura makes this build the new default choice for most melee characters. Project Diablo 2 Season 5 Dark Pact Necromancer Build Guide, Pros & Cons of Necromancer Build In Project Diablo 2. His Prayer aura is a plus for life regeneration, but can be the main desired feature in builds like the Salvation Paladin that really needs life regeneration. For the cold immunes that just have to go down, teleport on top of them, static to 50% health and then Telekinesis to stun while your mercenary finishes them off. Wouldn't Faith + Tyreals on an A1 Merc be better than a lower fanaticism on beast for a5 merc? I was wondering if its an actual viable thing to do or just something people did for fun? Best Shopping Experience with Professional Service - AOEAH, Please use the portrait screen to access the website, Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account, Aoeah.com Copyright 2017-2022, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The base can be purchased from Akara in Act 1.

In normal Diablo 2, end game would be considered Chaos Sanctuary.

Attributes For Dark Pact Necromancer Build, Skills For PD2Necromancer Build Season 5.

speedruns, creates guides, completes crazy challenges, and more! Stats:Enough Strength for gear, 0 Dexterity as you will have a physical damage shield in Bone Armor, all the rest in Vitality to primarily help with elemental attacks, 0 Energy, 20 Bone Wall (Bone Prison and Bone Wall also synergize with bone armor which is why these two synergies take priority, they will help a lot with survival), 1 Fire Golem (optional for early on, Clay Golem is a less expensive skill with a lower mana cost and comparable health on hell difficulty), 5-10 Corpse Explosion is enough for this build (very powerful spell with amplify curse), Remaining points in bone spirit or teeth (the final synergies you should max for Bone Spear).

It's used in builds looking for more attack speed, such as auradins. A native Meditation aura will also aid with mana regenerations. So just very good completely this shield.

Luckily for us, Project Diablo 2 has provided us with even more content mapping. Any of the native auras can be used, but Defiance will be the one to make it a defensive alternative to the act 5 barbarian Amp.

Current total character builds + sub-builds: 187.

It's especially useful when you're starting with nothing, like with an untwinked character or after a ladder reset. very high-end gear. The Skeleton build can actually take you far into the end-game. Definitely recommended to newer players who want to get Double Throw + Dex 150: 78% chance to hit Hell Baal, Dex 200 = 80% chance, 300 = 84% chance, 400 = 86% chance, 500 = 88% chance (AR: 25,761, dmg: 1,573-11k / 1504-10k).

If youre looking for a character thats fresh and easy to start the season with, farm those runes and key items, this Necromancer guide has you covered. 4. Skills page of this guide. Concentration has a huge defense buff from your main attack that stacks with Shout's defense buff.

instead of or in addition to our written guide. For a detailed breakdown of all core and optional skills as well as the

Antidote potions and thawing potions not only cure poison and chill, they also have the added effect of raising your poison/cold resist by 50 and your max poison or cold resist by 10 for a medium duration. We also have a video guide that goes over the build, if you prefer that Although Decrepify does not break physical immunes anymore, it's still a great option for safety, and the Sanctuary aura will make your mercenary very good at dealing with the immunes himself.

Wrath/ Amp Damage RogueA mercenary that casts Amplify Damage from a distance with the runeword Wrath, or with Witchwild String, and breaks Physical Immunes.

The merchants commonly have some very useful items when you know where to find them.

Defiance is default aura of choice for bulk.

MrLlamaSC's Holy Freeze Zealot Video Guide, Diablo 2: Resurrected Lobby Updates Coming Soon, Diablo Immortal Blizzard Store Update and Health Potion Collector's Box, World First Level 99 in Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, Arclight Rumble Will Not Have Loot Boxes or NFTs, Warcraft Arclight Rumble Minimum Specs, Possible 2022 Release, and No PC Port, Diablo 2: Resurrected New Ladder Builds and Tier List, Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch Bug Fixes: April 25th, Faster Hit Recovery required to reach frame, Faster Block Rate required to reach frame, Charm 3: Small Charms with Maximum Damage, Attack Rating, and Life (such Charms are commonly known as 3/20/20s), Charm 4: Small Charms with enough Resistances and Faster Hit Recovery to hit important breakpoints, depending on needs.

Notable items are Kelpie Snare and Blackhorns Face.

The Holy Freeze Zealot is a safer version of the classic Diablo 2 Zealot.

If you do get to this point, its one of the fastest solo-mappers in the game.

As far as the weapon, have an insight because this build seems pretty mana hungry, but it's possible that you can use something else which grants holy freeze is fine or another good option would be to gear out a mercenary from act 5 and get battle orders and have them do whirlwind. So if you want to throw that out, that's fine. To find these items all you will need to do is reset the merchants inventory by leaving town and re-entering. action speed of the class for the stated action.

Dexterity: This gives us our accuracy + dmg. This Zealot variant is a lot safer

This is great for repeat magic find runs.

Hey can you please keep posting the link to this thread to at least some of the whiny threads that only think meta builds are good. If not who gives a do just do whatever you want to do. : r/diablo2, Best farming spots in Project Diablo 2 GamerHabitat, Project Diablo 2 GG Poison BoneBest Solo Mapper? And Infinity for elemental damage, Reaper's Toll for Decrepify, or Pride for Concentrate Aura for physical damage for later on in the game at a much higher rune cost, Armor: Shaftstop, Duriel's Shell, Treachery, or Eth Bugged Fortitude. JavaScript is disabled.

A Templars Might is a must to compensate for the lack of a native Might aura, making this build somewhat competitive.

That one seems a bit odd to me. been streaming since 2014. Consider using items with Crushing Blow. Stats: Enough Strength for gear, enough Dexterity for 75% block with a shield like Whitstan's Guard (a common shield with the highest block in the game) all remaining points in Vitality, no Energy, 20 Fire Blast (Great for lightning immunes and it shares synergies with Lightning Sentry), All remaining points in Lightning Sentry's synergies.

Since the skeletons are physical damage, and you can the curses on your side, there are very few monsters in the game that can stop you.

It is a fair option for characters or parties that already have a source of Fanaticism aura, or for the Chargers.

Max dark pact curse mastery probably one point in every curse and then depending on what you want to do. However, it comes with the bonus of better defense with native Defiance, and serves better as a meat shield and tank than its competing build.

Youll need very solid gear including full Trangs Ouls, skillers, poison facets, etc.

, Vampire Gaze, or Harlequin Crest (Shako), resistances or Vipermagi for the +skill, resistances, and faster cast rate, 2019 Diablo 2 Guides by MBaker Design.

Once you have completed the game you can go for the rare rune words that are difficult to find in single player.

Cleglaw's Pincers is also another option for slowing builds and it has knockback which can be useful for Rogue mercs. Another thing that dark pact has going for it is the area effect is gigantic. into playing melee. Baal summons a copy of himself which makes him much more difficult to defeat.

With this path, youll want to max Clay Golem, Golem Mastery, as well as Amplify Damage. I will do the same . To do a single dark pact rotation, you would need to hit three different curse buttons and then dark backed four if you have a dark force spawn. I dont think he can use throw weapons, can he? You can check the viability of this build in PvM by consulting our PvM Tier List. He also deals fire damage, and could be used as a budget way to deal with immunes, though it is a very poor one at that.

Things like amplify damage at high level mixed with a very high level life tap can trivialize some of the content including in-game bosses like ubers. Based on your server, usually deliver in 10 minutes to few hours.

This works great for Andariel, Radament, Summoner, Duriel, and Act2 Baal's Minions and also works for your mercenary.

Baal's Act 5 minions can be skipped which is great for magic find runs.

Not to mention a huge life pool to go with the damage.

damage casting builds.

It is a mercenary option for builds that want both the better mobility and mana regeneration. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

or an Act 1 Mercenary with Faith if you are not using Fanaticism

I actually use a vigor rouge merc with ice for the crowd control + frw I feel the dmg done even with cold isn't super high regardless so I made her full utility. A surprisingly fun and efficient build, the Holy Freeze Zealot is known for PROJECT DIABLO 2 SEASON 5 DARK PACT NECROMANCER BUILD GUIDE ATTRIBUTES SKILLS MERC MORE, Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Lightning Javazon Build - Amazon Build Guide In D2R, Diablo 2 Resurrected Unique Helmets & Circlets Guide - Best & Worst D2R Helms Tier List, Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Farming Guide-Top 5 Mistakes Make You Can't Be Rich In Diablo 2, D2R PTR Assassin Build - Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 Fire Trap Assassin (Trapsin) Build. This means if your mercenary can't survive Mephisto, you can move closer to the boss than your mercenary and he will target you instead.
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