There is a way to reset only the corrupted neighbourhood without reinstalling everything but it does take some more time and effort. As some simmer suggested making a graveyard with them. Good that you managed to fix the issue though. You must not! It helped me a lot.

It just stands on the sidewalk forever, but the ghost still haunts my house. The fix cannot retroactively correct sims that have already been shredded. Put in Inventory is now an available interaction on urns of Sims that die outside of a lots boundary. There are a lot of actions the game allows you to do so naturally, you assume its safe but it actually isnt. Still not abLe to sell it or delete it. Thanks, I'll keep looking, I wouldn't mind so much if there were still ghosts from them but the game culled them and now I'm stuck with useless tombstones! Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off. Can't you put them somewhere and choose destroy ? I would personally like to save all details in a character file, but I don't want ghosts haunting all the time, and/or there isn't much room for a tombstone in a lot. It breaks down the hows and whys of neighbourhood corruption in The Sims 2 in a more technical way. Youd be surprised how many seemingly benign things can actually corrupt your neighbourhood. In fact, most Simmers agree that The Sims 2 was the golden age of The Sims series. Login with username, password and session length. Our guide has been condensed and simplified for easier reading for beginners who may not be familiar with the more technical aspects. Is there a way to delete tombstones?

Prom is Back! zits and pimples - how do you get rid of them? Oh what a right pain to do! Clearly, BlueSoup has failed us! The good news is you can avoid corrupting your neighbourhoods pretty easily if you know the common causes of neighbourhood corruption and avoid them.

Sims Community is one of the largest Community websites for The Sims Series. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Breaking News: Urn theft on the rise. To keep your neighbourhood safe, avoid doing any of the following actions: If youd like more information on neighbourhood corruption, The Sims Wiki has a guide that goes into the nitty gritty details of corruption. I guess it's a bug as I was able to just sell mine or delete it in build mode. NEVER use boolprop! Please fix this EA! Thank you for visiting!! Click. How do I destroy an urn? I haven't tried from inventory yet.

Thanks! There are also a number of mods that have been created to help minimize the dangers of corruption. As @Summerjase stated you can destroy the tombstone! I would be able to do it on a lot that wasn't theirs, but not on their own lot as the character data. They will protect your neighbourhoods in the long run. Thank you so much for posting this! We offer up-to-date news, unique articles, helpful tutorials and more! Each of their grandsons are married. If you own the Ultimate Collection, navigate to Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection instead. The ghost vanished as usual, but there was no tombstone left behind. The Sims Wiki guide also explains the difference between game corruption and neighbourhood corruption, which we have not covered here.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Sooner or later, it will completely blow up on you even if its still playable for the moment. can you add a pie-option on the tomb stone that says "Shred", which pops up a confirmation to double check the players know what they are doing, and delete the character file after the confirmation? I can't move it, I can't put it in inventory. Are you trying from inventory or did you place them somewhere ? Quote from: Nihale on 2005 November 29, 15:48:09, Quote from: Ancient Sim on 2005 November 29, 19:27:15, Quote from: Ancient Sim on 2005 November 29, 20:11:09, Quote from: MokeyHokey on 2005 November 30, 22:45:05, Quote from: J. M. Pescado on 2005 November 30, 06:16:52. We focused exclusively on neighbourhood corruption, which is far more common than game corruption. Then navigate to Program Files (x86) > EA GAMES. Then I was able to destroy the tombstone where it finally dispearred! Lately, Ive seen so many Simmers revisiting The Sims 2, which is awesome because The Sims 2 is an awesome game. I also have a ton of tombstones from earlier generations where the game has culled the sims so the stones no longer belong to ghosts but I'm stuck with them too! You must not be fast enough. Is this something new added to the game? crinrict. When a sim, that is not from my active household, dies in the neighborhood, but not on my house lot, the urn won't disappear. Then you're in trouble. We hope you enjoy the forum!! Although declared as not bug, this has now been fixed. All Kewians are stupid and suck! Eh not the best idea there Because if this becomes a habit, then delete will be the one that is always pressed when a REAL error comes up. The folders all have a code name but here are the folder names for every neighbourhood: Delete the folder that corresponds to the corrupted neighbourhood you wish to reset. May 2016 I'm not 100% certain on this as I haven't had opportunity to test it yet myself. But I have clicked urns from inventory before, and no option to do that have ever appeared. Occasionally peeks out from her lair long enough to chuck Sims articles at innocent bystanders. So, I've removed this for the time being so I can get the idiots married. The tombstones in the process of disintegration will probably still combust. Any ideas? Of course, resetting your neighbourhood means losing all your progress you made which can be gut-wrenching if youve been playing a neighbourhood for a long time and have an emotional attachment to all your Sims there. The best way to keep your neighbourhood safe from corruption is to avoid doing things that risk corrupting it in the first place. The Sims 4: 21 Functional CC Objects for Toddlers! Typically, the issues start out so small, theyre almost unnoticeable and then snowball into larger problems as time goes on. The Sims 4: This Voidcritter Mod Will be a Game Changer Literally! Eventually, a corrupted neighbourhood will become completely unplayable. Navigate to Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Neighborhoods. Is anyone else having a problem with platinum grave stones turning into plain grave stones when you move them to a community lot? There is never actually any need for them to go into the inventory unless a Sim is moving house, as far as I can see. - last edited I also was unable to sell it after adding it to my sims inventory. Eventually the issue resolved itself and only the original grave remained, but I can't remember what I did to fix it! I released his spirit ( he never showed up anyway) and I tried to delete the tombstone with no luck. Don't know if it will still stop the character data disappearing if the tombstone is deleted, but I don't want to risk trying it out. Geeze, I thought people said that enough.. >.<. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss. Theres a few telltale signs that your neighbourhood has become corrupted. New Members, Welcome!! You then need to go to the cemetery in build mode, where the gravestones will be waiting by the mailbox for you to place wherever you want them. Public cries out Grandma!. Sims 4 - Gameplay Help, Building, and Addon Packs Discussion, A Hollingsworth Immortal TS4 Dynasty-Completed Hall of Fame, Admin and on Support team of MC CmD @ Discord -. I just tried this and it worked! I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so. Within that folder, navigate to TSData > Res > UserData > Neighborhoods. I finally just put the tombstone in the family inventory.

And Now You Can Take Your Friends. But I believe the answer to your question is: sometimes. When I had two of my sims move out, they ended up bringing their grandparents' stones with them in the family inventory, so that's where they'll stay. Of course i can't see the point if the ghosts are gone. Well, it worked, the ghosts that formerly lost their character data are retaining it now. Unfortunately, the tombstones still vanished, as I assumed they would. Don't suppose there is ANYTHING you can do to get them to stay? Ghosts without tombstones are a bit pointless really, but the thought of all that work to bring them back and kill them off again is extremely off-putting, never mind the problems it can cause with memories and the ghosts forgetting who their family is and all the rest of it. Been there, don't that, didn't like the pattern on the T-shirt. Accept no Kewian-based substitutes! Finally quit the game, pulled the nounlinkage hack out, deleted the tombstone, and the propose option was back. Quit, put hack back in, reloaded--propose missing again. Some favourite Sim thingies: Film: Lord of the Sims; Song: Losing My Sim by SIM; Book: Interview With the Sim by Sim Rice; Smell: Fried Simions; Colour: Simple. Only thing that worked was releasing their spirit into the netherworld. Now the deceased couple have two great-grandsons!! Second time around, it didn't work but I did find another way of doing it, it's a bit longer to do but it worked. All I can do is release it to the Netherworld. I released the spirit to the netherworld and then the option to destroy came up. DEATH TO ALL STUPID HAIRY-BELLIED NESSES! As in delete them from the game.. tried sticking them on a different lot but they ended up back in the family inventory.. Once I have released the spirit to the netherworld I just go into build and delete them. The only way to fix it is to reset the neighbourhood back to its original, uncorrupted state. Register Here to get rid of ads when browsing the forum. Lol. And youre done! Update: This suggestion actually doesn't work or it may not work for all. Improve Your The Sims 4 Storytelling with Templates! I had a townie die in front of me in the park and I cant delete his tombstone. Topic: No Unlinkage On Urnstone Delete (Read 121308 times). By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement, I had some weird duplicate grave situation in my game a long time ago when I first started playing, and I was too scared to delete the copy so I left it on the lot with the original grave. I can't delete it in buy/build mode. All four- now six- live in one house. I'll check and see if the duplicate is gone next time I load up the lot! Thanks so much for your help! Still, It's annoying to have all these urns in my inventory and I can't sell them. BlueSoup has a fat head! Others could find it interesting also of course, which makes me want to inform about. The easiest way to do this is to just reinstall the entire game but this actually isnt necessary if only one neighbourhood is corrupted. But I haven't had any sims die so i cannot verify that at all. I just used the DeBugger option for this for the first time since installing OFB and it didn't work. I just found out I had to release it to the Netherworld in order to put it in inventory. Trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. I want it gone because my sim keeps getting sad mourning a sim he didn't even know! Copy (do NOT cut) the folder that corresponds to the neighbourhood you wish to reset and paste it into Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Neighborhoods. A lot of people experiencing The Sims 2 for the first time may not know that there are, unfortunately, many ways you can unknowingly corrupt your Sims 2 neighbourhoods. You will have to delete the whole neighbourhood and replace it with its original version. The Sims Wiki also has a list of those mods and we highly recommend installing all of them if you are a mod user. I don't work or have any association with EA. Try placing it back on your lot somewhere and try from there. Thanks for the reply about how to get the tombstones back. Then find the folder for the neighbourhood that is corrupted. We are not affiliated with Electronic Arts or its licensors. I attempted to sell it in build mode - this didnt work.

Isn't there an option to "destroy" it? <3, I know this is old, but I was looking around for interesting links to my site and this is certainly interesting. This may just save me from an immense amount of work, in which case I will charter a plane and come and thank you personally (well, in theory anyway). Everytime I go into a lot with gravestones, they are totally vanishing and although the ghosts who weren't out and about the last time I was in the lot are retaining their character data, the others are not. Of course, if it works there will still be the problem of no gravestones, but maybe the assignable ones will still work. Even Gothier Green Lawns is empty when I go into it in buy mode. This happened once before, but I had a back-up, this time my back-up does it as well. Only happens in Pleasantview, so it's not a hack causing it. But i thought i saw a Guru post that we could not delete the tombstones. Copyright 2022 Sims Community | All Rights Reserved. Stops irreversible character-file shredding when tombstones are accidentally (or intentionally) deletes. :P. Ah yeah I had seen those posts, but both of my tombstones had the character's name instead of "rest in peace" for the duplicate one so I figured it was something else. by Should you want to return them to a lot later, the Sim who lives on the lot needs to go to the cemetery and click on them again, then choose "Send home". They will be in the folder that corresponds with the pack they shipped with. is there anyway to get rid of the l+d tombstone? Page created in 0.61 seconds with 19 queries. Glad you got it fixed! i was wondering if any sims 2 stuff lived there. July 15th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! I doubt that's a bug. It was before i picked it up.

Because I have never seen it before. The ghosts will then stand and wave goodbye and their gravestones will disappear in a puff of smoke. Well, I was as fast as I usually am, but I will give it another try just in case. No point in you wasting your time "looking into it" if it was caused by me being slow. It was late at night, so you could well be right. I am wondering though if they've changed anything to do with tombstones, with people reporting the odd glitch concerning them since OFB came out.. May also prevent mysterious destruction of tombstones during move-to-cemetary process. All you do is get the Sim to click on the gravestone and send it wherever they want to (there is an option to send it to Gothier Green Lawns if you have the default Downtown). The ghosts will then stand and wave goodbye and their gravestones will disappear in a puff of smoke. You then need to go to the cemetery in build mode, where the gravestones will be waiting by the mailbox for you to place wherever you want them. Should you want to return them to a lot later, the Sim who lives on the lot needs to go to the cemetery and click on them again, then choose "Send home". There is never actually any need for them to go into the inventory unless a Sim is moving house, as far as I can see.

Your neighbourhood has been successfully reset! If you have a question/concern about the way the community's run, contact maintainers directly instead of posting. Ever make the perfect lot, but moved Sims in before putting it in your Lot Catalog? Powered by neoforums v3.6.0c Copyright Neo Era Media, Inc. 1999-2022. if youve got boolprop on, just shift-click it and select 'force error' then choose delete. I had a sim die on my front porch . I think you can also drag them into the 'sell' box in-game. A cranky old lady who prefers the company of cats and Sims over people. Doing this will completely wipe all your progress in that neighbourhood and essentially revert it back to the way it was when you first opened it. Well maybe the other people are too clever to listen? Is this hack compatible with games that don't have Nightlife? I don't quite get it.

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