Some devotions are taken temporarily to get the necessary devotions point and were removed afterwards (Spider, Jackal, Lizard and Lion). Grimarillion Build Calculator), Grim Dawn | Forgotten Gods: Vitality Spin-to-Win Build (Eye of Reckoning Oppresser), Grim Dawn Build - Oathkeeper/Nightblade Aegis, Retaliation Guide (2019), grim dawn demolitionist dual pistol build. Grimtools (level 94 char, not fully levelled, not all stat quest completed): But still, dont actually have to actively attack at all, just stand there and they (eventually) die. Additional defense layers become therefore more important, especially Inquisitor Seals with its damage absorption, however, using it implies a rather stationary gameplay. Def gonna give this one a shot, as I love the idea of an Aura build! If that is true then it has even more damage than my Blademaster, which is around 35 seconds.

I dont understand with my other class I had worse stats and could beat this OP boss . _Whats that_?))., Just started this game for the first time. , Hello, sorry I cant find the Grimtool link to this build Help needed please. Im nearly lvl 50 and im practically following this guide!

All the small bits of flat damage (skills, gear, devotion, augments) really add up and getting most of it converted to pierce really helps. You really need to think out of the box with this one. Against Morgoneth one Aether Cluster was used - likely needed to avoid a death. Seems pretty good with added physical damage, bonus to pierce damage, armor bonus and added retaliation. (Vires Might? patreon: The only people in the bottom of Devils Crossing are Barnabas and Hangman Jarvis. What would be your pick? Woah, the first gunner guide in a long time, look at this stuff @eardianm, Im wondering why you dont get the Azrakaa proc, you can sacrifice the left shoulders of Unknown Soldier to get it, and Storm Spread is free and a good proccer, the attack speed remains at 198% with average rolls and you get a ton more aoe. 13:45 act 2 to 4 items & Kymons Chosen Also me: Not using Seal. Cant find no Hunter, but Panther seems to check all the boxes - it gives some crit damage, offernsive ability, blue devotion and it doesnt require blue crossroads to allocate plus its in the final build but not listed on devotion list?

Thanks for your work and efforts! This build worked really well for me for my first HC build.

how do you have 248 points to spend on a lvl 3 char? Edit: Well theres also the stronghold pistols and cindercore but they suffer from the same issue of physical to x damage conversion and on top of that has worse procs/stats. It was really nice and refreshing playing it ssf. For the character above, the best two of four crafted Bloodbores are used, around 40 runs were necessary to get the pants, and around 70 craft of Coven Lethal Girdle gave no suitable result, therefore the earlier Coven Lethal Waistguard (best of 15) is still used. Was it changed? I thought your Blademaster is below 30 seconds, while the warder ist around 35? I am not playing hc but I did not die yet, looking forward to elite mode and some nice purplez. With two of them, 100% of the physical damage is converted to pierce damage using Devils Crossing faction guns. Thx for now! I did. Who would have thought it was so much fun to be an athletic human torch? lvl 75: The full campaign (softcore) with both expansions was finished in all three difficulties (Veteran, Elite, Ultimate). Otherwise 10/10. Is it some kind of aura from the item?

I started playing gd on and off a year ago and this was my first char to reach level 100, a few hours ago.

FG) , but I just love this kind of tank char. But was not satisfied so far with my theoretical results [from the damage side it seems okish, but other stuff was lacking]. Ive been playing since launch bit Ive yet to make a lokkar killer. Any thoughts on that? lvl 100 pt 6: Just think about to back in game with melting aura build and your video comes in recommended. While playing, keep in mind the necessary materials for crafting of the amulett, the two Bloodbores and the relic, i.p. lvl 69: Thank you for this. While doing so, also invest in the three WPS: Bursting Round (without gear: 6/10), Chilling Rounds (without gear: 6/10) and Storm Spread (without gear: 7/10). lvl 22: lvl 94:

. Later, it is not possible to keep all enemies at distance, and playing a ranged character means therfore often shooting at close range. Did you mean Panther? Pierce doesnt have that issue, but suffers from less RR (no -%rr from oathkeeper if going paladin). As a new player, I did all story content from normal to ultimate and only died like 2 or 3 times. I would be interested in your Time played hours number.Maybe dont look lol. What i did (and gave up, which is why its at level 94 currently) just before the patch hit was to build an oppressor with dual wielding of the epic pistols Bysmiel Handcannons. The following nemesis were slain in Ultimate: BennJahr, GravaThul, Kubacabra, Moosilauke, Valdaran and Kaisan. 30:11 elite & ultimate items This should imply that having almost 100% (well, 90+%) dw attacks, the sheet dps value should be multiplicated by something around 1.33 to have a more reasonable dps estimate (from 1.5 to 2), or? Endgame build by grey-maybe:, music by I think im doing less damage but maybe i don t know how heart of wrath works.

see here [] Grim Dawn SUBJECTIVE Class Rankings - Post your personal rankings here and we'll pool it into a singular list of sorts). I was wondering if you have any thoughts on good gear pieces to aim for this build now after a few patches has gone by? I am not sure where I go for the Act 7 area you said I should find the aura shield. However, all necessary blueprints were already found with earlier characters.

Have you tried building/theory crafting something budget-y with the rutnick pistols? crateentertainment thanks for this build i like these type of builds maybe i change somethings about but i will follow that one first to understand the game more as i have now an template kind of . Thx :). Maybe storm box of elgoloth will become important? Is that a pun? TX for the guide, Ill try it in hc I cant go over lv 55/60 on hc and I always die. Note: Use the vendor reset after visiting another vendor to get as good as possible faction items. Grim Dawn Grimarillion mod super Retaliation build Warden Krieg who? Saw a few items with cold or poison type auras but nothing comes close to aura of censures and heart of wrath in terms of radius and getting skills and items early to mid game.

Your grimtools for level 34 shows Aura of Censure in the skill tree but it is not on your hotbar. Any chance you could recommend 3 class combinations with phat damage and big health for someone who is already familiar with the game? This build is the closest to that monk thing i have seen so far and I realized that it would be a nice fit to combine with my friends next char (trozan druid) because of the flexibility of AoC RR. 63 Chthonic Seals of Binding are necessary. I have all the beat the boss on HC, so maybe this isnt the best for complete the campaign on Ultimate (esp. 6:35 act 2 devotions, skills, items There is currently already one levelling guide / budget build for this specific class in the compedium (Shield Throwing Paladin: [] Fire Shield Throw Paladin from scratch - build journal and guide), another older guide covers levelling a dw ranged Tactician ([] Beginner's/budget project-DW pierce ranged Tactician). be still my beating heart, Ranged charactes have no devotion to increase the armor piercing, however, they have now the craftable component Silvercore Bolt ( GD Basic Guides:

It also happens to be the only vit/elemental pistol i could find with +% physical damage on them since the build is somewhat lacking in that department. Than invest in Rebuke and again in the Oathkeeper mastery bar (32/50). Additionally, while early in the game the proc might be of less value (as Shifting Sands starts from the character) - especially if fighting still mainly happens from the distance - the different combat style at higher levels makes the proc a much more sensible choice later. Physical burst damage is really my bane. 0:00 intro (Until 83, where I literally trapped myself in a corner against Kubacabra and then panic pressed all my healing at once.

What are your thoughts on an Infiltrator aura build? Any suggestuion?? Also, as most of the flat damage of the higher level characters does not come from the used gun itself, but from skills and augments, using Elite Devils Retribution does not really have a strong impact on the damage, with good roled ones above 80.000 sheet dps (damage per second) could be reached. Ya know the Oathkeeper is my favorite Mastery, so I have been looking for ideas and things to try outside of my Shieldbreaker. And as you can power shop a lot of gear from the faction vendors, capped attack speed is more less guaranteed even with the last Azrakaa node. Now coming from a background of approximately 2500 as a support monk in D3 I really enjoy having more supporting/tactical role in this kind of games. (Elite) Coven Combatants Chestguard: flat physical damage, Aura of Conviction some ideas for endgame:, Endgame build by Superfluff: Just wanted to say this guide has been awesome, you are so clear on the path and explaining each section. Probs the main reason why I want to change to yours over the other. 12:09 skill allocation up to lvl 40 Therefore it should be removed and instead the proc of Azrakaa should be taken. Live this build.awesome guide! I almost died and had to quit the game quickly. At 100 I was facerolling ultimate, Lokarr was easy (though not quick, but I was able to face tank him and didnt need to do much other than occasionally refresh my temporary buffs), SR60-61 is hilariously easy (65+ boss rooms take a bit of luck, as a bad collection of bosses, especially if they have the Leeching mutator, can be rough was doing one with leeching but was on autopilot watching youtube at the same time, looked back after a few minutes and we were deadlocked in an eternal battle of me healing through everything and the boss that could hit hard enough to be able to leech/heal my aura damage, even with only being able to hit me 60-70% of the time).

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