They would be called "armchair activists" at best by the sorts of people that actually expend physical energy and time knocking on doors and lobbying politicians for change. Didn't follow this guy at all but watching this clip he fucked up when he bragged about being a genius on a guitar and failed to answer simple questions. posted a paper describing Geometric Unity online. Eric Ross Weinstein /wanstan/ (born October 26, 1965)[2] is an American podcast host and a managing director of Thiel Capital. On a previous episode of Rogans podcast, in 2020, Weinstein said that his theory is an attempt to go beyond Einstein and push theoretical physics forward that could unlock amazing possibilities or terrible power. Weinstein fails to define the Shiab operator properly and so his theory does not even make mathematical sense, a more egregious problem than having desirable physical properties.. Just like Sam, Eric doesn't see his own actions as activism. Why is this so heavily downvoted? He doesnt know how to do anything else. But, after Harvard economist Dale Jorgenson was appointed to the commission, and Pia, a grad student in the Harvard econ department, met with him and offered him the tool, he was dismissive. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Theyre sometimes used to get us to ignore peoples arguments. Office Hours Calendar. Join Brian Keating, Eric Weinstein, and Harvard's Avi Loeb for an update on the Galileo Project, NASA's recent formation of a government panel investigating UAP/UFOs and more. Rogan, for what it's worth, didnt seem overly impressed with Weinstein's theory in 2021. And it wouldnt shock me if a panel at the National Academy of Sciences charged with assessing the future supply of scientists and engineers was mindful that universities like to have a big pool of grad students so as to maximize research bang per buck. We are dreamers and doers who use the tension between these two states. (2) Weinsteins seeming allegation that Nguyen and Polya have made misogynistic remarks and, specifically, disrespected a well-known physicist named Sabine Hossenfelder is odd in light of the fact that Hossenfelder let Nguyen use her blog. Im so glad someone recommended this to me! The Boskin commission, too, turns out to have a Weinstein angle. You are providing hope where there [is] so little these days. But why invoke the DISC? For example: Weinstein says that as a graduate student he discovered some famous equations called the Seiberg-Witten equations before Seiberg and Witten did, but the DISCin the form of Harvard faculty who dismissed his work as unimportant, just as they did with Geometric Unitysquashed this idea. Of course, there are people who are so far gone that theres no point in listening to anything they say, but I dont think Weinstein is in that class. He says the DISC also kept his brother Bret (a biologist), and his wife Pia Malaney (an economist) from getting due credit for academic work they did as PhD students. A throwaway comment at the time suggested that it might predict a time-varying cosmological constant, but I havent seen any meaningful developments about this.. Are these podcasts, so long as they grant access to Weinstein but not Nguyen, part of a distributed idea suppression complex? In this interview, they talk about jam sessions, the state of blues and rock and roll, shedding your audience, call and response, science, music, humor, recovering from breaking a guitar string in front of an audience, and more! At the moment, modern physics has two frameworks that do not nicely unify: general relativity and quantum mechanics, which describe reality at two vastly different scales. The DISCs various activities, according to Weinstein, flow from the need to protect the GIN (the Gated Institutional Narrative)an imperative that in turn is rooted in the need of all kinds of institutions to conceal (for reasons I dont understand) the fact that they cant meet the growth expectations they established half a century ago (for reasons I also dont understand). the paper critiquing Weinsteins theory. Just bullshitting and sharing your ideas online (or on a podcast) isn't inherently activism if you aren't rallying your listeners towards a common tangible goal. people who are so far gone that theres no point in listening to anything they say, but I dont think Weinstein is in that class. They chat about Elon Musk and Twitter, censorship and control, abortion and leaks, a possible solution to the Fermi Paradox on. There are so few out there that are as consistently meaningful as yours. The DISCs various activities, according to Weinstein, flow from the need to protect the GIN (the Gated Institutional Narrative)an imperative that in turn is rooted in the need of all kinds of institutions to conceal (for reasons I dont understand) the fact that they cant meet the growth expectations they established half a century ago (for reasons I also dont understand). Brilliant! I dont think we should marginalize Weinsteins ideas by stigmatizing himeven if hes trying to do that to someone else. This is your podcast! Yeah it's crazy that you're only an activist if you physically go and protest. Thats Brian Keating, a physicist who is hosting the Clubhouse session and is host of an important science podcast called Into the Impossible, which has repeatedly given Weinstein a platform for discussing his grand theory. And. Its too few resources, too many sharp elbows., Nguyen said he was spurred to evaluate Weinsteins idea after this attitude set off alarm bells. But this was too juicy to stop listening. What Weinstein eventually published didnt impress him, he told Motherboard. (3) Words like crackpot can be tools of idea suppression. She was really interesting. That work involved the application of gauge theory, a math tool from physics, to economicssomething Eric had suggested and helped her develop. I cant wait for a new one. So, all told, Weinsteins theorywhich he finally released in written form this April after much drum rollwould, if valid, be quite an accomplishment for someone who, at age 55, has never published a paper in a physics journal. And Weinsteins seem set at 11. Very cringe. Weinstein, who had long said he welcomes criticism of his theory, is refusing to engage with it. Hello, Youve found The Portal. What a meteoric rise to an extremely popular public intellectual out of nowhere to what does indeed look like a rapid burnout. Besides that, papers can be posted anywhere, even a dedicated website as Weinstein has now done. But after multiple conversations with Weinstein and watching how he interacted with his fans, Nguyen says he realized none of it was "consistent with my image of how a good-faith scientist engages with his audience.". Send us a message at our twitter account, @ThePortalPod. , but before you click that link, there are three things you should know: (1) Nguyen co-authored his critique with a physics PhD who isnt in academia and who, for career reasons, chose to publish under a pseudonym, Theo Polyaand Weinstein cites this anonymity as reason not to respond to the paper. Of course, there. 1,, Brian Keating | Musks Twitter, Abortion & Leaks, Russia, Inflation & Aliens,, Eric Weinstein: Fix The Money To Leave The World Bitcoin 2022 Conference,, On the quest for the theory of everything | Sabine Hossenfelder, Eric Weinstein, Brian Greene, Michael Shermer. [7], Weinstein left academia after stints at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He says he would have become famous in math and physics circles decades ago had his ideas not been squelched by what he calls the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex (DISC). This brings us back to Timothy Nguyen. I so appreciate his raw smarts, and also how hes able to articulate his thoughts in an accessible manner.

The Portal Group is a community of friends and collaborators who grew around The Portal Podcast, Eric Weinsteins ideas, and the spirit behind them. At that time, Weinsteinby then long out of academia and working as a consultant for a New York City hedge fundmade waves after promoting his theory by giving a lecture at the University of Oxford and scoring a write-up in The Guardian, instead of writing a scientific paper. [16][17], American podcaster and venture capital director, "Twitter post from Eric Weinstein on his birthday", "Why capitalism can't survive without socialism", Notices of the American Mathematical Society, "Weinstein's theory of everything is probably nothing", "Eric Weinstein Says He Solved the Universe's Mysteries. Click the link we sent to , or click here to sign in. And I doubt hell appear on other big podcasts where Weinstein has discussed Geometric Unity, such as Lex Fridmans influential show or Joe Rogans very, very influential show (on which Weinstein referred dismissively to Nguyens paper without mentioning his name). In an attempt to explain his complicated theory, Weinstein handed Rogan a water wiggle (one of those cheap toys that looks like a small balloon filled with water), and explained how it symbolizes the mathematical concept of a U(1)-bundle. Personally, I like to explain nefarious activities in a less unified yet simpler way: They result from people doing the kinds of things people do. However, they do it in paper form (preprints) and with the goal of submitting their ideas to the wider community for approval or rejection. munn olivia hoda kotb bana eric lee gifford rock kathie scissors plays paper gets trash prize shirtless today body deliver For one, a Guardian op-ed by Marcus du SautoyWeinsteins chief academic promotersseemed to hint ata dynamic constant in the universe, while most physicists support the idea of a constant that is, well, constant. He could have done the usual tricks if he was talking about something complex but Joe must've immediately realized he was getting bullshit when he got that answer. @ 19:05 in the video is where is starts to fall apart for Eric. He says his theory of physicsthe theory of Geometric Unitycould open up whole new vistas: Maybe once we have the universes source code, which a fully developed version of his theory would provide, well see that Einstein was wrong to think nothing can move faster than the speed of light, and then we can send humans beyond the solar system in search of hospitable planets. But theres a constant sense that the world owes them something for their brilliance (recognition, money, a Nobel Prize). [15], Weinstein said he coined the term "intellectual dark web" and named himself and his brother as members after his brother Bret Weinstein resigned from Evergreen State College, in response to a campus controversy. The ginned-up claims about a shortage of scientists and engineers, says Weinstein, began with a secret study, conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, that found the price of American scientists and engineers was going to hit six figures. After reflecting on this finding, they said lets fake a demographic supply crisis where we wouldnt have enough scientists. The result, he says, was a second study that helped build support for the H-1B provision in the 1990 Immigration Act. A comprehensive list of all of Eric Weinsteins appearances can also be found on our wiki. OK - I normally hate these petty "takedown" videos of IDW members. But, if the theory is correct, it might also give us the needed insight to make humanity into a multi-planet species, Weinstein said. Im not fit to pass judgment on Weinsteins theory or its relevance to the crackpot question. Its an entire system that believes in peer review, it believes in forced citations, you have to be at a university, you have to get an endorsement to use a preprint server. Many scientists do in fact unveil their work before peer review on popular sites such as arXiv. There is undoubtedly sociology at work in the community at times, but anyone making a serious attempt to sell a new idea knows they are asking for busy people to give them a slice of their time and attentionand one of the ways you do that is by making your work as accessible as possible to the people you want to understand it., Releasing a paper did not silence the critics. , while declining to go into detail, that Weinstein has pro-actively reached out to influential people in an attempt to limit the attention paid to his critique of Weinsteins theory.

Excellent, thoughtful, analysis. The Portal Podcast #040: Introducing The Portal Essay Club What if everyone is simply insane?

He graduated with a PhD in mathematics from Harvard, and is currently a managing director of Thiel Capital, which invests in technology and life sciences. Eric - Or does it makes too much sense? (3) Words like crackpot can be tools of idea suppression. "[11], On November 10, 2021, Weinstein presented at the University of Chicago a proposal for how gauge theory could be used to calculate economic inflation indices based on prior work with his wife Pia Malaney. But why invoke the DISC? Peter Thiel Why Universities Have Failed, Vitalik Buterin Organized Crime & the Future of Crypto, Bryan Callen The Decline of Socially Diverse Conversation, The Greatest Prediction in Evolutionary Theory Bret Weinstein, Jocko Willink Friendship and the Importance of Fighting, When Fake Growth Leads to Real Violence | Part 2, How Politics Became Pro Wrestling | Part 1, The Portal Podcast #041: Douglas Murray Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization. Sometimes people steal stuff. I think it's an important distinction because Joe and Sam are free to change their minds, whereas an activist would have to leave their organization. This brings us back to Timothy Nguyen. But, after Harvard economist Dale Jorgenson was appointed to the commission, and Pia, a grad student in the Harvard econ department, met with him and offered him the tool, he was dismissive. We also love to meet up at various Physical Portals whenever possible! By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. , money manager for eccentric billionaire Peter Thiel, and frequent guest on the Joe Rogan show and other power podcasts, where hes gained a reputation for brilliancea crackpot?

As the Dfor distributedsuggests, the DISC isnt a centralized operation, but rather something that emerges from the imperatives of various institutions, including universities and mainstream media. Without Rogans permission Eric hijacked the familiar term Pull That Up Jamie and created a website to upload his video essays. A lot of people don't see podcasters as activists. Notes: Quotes from Weinstein, except where links indicate otherwise, come from the Joe Rogan podcast, episode #1628. We get to know each other inThe Portal Discord serversandThe Portal Subreddit. No doubt Weinstein, if he were in Nguyens shoes, would answer the question that way. Nor did it vindicate Weinsteins PR-focused approach to sharing his theory. Plus he mixes in humor and general conversational skill, and it all comes from a place of true passion and compassion, I think. Thank you Eric!! I would call them advocates not activists. Theres even a website called full of videos and resources on Geometric Unity that was created to make it easy for Rogans tech guy, Jamie Vernon, to pull up videos on the podcast. I don't understand what's wrong with that. They discuss how Bitcoin may enable humanity to spread outside our solar system by funding new physics that takes us beyond Einstein. And I spoke. I could go on, but the point is this: Dont pretty much all of us have these tendencies? (3) The server Weinstein keeps referring to is a Discord discussion group that Nguyen has participated in; Weinstein seems to be holding him responsible for everything anyone (allegedly) said there. The thing though is that it's not Joe's first encounter with Weinstein.

[4][5][6] In his dissertation, Extension of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations Across the Eighth Dimension, Weinstein showed that the self-dual YangMills equations were not peculiar to dimension four and admitted generalizations to higher dimensions.

It received strong criticism from the scientific community and was said to have "no visible impact" and "gaps both mathematical and physical in origin that jeopardize Geometric Unity as a well-defined theory, much less one that is a candidate for a theory of everything. [8] There he presented his ideas on a theory of everything called Geometric Unity. [citation needed] Weinstein was invited to a colloquium by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy at Oxford University's Clarendon Laboratory in May 2013. (2) Weinsteins seeming allegation that Nguyen and Polya have made misogynistic remarks and, specifically, disrespected a well-known physicist named Sabine Hossenfelder is odd in light of the fact that Hossenfelder let Nguyen use her blog to launch the paper critiquing Weinsteins theory. It's one of the rare posts lately that actually belongs in this sub (Sam shows up at the 9:45 mark for example). On Rogans podcast in 2020, Weinstein painted the academic field of physics as being generally untrustworthy and stifling, which is why he didnt share his theory. So sick of the 'exiled genius' persona these two are trying so hard to uphold. Arent they just parts of human nature? It is one of several uniquely idiosyncratic operators of Geometric Unity (it does not exist anywhere else in mathematics), unlike supersymmetry which is already a well-established and well-defined notion, Nguyen told Motherboard in an email. Even if the physics isn't interesting, this story does say interesting things about the science. I watched Weinstein with his wife on Rogans podcast the first time they were on I think. But even if hes wrong about thator if I misunderstood himthe Clubhouse tape alone is strong evidence that Weinstein is actively trying to marginalize the critique by stigmatizing Nguyen. on the Lex Fridman podcast, that Musk got us to Mars, the moon, lets throw in Titan.

Activism involves being a part of campaigns. And anyone who ruffles the feathers of the intolerant blobs of both sides of the political divide is ok with me. This last one, says Weinstein, was big, because it helped build support for liberal immigration lawswhich allowed the Chinese to populate our labs and put a proctoscope in the entire university system, which is where we do our research, so they would get the benefits of all the stuff we were doing with our freedom and then theyd go implement and execute with totalitarianism. Weinstein didnt vote for Trump (which his boss Thiel famously did), but he has nationalist leanings and a feel for populist rhetoric. He co-authored a. that is the only serious written critique of Weinsteins grand theory of physics to date.

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