We will be back! It can get crowded when the weather is nice, but with a large amount of concrete, picnic tables, the crowd is handled well. It was a bit of a cluster, though, because different servers brought out food to people from whom they did not take the order. We finally had the chance to try Mike Linnig's several weeks ago during a car show. I ordered the fried shrimp and feasted witout saying a word to anyone except for some primal grunts of happiness The portions are generous, so go prepared to chow down! I may be a little harsh and snobbish, but if this is the best cod that Louisville can produce, I'll try catfish next time. The portions are very ample. 2. They called your order when it was ready and you had to stand at a different building to order your drink. Use to be hand made and delicious. Please note, ML, that frogs legs are NOT seafood. To sum it all up, and if you haven't listened to a word I have said so far hear me now. Also, it's self serve: if bread and tartar were free, people would just steal it. Yes Odin, I'll have a generous order of fried fish, shrimp, frog legs, pan-fried oysters, turtle soup, chicken and onion rings. Fries were only warm, not hot. I would not mind paying the price if food was better. VERY oily. A Louisville tradition. I was embarrassed I'd been so insistent about finding it. He ordered Onion Rings for sharing but no one seemed to want any after the first bite. Eat half. 0000192796 00000 n Shits boring! Tasted like they had been sitting for awhile. The fish sandwich was good, but I have had better. I am cali girl - and my fiance is a southern gent.

they had a tent with karaoke contest/bar. The indoor full-service dining area is extremely cramped and the way their tables are set up the seats around the table are literally only a quarter inch apart if that. There were 5 in our group and when the food did finally arrive allot of it was lukewarm or cold. Ok I get it this place is an landmark, but I'm not crazy about it. Paul Vest. So there you have it! All plates served with french fries and cole slaw, Domestic imported premium bottled beers 16 oz. Go to party not eat 3 stars for originality 1 star for food I like fried food, especially fish but this was terrible (cod? For me, my wife and my daughter my bill was $76.10. As Southern as a singing Bass fish on your wall. and about as delicious deep fried. Most of its commodities have quite good quality with a nice price. At that point i was done and we left. I personally have never had alligator before and probably should have my first experience with the food in a state that is not land locked. This used to be a great place for seafood; Over the past few years the quality of the food and the service have fallen significantly. food portion was well enough for two. Not to keen on the texture and the flavor was a little bland for my taste. Catfish is great, too. Don't forget to grab your condiments at the same time! For what it is, this place is great. 0000114287 00000 n When you get there, grab a menu from the stand near the entrance and stake out a table. Why waste your time here? Meanwhile, avail yourself of the swing set and slides (kidding!). Oh, and save your quarters and pass on that old Gottlieb Cue Ball Wizard pinball. Not the best or worst I've had but somewhere in the middle. To summarize, as much as I love that singing Bass fish, I think I'll still leave it and Mike Linnig's on the shelf when it comes to representing southern seafood. So whether your goal is walking for weight loss, tracking the foods you eat, or something else entirely, MyFitnessPal has the tools you need to start your fitness and health journey today. Food took forever but was good.

A good value if you consider portion size versus cost. Vibe is a little on the beachy side and family reunion fused into one. This is really great fried food. They have swings for the kiddos. The blonde color should have warned me away. Spawn A ordered the Fish Sandwich and the soup of the day (Gumbalaya or some other made up name) and he enjoyed his meal. The large portion of legs were very good. 0000029246 00000 n It's the life for me. This may be a place for hanging out, but all food is served pretty much to go with even condiments prepackaged and plastic silverware. Fish House, The Fishery, Irish Rover, Moby Dick etc. That is long gone. If you're a fish lover, the famous fish sandwich cannot be beat! They'll call your name over the speakers and you can pick it up inside. When they call your name, go get your food. Great as always! For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly. Inside has is a cross between dive bar and cafeteria. It made me sad. Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. My brother-in-law ordered the alligator tail, fish chips, and turtle soup. Very efficient and everything was piping hot. There is indoor seating, but if eating inside, the experience is ordinary. So much so that we're making the trip back down tomorrow. I went on a busy night, and it was lovely outside. We provide you with a complete dispensary directory. Awesome shrimp, insanely large hush puppies, and great wait staff. First of all, this is fried food, so don't expect anything different, but there are some items on the menu that really stand out. Got lucky and a car show was going on across the street. The people except our server was rude. It just wasn't for me.

On the last visit (this afternoon), I'm not sure whether it was the fish or the oil, but something was moderately rancid. They called everyone "honey" and "babe", and though that could make some people uncomfortable, it just made my group feel welcomed, almost like we were eating with family. Nice wait staff. You also get great bang for your buck sharing a plate or platter with a group of friends! This place is always packed as locals have been coming here for years. When you walk up, it's like you're walking onto a compound, not a restaurant. Procede to funeral pyre. On a recent trip to visit his fam in Louisville (our engagement trip) we went with said fam to Mike Linnigs. So we pulled up red lobster on google maps. 0000185692 00000 n I have to admit that one of my top 2 favorite foods is deep-fried chicken (the other being pork chops). The playground is also nice to keep the kiddos entertained while waiting for the food. Bring the whole fam. Nice and flaky too. I was in town with one of our salesmen who suggested he knew the owner and would like to make a "sales call" here. Delicious! Service and food was about the same as first time we went there. We got a huge amount of food and our server, Monica, only gave us two cocktail sauces. 0000212144 00000 n The two of us should have spilt a fish sandwich and onion rings, but we decided to go all out and each have their own. Visit below restaurant in Louisville for healthy meals suggestion. I apologize for not remembering what type of fish it was, but it was huge, a bit on the bland side, yet it had a great crunch. But the food here is hot, fresh and great. It is true there's grilled fish and crab cakes and baked chicken and crab legs and all sorts of stuff on the menu, but fried fish is what they're famous for, and you'll just be swimming against the current. To be honest, I still don't. Everyone seemed to love that deep fried mystery fish. Next time I go I'm just going to give someone a couple bucks for their leftovers. After the apps is when it all went downhill from there. You can also sit inside. Since 2005, a community of over 200 million members have used MyFitnessPal to answer those questions and more. She never even checked to ask if we wanted more drinks and then you people charge for refills??? When you're ready to order, mosey up to the stand and place your order. Shrimp was mildly better, about what you'd expect from a fast food restaurant. Since we served ourselves, the tip was negligible too. Just threw a couple bucks in the jar when we picked up the food. Our waiter, Grant, was a really nice old man who knew a lot about the place and even sent us home to Georgia with one of their menus. Also I love the outside dinning one of my favorite things about this restaurant. This was a mistake. There wasn't a single menu item that stood out as being the best thing at this restaurant. the chicken without doubt had been dropped back into the oil to heat, it was not hot, it was dry all the way through, it was probably the worst I have ever gotten there. This place is a landmark for good reason. The fish was hot and very good. 0000185608 00000 n 0000185538 00000 n I am not a fan of this place they are way over priced and everything is fried. I don't get it. And the line ran in front of a door to the outside dining area. %PDF-1.4 % 0000054309 00000 n If I return, I will update this review. It is more like your favorite tavern, the old style one with good food. Unless you need help carrying your tray, self-service is the way to go. Big hushpuppies. Overall, my visit was a big disappointment. 0000054720 00000 n I enjoyed the alligator tail, good seasoning but too much breading wish they had more meat to it. Overrated. The fried fish (I believe I had cod) is was flaky and crisp. I did like that it kinda had a family feel. Portions are big, but for how far you have to drive and what you pay, it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. The macaroni and cheese was a very weird shade of orange. Everyone who visits the area should probably try it, but don't expect a culinary treat. hb``a`f`e`6b`@ ; gq_+v~E*J~>'|^> Iut@ 0000002516 00000 n I stole one of Sexy Beast's Hush Puppies. He was happy with his mountain of mystery fish. While in line we asked a person who worked there for a menu. Sweet fried fish Valhalla, I'm coming. I ordered the frog legs, something I haven't had in a while. No more bickering about who had the up charge bleu cheese in a large party.or who gets the check. You sooooo won't be sorry! The service was just peachy. This is See-food at its' finest. The order process is a bit tedious since you need to wait in line and place your order and then wait for quite a while to hear your name called to the bar. Looky Weed is here to help you navigate the maze of legalized marijuana.

Had it not been a pretty night, or had I not known about the proximity to the river, this saving grace would have never been an option to find. 0000192421 00000 n In town for a visit and went to Mike's for a family gathering. 0000004007 00000 n Def not catfish) My meal of fish/shrimp/fries was served hot and fast. Maybe it was an off night, but I was never tempted to go back. Well, it was way overcooked and had no taste other than a hint of sweetness in the breading. 4. It was just as good as I remember! If you're looking for a fancy place don't come here. DISCLAIMER: Information shown on the website may not cover recent The outdoor seating is a big hit makes it a great place large families and running into old friends. We waited about 30 minutes to be seated, again way too long for a Wednesday at 5 pm. 2. They have an indoor area with no waiter service and an indoor area with waiter service. There are many waaay better food options on Louisville. Their displayed board of health grade is "A.". One of the worst restaurants I have EVER been to! BUT, it is the best fish sandwich I have had thus far in Louisville. The fish I will admit is fresh and made to order. Staff is helpful and polite. 0000055233 00000 n Asked my SO (who is from Louisville) to take me to a real and local place and he succeeded! 0000210208 00000 n Being from Alaska, I asked what kind of fish it was, and was told that it was cod. In reading over the reviews of Mike Linnig's I noticed that most people either really like or really dislike this longtime seafood establishment. It is not a fine dining experience. Read on to find out what the early signs of lung cancer are and ensure your health. Great to go on special occasions. Big piece of boneless fresh fish With a great crust and very tasty. In order to be palatable- I drenched in hot sauce/malt vinegar/& tarter combo. Order the fried fish. Good fries and good fish, just didn't love the super fried component. Mike Linnig's is just a middleman. While the food was good and portions large, I feel like it was a little too pricey. We were a party of nine and arrived without a reservation. Don't let the size of the place or randomness of the place overwhelm you. 0000105773 00000 n Everything was bland. Our fries were cold and the onion rings that we paid $6.25 was also cold. It may not be everyone's favorite, but it's been around a very long time and is still going as strong as ever. After we finished eating, we were able to walk down to the river. And when you want to leave, just stand up and walk out: you've already paid! linnig ky linnig ky

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