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.herald-module.col-lg-6 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title{ Iztapa dio la sorpresa de la jornada y derrot con contundencia (4-0) a Guastatoya que pierde el lidetaro del torneo. border-bottom-width: 2px !important; text-align:left !important; background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.75); color: #00863e; } color: #00863e; z-index: 2; text-align:center; } background-color: #00863e; border-bottom: 1px dotted #ccc; padding-left: 10px; } .opinion .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i .entry-header .entry-meta .meta-item.herald-author{ left: 0px; .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld, .herald-lay-c .herald-ovrld{ "); return; } } .category.category-opinion .herald-ad.herald-slide.herald-below-header .sideopiniontop{ height: auto; } You must be 18 years old or over to use this site. .takeoverad{ l=w.location.href,d=w.document;w.apd_options=o; .cat-blanco-negro .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category a{ }


background-image: url(https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/simgad/4603537222371916628? background-attachment: scroll; } color: #00863e; .display(); ); .portada-corona-a .row .herald-lay-i{ Guastatoya got 4 win, 0 draw and 1 lost with 8 Goals For and 2 Goals Against. .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-a .herald-lay-over .entry-header .entry-title{ box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(49,93,12,.4); } .header-bottom .herald-menu li:hover > a, .header-bottom .sub-menu > li > a{

} /*--- MOSTRAR ELEMENTOS ---*/ padding-bottom: 5px; } background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(49,93,12,1) 50%, rgba(118,164,28,1) 100%);

font-size:35px; background-color: rgba(255,255,0,.75); .cat-grad .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category a{ padding: 1px; .tit-verde-sin .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .entry-title a, font-size: 60px; max-height: unset !important; width: 85%; } position: absolute; .opinion .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail { background-image: url(https://static.emisorasunidas.com/uploads/2022/07/Skin_UPA-julio-2022.jpg); .takeoverad{ } .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-c .herald-ovrld .entry-header.herald-pf.herald-clear-blur{ .takeoveradtest{ } .herald-pf .herald-format-icon{ } .separdor{ text-transform: uppercase; } The teams compete in such tournaments as Liga Nacional. .takeoverlink{ display:block; } padding-right: 165px; /*--- FORMATEAR ELEMENTOS ---*/ } max-height: 66px; } } } font-size: 13px; .cat-blanco-verde .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .meta-category a, display:none; googletag.pubads().definePassback('/168615172/GT_PN/ad_layer', [[1,1]]) -webkit-transition: all .5s ease; width: auto; font-size:20px; } max-width: 50% !important; line-height:42px !important;

-o-transform: rotate(-12deg); height: 340px; .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail a img{ window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []}; } } -moz-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.75); line-height: 19px; } .herald-module.col-lg-4 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-b .row .col-lg-8.col-md-8.col-sm-8 .entry-header .entry-title {

.category.category-edicion-impresa .herald-site-content .herald-section .row .herald-module .row .herald-lay-a .herald-lay-over{ .takeoverlink{ .single-post .herald-site-content .herald-section .herald-single .row .col-mod-main .row div .entry-content div:nth-child(3) div{ .tit-blanco-sin .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title a{ .portada-corona-c .row .herald-lay-i .herald-ovrld .entry-header { width: 100%; width: auto; .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .entry-header.herald-clear-blur, .herald-lay-c .entry-header.herald-clear-blur{

@media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) { .back-top{ .tit-negro-verde .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title a{ font-weight:700; color: #333333; .herald-lay-i, .herald-lay-j, .herald-lay-k, .herald-lay-l, .herald-no-sid .herald-lay-i, .herald-no-sid .herald-lay-j, .herald-site-content .herald-related .herald-lay-i, .herald-site-content .herald-related .herald-lay-j, .herald-site-content .herald-related .herald-lay-k, .herald-site-content .herald-related .herald-lay-l { } .tit-sin-negro .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title a{ @media (max-width: 1249px){ .category .herald-site-content .herald-section .row .herald-module .row .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail{ .tit-verde-negro .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title a{ } height: 100%; top: unset; } padding-top: 1px !important; .cat-amarillo-blanco .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category a{ .herald-module.col-lg-6 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .entry-header{ width: 90%; background-color: rgba(0,134,48,.75); background-color: #f4f2ee; top: 60%; The rate of Over Goals is 100%; The rate of Handicap Win is 50%; The rate of win is 40%; The average of corners is 5.8 per match and the rate of Over Corners is 43%. .sideopiniontopauth img{ .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-g .row .herald-no-pad .entry-header{ } } margin: 100px auto; font-size: 15px; height: 360px; Liga Nacional. background-image: url(https://www.publinews.gt/gt/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/ad-skin-fetiche-27112020.jpg); display:none; } font-weight: normal; margin-left: -100%; } height: 10%; /*width: 100%; Over Goals occurred for 1 times and Over Corners occurred for 2 times. width: 100% !important;

@media (max-width: 1000px) and (min-width: 768px){ background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(49,93,12,1) 50%, rgba(118,164,28,1) 100%); top: 90px !important; } height: 100%; width:100%;

height: 100%; var w=window.top,a='apdAdmin',ft=w.document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0], width: 138px!important; height: 250px; } .ai-viewports {--ai: 1;} padding-left: 0px; transform: scale(1.3); max-width: 100% !important; height: auto; overflow: hidden; /*top: 760px;*/ margin-bottom: 25px; z-index: 999; position: absolute; width: auto; height: 645px !important; padding-right: 165px; padding-left: 165px; .herald-module.col-lg-6 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .herald-post-thumbnail a img{ font-size: 1.35rem; padding-left: 10px; max-width: 50% !important; padding-top: 2%; padding-left: 10px; margin-right: 0px; .tit-amarillo-blanco .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .entry-title a, } .category.category-opinion .herald-site-content .herald-section .row .herald-module .row .herald-lay-i .entry-header .entry-meta.meta-small .meta-item.herald-author{ } padding-top: 0px; padding-left: 28px; width: 100% !important; /*height: 100%;*/ left: -40%; display:block; height: 90px; .cat-negro-verde .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .meta-category a, background-image: url(https://static.publinews.gt/2022/01/Skin.jpg); .herald-responsive-header{ } top: unset;

La aplicacin SofaScore est disponible para Iphone y Ipad, en la Google Play de Android y para dispositivos mviles Windows. background-position-x: 50%; } margin-left: 0; .portada-impre-a .row .herald-lay-a .herald-post-thumbnail a img{ font-weight:700; }*/ position: relative; .herald-module.col-lg-8 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-a .col-mod{ @media screen and (min-width: 1250px) and (max-width: 1360px){ text-align: center; } border: 1px #CCCCCC solid; } width:100%; display: flex; z-index: 1; }

} } padding-right: 15px; width: 4em; margin-top: -2em; background-color: rgba(255,255,0,.75); .cat-verde-amarillo .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .meta-category a, Story of confrontationsDeportivo Iztapa - CD Guastatoya (13.03.2022) 4:0CD Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (16.01.2022) 3:0Deportivo Iztapa - CD Guastatoya (09.10.2021) 1:0CD Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (08.08.2021) 1:0Deportivo Iztapa - CD Guastatoya (02.05.2021) 2:2CD Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (28.12.2020) 2:0CD Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (08.03.2020) 2:0Deportivo Iztapa - Deportivo Guastatoya (05.10.2019) 2:1Deportivo Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (28.07.2019) 2:0Deportivo Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (17.04.2019) 2:0Deportivo Iztapa - Deportivo Guastatoya (13.02.2019) 0:1Deportivo Guastatoya - Deportivo Iztapa (07.11.2018) 3:0Deportivo Iztapa - Deportivo Guastatoya (03.10.2018) 0:4. } } .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category{ } } height: 100%; .herald-module.col-lg-4 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-f .herald-post-thumbnail{ height: 400px; text-align: left !important; /*flex-wrap: wrap;*/ } overflow: hidden; .fa-post-thumbnail:before, .herald-ovrld .herald-post-thumbnail span:before, .herald-ovrld .herald-post-thumbnail a:before { cursor: pointer; position: relative; El servicio de puntuacin en directo de SofaScore puntuaciones en directo ofrece puntuaciones, resultados y clasificaciones en directo de deportes. width: 100%; .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row article, .herald-module.col-lg-4 .row article { } } } @media only screen and (max-width: 1249px){ background-color: #000; letter-spacing: 10px; .herald-format-icon, .herald-pf .herald-format-icon{ } } El partido es parte del/de la Liga Nacional, Apertura. margin-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 30px; } googletag.enableServices(); height: 500px; border-left: solid; .category .herald-site-content .herald-section .row .herald-module .row .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail a img{ width: 100% !important; /*============================= col-lg-6 1/2 COLUMNA =============================*/ background-color: rgba(0,134,48,.75); .takeoveradtest .row{ top: 0; background-repeat: no-repeat; color: #ff0; padding-left: 10px; display:none; .takeoverad .row .col-lg-12.col-md-12 .row .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail a img { .author .herald-below-header .newopinioncolum{ /*============================= PERSONALIZACIONES =============================*/ .single-post .herald-site-content .herald-section.container{ padding-top: 10px; googletag.defineSlot('/168615172/GT_PN/ad_300x250_ia_1', [[300,250],[320,100]], 'div-gpt-ad-3481769-7') } .portada-impre-a .row .herald-lay-a .herald-lay-over .entry-header{ height: 100%; .herald-single .entry-header { } border: 2px solid #FFF; } } bottom:0 !important; padding-top: 0px; } z-index: 6005 !important; Puedes incluso ver este partido en directo en streaming a travs de nuestros socios en apuestas o hacer click en cualquier enlace en SofaScore para ver una emisin legal en directo. /*============================= col-lg-6 1/2 COLUMNA =============================*/ height: 90px; max-width: 100%; height: 365px; .category .herald-site-content .herald-section .row .herald-module .row .herald-lay-c .herald-ovrld .herald-post-thumbnail{ padding-left: 0px; .single-post .herald-site-content .herald-section.container{ padding-bottom: 1px !important; /*--- CENTRAR LA IMAGEN ---*/ .herald-logo-mini{

} Ms detalles:Deportivo Guastatoya marcador en directo, calendario y resultadosDeportivo Iztapa marcador en directo, calendario y resultados. } height: 100% !important;

display: block;

display:block; .addService(googletag.pubads()); @media (min-width: 1250px){ z-index: 999; } height: 100%; .tit-negro-sin .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .entry-title a, height: 80px; margin-left: 0px; background-size: 2.8em 3.2em; border-top-right-radius: 10px; 'fi.js?id='+o.websiteId : 'fi_client.js'); /*============================= col-lg-6 1/2 COLUMNA =============================*/ -webkit-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) !important; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.75); /*============================= col-lg-8 2/3 COLUMNA =============================*/ .portada-corona-a .row .herald-lay-i .herald-post-thumbnail{ } background-color: #fff; text-align: left !important; #extras{ .tit-negro-amarillo .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .entry-title a{ } } width: 100%; Total goals scored - 34 goals with 11 goals missed.Deportivo Iztapa - 25 points, 6 wins, 7 draws, 9 defeats.

height: 125px; } border-radius: 100px; width: auto;

} } } color: #000; color: #ff0; .portada-impre-title div span{ background-image: url(https://static.publinews.gt/2022/07/skin-fetiche-bono14-2022.jpg);*/ .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .herald-post-thumbnail{ color: #ffffff; background-image: unset !important; background: #087436 url(https://static.publinews.gt/2020/07/globe-publimetro.svg) no-repeat center center; /* background-size: contain !important; } .widget.herald_posts_widget{ height: 250px; googletag.defineSlot('/168615172/GT_PN/ad_push', [[320,60],[320,100],[970,60],[970,90],[970,250]], 'div-gpt-ad-3481769-12')

.cat-amarillo-verde .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category a{ padding-top: 10px; bottom: 8% !important; .takeoverlink{ } display:none; text-align:center; bottom: 8% !important; } background: #087436; padding-left: 165px; }); Guastatoya, por su parte, perdi el liderato del torneo ya que Malacateco derrot ayer a Xelaj MC, el club pecho amarillo baja a la segunda posicin con 22 puntos tras 12 jornadas disputadas. .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-a .herald-ovrld .entry-header.herald-pf.herald-clear-blur{ .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i .entry-header .meta-category{ width: 100%; .herald-logo-mini{ .tit-sin-blanco .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .entry-title a, .takeoverad{ bottom: unset; width: 50% !important; Final! } .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-g .row .herald-no-pad .entry-header .entry-title{ .herald-module.col-lg-4 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .entry-header.herald-clear-blur{ padding-top: 120px; padding-left: 25px; .addService(googletag.pubads()); */ width: auto; padding: 5%; Visita la versin localizada en livescore de SofaScore: Deportivo Guastatoya marcador en directo, calendario y resultados, Deportivo Iztapa marcador en directo, calendario y resultados, , Descubre quin anot en un partido en directo, Obtn informacin en tiempo real en el que cada equipo domino el partido utilizando la Inercia de Ataque, Sigue detalladas estadsticas como la posesin de baln, tiros, corners, ocasiones creadas, tarjetas, pases de la muerte, duelos y ms, Comprueba todos los partidos cara a cara - por ejemplo, en la ltima temporada Deportivo Guastatoya y Deportivo Iztapa jugaron 2 partidos enfrentados, Sigue todos los partidos en casa y fuera de casa de cada equipo en la Liga Nacional, Apertura. background-repeat: no-repeat; display:none; ); background-image: unset !important; .cat-negro-amarillo .row.herald-posts article .herald-ovrld .entry-header .meta-category a{ } border-top-left-radius: 10px;

width: 40px; Total goals scored - 32 goals with 18 goals missed.Deportivo Iztapa - 28 total points, 7 victories, 7 played in draw, 8 defeats. } display: none; width: auto; .sideopinionauth img{ /*background-color: #00863e; width: auto; background-color: #00863e; .herald-module.col-lg-3 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-i.herald-lay-i1 .herald-ovrld .entry-header { bottom: 10px !important; } display:none; }

color: #00863e; right: unset; @media (max-width: 1249px) and (min-width: 1001px){ margin-left: -100%; background-color: #fff; .portada-impre-a{ padding-right: 165px; } max-width: unset; margin-bottom: 20px; .col-lg-1, .col-lg-10, .col-lg-11, .col-lg-12, .col-lg-2, .col-lg-3, .col-lg-4, .col-lg-5, .col-lg-6, .col-lg-7, .col-lg-8, .col-lg-9, .col-md-1, .col-md-10, .col-md-11, .col-md-12, .col-md-2, .col-md-3, .col-md-4, .col-md-5, .col-md-6, .col-md-7, .col-md-8, .col-md-9, .col-sm-1, .col-sm-10, .col-sm-11, .col-sm-12, .col-sm-2, .col-sm-3, .col-sm-4, .col-sm-5, .col-sm-6, .col-sm-7, .col-sm-8, .col-sm-9, .col-xs-1, .col-xs-10, .col-xs-11, .col-xs-12, .col-xs-2, .col-xs-3, .col-xs-4, .col-xs-5, .col-xs-6, .col-xs-7, .col-xs-8, .col-xs-9 { box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) !important; max-width: 100% !important; width: 100%; height: 200px; } .herald-module.col-lg-4 .row.herald-posts .herald-lay-a .col-mod .entry-header .entry-title{ background-image: url(https://www.publinews.gt/gt/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Skin-final-Desktpo-Fenodol-1310.jpg); .herald-module.col-lg-12, .herald-module.col-lg-9, .herald-module.col-lg-8, .herald-module.col-lg-6{ border-radius: 10px; .cat-grad .row.herald-posts article .entry-header .meta-category a, background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgba(49,93,12,1) 50%, rgba(118,164,28,1) 100%); overflow: hidden !important; .entry-header .herald-author a:before { } .tptn_link img.tptn_thumb { /*flex-wrap: wrap;*/ background-color: unset; font-weight: 200; guastatoya fechas horarios torneo
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