*If no written notice is given then this Agreement is automatically renewed. In March of 2019, a quickstart membership and annual membership was purchased by me for my son. As a gym courtesy, we ask that you rack any weights you use. addison Children who cry continually or misbehave for more than 15 minutes may be asked to leave Kid Care if CLUB4 employees are unable to take control of the situation. It is also within our rights to refuse membership to protectthe integrity of our business and our current employed personal trainers and coaches. VIEW MEMBERSHIP PLANS We informed him that the employee that he Small Group Training I did cancel in Dec 2020 - I then cancelled again in person at Hampton Plaza bringing my id at the front desk to Reggie and spoke to Chase ***** General Manager. Now, this year I attempted to pay off the balance and become an active member and a customer service representative at ABC Fitness Solutions told me that I could pay what I now know was the initial balance, the late fees would be dropped and I would be active again. The guest fee can be applied towards membership for up to 30 days (about four and a half weeks). No member should monopolize the equipment or weights. The was Past Due Monthly Fee for: June 2021:$21.49 plus My wife uses Club fitness. Please se the attached document with screen shots of file notes. Complaint: ******** Check-in during staffed hours is located and available at the Front Desk. during deadlifts. 10. 16. 7. Member agrees to follow Club Fitness NY rules as promulgated from time to time. Cancellation without meeting above terms may be liable to cancellation fees ($150.00). Know more about our specific policies and procedures. People can develop fertility problems, personality changes, and acne. been given cancellation instructions multiple times. No short shorts or any other clothing considered by management to be suggestive will be permitted. When the cancel submission was submitted to our Customer Service Department, ABC Fitness Solutions, both cancel fees were billed. In short, observe gym etiquette.

No notice whatsoever !!! Complaint: ******** 24 Hour Access Unlimited Tanning If repair or assistance is needed, contact the General Manager, or see the Front Desk. Steroid Warning: The use of steroids to increase strength or growth can cause serious health problems. You will receive written confirmation from management.

They now have sent ****** (my son who was never a payer on the account) to collections for the amount of $323.70. If a member brings a guest during non-staffed hours, he/she will have a $50.00 charge deducted on the date of their next draft.

a $19.50 Service Fee.This members NO videoing or photography ispermitted in the facility at any time for social media use to promote a personal training or onlinetraining business. The boxing ring may be used ONLY during group fitness classes or with a certified Club Fitness New York instructor/trainer. I will be more than happy to go to the media on their lack of integrity. I understand every effort is made to reduce said risks through ongoing training and continuing evaluation of CLUB4 personnel.

Members are required to wear appropriate gym attire and sneakers while using the facility. If they cannot be controlled on the way down, please use a spotter or lower your weight. Specialty Classes Personal training and fitness assessments are available at an additional cost. I need to know the details from the business regarding how to send the payment of the settled amount. Well guide you through the process. This is just bad practice all around. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the steam room. They have refused to cancel and were still charging March and April. Before using the facility, the guest must also tour with a CLUB4 membership representative.

Additionally, I have contacted the company via email to get answers and they continually tell me that they are not able to help. Must personally visit the facility to submit cancellation request with a manager. My wife went on April 26 and talked to Elvis, who closed and finalized our memberships. Violation of these rules may be the cause for suspension or cancellation/revocation of membership. Cancellation Procedure: All requests for cancellation must be made at least thirty (30) days in advance of the effective cancellation date to avoid charges on next billing date. Now we're getting collection notices. 6. We also have the right to terminate the violation of membership according to the terms ofthe membership agreement.

Typically only have info for the Main Account Holder to Cancel, 1. please provide a written 30- day notice by certified mail with all the information listed above, 2. Your responsibility is to inform guests about these policies because CLUB4 will ask them to leave the facilities for any policy violations. They already have a valid cease and desist order being drafted for delivery. Unauthorized use of boxing ring will result in immediate revocation of membership, I understand there are some discomforts and risks associated with physical activity, such as muscle soreness, strains and sprains, and occasionally cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure. Remove all metal jewelry prior to entering. Please do not pour water on the electric coils. CLUB4 will not allow access to anyone 30 days (about four and a half weeks) past due to their payment obligations outlined in your agreement. Did they break their own rules? I had planned on staying with club fitness but the nightmare of cancelling changed my mind. Minors 14 and Above: May use the facilities without supervision or being accompanied by a parent or guardian. These reversals cantake 7-10 days under normal working conditions. No tobacco products of any kind are allowed in CLUB4 facilities. I have a home gym and will never be going back to Club fitness again. In attempting to work through this with ABC Fitness Solutions, they informed me that they are not willing to discuss the operational / billing policiies. We have a 24hr maintenance staff to ensure that our clubs are germ-free and properly sanitized at all times. Note that complaint text that is displayed might not represent all complaints filed with BBB some consumers may elect to not publish the details of their complaints, some complaints may not meet BBBs standards for publication, or BBB may display a portion of complaints when a high volume is received for a particular business. Intentionally dropping, slamming, or bouncing equipment for any reason is prohibited. They should not be charging me.

All clothing should not be see-through or have questionable slogans. Conflicts Regarding Use: Please do not linger on equipment because other members may want to use it. Personal Training Discounts All rights reserved. This Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy Statement has been established to ensure that all CLUB4 Fitness and CLUB at Township employees are protected from discrimination under all local, State and, Federal laws which protect against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), parental status, national origin, age, disability, genetic information (including family medical history), political affiliation, and military service. GET YOUR FREE PASS. All Basic & Standard Features PLUS So come in, take a tour & sign up today!

Online Fitness and Nutrition Program, All Basic Features PLUS: Do not use steam or sauna rooms while under the influence of any type of alcohol, drugs, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics, or tranquilizers. CLUB4 supports specific guidelines for the execution of lifts. Congratulations on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Member must submit a cancel request. I was informed my buyout fee of $99 would be deducted from my account on my next scheduled payment date which wouldve been April 21, 2022. We have spoken to this member on the phone today. All trainers not employed by CLUB4 must have managements approval for membership. We will care for children aged 6-weeks to 12 years. We have given hera direct email address and phone number of a contact in the Corporate Office, should there be any issues in the future. Thank you for the final billing date. 7. We would also like to point out, in the very first paragraph, (which the consumer initialed), it states: Once your minimum payment term has been fulfilled, your membership will automatically continue billing on a month-to-month basis including your Annual Membership Fee regardless of use. If you have any questions, please email corporate@clubfitness.us, Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating, of those, 4 complaints were closed in last 12 months. Check-in for 24-hour access memberships ONLY is available at the Front Door, using your membership barcode and the scanner at the Front Door. Please be aware of your fellow members when using equipment and allow others to work in with you between sets. A friendly staff and excellent customer service is only the beginning! the facilities Monday through Thursday during the hours of 8am 8pm. CLUB4 Fitness and THE CLUB at Township employees and applicants are also protected against retaliation. ID will be required to submit your cancellation. Club Fitness, When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. More specifically, CLUB4 Fitness will take prompt action when an EEOC employee, agentof EEOC, or non-employee is found to have engaged in discrimination, retaliation, or harassment (including sexual harassment) and CLUB4 Fitness takes this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to a workplace free of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. No Alcohol, Drugs, or Smoking: You cannot use the facilities at CLUB4 while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. If you are unable to cancel in Person, please As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. I also sustained an injury at Club Fitness due to an icy parking lot that was not properly salted on February 24th, 2022 but never reported it because I was uncomfortable due to Club Fitnesss negligent attitude they maintain. 11. Dropping weights from overhead lifts is strictly prohibited. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. You are welcome to use you cell phones in our lobby and lounge areas. Food & Beverages: Food and beverage consumption is allowed if in a spill-proof container.

The club told the member that he would not have to pay his but the spouse would be responsible for hers. I am asking for Club Fitness to review this case, remove ****** from collections and negotiate a fair amount with me. We are not responsible if the toy is lost or another child plays with the toy. Members and guests must adhere to all rules set forth by Club Fitness NY staff (including instructors) pertaining to group fitness classes. I didnt receive a letter , email , or phone call. The email that you received from ABC Fitness Solutions,on 3/15/21 (that you attached to you complaint) states: To cancel your membership you must send in the request via regular or certified mail. We have knowledgeable & certified professional trainers, over 60group fitness classes a week, a core room, cross fit space, etc. I lost my job a few years ago and was unable to pay my membership fees. Guests must present a photo I.D. 4. use the date of the Post Mark Date on your letter as the first day for your REQUIRED 30-Day Notice, After you get signed receipt back follow-up with the location to confirm completion of cancellation. emailed us saying that he canceled in our Bass Pro location in January of 2021, with a named employee. Solicitation of all kinds is prohibited in our facilities unless permitted by CLUB4. Know that all past due amounts must be paid in full upon your termination date. Cancel requests may be submitted in person at Fee and $19.50 Service Charge.The No contact from them.

Club Fitness NY will be sad to see you go, please refer to your policy for cancellation details. We recommend Certified Mail so the member has a receipt of mailing. I have subsequently been charged $21.49 for the following 5 months ($107.45). Please replace the weights on the rack after use and wipe off any benches after use. I have email threads where theyre trying to lie to me to not allow me to cancel. Due to medical issues we have dropped our memberships. and practices. It is also within our rights to refuse membership to protect the integrity of our business and our current employed personal trainers and coaches. Your browser does not support MP4 files, or video tags. There was no loss for the gym. My response to the collections was simple.

I sent multiple cancellation letters to the address provided on the website but still kept getting dinged on my credit card, we would freeze it from the website, that worked, but then they'd ding us again. The programs include aerobic dance, group exercise classes, cycling classes, cardiovascular machines, resistance machines, and free weights. 2. No photographic or Video Equipment: No cameras, videotaping, or any photographic or video equipment are permitted unless you have written consent from CLUB4. Fill in form- use your email to receive the confirmation information, 6. of each year.Member has We have wiped her slate clean and dropped her account from collections; the extra that she paid to the collections company, is being credited back to the consumer. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Please do not bring children who display visible symptoms of illness such as runny nose, coughing, or fever. 2020: $21.49 plus a $9.50 Late Fee AND November 2020: $21.49 plus $9.50 Late Thank you for your help. *In Canada, trademark(s) of the International Association of Better Business Bureaus, used under License. Ive sent two certified letters, emails with multiple documents proving that I moved here and they still will not cancel my membership. No personal training or supplement solicitation at any time. Club Fitness needs to CLARIFY that they resume BILLING DAILY, VERY MISLEADING. Limit yourself to a maximum of 15 minutes. I cannot afford to pay for a gym membership that Im not able to use because its six hours away. CLUB4 may require proof that your membership is current. Very shady practices. 3. Dec 2020, My wife and I signed up for memberships at Club fitness, in Affton, thru Christy T. My membership was at a reduced rate due to my insurance ($12 monthly), my wife was full cost ($32 monthly). Or have they been misleading people by saying this can only be done by mail?Whatever the story, my first letter to them was sent over 2 years ago now. NO videoing or photography is permitted in the facility at any time for social media use to promote a personal training or online training business. 8. Minors under the age of 18 that are members must have their parent or guardian sign the financial guarantee and the membership agreement.

During these days of covid and unusual staffing conditions, your patience is appreciated. $81.48 charge in January 2021, was NOT a cancellation Fee. We, Club Fitness, are unsure as to what exactly ABC Financial did on this account. Your final billing was 4/15. Now I am dealing with the collection agency who is saying I owe over $200 more than originally claimed. The business is not acknowledging that they are at fault. Any destructive conduct will be cause for immediate revocation of membership, including the forfeiture of fees. Aerobics and Spin Classes, Basic access to club and all equipment. I am rejecting this response because: I continued to Freeze because they did not honor the cancellation requests. 3. St Peters, MO 63376. Club fitness needs to adopt *** ****s gym etiquette policy and they would still have me as a member. We only allow personal training by employees of CLUB4. BBB is here to help. Club Fitness is a Gym Membership/Fitness center, 1. Have cancelled club membership multiple times. The first note is from the corporate office here is St. Peters, showing that the refund was requested on our end ON 4/30/21. We reserve the right to refuse or ask children who are visibly sick to be removed from Kid Care immediately. Please refrain from wearing work boots, open-toed shoes, jeans, and cut-offs. Click On Click Here Button for E-Mail Submission, 5. Memberships that roll over to a Month to Month non contract require a thirty (30) day notice to cancel. I needed to be sure this membership was cancelled. Drink plenty of fluids before and after leaving the steam or sauna rooms. Please wipe off exercise equipment thoroughly after use and return equipment to its proper place. This interaction occurred and I was lead to believe that it had been processed and I was no longer a member (thus not being charged). ****** never used the gym due to his relocation and to COVID concerns. I am not paying for a service I requested cancelled, and have not used. Thank you in advance for your time. I desire to voluntarily engage in the various programs at CLUB4. Members and guests will be asked to leave if not properly dressed.

Please be aware of personal hygiene including the wearing of deodorant. Such conduct includes, without limitations, using loud abusive, offensive, insulting, demeaning language, profanity, lewd conduct, or any conduct that harasses or is bothersome to members or CLUB4 employees. The guest must pay a $10.00 guest fee and accompany a member. My mail in Dec 2020 and in person March 15 or 16th 2021.

The payment account that was set up was evidently not my debit card, but, instead, my checking account with US Bank. Please DO NOT bang weight stacks or dumbbells. Minors 11 and Under: May not use the workout facilities at any time. A yearly rate guarantee of $49.00 will be billed on the anniversary of your membership agreement date to ensure you will continue to receive the rate guaranteed at signing. You may as to receive a RESULT BBB has received consumer complaints about Club Fitness which allege they received charges while account was on "freeze" during COVID-19 pandemic, continued charges after cancelling membership, incorrectly being sent to collections, and poor customer service. We responded that we do not have the ability Consistent with federal laws, acts of retaliation against an employee who engages in protected activity, such as reporting discrimination or harassment or participating in the EEO process, whistleblowing, or the exercise of any appeal or grievance right provided by law will not be tolerated at CLUB4 Fitness. I uploaded pictures of the envelope mailed to club fitness to my laptop in March - they were taken Dec 21st 2020 before mailing at the post office. Your workouts must always be alone unless you are working out with your spouse or child. Frozen months are added to the end of the contractual agreement, thereby extending the contract for that time. Newspapers, magazines, or other reading materials are prohibited. Again, our settlement amount is $226.59. Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate revocation of membership. Do not smoke, exercise, eat or drink beverages in the steam or sauna rooms. On 4/30, one of the $89.00 fees was processed to be refunded. A photo I spoke to Chase ***** General manager at club fitness 12 Hampton Village Plaza St Louis Mo 63109 when I went in person and cancelled. This includes interfering with the daily activities, stealing company materials, and acting negatively towards and speaking about CLUB4 staff and management. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. CANCELLATION: MEMBER MAY CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT ANY PENALTY OR FURTHER OBLIGATION WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS AGREEMENT. to reach out to the named employee.

You are welcome to use you cell phones in our lobby and lounge areas. There are also civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized sales, use, or exchange of anabolic steroids.
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