Mud and mineral warm waters, the salty Lake Ursu in Sovata are famous for curing infertility. uic). There is frequent train and bus service from/to Bucharest - and other major cities in Romania - to Transylvania region.

Discover the wildlife of Transylvania - The Carpathian Mountains are the home of the last large mammals in Europe.

Also, between the 11th and 13th century the Hungarian Kingdom brought Hungarians, Saxons, Cumans and Teutonic Knights in Transylvania in order to colonize the region, hence the ethnic and cultural diversity we find there these days. Telephone: (+4) 0266 317 007 TAROM flies to/from Bucharest and Munich; Mici - a symbol of Romania. These detailed road maps can lead you anywhere, without much guidance needed. Although now there are plenty of restaurants specialized in various cuisines, the Romanian cuisine, especially in Transylvania, consists of many meat dishes.

Facts about Transylvania Food & Wine Opening Hours: Mon. Transylvania Castle tour in four days from Bucharest, Three days tour to Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara from Cluj-Napoca, Two days getaway to Brasov, Sighisoara & Sibiu from Bucharest, Dracula tour, beyond the legend - Eight days in Transylvania, Private Day Trip to Sighisoara and gipsy community villages, Day trip from Cluj-Napoca: Turda Salt mine & Alba Fortress, Private Road Trip to Transfagarasan Highway. Sat. Between 1526 and 1699, Transylvania was an autonomous principality and a vassal of the Ottoman Empire. This complex history explains the many cultural differences between Transylvania and the rest of Romania. Sibiu, Sighisoara and Medias are the best-known places in Romania where the medieval architecture and some of the tradition remained almost unaltered, making them the perfect location for medieval themed festivals. Probably because of Castle Dracula with its mythical history related to Vlad the Impaler, and everything thats been pictured in movies and books about this Romanian region. Clnic, After World War I, Transylvania became part of Greater Romania. Districts had written rules, and violations were punishable by fines. castle transylvania bran dracula romania night russell young castillos rumania castles palacios paisajes castillo photographic allposters transilvania sighisoara moped haunted Transylvania is a diverse region: it is worth trying to observe the differences that exist within the region, both culturally and naturally. 8. Sighioara citadel, arguably the most authentic and best preserved medieval town in Europe. Spend the Haloween in Transylvania - For details check our Halloween in Transylvania Tour.

They have done it in such a successful way that nowadays special tours from architects from abroad are organized in Turda Salt Mine, Strada General Traian Mooiu 24, Bran 507025, Romania, HIGH SEASON (APRIL 1 - SEPTEMBER 30) Monday: 12PM - 6PM TueSun: 9AM - 6PM Last Admission: 6PM; LOW SEASON (OCTOBER 1 - MARCH 31) Monday: 12PM - 4PM TueSun: 9AM - 4PM Last Admission: 4PM. RomaniaTourism Domestic Transportation section. National Opera Centrul de Informare Turistica - Miercurea Ciuc Daily: 9 a.m 5 p.m. Brasov Tourist Information Centre For almost two millennia, it served as a salt mine and in time of need, even as a bomb shelter and warehouse for cheese. Learn More about the history of Transylvania - Take a three days Private Tour of Transylvania starting from Cluj Napoca and learn more about how Transylvania evolved across the centuries and how the mixture of culture created such a beautiful place. Discover the wildlife of Transylvania - The Carpathian Mountains are the home of the last large mammals in Europe. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Wines: Feteasc Neagr, Feteasc Regal, Gewurtztraminer, Kerner, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Rhine Riesling, Zweigelt

Its first known mention appears in a Medieval Latin document from 1075, named as Terra Ultra Silvam, meaning "The land beyond the forest".

in one day and get the chance to explore the surrounding sites. In the countryside, Saxons were organized in neighbourhoods, this encouraged them to help one another. This week's #Romania pics: a last glimpse of winter. 9. The soups, to which sour cream and egg yolk are ofted added, also include homemade pasta (tieei However, people won't get mad if you don't leave anything and they might turn your money down anyway. Location: 'bordered' to south and east by the arc of the Carpathian mountains.

Healing waters from Ocna Sibiu (their salinity is compared with that of the Dead Sea) are good for arthritis. Address: Mica (Mures county), Str. 10. dracula vlad transylvania count tepes legend romania impaler dracul history vampire romaniatourism castle shadow walk stoker bram travel vampires 10. If you feel like you are being mistreated by a police officer, ask for his superior. For the brave and those with cardiovascular disease, mofettes from Covasna are optimal for a sauna with post volcanic gases (carbon dioxide and sulfur). Fri.: 10 a.m. 6 p.m. If you are planning to visit us, our travel guide for Romania can be one of the best resources. Opening Hours: Mon. and one of the world's deepest underground abysses (Coltii Grindului shaft, - 1,800 feet), Transylvania offers excellent conditions for outdoor activities: Biking, Camping, Caving, Rock-Climbing, Fishing, Hiking, Nature walks, Rafting, Wildlife and Bird Watching. Try to visit a few older villages, where the people are generally very friendly. Therefore, you shouldnt take offense if your Romanian host asks you to take off your shoes before you enter their home.

starting from Cluj Napoca and learn more about how Transylvania evolved across the centuries and how the mixture of culture created such a beautiful place. Biertan Fortified Church - Biertan (Sibiu County). Hrman, This region is a place with abundant history and multicultural convergence. flag oradea bihor romania flags orade fotw crwflags ro istvn molnr modified peter michael Biertan Fortified Church is placed in Biertan, one of Transylvanias oldest settlements.

Usually, they leave from train stations in major cities, and stop in the central area of smaller ones. RomaniaTourism International Transportation section. After the first World War and disintegration of Austro-Hungary, containing a Romanian majority population, Transylvania united with the Kingdom of Romania, through the Treaty of Trianon, and remained a part of Romania even after World War II. Tourist Info Wines: Chardonnay, Dry Muscat, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer *Besides Biertan there are other fortified churches you can read about in our article on. Transylvania History Museum, Sibiu

However, as with Europe in general, the Roma ethnicity is still seriously discriminated against and their culture is little understood. The Roman Empire conquered Dacia in 106 AD and built a new capital at Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa. History Museum and the Clock Tower, Brasov: Bruckenthal Palace - Sibiu, Transylvania's finest art museum. Would you like to find out the latest trips and stories from the land of Romania? Then, following the example of tourism organizations established in the same period in Western Europe, the Transylvanian Carpathian Association proposed the construction of the first trails, tourist huts and shelters in all mountain ranges ringing Transylvania. Sarmisegetuza Regia, remnants of the capital of kingdom of Dacia (modern day Romania). 11. In close proximity to Brasov are the Saxon fortified churches Harman, with its massive, still strong, 13th defending towers, and Prejmer, the largest fortified church in Southeastern Europe. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Every year Cluj hosts numerous sports and cultural events including Transylvania International Film Festival and Untold dance music Festival. all designated by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. RomaniaTourism Domestic Transportation section. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 2. Quaint towns and villages, medieval citadels, fortresses and castles. When you visit Transylvania you dive into a mix of cultures, nature and history. Bran Fortress was built both for strategic and economic reasons. 20. Labels: Cardinal, Domeniul Ciumbrud, Fior, Mentor, Mulbach, Privilegium, Crama Jidvei / Bethlen-Haller Chteau You can find it at locals (they will be happy to have you taste theirs) and in wine cellars. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Centrul de Informare Turistica - Cluj This is a local brandy.

You can fly to Otopeni Airport(near Bucharest), Romanias biggest international airport, then drive for three hours to reach Transylvania.


Trains are usually the best way to travel between major Transylvanian cities and touristic destinations. Website There isn't any historical evidence to suggest the connection between Vlad and Bran Castle, but the tourists are always welcome to visit the place and discover its true story. 3. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Mon. 19. Mon. Bran Castle (also known as Dracula's Castle), built in 1377. The 14th-century Corvin Castle - one of Transylvania's most spectacular Gothic structures with impenetrable walls, a drawbridge and a massive dungeon. E-mail Lacrima Lui Ovidiu - A nice, sweet Romanian wine, available in supermarkets for around 20 lei. Fri. 9 a.m. 7 p.m. May October: Transylvania is surrounded by the misty Carpathian mountains and is home to rare fauna (bears, wolves) and flora (orchids and other plants). Inhalation in excess of these gases can be fatal, so the treatment is done under strict medical supervision. Find the crafts forgotten in the modern world taste the amazing Transylvanian food and even try to cook a recipe in a 7 days Amazing Romania private tour. Dealu Viilor 10, Turda Saschiz Visit the Castles of Transylvania - We have prepared a 4 days, *If youre interested in finding out more about the, Find out more about the local culture and cuisine - besides castles and Dracula, Transylvania is renowned for its culture and unique cuisine and thats what made Sibiu a gastronomical capital in 2019. Visit the Turda Salt Mine - Visit Turda Salt Mine in one day and get the chance to explore the surrounding sites. Beware though that most circuits include large elevations, so you should be used to climbing hills. Brasov The 15th-century Corvin Castle, the most beautiful in Transylvania, located in Hunedoara, near town of Deva, has a sumptuous Knights Hall that can be used for functions or parties, as well as towers and buttresses reminiscent of the medieval times.

Retezat National Park - (Hunedoara County). Cluj Napoca Art Museum Ion Creanga 10, Aiud Weavers' Bastion, Cluj Napoca To check train and bus schedules, for domestic routes, please visit

Address: Bulevardul Eroilor 6, Old Town Cluj Telephone: (+4) 0264 452 244 Sun. Winetasting / Wineries Many locals brew their own natural and tasteful brandy. Austrian Airlines, People are usually very friendly and will help you get to the destination of your choice. 6.

and Horinca de Bihor, or other Tuica.

Explore the villages and the fortified churches - With a Classic Romania Tour, you can go from Bucharest and explore Romania through Transylvania to the northern areas of Maramures. Its purpose was to intercept the road that leads to Transylvania from Walachia. Main cities and towns: Alba Iulia, Bistrita, Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Medias, Deva , Miercurea Ciuc, The more serious law transgressors would have been excluded from the community and would become a pariah. Romania is one the world's leading producers of cabbage (varza). It has a relatively large number of police stations, so if anything goes amiss on your journey, help will be close by. where 18 large wineries produce excellent white wines (dry, half-dry, semi-sweet and sweet). Transportation to Transylvania

Drju, 13. Ancient Turda Salt Mine, now a museum and amusement park 400 feet below earth's surface. Bruckenthal - Transylvania's finest art museum, Sighisoara Puppet Theater "Arlechino", Sovata - spa town home to Europe's only helio-thermal, salty, lake: the Bear Lake (Lacul Ursu). City of Cluj-Napoca, the largest urban and university centre in Transylvania. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

Mountain hiking and trekking in Romania was first developed in Transylvania and opened access to many landmarks famous today. What are the main tourist attractions in Transylvania? RomaniaTourism International Transportation section. Many Romanians who lived in predominantly Saxon villages adopted this custom which is held even to this day mostly by the elders. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Weather will get much warmer next week and snow will be just, A true Art-Nouveau hidden gem, #Oradea is beautiful & welcoming any season and, arguably, one of the best Europea. It is spoken in Covasna and Harghita counties, and in the cities of Targu Mures and Cluj Napoca because of the more than 100 years, in which the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled the region. Therefore, Hungarian is the default language in eastern Transylvania. Check timetables on infofer.ro [18]. Biertan, There are several daily international trains: Very frequent trains link cities in Transylvania with Bucharest and major cities in all other regions of Romania. brasov Telephone (+4) 0762 207.490 Telephone: (+4) 0268 419.078 Being visited by 18.000 tourists each year, the national park has lots of routes, even some child-friendly routes. Website

Here you can find some of the most developed cities in Romania, but also old villages where people live as they did a hundred years ago. More than 4,000 caves and the second largest underground glacier in Europe: Scarisoara Glacier await to be explored. Asides from Saxons, in Transylvania was also a rather large Hungarian population established. 7. Peles Castle, Sighisoara Citadel, Brukenthal Palace, Pelisorul, Rasnov fortress, Poienari fortress are all incredible buildings that are worth to be seen. You can ask for a bear tracking tour, wolf tracking tour or bird watching tour, or visit the Libearty Sanctuary from Zarnesti to view the bears in their natural environment.

On December 1st 1920, the citizens of Braov offered the castle to Queen Maria of Romania who redecorated and renovated the castle in its modern form.

Alba Iulia Vauban Fortifications (18th century), the largest of its kind in south-east Europe. Address: Aleea Sfntul Capistrano 28,, Alba Carolina Citadel "ASTRA" Museum of Ethnography and Rural Civilization

Alba Iulia fortress, the largest bastion in Southeastern Europe, Famous movie locations you can visit in Romania. 15. Address: Str. Find out more about the local culture and cuisine - besides castles and Dracula, Transylvania is renowned for its culture and unique cuisine and thats what made Sibiu a gastronomical capital in 2019.

All over the Carpathians there are great national parks. The trip also includes a visit to Peles Cas, Private Day Trip to Dracula Castle, Peles & Brasov-Tickets included, Private Day trip to Corvin Castle and Alba Carolin. Prejmer, Bicycles are a very convenient and eco-friendly way of getting around in Transylvania and this way you can observe the natural beauty and even visit the smallest and remotest of villages. Romania's greatest and best preserved castles and fortresses are to be found here.

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There are five major wine regions in Transylvania: Aiud, Alba, Lechina, Sebe-Apold and Trnave Highlights *Besides Biertan there are other fortified churches you can read about in our article on Transylvania Fortified Churches. 9. It has monumental dimensions and is surrounded by three sets of walls, with six towers and three bastions. Palinca is an alcoholic drink similar to the Russian vodka, as theyre both made through distillation, the difference being that vodka is made out of cereals and palinca is usually made out of fruit. In the south of Romania you can see the green. Transylvania has all the history and multi-ethnic culture you could want. To some locals it is like the sword to a samurai (but tastier). Across history, the territory of Transylvania was populated by Geto-Dacians in antiquity and belonged to the Dacian Kingdom then to the Roman empire after the conquering of Dacia. Many restaurants have a range of vegetarian options as well but the best time for them is in the fasting periods during which many Romanians stop eating animal products. Besides driving you can reach Transylvania from Bucharest in almost four hours by train to Brasov, or in 50 minutes by plane to Cluj Napoca. In the center of Transylvania there are green hills and rivers. These days, Salina Turda serves as an underground amusement park visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, being considered The Coolest Underground Place In The World.

The mountain hiking map of Romania did not suffer significant beneficial changes in the late nineteenth century. Be careful though for secondary and tertiary roads are not clearly marked, so sometimes you have to ask for directions. Central Romania Take off from one of Brasov's airfield and admire from up above the medieval city, Rasnov Citadel, Bran Castle - also known as Draculas Castle - a legendary Transylvanian fortress dating back to 1377 and the panorama of Bucegi Mountains. Wines: Aligote, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Gewurtztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Telephone: (+4) 0753 992.255

Transylvania is one of the three major historical regions of Romania. If youre a vegetarian you will also want to experiment with the diverse Romanian garnishes. All rights reserved. Meats, such as pork, mutton, veal, are among the most popular ingredient in Transylvania's cuisine. Maybe it is because of Bram Stoker's Dracula novel or the way it is revealed in Media and the pop culture that formed around it, but besides the thrills, the visitors always find a place with amazing sights, picturesque sceneries, welcoming locals and stories to remember. Samuel Brukenthal 2, Great Square

The Moi (name given to the inhabitants of the region) live in scattered villages located at altitudes of over 5,000 feet, in the Apuseni Mts., and have preserved their century-old traditions and lifestyle. Most people wear slippers around the house and they expect their guests to do the same. The Transylvanian Salt Mine modernization was conceived by a team of architects from Cluj.

You should beware of pickpocketing around busy tourist attractions and in heavily touristed towns, like Sinaia, there will be some con men out to prey on tourists. Geographically, Transylvania refers only to the Transylvanian plateau surrounded by the Carpathian arc; but as a geopolitically, the historical region of Romaniaalso includes Banat, Crisana, Satmar and Maramures. However, many of the region's landmarks lie hidden from major transportation routes, so it is recommended you either rent a car or take buses to those places. Sibiu (SBZ) in 1961, to form the present Unitarian Universalist Association. Rolandia is registered as tour operator at Ministry of Tourism in Romania.

Bran is just one of many incredible castles in Transylvania. 20pax): 5Lei (1)" lat="N 45.515178" long="E 25.367044">The construction of the fortress of Bran was ordered by the Hungarian king Louis I of Anjou on the site of an old building erected by Teutonic Knights. After 1699, the Principality of Transylvania was administered by the Austrian Empire. You can ask for a bear tracking tour, wolf tracking tour or bird watching tour, or visit the, In order to get to Transylvania, you have to put in your travel schedule an occasion to, 10 Most Famous Romanian Women from Now and Then, 10 reasons why you should move to Romania, The ethnic mosaic is enhancing local culture. E-mail This site is owned, operated, and maintained by MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Viscri Your email address will not be published.

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