Though the exclusive address is reason enough to take this dazzling suite, the upper-level loft and floor to ceiling windows certainly add to the appeal. Street Sale (Public Spaces/Lots) When Sims are using the street table on public spaces or lots, this interaction will enable a 3-hour Street Sale that attracts buyers to the lot. Once they are tending the table, additional options will be available depending on what type of lot they are on. Mexican Food Stall When Sims head into the City to explore the world, they are most definitely going to run into the Living Statue street performer. Wasabi (10) - This green root is grown in mountain streams. A simple protest, known as the Llamoid Sit-In, shocked the public with its extreme use of acoustic guitars, hair flowers and slightly tuneless singing. Passionfruit Potion Gives Sim a Flirty moodlet that makes them belch fire, or an Angry moodlet that turns their skin red. 121 Hakim House (1,200 Weekly / 4,800 Deposit) Lot Traits: Home Studio The Sims 4 City Living adds 10 brand new Vegetarian-safe food recipes. Rebates will be applied directly to Household Funds. After public outcry, the closure was cancelled. They can also serenade other Sims, Sing in Shower, unlock new songs, and license written lyrics on instruments. They can sometimes outright refuse to help, leaving your Sims to fix it themselves. The Flea Market is a simple festival that has low prices for furniture and decor objects.

Reminisce of simpler times and create new memories as you look fondly at this globe in your collection. You need to click on them to get your Sim to collect them, then talk to Yamachan once the time is up. The bubble blower is also conveniently located at the Spice Festival. While many are stunned by the panoramic vistas including a fantastic view of a helicopter landing pad, visitors will note the exclusive address and luxury walk-in closets as the prime qualities of this spacious residence. The stalls can be found randomly in the public areas of San Myshuno or during Street Festivals. The Spice Festival, for example, is home to the all-new Cooking Spices. Tend Table This option must be selected in order for your Sim to begin selling anything. RELATED: The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: How To Build Climbing Skill Quickly. The Festival of Youth is a unique festival because it celebrates children, an often-ignored part of the Sims. (Become a Chief Critic in the Arts Critic Career Branch), Chopstick Savvy (Reward Trait)From slippery noodles to tiny peas, these Sims have mastered the art of eating with Chopsticks. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licencors. Moodlet: Savory Aromas (Inspired +1). City food can be purchased at any festival or public food stalls that offers the new recipes in the menu.

Sims who continue to increase their Motor and Fitness Skills will unlock a number of new interactions. Crossing the bridge to get to the city has never been more miniature! Each festival has its own flavor, but they all have some things in common. The intricate ink work on this poster famously caused it to be delivered after the date of the protest it was supposed to advertise. RELATED: The Sims 4: 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Snowy Escape. At first glance, the Festival of Light appears quite limited but there are a few activities to choose from. Casbah Gallery (Arts Center / 4030 / 202,064) This modern glass structure in the heart of the Arts Quarter is a chic destination for a date or a recreational day devoted to improving your artistic skills. Needless to say, this will cause your Sims to feel very negatively. The snow in the square next to the ski lift becomes deeper for the festival. Occupied by Jesminder Bheeda and Arun Bheeda This witty political poster for Llama Rights is a classic example of local artist Angsty's unusual style. Karaoke records will fall before their awesome voice! Includes the Party Place and Sunny Aspect Lot Traits. Planet HoneyPop! There are also some unique interactions, including the interaction for adults to give a blessing to teen and child Sims. Sims can also able to sing Jazz songs by clicking on his/her self and selecting Sing Song. Plain Gives Sims a Happy or Dazed moodlet. Singing Level 9 Sims can now License Lyrics that theyve written via the mailbox. However, just as with votes in the Politician Branch, while your Sim will always have a Daily Task requiring you get donations, your Sim only needs to raise a maximum of $20,000 to reach Level 10. Includes the Party Place Lot Trait. Suspended Modern (Arts Center, 4030, 167,434) Take a relaxing walk through the museums garden to gather inspiration. Stargazer Lounge (Lounge, 4030, 124,821) Rooftop party, anyone? The festivals are short enough usually about 8 game hours that your sim cant really do everything in one visit, so that means you wont do everything in the first week and then never go back. Location: SpiceMarket. These new fish types can be found in most fishing spots around the world. Parties just seem to go well at this place. The Festival of Light's food stall is the Taiyaki stand and you'll find it just across from the park, next to the vending machines. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Festival of Snow is the most limited of all the festivals since there aren't many specific activities. Bubbles come in a variety of different colors depending on the festival: Spice Festival (Green), Humor and Hijinx (Blue), Romance Festival (Red), GeekCon (Purple), and Flea Market (White). This Plaque was erected to mark 150 years of fishery in our fine city. If you go up the stairs next to the bonfire, you'll see candles lighting the way to the graveyard.

When placing a Gaming Console near a television, Sims will be able to play Solo, Multiplayer, or Online with other Sims, and even enter Gaming Tournaments! Tyler Small,,, Show off your singing skills and woo the crowd! Male Adult/Teen/Elder 8Hairstyles and Hats, 1Facial Hair, 11Tops, 5 Bottoms, 12Outfits, 3 Pairs of Shoes, 1 Accessory, 3Tattoos

Exclusive Swag The Geekcon festival includes an exclusive Swag Stand where Sims can purchase this festivals exclusive items.

Perfect to spark up a soup, salsa, sauce or rub. Having the wedding party procession down the center aisle. There is a table and a wall where they can set up their wares and sell, sell sell. Art. Theyre smaller, but at the same time there are more useful things to do at these festivals. It's like there are tiny goblins who come out at night and smash things but that's ridiculous, right?

The first three levels are very simple, requiring leveling up the Writing skill. Sims who have a level 1 or higher Cooking Skill will automatically learn the recipes when eating from a Food Stall. Detailed info for each career is available below.

Play Basketball, Sing and Give Speech are the new type of activities available when picking club activities in the game. Climb the spire to enjoy lifes greatest creations, from the top artists around the city. Sims can master the Singing Skill on the Karaoke Machine, the Microphone, Piano, or Guitar, or by clicking on his/her self and then selecting the Practice Singing interaction. Fireworks are a new type of interactive object that light up the sky! The Festival of Snow celebrates all things snow-related and lights up Mt. Location: SpiceMarket Location: Arts Quarter. The City Skyline Snow Globe features the bustling city's towering buildings. Pests/Filth Some of the lower end and cheap apartments will also include special pests like cockroaches and mice, and sludge filth that leaks through the sewers. Includes the Great Soil and Natural Light Lot Traits. Depicted here is one of the great beasts in its final moments. The Sims 4 City Living introduces the brand new City Posters collectibles. Your Sim could receive a computer or a Future Cube as a participation prize. The Street Table is a new retail-like object that allows Sims to sell food dishes, collectibles, and crafts anywhere in the world. I look forward to having all my sims visit them.

The Basketball Court is an athletic object that allows Sims to increase their Motor Skill (Children) and Fitness Skill (Teens/Adults). Additionally, Sims can clean up the sludge with a mop. 930 Medina Studios (1,200 Weekly / 1,000) Lot Traits: Deposit Gnomes, Penny Pixies Switching flavors costs 10 Simoleons on public lots, but are free on private lots. Additionally, the new S-Pop, World and Talk Radio stations have been added to the radio. Includes the Great Acoustics Lot Trait. 18 Culpepper House (600 Weekly/ 1000 Deposit) Lot Traits: Historical, Haunted Curry (15) - Curry is in fact one of the cheapest spices. Schedule:Saturdays 5:00 p.m. 1:00 a.m. The Internet Personality Branch is likely the most difficult and involved career path in the expansion. The Sims 4 City Living adds the new Spop music genre to the game. Festival Swag Stall (x4 debug). Each festival has a different color firework and pattern. 1312 21 Chic Street (400 Weekly / 600 Deposit) Lot Traits: Lively Neighbors And also roses. At the Festival of Light, you'll find a purple vending machine next to the Taiyaki stand. The use of blacks and whites in this poster is really eye-catching. Saffron (25) - Coming from the dried stigmas, it takes an astounding 75,000 blossoms or 225,000 hand-picked stigmas to make a single pound which explains why it is the worlds most expensive spice. Once a Sim tips the street performer, they will unlock the street performer outfits and face paint in Create-a-Sim. Children cannot use the bubble blower object. This Park was once the estate of scientist and herring baron Barnabas Skye. Learn how your comment data is processed. It has the most food carts of all of the festivals which makes it ideal for collecting new recipes and ever changing harvestables. Each location and festival have unique and exclusive food stalls. The green plumbob spiritually represents control over one's Sim-self, fulfillment of one's whims and aspirations. Sims will randomly appear and purchase items from the Table. It will start when the computers at the festival start to glow.

Singing Level 2 Sims can now sing Duet Pop songs with other Sims, and can also perform Rock songs on the Karaoke Machine, and Folk songs via the Piano, Guitar, and/or Microphone (requires Piano Skill level 3 and Guitar Skill level 3). 702 ZenView Apartments (1,200 Weekly / 4,800 Deposit) Lot Traits: Quake Zone, Party Place A highly modern two floor apartment in the heart of the Fashion District. Your Simss hidden spice tolerance will contribute to the failure or success of the challenge. The Social Media Career is interesting, although it can be tedious. Yukimatsu Neighborhood, next to the ski lift. The street table has limited space, so only some of the items you want to sell will be placed. Exclusive Swag The Humor and Hijinks festival includes an exclusive Swag Stand where Sims can purchase this festivals exclusive items.
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