All rights reserved. We will also advise you on how to socialize and teach/train your companion so that you both get a good start and your pet can have a good chance at having normal brain development. Our veterinary students directly take part in our process, with the veterinarian in charge, affording real-life experience in the pre-history research, diagnosis, prognosis and plan for treating the clients pet. To make an appointment, contact the Small Animal Clinic (530)752-1393. Your dog will know if youre hiding out!

If necessary, use a leash and/or child gates or glass doors for a physical barrier. They have specialized training in neuroscience, psychiatry and clinical psychology. Appointments:Call215-746-8387Please make sure to request a behavior appointment. We have vast experience in many species of animals and typically treat difficult or aggressive animals, anxiety and phobia issues. In the case of a pet with a bite history, we establish a risk assessment based on the unique circumstances for your pet, explore ways that you can reduce that risk through management, and discuss your pets potential through therapy. Communication between and after appointments is heavily encourage to keep owners motivated and confident in the direction of the training (reasonable phone/email follow up is included within the appointment fee). Call or Text: 765-494-1107

Our goal is to help you find the pet that best fits your lifestyle and living situation so we want to make sure you have a realistic understanding of the time and resources necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for your new pet. University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, Office of Research and Faculty and Graduate Affairs, SCWDS Wildlife Research and Diagnostic Service, Behavioral Medicine Service Referring Veterinarian Form, Protected: Canine Behavioral History Form, Protected: Feline Behavioral History Form, Latest Behavioral Medicine News and Stories, Aug 27: Practical Surgery for Common Conditions in Cats, Oct 01: Best Practices in Clinical Research, Specific phobias such as storm phobia, fear of people, fear of other animals, fear of the veterinary experience, neophobia and claustrophobia, Aggression directed toward other animals and/or humans, Elimination problems and marking behavior (with urine or feces), Help owners and caregivers understand how the brain/mind generates the behavior in non-human animals, and to improve human-animal communication and relationships, Treat and manage mental health and behavioral disorders, Develop research in animal behavior, neuroscience, clinical behavioral medicine and animal welfare. The Behavior Clinic9680 Columbia Road,Olmsted Falls, Ohio Separately, clients can take advantage of our loyalty program, which offers discounted rates for third and subsequent visits! If all else fails, please bring the device used to record the video with you to the appointment.

All involved family members should attempt to be at the appointment. Fax: 765-496-6393


Due to the length of behavior appointments and limited appointment slots, behavior appointments usually book out 2-3 weeks in advance. Items that will be helpful to bring include: Videos and photographs of your pet and his/her environment can be extremely helpful. They have no governing body to address complaints in application of training methods or to address poor outcomes. Dr. Liu is a native of the Bay Area with a strong interest in working dogs., Workplace Giving & Employer Matching Gifts. Like psychiatry in humans, some patients require follow up visits.

We have advanced training in clinical animal behavior, as well as medicine, enabling us to prescribe medications if needed. Davis, California, Facebook,Twitter,YoutubeBehavior Animal Health Topics, Discover the latest behavior clinical trials at UC Davis.

To properly assist an owner having difficulty with their pet, we look at medical history, environment, family influence, previous training and most importantly the pet. This provides a better overall view of the behavior and interactions with each family member and individual insight needed for designing a treatment plan.

Some pets with separation anxiety may do better with people at home most of the time.

No one can guarantee a pets problem behavior can be fixed or resolved. Record areas your pet frequents - such as the backyard, feeding areas, sleeping spots, crating area, etc.

If you do not own any of the above, try to borrow one from friends or family.

Dr. First, well meet with you to find out more about you and your pet preferences and answer your questions. We can assist in development of environmental enrichment, management strategies, behavior modification and systems to improve the well-being of the animals in your care. Prior to the appointment, we ask for the owner to provide information to assist the practitioner and student to better understand the needs of the pet and the family: With this information, we can develop a specially tailored treatment plan, which is communicated through face-to-face communication, training performed with the owner and pet, as well as written materials to provide a synopsis of the visit. Weekends and Public HolidaysWe Are Closed. Why a specialized veterinarian for behavioral problems? It may also be helpful to give pets time to themselves, and help children to understand that they do need to be left alone at times, particularly if they are not trying to interact with family members, but are instead off by themselves resting or sleeping. These appointments typically last an hour to an hour and a half. But others may find their family members' new and often changing schedules to be very stressful. If you the bite was addressed by Animal Control or the Police, please provide a copy of the incident report.

SF SPCA Mission HospitalAppointments: 8am 6pm, dailyEmergency Services: 8am 12pm (noon), Sunday FridayCLOSED Saturday201 Alabama StreetSan Francisco CA 94103415.554.3000, SF SPCA Adoption Center10am 6pm, Monday Wednesday, Friday Sunday1pm 6pm, Thursday250 Florida StreetSan Francisco CA 94103(Free visitor parking)415.522.3500, San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. A behavior consultation with a board certified veterinary behaviorist (a specialty just like dermatology or oncology) is the absolute top tier of help you can seek for your pets behavior problems. buchholz

Double your impact today. Copyright The Regents of the University of California, Davis campus.

Once we have a good understanding of your living situation and the type of pet youre interested in, well make introductions and let you spend some quality time getting to know each other to see if theres a love connection. Some trainers seek professional education based on modern reward-based training, while others may use antiquated techniques. Did you know that dogs and cats can suffer from mental illnesses and behavioral pathologies just like people? Set up a recording device to record you just prior to leaving and after you actually leave.

This helps us better understand what sort of pet youre looking for so we can guide you every step of the way! In most cases, especially in dogs, each animal needs to come for an evaluation visit first to meet the behavior doctor (clinician), who will make diagnoses and consider a pharmacological intervention, if it applies.

Our Puppy Playgroups offer 30 minutes of playtime with puppies of the same age group (6-16 weeks). Well also see the relationship between you and your pet, the family, and other household pets if applicable. An additional travel fee will apply for home visits. We consider you and your new furry friend a part of the SF SPCA family so please reach out with questions and be sure to share your adoption stories and pet photos at

Turns out my other dog had a lot of anxiety issues I didn't recognize because he didn't display them outwardly.

If your pet is experiencing severe stress and anxiety during this time, Penn Vet Behavior is happy to help. Symptoms include trembling, avoiding, hiding, tucked tail, low body posture, whining and attempts to escape. We are involved in the latest clinical research on companion animal behavior and behavior problems. New patient appointments: 9 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., 1 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. M-F, Please fill out: Canine Questionnaire or Feline Questionnaire (return via email or fax)Please see: Behavior Service Appointment PoliciesTelephone: (530) 752-1393, Email: (appointments cannot be made via email), Fax: (530) 752-7616 (appointments cannot be made via fax), Location: We can also discuss realistic and unrealistic expectations that may come with pet ownership.

Please bring your pet and any family members that are involved in the behavior problem or the treatment of the problem.

Copyright 2022 The Behavior Clinic - Animal Behavior of Northeast Oho, LLC. Though dogs and cats are our most frequent visitors, we also see birds, pocket pets, exotics, horses, wildlife and farm animals.

We are generally able to provide a better estimate of the number of visits that may be required after we complete the initial appointment.

Welcome to the Behavior Service at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Experiencing aggression, anxiety, destruction or other distressing behavior? 24/7 Emergency Phone: 765-494-1107, 625 Harrison St Discussion whether drug therapy is indicated.

Many behaviors we see in our companion animals are normal reactions to their environment, and simply understanding our pet better can effectively address the issue at hand. Designed specifically for veterinarians who want to learn low-stress tools We are always looking into the "why" of behavior We are often in both regional and national news media 3800 Spruce Street - Philadelphia, PA 19104, Read about how our pets are impacted by our changing schedules. Our goal isto help you understand your pets behavior and achieve realist goals which provide safety, harmony and comfort for everyone in the home.

Our pets behavior issues can seem frustrating or impossible. Medications are never the sole answer for an animals behavior problems, but can be helpful for dogs with fear, anxiety or compulsive disorders who are suffering from a decreased quality of life due to the extent of their condition.

Most behavior modification exercises require 5-10 minutes three times daily.

Call the Small Animal Reception Desk at 765-494-1107 for a behavioral consultation appointment. If your pet is a picky eater (or has a special or restricted diet), please bring treats with you.

Veterinary behaviorists work closely with referring veterinarians to ensure any medical problems which cause or exacerbate behavior problems have been investigated to help determine an accurate diagnosis.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Program, Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Programs, Caesars Entertainment Equine Specialty Hospital - Shelbyville, Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Programs, Veterinary Research Scholars Summer Program, Support the Purdue University Veterinary Hospital, An equal access/equal opportunity university, Favorite treats (especially if your pet has food allergies), Any training tools or aids that are currently or previously used (if you still have them), Medical records or laboratory results from the last three months (or have your referring veterinarian fax them to the receptionist at. Our recheck appointments are hands-on exercises working on desensitization and counterconditioning in order to change your pets emotional response to the things which cause problems. We will be using food for training (unless your pet has medical issuers which requires a feeding schedule), so bring your pet in hungry. Without intervention, these behaviors have a high potential to worsen over time. If you do have an immediate question or concern, please call us directly at, Puppy Preschool Liability Waiver and Rules, Aggression towards people or other animals. West Lafayette, IN 47907

We can work with outside trainers to give at-home support for this training process. Penn Vet is offering a 3-year residency position focused on clinical activity and research. You should plan to spend at least 15-30 minutes per day working on behavior modification in order to see improvement. In addition to cats and dogs, we can also help with select behavioral problems in horses, rabbits, ferrets, and birds.

If you already have a pet, we will give you advice on how to introduce your new addition to your family, so everyone gets along! Some problems can be solved quickly and efficiently while more complex behavioral issues may require follow-up or recheck appointments.

This helps your pet interact with us during training and behavior modification.

We see various types of animals, with many different behavioral problems. Sung has been working as a behavior consultant since 1995 and sees Dogs, Cats, Birds and more!Full Bio Here. They can also diagnose medical conditions that may cause problem behaviors.

The Behavior Clinic was understanding, provided lots of support, and has been flexible and adjusted my dog's treatment based on our situation and need. These issues are not training problems, theyre deep emotional issues which require careful and methodical treatment rather than obedience training. We arecommitted to providing evidence-based, humane, fear-free non-confrontational treatment for our patients.

The Behavior Clinic's veterinarybehavior team partners with pet owners like yourself to find a way through the most difficult pet behaviors so your life can return to normal. Even if you have consulted multiple veterinarians and/or trainers regarding your pets situation, we are happy to see you. A group discussion also ensures a consistent message regarding the treatment. Peace, cleanliness, and stability can return to your home.

Your consultation will include a physical exam where possible. Backed by experience, science and the highest professional standards, we can address any behavior question or problem. Contact our team of veterinary behavior professionals today to start finding solutions to your pet's behavior problems. As we all try to cope with an unprecedented crisis in the health and economy of our country and the world, it is important to remember that the pets who share our lives are also affected by the drastic changes to our lives. But you don't have to be anxious or worried about other people's safety. ", "I would urge anyone who has been struggling with behavior issues to take the leap to work with the SF SPCA veterinary behaviorists - , it has made all the difference in the way that we relate to Tully and his ability to function happily from day to day", We are the largest and most qualified behavior resource center in the Bay Area, We provide 2 months of phone and email support while working on your treatment plan, Full consultations may be covered by your pet insurance, with referral from your regular veterinarian, We only use humane, effective training techniques, backed by scientific research, We have large training facilities, enabling us to work with difficult behaviors such as reactivity, The SF SPCAs first ever behavior resident. We see cats and dogs of all ages for behavior problems, ranging from house-training and litter box problems and destructive or self-injurious activity, to aggression towards people or towards other animals.

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