The platform offers an all-in-one digital workspace, real-time collaboration & feedback capture, and workflow automation that, together, bring clarity & visibility to the creative process and enable faster turnarounds. It has a lot of features, so it does come with a learning curve to get up to speed.

MeisterTask is a Kanban-inspired software that enables effective, creative project management through stunning design and intuitive user experience. Share files and deliverables with clients and control what they can access with permissions. Monday offers a range of tools that creative professionals will benefit from, including monthly and annual expense tracking, a recruitment tracker for HR, easy editorial and blogging planning, competitor analysis, the management of marketing projects, onboarding processes, creative requests and more. Overall, Teamwork is an intuitive and highly customizable tool. Teamwork is a work and project management software that helps in-house teams and agencies improve collaboration, visibility, accountability, and ultimately, results. Youll want to find a solution that can tell you how teams spend their time, the status of each project, and detailed insights into resource utilization and budgeting. Traditional project management tends to focus on helping software development, construction, or manufacturing teams increase productivity and consistently meet quality standards. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The benefit here is teams can easily capture and implement feedback, collaborate directly inside files, and automate approval flowsand as a result, deliver projects faster. Bottom line: your creative PM stack should empower your teams to deliver their best work, allowing them to focus on the creative process instead of repetitive admin tasks. In this post Ill share with you the best project management software for creative agency use; explain how creative collaboration software can help you inspire your team, prevent oversights, and better meet deadlines; and answer some FAQs about creative project management. Youll want to look for a platform that makes it easy to manage files, syncs data across all business applications, and offers built-in communication and collaboration tools. Without the right tools and processes in place, projects quickly fall apart--facing delays, quality issues, and budget overruns. Dynamic intake forms simplify the process of creating project briefs by allowing teams to gather input from internal stakeholders, external collaborators, and the client. Weve joined up with the software comparison platform to assist you in finding the right software. Overview: VOGSY is a professional services automation tool built on Googles G Suite. If you have ever been the project manager at the helm of a creative project or managed a creative agency or team, then you know that this position comes with a unique set of challenges. Try a free trial of Ziflow and test drive the creative project management capabilities of online proofing for creative teams. Specifically, I looked for: Briefs & Intake Forms: this simplifies the intake process with dynamic forms that allow your teams to set specific question flows for incoming requests, storing all these details in a central location. Team collaboration features are greatmembers get notified of critical changes in real-time, and the tool provides shared views, detail history, activity logs, automated alerts, reminder, and status reports to keep everyone aligned and informed. Pricing: Plans start at $7.80 per month per user. Looking to advance your career? Overview: Ziflows online proofing software is used by companies such as Amazon AWS, Toyota and weber to streamline the entire creative review & approval process. COR costs from $35.30/user/month. And, they centralize communication records, allowing users to instantly size up a situation and jump right in. How do I evaluate project management for creative teams? A platform with real-time collaboration tools is essential for helping teams avoid bottlenecks. Unfortunately, there is no single way to manage a creative project. Collect approval, feedback, or customer information with custom branded forms. Pricing: Plans start at $9 per user, per month, enterprise pricing available upon request. Creative briefs establish a clear picture of a projects goals, milestones, and target audience ensuring that everyone is on the same page before the kickoff. Walling helps creative teams get organized and aligned by giving them one place that provides clarity on all their project tasks, ideas, and important information. Software solutions should also include features that address the review and approval process--a major source of bottlenecks for large-scale creative projects. It is a flexible, fully featured project management solution that helps you to manage the entire project lifecycle from start to finish. MeisterTask also helps teams bring all their task-related documents into a centralized location. Task lists, schedules, file sharing, comms, analytics & reporting these tools do it all. The platform is designed to bring project management, resource planning, and real-time reporting into Google Drive--allowing users to access all project files, track progress, and collaborate from a familiar central hub. The Digital Project Manager is reader-supported. No matter your situation, its important to be prepared. Collaborative task management & communication features--status updates, priority scoring, in-app inbox. Creative project management software brings all project materials into one place--the many creative assets, Excel sheets, Google Docs, PDFs, marketing & sales templates, teams rely on to do their work--and include a smart search function that helps users quickly locate files. Screendragon has an open API, enabling custom integrations with any solution. Users can comment on documents and tasks, assign comments, and chat with other team members for increased communication and collaboration. Pricing: Avaza offers a free version with limited features. Get career resources, insights, and an encouraging nudge from our experts. Visual reporting and workflow management tools also link back to the usability factor, allowing contributors, clients, and creative PMs to understand the necessary information at a glance so they can focus their efforts where it counts. Unlike software development or engineering projects, creative projects are hard to quantify, and PMs cant rely on KPIs to monitor & track progress against a fixed set of standards. Theyre leaders who understand both how to nurture the creative process and bring ideas to life and how to organize, orchestrate, and track the logistics of delivering projects on time and under budget. You can also share tool recommendations and best practices with other digital PMs in our online communityget involved with our community in DPM Membership. Do you have another tool in mind that you would add to this list? Based in Silicon Valley, COR serves Fortune 500 Companies, has presence in more than 35 countries, and raised its Series A from top VCs and entrepreneurs, including 6 unicorn founders. Creative project management means collaboration, brainstorming, communicationbut it also means automating some more technical or administrative tasks to free up employee brainpower for things computers just cant do. Read books, listen to podcasts, or follow blogs about creative workflow management. Gantt charts and project scheduling software tools to plan and track projects. Screendragon is a creative project management software designed to speed-up creative delivery and reduce project risks and costs. Creative project management involves navigating the needs and workflow of a team that has been assigned a creative-oriented task. In a creative agency, you have multiple stakeholders--many of whom arent coming from a technical background, nor do they have the time to learn the ins and outs of a whole new feature suite. Our PM how-to guides are a good resource to get you oriented. Heres a quick look at some of the specific benefits of investing in a dedicated creative PM platform. Creative project management software holds everything together and keeps everyone aligned around the same set of goals.

Paid plans start at $10.99 per user per month and enterprise pricing is available upon request. Finally, reporting is a strong feature of this tool, with editable summary reports that you can easily export to Excel. Overview: FunctionFox is a time-tracking and project management platform that aims to simplify the creative project management process, making it easy to stay on top of things like budgeting, expense reports, and estimates, as well as automating repetitive admin tasks so that creatives can spend more time doing what they do best. Get an idea of what each of the 10 best software suites that made it to my top list has to offer. Hive has a proofing and approval feature which simplifies feedback loops and approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, share proofs and provide feedback. Teamwork includes features that help you structure your projects and milestones: create task lists, tasks, and subtasks to break down the work into action items for your team. The tool is also very flexible and has a variety of other views such as the kanban view, task lists, and database tables.

Custom designed automated workflows are also possible, along with resource tracking and team communication and collaboration. There are content collaboration features like pinned feedback, approvals, and annotations that make it easier to collaborate on creative work. Finally, youll also need to think about pricing. Project managers should also make sure to choose a solution that protects brand assets, employees, and clients. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Ive been fortunate enough to work across a wide range of great clients; automotive brands including Land Rover, Volkswagen and Honda; Utility brands including BT, British Gas and Exxon, FMCG brands such as Unilever, and consumer electronics brands including Sony. As far as definitions go, creative project management is about as straightforward as they come. The platform also provides visual management tools like Kanban boards and Gantt charts. And while theres some overlap between traditional and creative project management, there are some important distinctions between the two. These tools will help navigate the baseline needs of any creative team while also freeing them up to do more designing, critiquing, and creating. Additionally, factors like a clean interface and visualizations help users immediately understand key details. Id love to hear from you in the comments. Best creative project management software for Google Workspace, Clean, efficient software for project collaboration, planning, and monitoring, with features geared towards distributed teams, Software for small creative teams with features for client communication, team collaboration, and project tracking, Flexible and visually pleasing PM software geared towards marketing, creative, product, and finance teams, Best creative project management software for enterprise, Best project management solution for in-house marketing teams, Intuitive project management software for creative teams. Creative project managers are a rare breed. Visual project management tools--project timelines, lists, boards, calendars, & progress reports. As such, traditional project management tools often dont work for creative teams or their clients. Youll want to look for a platform that integrates seamlessly with creators most used tools--aka the Adobe Creative Suite--so that workers arent wasting time switching between windows or searching for the right file. Narrow down your software search & make a confident choice. These tools manage the resource muddle. The best creative project management solutions allow you to save templates for recurring projects and automatically save all associated settings as the default--think task dependencies, reports, milestones, and relevant team members. Additionally, the platform allows users to generate reports within a matter of clicks and integrates with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive for easy sharing. Overview: Hive is a creative project management and collaboration tool used by big names like IBM, Starbucks, and Uber. They should be able to see projects, tasks, deadlines, dependencies, and scheduling conflicts in a timeline, and track their progress on visual dashboards. The platform helps teams manage tasks, assets, and workflows with a robust feature suite that covers everything from digital asset management and time tracking to client management, team collaboration, and project planning. MeisterTask offers extensive collaboration options within projectsincluding comments and mentions, assignable checklist items, task and project watch, and advanced permissions settingsto provide teams with a robust platform on which to work together. Youll want to look for a solution that supports every media type you use including rich media files like HTML5, video, and audio, as well as static Word docs and Excel sheets, PDFs, and more. This creative agency project management software review covers 10 tools and all the info you need: pricing, features, integrations, and screenshots. While no two projects are exactly the same, creative teams often start projects with a familiar outline. The tool makes project management a breeze with multiple different views and formats for live tracking of projects, it also allows for time tracking, team chat, individual workload management for effect task distribution and much more. It may also include being the go-between for technical/administrative teams and creative teams to ensure everyone is working seamlessly together. It is used and loved by in-house and agency teams at Kelloggs, BP, The International Olympic Committee, TBWA, and McCann World Group. And while plans tend to start at $9, $12, $15 a month, most entry-level plans offer a pretty limited set of features. Screendragon starts from $20/user/month with a one-off implementation fee, and a free demo is available. COR is the all-in-one management solution for advertising and marketing agencies that automate timesheets plus leverage AI to predict profitability, reduce work overload and improve client engagements. Overview: 10,000ft allows users to build and implement flexible strategic plans from an interactive dashboard and uses historical data from past projects to improve the accuracy of project estimates and forecasting. What makes Walling stand out is that it enables you to organize tasks, ideas, inspirations and files side by side to empower you to see the big picture of your work. They offer a free plan for up to 2 users. Screendragons user interface is easy-to-use and allows users to custom-brand the interface. For larger organizations, enterprise plans may be the most cost-effective option as they often provide a discount based on volume. Create & save templates you can reuse for similar projects & processes. The unlimited plan starts at $5 a month per user and offers additional functionality. ClickUp also offers multiple views and templates for building and managing your creative workflow or getting projects started. To get started, please complete the form below: Need more creative software app ideas? Overview: Trello is an intuitive project management platform that helps teams collaborate using its digital Kanban board, cards, and lists. Overview: ProProfs Project is a project management platform that helps teams organize tasks, track progress, and collaborate from a single dashboard view. While every business has a unique set of requirements, the goal is to land on a platform that makes it easy for the whole team to align around the same vision and turn in their deliverables on time. Reporting Features: because of the nature of creative work, justifying the cost of creative teams can present a challengethe best software includes beautiful, simple reports that illustrate your teams progress and value to stakeholders. Monday allows you to easily collaborate with freelancers and third parties by sharing the same project boards and has many options for interface customizability to help navigate the uniques ins and outs of your workload. The platform also comes with a scheduling engine that automatically generates schedules based on priorities and automatically provides an estimated delivery time for each task. COR integrates with many popular productivity tools such as OneDrive, Okta, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, and so much more. Project management software for creative agencies should also include online proofing, which allows users to move the review and approval process into a shared digital workspace. implementation toybox randomized erin stout ovens
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