Due to a bug, this makes the ethereal 50% defense bonus apply twice, since the ethereal 50% mulitplier after socketing uses the shield's original total defense value instead of its base defense value to calculate the shield's new defense. etheral for starters as it self repairs and etheral normally has better stats and damage but at a cost because it loses durability which is why that self repair is soooo important and to add to that the stat requirements for using etheral are less than if it was non-etheral. Out of curiosity, I guess finding one is quite difficult and would required Hell runs stripped of my MF?

Secondly the runeword has 'Repairs 1 Durability in 4 Seconds' on it, which means you can use ethereal shields or even better, eth bugged shields to get insane amounts of defense. (Technically sacred rondache has 0.5 more than the rest). I never use a full inv of charms, I'm OCD about that, I think those 30-40 allres worth more than 15e dmg. Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! Ideally the shield would have the Chromatic auto-prefix which is 35-45 resist all which has a 2/15 chance of appearing when the shield gets a resistance affix at level 50+. And if you aren't familiar with eth bugging, it means you want it to start as a plain (with resistance auto-prefix aka implicit mod to use a PoE term) ethereal shield with no sockets, then use the horadric cube recipe: 1 Tal Rune + 1 Amn Rune + 1 Perfect Ruby + Normal Shield = Socketed Shield of same type. The last shield on the list (Vortex Shield) has the worst block and the highest requirements but the highest defense as well. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. runewords runeword exile diablo2 wbdhnamyu almarsguides almarsimages ethereal Exile base items should always be etheral since Exile has autorepair on it that repairs so fast that you can't ever break it. Ebugged 45 Res all Sacred Targe is the best option. Ah, you are right. Can you give me an explanation as to what ebug means? 45res ebugg vortex is like a must for a good ass exile. You wouldn't want to make exile in a normal base, you'd want ethereal with 45 all res. Vortex Shields were the most popular but I think they fixed the Ethereal item bug so the next best may be a Sacred Targe alternatively for average smite damage + highest block but I think its all pretty much the same. If not, whats the next best thing? Damn good advice. Lastly the shield type is important, a normal base will have less defense, less damage, less chance to block which means you need to invest more dex for max block, etc. I do believe vortex is the go-to, though. Vortex Shield has the lowest block rate with the highest strength requirement. Sacred Rondache has lower requirements but not as high defense. It's also generally more useful in pvp but there are some edge cases where people want 65/121. If so, how should I prepare (upgrade? take a shield like this and then ebug it in cube and hope you get 4 sockets. the armor will be much higher due to the bug. I never really play the class but I'm always looking for those drops. Its great for now, Cant find gface or the other elite unique helms for ubers.. any cheaper suggestions? Exile is generally considered BM in pvp due to life tap so your market is mostly made up of people who want to kill the ubers, where resistances are vastly more useful than ed/ar, so that's the first thing you should be looking for. It should also preferably be "ebugged" which is done by finding a shield that is etheral but without sockets and use the cube recipe for adding sockets on it (Tal+Amn+Perfect Ruby+Shield) which will bug it and apply the defense bonus from beeing etheral one more time. Most people won't commit the Exile runes to anything less then +40 to all, but +45 to all (the highest possible) is obviously prefered. Ethereal is 1/20, so on any given plain elite paladin shield drop that rolls auto-prefix resistance of some kind, the odds are 1/150 to get one that is 35+ resist and ethereal. Vortext is the worst elite base for Exile. Exile does not give bonus to block chance so having a high base on the shield will usually save a significant amount of stat points from dexterity to put in stamina. Oh well! 40-45res is still good thou. Ahh, if been wondering what the most ideal type of pally shield was, thank you. This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. The lower shields (Sacred Targe and Sacred Rondache) are generally prefered since defense is not that important and having good block is important. Only elite Paladin shields (Sacred Targe, Sacred Rondache, Kurast Shield, Zakarum Shield and Vortex Shield) are worth considering. The prefered automod is +to all resistances, the higher the better. Might find HoZ first but Im gearing up nicely so far for my first ever Hammerdin, You can use HOZ for smiting by the way or if you are feel particular concern about smite damage itself (which should not be matter vs. ubers) you can make upped version of it (but it will require 146str I think), Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The two most popular bases are Vortex Shield because it has the most defense (though it requires a ton of strength), and Sacred Targe because it has the best chance to block and is just good all around. The first shield on the list(Sacred Targe) has the best block and the lowest requirements but the lowest defense. etc.) I like how there are rules for dueling. in war there are no real rules. as the saying goes all's fair in love and war. I have some mid runes and lots of mid tier stuff (sp plugy so no trading). All the elite shields have the same amount of average dmg so that's not a concern, although some have very wide ranges of damage and some are very consistent. Which shield to use depends on what you value between defense, block chance and requirements. Forgot Exile had 'repairs durability'. So in short you want a 4socket eth or eth bugged elite shield with 35+ @res. The automod you have there (enhanced damage and attack rating) is not very popular since resistances are just so much more powerful. I checked up the values and feel like i wasted my runes.. put in a 30 res sacred rondache not eth lol.

When it comes to which base shield, it depends on preference. All elite paladin shields have the same average damage. as a Mod so ideally you should find an Ethereal one for better stats and low requirements and of course always find the highest base resistances you can (like 35+).

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